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  2. Only a Sith deals in absolutes
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  4. Crit should’ve been out day 1.
  5. Today
  6. All these past months of waiting - worth it
  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS NUTS HE FINALLY DID IT
  8. They put a lot of details in unseen locations. My guess is that they removed some cutscenes of the youth of Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus. Hopefully, they will be completed soon.
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  10. I'm hoping for the Next Saga of Kingdom Hearts on the PS5
  11. FINALLY. With this, we've upgraded the last of the pre-Meow Wow medals so far. Despite the appeal, I don't recommend pulling from the Ven, Terra, and Aqua banners. Odds are you can get them in other banners, even from free pulls and draw ticket pulls. Plus, they're starting to get edged out, even with this upgrade. The combined TVA medal is also back, but it can only be obtained with 150 VIP coins, which is the equivalent of 15 pulls on any of the current banners. Darn that Sena, they figured out another way to squeeze money out of us! Roxas got an upgrade, too, and his banner should help you evolve him to a Supernova medal. However, you might want to wait just a bit. Keep in mind that this medal can be evolved this way even when the banner isn't available, so you could hypothetically wait until you get enough copies of the medal to evolve it without spending on this banner. Also, the Sora+Riku banner should be coming in a few days, and I'd say it's a better overall medal. The Vivi boards are interesting. The AB9Max+SP1 skill is the real highlight and is a great fit for some of the newer medals that cost 6 gauges. The other 2 skills, though... AB9+Lux is lame because it's not a max skill. Sleep+ 2 Max is great for PVP, but only if you plan to use a status setup. The higher up you get in rankings, the less effective that kind of setup is (with some exceptions). Nice that you get a +10 Skill Perk from the hat, though. While the last set of Enhancement boards were pretty passable, these ones seem quite a bit better. All of the attack boosts are high level and can still be viable in most situations, and one of the boards has a DB5Max which is essential for PVP. Even Def Boost 6 and Second Chance can be helpful: a lot of the top players have both DB5Max and DB6 in their PVP setups, and many of the recent events have practically required you to have Second Chance just to survive to the 3rd turn. So yeah, no need to ponder too long about getting these boards: if you need the skills and have the jewels, these boards are a solid investment (probably just one or the other, though, depending on how many jewels you have)!
  12. It can be our Only Happen i want Kairi to shine in the Spotlight in the Next Saga.
  13. The way I see it, all the Legends stuff is stuck in this interesting place between canon and noncanon and Disney pulls from and changes things at their will
  14. Yeah, I gey it. The problem is, Namine doesn't any Keyblade or weapon; not even combat experience. I guess she could have learnt from Kairi while she was still inside her, training with Lea in the Secret Forest. But just like Kairi, their experience is very little, compared with Sora and all the others.
  15. As Ursalink said, The MoM is the seventh member, representing the sin of Pride, and most speculate his name is Superbia, which is the latin name. And we all know Nomura loves latin. Also, Ava isn't Avarice, it's Avaritia, which is the latin name for Greed. I've done a lot of research regarding the sins and their latin names, as I'm working on an RPG dealing with them.
  16. Vivi avatar board > roxas ex
  18. not yet probably not for a couple months
  19. is crit out? ima just ask everyday
  20. i couldnt watch it till it came to my theater
  21. Ooh nice I might try to watch it before Endgame then Since I couldn't get a ticket for opening weekend lol
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