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    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I woke up.........my head still hurts
  3. Since you get 1-2 shot anyway i guess no LV1 would only give you more damage I managed half corona and toy box so far, am i using good Keyblades? Yeah but i am surprised i dont have to rely on leveling so far since i feel my skill level isnt really high Now that forced Verum Rex... oof
  4. By the way Don't forget to turn on the "Zero EXP" option I've heard it makes the game easier
  5. I mean i love challenges, don't get me wrong But damn I'm nervous LMFAOOOO KIN XDDDDD
  6. It's definitely harder than crit in 2fm @KH-Queen
  7. NGL the camera's been my enemy for a lot of fights
  8. O.....oh my..... Shit now I'm really nervous LMFAOOOOOOO
  9. Want an idea Queen? I've died 14 times and I just got the lucky emblem intro
  10. I really hope they fix the camera and lock on
  11. Most people died to Darkside ))
  12. you can btw now disable attraction flows :linkusAww:
  13. Hahahahaha true true Oh God I'm nervous BUT HERE WE GO
  14. I know the story, I don't need to see it all again
  15. I'm skipping cutscenes sooooooooo Yeah
  16. Oh shit Kin Oh bo Boi I'm nervous 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
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