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  2. I think it'll literally just be announced 24 hours prior
  3. I mean if details are announced but nothing solid enough to form good opinions on It causes too many "what if" debates
  4. i lowkey think we don't get a trailer of the dlc at all
  5. Don't you mean Berserk and Hiatus'
  6. All we really know is, at least one additional boss and some xion cutscenes
  7. Btw i won't watch the dlc trailer
  8. i mean, we do know dlc is happneing.. just not yet to or details
  9. Without knowing the full context
  10. Minimises discussion until just before
  11. If dlc was announced really we'd have so many arguments
  12. I think it's just better overall
  13. hoenstly, yeah, I do prefer dropping it off like this. It feels so much more "Oh nice, it dropped finally!" Then just knowing the date for it And the weeks of that...
  14. Just have it drop like ripping off a plaster
  15. I definitely don't want to have to endure weeks of shitshows
  16. Yes better than months of debate
  17. Joker said itwell : Before crit dropped, we didn't even know when Crit was happening Plesant, as in "Ah, it's finally here!"
  18. outta the blue, you mean and as a pleasant surprise? @2 quid is good
  19. Some people here wanted to dub it
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