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  2. I had times i was just trying to roll into the next area, and due tot he angle i was going in,sora/riku would cling unto the wall instead and then "oops"
  3. Like inferno be pushing me to a wall and I Dodge but flowmotion off wall that I didn't want
  4. Only time it sucks is if you mistakenly Dodge on a wall when you didn't want too
  5. Yup yup, that's pretty nice 😂 Like, in DDD, I'd make it work, but there were times where it was "Oops,wait, id din't mean to go into flowmotion"
  6. at least you can't dodge roll into flowmotion which is nice
  7. I turn off all flowmotion attacks cause the animation too long
  8. Cause you can still use the buzzsaw from DDD You know the one right?Where you pole swing and then you attack? And the ground pound is still there, but it's not AoE, it's single target
  9. it was more smartly utilized in 3
  10. its done well i guess for combat
  11. As well as seem to be more for combo set up than anything Which i'm cool with tho
  12. they basically got rid of why flowmotion was great in the first place
  13. Flowmotion in three has very particular instances you can use it
  14. yea its fun I was surprised they kept it in three kind of
  15. I probably enjoy DDD more since I do enjoy flowmotion despite how broken it is navigation in that game is just fun for me overall
  16. yea i can understand that most peeps dont like ti i can play those two for days tho
  17. I forgot how many flaws BBS had. I still had fun with it but whew, could not stand some particular aspects might be my least favorite one to play next to 358
  18. Then down the line, do a number game marathon like I mentioned And watch the cutscenes, to see just how things have changed
  19. Kingdom hearts playing cards?!
  20. I.e more bosses which we already know they're doing somewhat
  21. I think that'd be great, and ofc, i hope that happens
  22. Yes So if KH3 could add something to address it's own issues, similar thing
  23. Cavern of remembrace, indeed, does make you use your.. growth skills, was it?
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