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  2. Mhm Thanks for standing my ramblings Good night Amate
  3. 👀 you up this late,fam? Bruh, get to sleep,lol..
  4. "Hey, I have trained and I promised my almost bf that I'm going to save him and stand by his side and fight alongside him and... and... ...and Xemnas just grabbed me by the wrist, I think that means it's over!" Laugh track plays on the background 👏 👏 👏 Like, I suppose the scene makes sense in the way that it plays out It's just the fact that it happens at all that makes me wonder what they were smoking Or if Nomura was drunk while writing the script... ... ...again Alright, it's almost 2 in the morning and I think I should get some sleep
  5. Fair, i guess 😅 I think otherwise, obviously
  6. Sorry but I don't accept it This is all just too stupid for my mind to handle It's almost farcical Like a parody
  7. It''s simply that, the reasoning is there, and it's an acceptable reasoning.. But that doens't make it the best writing in the regard she was kidnapped this time around.. again.
  8. "I have no chances of winning, so I'll not even try"
  9. Yes, this is truly the mark of a great fighter
  10. yes her arms twisted and that makes sense why she didnt do anything cause pain that doesn't make it good story telling or a great move on the Riders writers
  11. That's nothing to sneeze at, and the fact that, sadly.. kairi's kinda the weakest link amongst the guardians. I don't think she was going to do anything to a Xemnas on guard at all.
  12. "Oh, this bad guy is kidnapping me and terribly offsetting our chances of victory. But I'd better not do anything that might hurt my arm, because this is more important"
  13. I forgot that people just stay still when their arm is being twisted Yeah Might
  14. Moving in a positon like that might potentially dislocate your arm or cause pain
  15. No, she's getitng her arm twisted, lol..
  16. Yeah She's just doing nothing
  17. Now hold up, with scene analysis, look at what's happening to Kairi, Esto.. 😅
  18. Seriously, that scene was so bad
  19. At least he stood up to the main villain instead of ridiculously not doing nothing like Kairi did against Xemnas
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