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  2. yep would be cool the more variety the better imo you can do a lot of crazy stuff with transformations give us an axe, great swords, glaives etc in the next game with unique base combos and transformation combos
  3. also keyblades need their own bae combosx to freshen things up
  4. And don't sacrifice my standard combo mods for form combos I still want to do things without forms
  5. yes definitely these lags don't feel good
  6. I hope the next game has sth that promotes switching
  7. Problem is switching just needs to be instant
  8. In one of my tries I did combine ars and the counter shield it looked so nice
  9. Mmmmmmm Not as quite but you can try
  10. combos in 3 feel so good if you set them up
  11. I don't use it unless I connect it with something in combo for style
  12. shotlocks are high reward with no risk
  13. He needs a DM then he's cool
  14. god refocuser should be removed
  15. dark inferno is an awesome boss. so basic. you can test a lot of stuff on him it's like a training dummy
  16. I have to do my blizzard blade x yo yo vid soon
  17. I used the classic kingdom keyblade for mp reg during downtimes it's so nice. but i didn't expect the shotlock being that good it knocks the boss down i don't know if the toy box keyblade does this too but it's nice
  18. You actually use kick huh suprised tbh
  19. talking about bbs.... the last minute of my dark inferno kill is a reference to bbs 1 min shotlock spam this shotlock looks broken btw
  20. Well land of departure is also very good
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