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  2. React to this image with a 👍 to disconnect Otti from VC
  3. Inçendyne

    General Chat

    Maybe teach him to be more aware
  4. Inçendyne

    General Chat

    But this is funnier?
  5. i mean i can just disconnect him from VC lol
  6. i tried going in there to wake him up
  7. Inçendyne

    General Chat

    I think he fell asleep while connected. @Otti#8624, you're still in VC.
  8. I checked the last minutes of the other and couldn't get it, so it appears to be just the one set that it shows up.
  9. Time to hit up them DMs then
  10. mushroom should show up in the last 15 minutes of the 5pm/11pm times so like, 5pm-5:45pm would be the little bat thing, then 5:45pm-6pm would be the mushroom *forgot to include the 5am/11am times also
  11. is that reverse psychology
  12. Eww thats gross Do not show me or you'll get blocked
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