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  3. yeah, but does jin know gongaga? yeah, i didn't think so
  4. -Kye-

    General Chat

    sadooo welp ay least im saving money this year from cons
  5. I honestly thought this little kid was official character.
  6. I remember that video it was fun
  7. @2 quid is good @Estoria#4001 good vid
  8. metal gear is full of it and esp Death Stranding
  9. Kojima???? Nomura’s boyfriend !?!?!? I didn’t know he designed too FJDKCKXKKCDMD. I’ll take a look.
  10. If you want somebody who does plenty of male fanservice look at Kojima
  11. does nomura ever take a break from designing these hot men :sadsora: ROXAS REALLY OUT HERE SABOTAGING SORA
  12. Jesse: Okay, when you see him, take his weapon. He's nothing without his giant key. And don't give him a wooden sword either. Let him die
  13. Remember when Jesse was on Suite Life telling Zack how he could beat up HJO?
  14. The woman and the children too
  15. -Kye-

    General Chat

    not just disney, nick too
  16. Turn them into emo Final Fantasy people and make them hunt down Sora
  17. man what does disney do to these kids
  18. Imma have to watch XB2 on youtube now 😭
  19. but his story ends worse then zack in CC so ya big sad
  20. Ahhhh. It makes sense now 😂😂😂😂 dang. Square really has Nomura designing literally every character.
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