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  2. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/528927344690200576/718237093079285830/british_driving.mp4 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/528927344690200576/718233265659445338/0PEjcCALN6ZBcYwJ.mp4
  3. Seems like it It's just the clip where Reno says bitch to Cloud
  4. Tweet can't be opened. Did the guy mark it as private or something?
  5. Today
  6. Eva

    Memes Chat

    never gets old his confusion is just me in life
  7. Like Aerith saying she doesn't need help and suddenly the latter breaks and she says "shit" That's a perfect moment for it and works completely
  8. i feel like it conveys a certain emotion tho at times Idk what the specific example being talked about is but me going "Oh shit" conveys a different message than me going "Oh jeez" Or "Oh man" etc
  9. yeah that’s a fair opinion to have on it. 😮 Cursing for cursing’s sake is weird.
  10. Yeah, I didn't like that it was comical I felt like it was supposed to feel badass but didn't come out like that But to each their own, that was the one cursing I felt was odd I liked the rest
  11. OH. a literal pound key. Like the currency. Not the pound # :Pogo: and JDJDJDN. :AceLaugh: I thought cloud saying b* was comical tho.
  12. Although yeah I can understand that some of the cursing didn't exactly fit, like when Cloud said "bitch" to the ghost boss at the end but it worked well in any other place
  13. thats a rare meme in the states £££££
  14. right???? and yeah. you can definitely still tell what he was trying to say :AceLaugh:
  15. Barret cursed like a damn sailor Only difference is it was censored Like @$@$@£@$
  16. has that person not played reality before?
  17. has this person not played the original? :monkaW: they swear so much (censored however) in the original :AceLaugh:
  18. Hah, I remember this one
  19. Oh I don’t even think I would’ve got the reference even if I had seen the movies lmao
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