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A 2007 issue of Famitsu magazine included an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, the director for the Kingdom Hearts series. The major topic discussed was Birth by Sleep.


--So what about the development of Birth by Sleep?

Nomura: The developer of re:COM will be working on KH:BBS. During Development, the production of KH:BBS was stopped, for the production of re:COM. At first it felt a bit weird starting the project again. I believe this project started before the other two, of the three Kingdom Hearts games, and I also believe it will be the last to hit the market.

--It still relates to Birth of Sleep?

Nomura: The Secret Ending, is an image for a scene in BBS, therefore the title of the game is also the same. However because it is difficult to express a violent battle as a playable content, The Secret Ending, is an image to the end.

--How much talk was put into it, for this, as it seems to be the past to the “KH” Series.

Nomura: The game is the farthest in the past timeline of Kingdom Hearts, and will take 10 years ago from the KH series. There is a screenshot of two children playing on the beach, and I believe the fans can understand what that means.

--In the Story it’s said that “Three Scenarios spelt by Three Heroes”. Is there a relation between each scenario?

Nomura: There are three Heroes, Terra, Ven, and another character in KHBBS. A story is already prepared for all three of them. Therefore in a way you can say three games were made at the same time. (Laughs) It’s difficult to zap through the explanation right now due to Scenario creating. However the beginning will be a bit hard to understand, but by completing all three Scenarios you will understand the entire story.

--Do the names of the three heroes represent something?

Nomura: In Kingdom Hearts, Sora meant Sky, Riku meant Land, and Kairi meant Sea. In this game, the three meanings make a large impact on the game.

--Are all three Scenarios happening around the same time?

Nomura: All of the Scenarios do take around the same time, however there are also some gaps between the timelines. Also there are times when all three heroes will meet.

--Is the playing order decided yet?

Nomura: I believe it would be better if we gave the players a freedom of choice. However this is still being talked about, but I believe it would be better to choose whoever you want out of the three.

--What place is the story’s viewpoint from?

Nomura: To bring a point. The word that comes up in Kingdom Hearts 2, is Xehanort. The game will bring up answers to several things though like. “Why is the Elderly person who appears in BBS bring up the same name?” and “Why is he wearing the same clothes as Ansem in KH1?” Another thing I want to bring up is that Ven has the same hairstyle, face, clothes, and voice to Roxas who appears in the Kingdom Hearts series.

--Is the voice actor of Ven the same as Roxas?

Nomuea: Yes, it is the same actor. Therefore the person who played, will only look at Ven as Roxas from KH2.

--However, is Roxas and Ven really the same character? Moreover, what’s the mystery for the existence of Ven, and Roxas?

Nomura: These are keys that can be fully understandable, when playing KH:BBS. You will be able to seperate Ven from Roxas with ease, I will hint though by connecting the Story between Roxas and Sora, you will understand who Ven is.

--May I believe that the one you fight in KH2FM+, and Terra are the same person? Because they both use a very similar kind of Keyblade.

Nomura: If they really are the same person, or not is uncertain, though it doesn’t matter if you think they are the same person.

In BBS, after all three are divided, the king appears?

Nomura: It may be deeply related to the story, however I cannot tell rather or not that is a “King” from that current age. This is because the development of BBS will be a very serious story.

--In BBS is the gameplay done by choosing action commands lined up in command list?

Nomura: I believe it is neccessary to say first. The Command Menu that was shown to the public (A.K.A scans, and video) has now changed. A system close to that of re:COM has been created successfully feeling like a command deck. However the present screenshots show it was a bit too close to the idea of re:COM. The battle screens you see in the images now, have already been changed. However the operating sense is similar to that of the Kingdom Hearts series. The gameplay has a slight influence from the DS game “It’s a Wonderful World”.

--Are there any features for the Growth System?

Nomura: A new Growth System has been added into the game, it is when you have to match four obligations with the scenario. We tried this variously because it was a bit hard with the PSP. However we made the best use of it’s Analog.

--Are there new enemies you can confirm that are not shown in the screens?

Nomura: The new enemy is not a Heartless, or a Nobody. Because the story takes place before even they appear. I can give out more information little by little as time passes, an example being like the Shadow enemies that are heartless, and the Dusk enemies that are nobodies.

--With the PSP will it be possible for two people to Communicate by any connection method?

Nomura: It’s too early to answer that however, there will be some features that will be taking advantage of the PSP.


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