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About This KHUX Party

This group contains all of our old Union & Party Discussion topics. Please feel free to start your own group for your own party!


  1. What's new in this KHUX party
  2. What is your game ID Number/Nickname? 3940767. My nickname is Arakelle. What level are you? 344. Why did you join the Unicornis union? The unicorn is my favourite mythical creature and I like Master Ira so I decided to choose Unicornis. Are you a member of a party? Yes. It's called Meme Team. If not, would you like to join one? What is your favourite medal? My favourite medal is Illustrated KH Riku EX.
  3. As the title says, I've been trying to find people who'd join my party for almost a year now with no luck. It's just me and my girlfriend playing, but I mostly do the work since she has Uni to worry about. Our party always ranks around the 300-500 everytime, we don't bother much about pvp and I finish pretty much all the weekly goals (Sometimes I can't reach 150 raid bosses myself, but the rest I do on my own.) I'm active every day, I never skip one day even if it's just a couple mins and I have a discord account, so we can talk and chat there if needed.
  4. What is your game ID Number/Nickname? Lucis/Arandom ID: 3914155 What level are you? 347 Why did you join the Vulpes union? Because the fox said to... Are you a member of a party? Not currently. If not, would you like to join one? Yes. I am currently looking for a core/hardcore party that can allow me to help farm some lux with my terrible work schedule (can only make 5am est raid). What is your favorite medal? Supernova - Sephiroth
  5. The point of the team is to try and be at the top. We are an active team, and that requires our members to be active more than once a week. If you aren't going to be active then you don't have to join. This would in no way be a "power trip." We are lenient as long as you tell us the reason why you can't be active. Life comes first after all. However, if you're inactive and don't tell us why then that's a different story.
  6. Anyone who doesn't comply results in an immediate ban. if you're not on the computer for more than a week (like any regular person) you're banned Having Lux Boost is mandatory. Sounds more like a chore than a game with all of these rules and regulations and it sounds like the admins are on a power trip with their 1 week rule. Lots of rules and regulations just for people to get together to have a good time. It basically sounds like either do things our way or don't do it at all.
  7. Hello and Welcome to the ^Frantic^ recruitment thread! What is ^Frantic?^ We are a party that wants to help members who want an opportunity to reach the top of the rankings like the big players! Currently, we are rank 95 with only 5 members! We are always trying our best to make sure they are the best they can be, so this means don't be afraid to ask if you need help with a setup! Rules: 1•Absolutely NO Inactivity (No Online Activity within a week 'Depending on your Lux' will result in an immediate Kick. If any reason Inactivity happens, let one of the leaders or CO-leaders know before wise or during.) 2• Lux Boost is Mandatory. No Lux Boost is an immediate Kick. (30 members are allowed in a party. Each Individual member will have an assigned day for their Lux boost to be active. 25% [or more] Lux Boost every day. Any member that fails to comply will result in an immediate kick. If any case the assigned member cannot Boost, please tell Leader or one of the Co-Leaders) 3• A DISCORD / AMINO ACTIVITY IS REQUIRED. If you are inactive on the chat for a week or more it is an IMMEDIATE KICK. Any events taking place for the cause of your Inactivity please let the leader or one of the Co-Leaders to know. 4• RAIDING EVENTS. In an event of a Week Raid Event, Only 15 members will be assigned for the Lux Boost and the other half will be assigned as well. The only time these Lux Boost will happen is in BONUS TIME(s) Only. 5•WEEKEND ONLY RAIDS Every member will enable the Lux Boost for a full-time effect of the Max boost. (150%) Any members do not comply will RESULT IN A IMMEDIATE KICK. 6•UNION CROSS A full 6 members (The Maximum players for UNION CROSS) will be assigned a week of completing the missions for Union Cross weekly. Voice Chat is recommended. (Discord or Animo) 7•LUX Raid events will happen every week. (Either Weekly Raids or Weekend Only Raids) During these time(s) anybody below 500mil Lux will be kicked AUTOMATICALLY. If any reason you are not above 500mil, please let the leader or one of the Co-Leaders know. 8•ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA/NEGATIVITY IN EITHER OF THE CHATROOMS. We will all get along together as a family. Any incident taken place dealing with negativity, you and anybody involved will be automatically kicked with no second chances. 9•RANK A AND B MEMBERS ONLY. However! We are willing to take acceptions. This will require the admins will look over your profile to see if they will accept you. Proof of your ranking will be required. 10•ABSOLUTELY NO “0” PLAYERS ALLOWED. This party is 0 free Guarantee. ADMINS: Bandiko-Leader Zaine-Admin VG Vanitas-Adim Moondere-Admin Rockin-Admin MEMBERS: N/A Our discord: https://discord.gg/c3xRgA8
  8. Awesome, man! I finished up the mini-games and am now just awaiting the code for Starlight! I'm pretty sure we'll get the code when the game nears release!
  9. Keep up the great work!! I have two down and three to go. I have been doing one at a time so I can get more practice in there.
  10. Well, I'm not exactly sure, which is why I'm trying to get the cumulative scores for each of the Classic Kingdom mini-games as quickly as possible! I got three down, just two more to go!
  11. I just beat all of the classic Mickey games, the Starlight keyblade isn't yet available.
  12. I guess it will be there the whole September cause we are celebrating tje Japaense KHx anniversary.
  13. So, I would like to know how long we shall have to complete those Limited Quests involving the Classic Mickey games. Does anyone happen to know how long we have to do them all?
  14. If you're still looking for a party, check out Cthulhu's Aposte. It's mid-sized, but everyone has decent medals. When I joined, my level went from 278 to 301 during the first WW event I was with them on. Casual, but really close to the top 500. I joined the site just to suggest it.
  15. You need to put some Cid medals on your evolved medals. Cid medals are pretty easy to obtain nowadays as well. When medals gain six stars, they gain a much higher cost. I believe 46 cost instead of like 12 or 15. You can use Cid medals to remove up to 20 cost from them.
  16. So im having a problem i lvled some medals recently that were equipped to a keyblade but i was not in that keyblades menu when i evolved the medals it exceeded the slot limit now i cannot change to that keyblade to change it. This puts my acc at a standstill because now i cannot quest change medals or do anything if anyone knows how to fix this please help. Thanks, hope to hear some good news.
  17. http://kh13.com/forum/user/55663-justin/ ^^ that's the guy you're looking for, if you leave a status or pm, he should get back to you pretty quick
  18. I know Justin has a kh13 leopardus party, however I don't know if there's still spaces left. The party itself is very active
  19. Heyo! Long story short: I deleted Union X a while back, causing me to lose all of my data unfourtunately, but with KH3 on the way here, I’m trying to get back into it! Are there any parties in the Lepardos group that are active that I can join?
  20. What's is your game ID/ Number/Nickname? - Bronz/971 What level are you? - Lv.301 Why did you join the Vulpes Union? - I mainly join because of Master Ava. I like her character. Are you a member of a party? - I form my own party call "Black Panther." And so far It's only me and one member but I hope new members would join. I'll accept everyone who's either a lower level or higher level. What's you favorite medal? - My favorite medals are the Xion Stained Glass #6 [EX+] and HD Larxene.
  21. Hey y'all how's it going. The reason why I'm created this discussion is because I was wondering if there's anybody looking to join a team? If you are than you can join my team call "Black Panther." So far I only have one member in my party but I don't know it will last. Anyway, if there's anybody who feels lonely or needs help to form a party and go on missions to get new 100x jewels or hasn't gotten any new members yet than you can join my team. Everyone is welcome to join my party. Whether you're higher level or a lower level it doesn't matter because we can all help each other to go on Union Cross missions together and help each other to get new 30x or 100x jewels. Heck if you want you can just join my team so you won't feel lonely. I'm totally okay having members who don't want to feel left out, especially new players who just started playing Union x. My party may not be special but I'm open to have anyone on my team. If you join my party we can talk about a lot of stuffs like movies, TV series, novels, manga, anime, video games, and of course Kingdom Hearts! So if there's any old or new players looking to join a team feel free you join my party. My team is call Black Panther and I'm from the Vulpeus Union. My Avatar's name is Bronz. If you guys have any questions please reply or message me okay. Peace!
  22. What is your game ID Number/Nickname?2527606/DarkLion What level are you?35 Why did you join the Unicornis union?i'm an unicorn on my main and cause ira was cool Are you a member of a party?yes just came back on this account to see what i get in free 8mill pulls but also had like 29k in my present box so i join a random party If not, would you like to join one? What is your favorite medal?stained glass 1
  23. Hello, I'm the leader of a vuples party called "Darkness of Light" and I have been through many parties who later down the line, disband, and I decided to start my own however, I understand that searching for members this late in the game would be difficult so I have been trying on many community website to try and find members who wish to join, if you want to join please let me know or join my discord Http://discord.gg/Zuu5WFS
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