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    I think looking at the confirmed tracks, trailers and screenshots can help us narrow it down a bit more. Going off of your likely to be in MoM list here's what I think we can say for sure: Neverland - it's been confirmed that we are getting the track "Secret of Neverland" so makes sense that it would appear in that world Deep Space - similar reasoning to Neverland Hau'oli Hau'oli is the field theme for Deep Space and it's a track confirmed to be in the game Arendelle - Let It Go has been confirmed and we also have screenshots from the Let It Go sequence Mysterious Tower - it's seen on the world map in one of the trailers we received Final World - not sure if we'll get this as a playable area but at the very least perhaps a cutscene only world seeing as the trailer featured it as well I'm sure there are some other clues sprinkled throughout all the info we have so far but this is what I can think of right off the bat.
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    The official Japanese site for the Kingdom Hearts —III, II.8, Unchained χ & Union χ [Cross] —Original Soundtrack has been updated to reveal the tracklist from all 8 discs. You can check them out here. DISC 1 DISC 2 DISC 3 DISC 4 DISC 5 DISC 6 DISC 7 DISC 8 Along with this you can also take a closer look at the CD book and jacket, along with the eight discs in the gallery below. What do you think of Kingdom Hearts —III, II.8, Unchained χ & Union χ [Cross] —Original Soundtrack's tracklist? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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    Peter Pan just for the objective’s wording: ”Put Peter Pan in his place!”
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    I know the discussion is through the main chat of Melody of Memory and this thread is predictable, but I want to create this thread on the worlds that will appear in the game, Melody of Memory. From what we know the game will have 47 worlds (31 Disney worlds and 16 original worlds) Confirmed: Disney: Wonderland Agrabah Olympus Coliseum Monstro Atlantica Halloween Town Neverland The Land of Dragons Beast's Castle Pride Lands Enchanted Dominion Deep Space Country of the Musketeers Toy Box Arendelle Original Worlds: Destiny Islands Traverse Town Hollow Bastion End of the World Radiant Garden Keyblade Graveyard Castle Oblivion Twilight Town Mysterious Tower The World that Never Was Dive to the Heart Realm of Darkness/Dark World (0.2 BBS Destiny Islands section so far) Land of Departure The Final World So far 29 worlds confirmed and 18 remain so here are my likely obvious expectations for the remaining worlds:
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    Very quick video this time, and honestly this was more of a test than anything. I'm a bit rusty on the flute but I plan to make a lot more flute covers from now on ^^
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    Thank y'all as always for the kind words!! 🙂 Yeah to be honest I really couldn't have cared less about Ansem SoD prior to KH3. But between the scene I highlighted and his acting like an agitated grandpa when Pence wouldn't get off his lawn, I came to appreciate him a lot more lol. I do think it's funny how Young Xehanort was just a jerk till the bitter end. For sure, I don't fault anyone at all for having mixed feelings about MX's end. I think it's probably smoother if they planned ahead a bit more and gave us a few more sympathetic scenes/character moments prior to KH3. But as I nod to in the vid, they really just kinda show us "Hey, he used to play chess as a lil boy! Isn't that nice??" And it's like well yes but also the murder...? I'm fine with the message, but the execution is admittedly lacking. Ultimately I think the scene ended up as high as it did because most KH scenes don't force me to confront like...morality ethics and philosophy lmao.
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    Hiya guys, I've been working on this project for a little while where I try to pin down my 10 favorite scenes in the KH series and talk about them for a concerning amount of time. I think there are 3 or 4 pretty safe picks but the rest might be a bit surprising. Figured I'd share it; hope you enjoy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se5JLrD3pBQ
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    During the Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory TGS showcase, it was revealed that a playable demo for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Do you look forward to trying out the demo? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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    Over the Moon Netflix

    hey there all. I was just wondering has anyone seen or heard about a new movie that just came out on Netflix recently called over the moon at all? I just watched it last night and loved every minute of it too. it was truly amazing I thought, everything from the songs, music, animation, characters and a really enduring story too. Chin and Gobi were definitely my favourites for sure. it really has that similar vibe to Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks movies and while it was cliche at times it was really able to stand on its own. it was also done by pearl animation who did a collaboration with Dreamworks last year for a movie called abominable if anyone saw that. overall it was a very good movie over the moon and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a feel-good animated movie.
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    I really love fighting Hercules. However I have to give a shout out to "Put Peter Pan in his place!" Peter Pan has had that coming for a long time, and we finally gave it to him. lol.
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    Name: Kingdom Hearts - Million Dreams Category: Music videos Date Added: 10/20/2020 Submitter: Hoshiko Hikari Because we all need to dream now and then. See Youtube for full description of this video. Kingdom Hearts - Million Dreams
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    Because we all need to dream now and then. See Youtube for full description of this video.
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    Considering that Hercules was the one I remembered first and had to think a moment on the others, it must've left an impression on me. So yea, Hercules!
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    Video: Drawing Baby Yoda

    Hey y'all! I'm excited to share with you my first speed drawing video! Feel free to leave any comments, good or bad! I will be continuing to build this channel and any and all criticism will be helpful! Thanks in advance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C7siNkzAiw
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    Video: Drawing Baby Yoda

    Yeah don't mention it! Glad to see another fan of The Mandalorian here! Good luck with your YT channel, and hope you can share more of your work with us in the future!
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    Video: Drawing Baby Yoda

    I'm so looking forward to it! I long to see more of that cute little thing! Thank you so much for your kind words
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    Video: Drawing Baby Yoda

    Seriously though, nice job and thanks for sharing that! He’s looking adorbs as always! There can never be too much of the child, and I can’t wait for Mando season 2 to drop later this month!
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    KH General Chat

    It does fit that Sora's an amalgamation. Since age 4 he's had Ventus in his heart and by the end of KH2 Roxas and Xion are in there. Roxas has a notable impact on Sora in KH2, emotionally (such as through Anti-Form) and to some limited degree physically (his hair is a lighter shade of brown than in KH1). Thematically he's connected people across worlds and time, explicitly stated at the end of re:coded when he's the key to free the Wayfinder and Twilight trios from their suffering. He's used "my friends are my power" multiple times, at one point even summoning images of all the keyblade wielders and allies shown by that point in the franchise (during the end of his storyline in Dream Drop Distance just before the Xemnas boss fight). It was a big part of his speech when the Kingdom Key decides its true allegiance to him in the first game. It is a shame that the "wand chooses the wizard" aspect for keyblades wasn't explored more deeply, instead going for "you get a keyblade, you get a keyblade, everyone gets a keyblade!" Yep, Data Sora. Maleficent is able to destroy his data rendered keyblade because it's data. However during his first trip to the data rendering of Hollow Bastion and travelling through with Goofy and Donald, he's able to manifest one on the strength of himself as an individual, not a digital doppelganger of Sora. As Mickey says:
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    Lil' Tini

    Memes Chat

    So hot he even stole his own heart
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    Fan Art Chat

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    I always enjoy reading such works, texts, and I dream of learning to write like this one day. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________For example, in college it was a big challenge for me to write any assignment, I always needed help. Especially if it was a literature task, I always used https://edubirdie.com/assignment-help to write it and pass it successfully. Therefore, I admire people who can write thoughts so easily just from their own thoughts.
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    From some japanese interviews that came up I think around the time the last trailer went up, we also know: Wonder of Electron was confirmed so I imagine the System Sectors - or some equivalent to represent Re:Coded - could be added as a world From the leaked trophy list a while ago, we also know the following are confirmed since their world icons appear in the trophy thumbnail: (spoiler tagging just in case) Also, Beast's Castle and End of the World was confirmed in the final trailer since they're seen on the world map. I don't remember Dark World and The Final World being confirmed as playable though?
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    It has been awhile
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    You're absolutely right even the Tokyo Game Show preview during the gameplay experience last month also featured Monstro as a world and the Maleficent Boss Battle was in Enchanted Dominion so that's 2 Disney worlds confirmed from the Trailers and previews so far so I'll update the listing. Finally, since it's going to be 31 Disney Worlds, and from the recent Gameplay from TGS last month, It seems that Deep Jungle (Tarzan) will be the only Disney world not returning in Melody of Memory due to the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate holding the rights to the Tarzan License after the world's only appearance in the first Kingdom Hearts game.
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    Quick little Roxas flute cover :P

    Very nice cover! Roxas's theme is very special to me as it's one of the first KH songs I taught myself to play on the piano, so it's always nice to see covers of it.
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    Thanks, I figured it would still be ok since there wasn't any scratches, but wasn't sure since I've heard about dvds that looked fine but didn't play right despite there being no damage and didn't know if the same would apply to game discs too. Again, thanks. 🙂
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    Mainly the idea of fighting monsters shaped after the worlds of Disney movies.
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    I guess look for scratches or spots on the disc, but otherwise I don't know anything that could help. You can't clean PSP discs, so if the surface looks fine, it'll probably still play. That's what I do with mine. I hope this helped 🙂
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    Definitely the music, gameplay is a close second and then the story.
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    I love your unique takes on different aspects of the series! As the others have said, great job as always! Just to comment on a few from your list, I know you said it's like cheating to put Blank Points on it, but I would have actually been surprised if it *weren't* on there. I still have mixed feelings about Master Xehanort's send off in KH3, my main issue being I feel like they wanted us to sympathize with him after all he's done, and I just cant bring myself to, I think you touched upon that as well, but you brought up some good points on how to see the scene in a more positive light(I don't necessarily agree but I appreciate the different spin on things). Love that KH1's ending made it on there too, it's such an iconic scene and I think for me the music really does it, but everything just ties up so nicely with that one.
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    The video's great as always!
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Past that keep flying around and find areas that give you that item, circle round and repeat
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Ahhh there ya go. I distinctly remember you an buy a few things in twilight town
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    This is awesome and really informative! Look forward to more episodes.
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    also with Wakeless on this one BUT it would be cool if they added different versions. although, i doubt that.
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    D23 Expo delayed to 2022

    I'm more surprised that Disney is not going to do a Virtual live stream like DC did with DC FanDome. While it sucks, but it's very understandable due to the virus.
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    using some kingdom hearts music this time!! I can relate to this a lot , it warms my heart and tells me that things aren't certain......if your stuck in something good or bad, this could really comfort you......"always on my mind" Sora is always thinking of Kairi in her whole complete way that she is , and nothing lesser , Kairi is still holding on to their promise of long ago.......... thanks for watching please please enjoy!
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    I couldn't agree more, it's great that the Kingdom Hearts series has been getting more attention lately through D23 Japan 2013, D23 2015, D23 Japan 2015, D23 2017 and D23 Japan 2018, but the American D23 2015 and D23 2017 respectively was where we got the most exciting news from Kingdom Hearts III and I won't forget the day when everyone was cheering loudly when Toy Story was announced as a world for Kingdom Hearts III at D23 2017 and the first time that Pixar got incorporated into the KH franchise. Hopefully by D23 2022 we may get not one but two or more panels dedicated to the Kingdom Hearts series for the 20th Anniversary with the first being a discussion between the voice cast and the creator Tetsuya Nomura talking about their experiences/reflections of the Kingdom Hearts series twenty years after the release of the first game and another dedicated to the next Kingdom Hearts game (KHIV hopefully) where we get a reveal of the next new Disney world.
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    I heard about this but didn't think much of it at first. It sucks, but I'd rather have them lean on the side of caution rather than hold it prematurely and potentially put people at risk. Interestingly pushing it back to 2022 makes it coincide with the Kingdom Hearts series' 20th anniversary, so it would be cool if KH made an appearance there in some sort of way.
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    "I am one with the wind and sky" let it go......let it go.......you'll never see me cry...... this was a big feat for me , cause I didn't think I could do it , it's a very powerful song, and I didn't know how it would fit in with kingdom hearts.....so here it is!! I tried everyone:] had a lot of fun with this video!! hope you all enjoy it!!
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    Oh definitely Ventus. However, I don't think they show Xehanort's glider?
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    How dare you make me choose only one of these?! They're all amazing
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    During Square Enix's September 26th livestream for Tokyo Game Show online, a new Kingdom Hearts III Chess Set was revealed to be in development, resembling the chess board Young Eraqus and Young Xehanort play on in Kingdom Hearts III. Information about the price and release date will be revealed at a later time. You can take a closer look in the gallery below Would you fancy a match using this Kingdom Hearts III Chess Set? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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    I have no clue how to play chess, but Im gettin' me some KH 4D Chess. Does anyone know of a pre-order link, or any dates? And does anyone know if it'll play like regular chess except raised squares. I guess Im mainly asking about the chess pieces.
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    Awesome! I love KH3's and KH3 Re:Mind's soundtrack. Can't wait to buy it and add it into my collection.
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    Final Fantasy for me. It was actually Kingdom Hearts that got me into Final Fantasy and not the other way around. I'm a rare case.
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    Memes Chat

    I now understand the power of yeetus vanitas
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