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    Cross Stitch Heartless Symbol

    Recently I decided to try my hand at cross stitching. What do you guys think of my first project? Haven't gotten around to framing it yet, but I'll be sure to share when I do.
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    [KH1] Stop + Gravity + Gravity

    Part 2 of another video I posted with Stop+ Gravity+ Gravity. It sort of gives a cool reason as to why Stop and Gravity have not returned as much in future Kingdom Hearts games other than CoM and in a way Birth By Sleep.
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    If this strat finishes Cloud before he can let out a single "That the best you can do?" then I think it deserves all the praise it can get
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    Continuing with my overanalyzing of 358/2 Days, another concept has caught my interest. Recruiting new members. The original Organization XIII have never been 13 for long. For the most part the primary team has been Organization VIII. Or IX if you count Xion, but it's never actually 13 for very long. Now I know the purpose of Organization XIII has changed over the course of the series but for Days it was still primarily in KH2 mode of their goal of collecting hearts to send Kingdom Hearts. Simple enough. But their is something that gets overlooked that I wish got expanded upon in the Organization. And that is the replacement for members. As we know five members of the group were sent to Castle Oblivion and killed off, but why is it they never replace their ranks to be back at 13? Let's look at Roxas. Roxas was so important to the Organization that they made a replica clone to copy his abilities in case something happened to him. That makes perfect sense. If you work all day at a computer then make sure you have backup files in case something unfortunate happens to your work. Xion was that backup file for the Organization. But why didn't they replace the others? Now you could argue that only Vexen and was worth replacing when compared to Roxas and his importance to the group. And frankly I'd agree with that. But the concept of new members has come up in the game itself. When Roxas first goes to Olympus with Xigbar, the latter mentions they could use the area to scout for new recruits for the Organization. At first you might think, does he mean more Dusk? Which is probably what it meant. But what if they had tried to turn Hercules or Hades into a Nobody to refill their ranks? What if while Roxas was training with Phil, another org member made contact with Hercules or Hades to try and turn one into a Nobody? Hercules is one of the physically strongest Disney characters in KH, and could have replaced Lexaeus as one of the Organization's physical attackers. Or smooth talker god of the underworld Hades, who could have replaced Marluxia as the reaper. Also Megara's sprite is confirmed to have been in the game and went unused. I wonder if this could have been the game where she and Hercules meet since she was not present in KH1, and perhaps she played a role in trying to trick Hercules into losing his heart the same way she was tricked into Herc losing his strength in the movie. Obviously they wouldn't have turned Hercules, but it could have been a good story to tell on the Organization trying to get back to being 13. Xaldin had a similar story with the Beast, and as we know he was thwarted by Sora and Belle. Beast, like Hercules, is one of the stronger Disney characters with a strong heart. Able to cross between worlds without help. It was a very cool story, and Beast could have been a potential replacement for the empty five seats where nothing gather. It just feels kinda weird they didn't feel the need to stay at 13, given how important that became in future games to always have 13 members. To the point they had 13 plus reserves. Saix tells Roxas "When have we ever been more then 13?" But the real question is "when have they ever been 13 to begin with"? I know Saix just said that because he hates Xion, but it doesn't change the question on the importance of 13. To me in addition to Beast, and given the worlds they choose to put in Days, it would have been interesting if they had scouted the likes of Hercules, Hades, and even the likes of Aladdin and Jack Skellington, people with strong hearts to potentially either join the ranks of Organization XIII or turn them into Dusk or some class of Nobody to serve under them. Nobodies don't just grow on trees. Now again, I know with Disney characters they are restricted with what they can or can't do with them. And I know Organization XIII is different today then what it was back then. But this is more of wondering from a in universe situation on why Xemnas didn't think to replace the Castle Oblivion team. Because even if you take into account their real objective they still need all 13 seats filled up. Anyway that's just the thoughts of a Kingdom Hearts fan with too much free time on his hands.
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    Oh I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s a little disappointing how many facts they got wrong. (Zurg as a boss?) I’m glad that Sora is being recognized, but it wouldn’t have hurt them to do a tiny bit of research.
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    Seems we’re all on the Will isn’t dead side Can’t wait to talk about the second episode tomorrow.
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    Yeah I totally agree. I just played Days for the first time a couple months ago (before I had only seen the story cutscenes on 1.5). I went from not thinking much of the game, to it being like my second or third favourite in the series. Also Xion is best girl.
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    Yo, guys! Just wanted to share another project I've been working on. (I've been sharing some videos I've made here for the past month or so; hopefully it's not too overbearing.) A while back I compiled a list of obscure aspects of KH1, and part of that video dealt with the more out-of-the-way treasures and items. Afterwards it came to my attention that there isn't really a video guide out there for getting every item in the game. Well, there may be one somewhere out there, but I'm fairly confident mine is where comprehensiveness and relative succinctness meets. Of course, there's less of an incentive to do this in KH1 as opposed to any of the other KH games, but ironically, KH1's treasures arguably require the most effort to track down. I realize that people like us who are invested enough in KH to be visiting its dedicated forums are less likely to have any need for this sort of guide, 17 years after the game released, but hey. It's possible you might pick up on at least one new thing, and at the very least, I showed off a handful of ways to access some stuff earlier than normal. And at the very very leastest, I tell some stupid jokes here and there.
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    Gonna be offline until sometime in December: Health issues. Stay safe, everyone!
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    King Arthur13

    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Riku and Kairi are his best friends
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    Here's a video explaining why Summons aren't in KH3. If you prefer to just read it, then the topic is typed out below the vid. SO in each main Kingdom Hearts game we have Summons, well actually in KH3 we have links. What’s up with that? Did Nomura one day just decide to go with a more dull sounding name? No, because links aren't even a new function. We’ve seen links in two games prior to KH3. First in BBS in which they are known as Dimensional links. And then in Dream Drop Distance in which the word link is used all over the place in relation to dream eaters. The one specifically used in combat is simply called links and has different properties for Sora and Riku. In BBS D-Links are used with the Wayfinder and the links in KH3 are used via Heartbinder. The common similarity amongst all links across the series many games is that Sora and the rest are calling upon the power of the hearts they are linked to. As opposed to when it’s a Summons(from KH1 and KH2), in which they are actually calling upon who it is being summoned. Pretty straight forward. In KH2 Simba and Mushu recognize Sora, because they had actually met him when they were being summoned in KH1. There’s no doubt that those were the actual individuals said to have been summoned. But can we say the same about links in KH3? I’m proposing that what really sets links apart from summons is that fact that rather than the actual Simba being summoned. It’s more like a Simba being recreated. In hindsight it explains why Simba is all of a sudden a massive fire lion. Even more so it explains why Simba, Ariel, and Stitch look like phantoms. They aren’t real versions of themselves. Well meow wow and ralph don’t look different, but there's a good reason for that. That which seems like an inconsistency actually is more supportive evidence. What is it that separates meow wow and ralph from the rest? It’s the fact that they are inherently artificial beings. While a talking lion, mermaid, and alien may seem like fantasy to us. In the world of KH they are natural beings. However Meow wow is literally from dreams and Ralph is made of Data. In fact Ralph doesn't even look completely normal he has a glitchy/pixelated look to him. Meow is the only one that looks exactly the same. So when sora is manifesting the dream eater, it can appear as the artificial beings that it already is. Meanwhile natural beings look distinguishably fake. So that about cover most of, if like to hear me explain and speculate more then you can check out my video in which I ramble on more after I cover the main topic you just read.
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    I, too an stuck on Nightmare Chirithy. It seems pretty unfair that this is such a big story event and yet they made it so impossible and frustrating to beat. In regards to gaining more levels, I found doing the raid events over and over was fantastic for gaining levels. I recently reached level 400. Just make sure you have some medals with Lux boosting abilities and you make sure to fight them during the bonus times and you'll gain plenty of lux in no time flat.
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    I am not looking forward to it. I am still trying to figure out how to beat Nightmare Chirithy.
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    TV Show Club - Stranger Things

    Holy crap I'm so pumped now!!!
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    If you consider Disney's live action sequel, it didn't cease to exist, she just left. It may be considered similar to Traverse Town, a world that appears when and where someone has need of it. Both times, Wonderland was an escape for Alice. Once it was from a boring lesson, then it was from an engagement she wanted no part in (as best as I remember, haven't seen the sequel in so long). So maybe it's a world that appears when someone needs to run away, like how traverse town appears to those who need a home. Sora, Donald, and Goofy were led there by the keyblade to find and protect Alice, ultimately failing as she was taken by the cabal. Since Alice was no longer in danger after KH1, and Sora and company never had to run away from anywhere, it only showed up in CoM and Coded since.
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Kairi vs MX would shut everyone up but she would need some help to pull it off
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    TV Show Club - Stranger Things

    Will to me seemed like one of the main ensemble of cast members so with the body even though they want us to believe it's him, I knew there was more to it than that.(Knowing this show has multiple seasons I also didn't think they would nix the character just like that) I was kind of on edge when Hopper was opening up the body, relieved that it wasn't Will, but also nervous for the off chance that it was. As for Steve, I agree that his friends seem to be more of jerks than he is, doesn't excuse him, but at least he somewhat cared. I thought it was also pretty messed up that they broke Jonathan's camera in the previous episode and that kind of contributed to my distaste for that group. Btw I thought the boys giving El a makeover was so adorable. I was like "really? a couple of teenage boys who probably have very little interaction with girls are going to make her look like a "normal" person?" Idk why but that whole sequence reminded me of the scene in E.T. when they dress him up as a girl too.
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    Nier Automata x WALL-E?

    Recently, a user known as @Finn and vigor tweeted about the concept of WALL-E's similarities to Nier Automata. What do you think of his concept?
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    I was thinking it would be something like that. My theory was that as Sora's looking for Kairi, he's going to meet Chirithy and discover that they've been in some kind of time loop and that discovering what happened in a previous cycle of that time loop (being Re:minded of it) is somehow the key to finding Kairi. But honestly, I think your interpretation is spot on and much more likely.
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    BB has fallen prey to the darkness
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    Yea had to restart is several times because if was missing the ingridiens and only had one chance
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    Cross Stitch Heartless Symbol

    Oh those would be cool to see too! Look forward to seeing more!
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    perhaps xemnas had given up on the plan due to them being unsuitable and decided to focus on using kingdom hearts for his own ends and it wasnt until he was brought forward in time he was convinced to try again
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    PVP and Re

    "Re" is short for "reflect". What you're seeing is the new reflect status, which bounces back part or all of an opponent's damage (even though you still take damage). Currently, only 2 medals offer this: KH3 Anti-Aqua for Magic and KH3 Roxas for Power. Anti-Aqua reflects 100% of Magic damage while Roxas only reflects 15% of Power damage
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    Here's hoping that the original characters are featured in the future!
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    Oogie Boogie's Bash is a Disneyland California Adventure special event with tons of experiences revolving around Halloween and the villains throughout Disney's movies. This year, it seems that characters from Kingdom Hearts will appear at the event! According to a pamphlet for the event, it lists that in the Grizzly Peak area, "Friends from Kingdom Hearts" will be hanging out for guests! In the past, a special Kingdom Hearts costumed Donald and Goofy were used for special events, so it's possible they will be the ones at the event, but it's not fully revealed on who it will be. You can check out the special pamphlet for the sold out event below! Special thanks to mrs.disnerd for the image! UPDATE (Sept 17th, 2019): Donald and Goofy were at Oggie Boogie's Bash dressed in their Kingdom Hearts outfits. A photo op was set up at Grizzly Peak and fans could take pictures with either Donald or Goofy. You can check out some of the pictures in the gallery below. A video of the event has been uploaded to WDW News Today's YouTube channel. You can watch it below. Special thanks to WDW News Today and Disneyland News Today for the pictures and video. View full article
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    The Square Enix e-Store is now accepting pre-orders for the Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Roxas figure. The figure comes with two interchangeable head pieces, six interchangeable hand pieces, and Roxas's signature Oathkeeper and Oblivion keyblades. The figure is set to release in Japan on March 20, 2020, and in North America in April 2020. You can purchase the figure from the Square Enix North America store here currently on sale for $72.00, with the original price being $79.99 and on the Japanese e-Store here for ¥8,424. It is also available on AmiAmi for ¥7,080. Take a closer look at the figure in the gallery below! This comes after news that the prototypes of the Kingdom Hearts III Roxas, Axel, and Xion figures will be on display together at Square Enix's ARTNIA cafe. What do you think of this figure? Will you be purchasing it? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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    TV Show Club - Stranger Things

    I'm good with whenever, we're ahead so up to the folks who still need to watch the next episode. Side note, this show constantly gets "Should I stay or should I go" stuck in my head.
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    Sirfetch'd was revealed today.
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    If you click on the link for mrs. disnerd it’ll take you to the instagram that shows both parts of the pamphlet.
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    TV Show Club - Stranger Things

    What makes you think Barb’s fate will be different from Will’s? Just curious. Also I wonder if they’ll end up crossing paths wherever they are. Yeah the flashback scenes were intense! Eleven is such a mysterious character, I’m with you as I think there’s more to her than what we’ve seen so far. I already finished the third episode but still can’t wait to find out what happens next!
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    I wonder if they got banned from Disney.
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    All of them are great, but A Fight to the Death is my most favorite one. I remember getting chills and pump when I hear that OST when playing Kingdom Hearts 2. And I was so hype when Sora was slicing buildings in half during while the OST was playing.
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    KHUX Chat

    Original Clear
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    From the album: KH3 Ingame assets

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    KH General Chat

    I'm replaying Birth by Sleep at the moment, trying to unlock a few things. Some things are a lot more interesting in hindsight, especially where Braig is concerned. There's a confrontation he has with Xehanort where he completely changes his tune upon seeing Xehanort with No Name, and even his line about everyone having a keyblade ("Yep, it seems like these days everybody's got one of those") takes one a different meaning like he knows things are hotting up again. If you need any help with Birth by Sleep or Dream Drop Distance I'm more than happy to answer your questions.
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    Riku's loaded?

    Kinda makes you wonder what the trio’s family relationships are like.
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    http://fav.me/ddepg8i A link to a logo for my series.
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    All the locations in Kingdom Hearts are real, of course! Based on a true story. I've been to Notre Dame and I live close to London so I've walked past Big Ben quite a few times. Notre Dame is my favourite of those landmarks, though! I saw it prior to the unfortunate fire and the architecture is amazing.
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    Maybe they are afraid of being labeled snitches.
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    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Team Yell reminds me of football fans. Fanatically obsessed and actively against anyone who doesn't like their team. They could have had two antagonistic teams to reflect this, and it'd have made more sense than Team Aqua vs Team Magma in Hoenn. It could also offer a different angle in that while observers think they're just hooligans, they still cause trouble through their conflicts. To add some character depth to the player character, maybe the PC supports the opposite team who's antagonising everyone, and the more the player character achieves, the more they're harassed. The way Team Yell fanatically support one of the rivals also puts me in mind of fandoms of pop stars. The kinds of fans who jealously desire to protect the object of their fascination, who show up in crowds with signs saying "marry me" and hate whoever is dating their beloved singer the person being dated isn't them.
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    Thanks for the follow, have one back!
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    Show off your avatar!

    It's easy! Take a screenshot with your Avatar in it, whether it be standing, fighting a particular heartless, or anything else you can come up with! And then, posting it here will allow us to see what you've come up with! Here's one of mine: (I'd put more, but the attach files tool is limiting the size I can put in. )
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    This is my first KH3 video and my longest GMV for years! The song is Into the West by Annie Lennox from The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Hope you like it!
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    King Arthur

    Show off your avatar!

    Here's two of my current and favorite outfits. I designed the one with yellow hair to look similar to Yang Xio Long from RWBY. I missed the terra and Aqua colesium outfits though and now I'm sad.
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    I know I'm not supposed to double post...BUT! Here they are, they aren't the 100% the same from the KHX game - I made them using holofoil adhesive sheets and premium silver 'art' cardboard. What do you think?
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