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    Since when getting help means that a character isn't strong? This basically goes against everything KH is about
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    Well, I finally got around to playing ReMind, and since I posted a review when I finished Kingdom Hearts III last year (found here if you're interested), I figured I should do one up for the Re Mind DLC. As it's harder for me to separate the non-spoilers and the spoilers, I am issuing a spoiler warning here for anyone who hasn't finished yet. So, what did I think of Re Mind? ..... Weeeeeell to be honest this was a bit of a mixed bag for me. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad by any means, just kind of... underwhelming. Also, before I dive in here, I’d like to paste my usual disclaimer that this is just my opinion and not intended to be forceful or aggressive. So without further ado, let's get started. On the whole, the DLC was good, but not great. Was it worth the money? Yeah. Will I replay the DLC? Absolutely. Are there issues? Oh yeah. But all in all, I enjoyed the experience. Thanks for reading, and may your heart be your guiding key.
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    1. Namine - she is the most wholesome and helpful one, without ever fighting or owning a Keyblade. Also, I like her simple, feminine design - it's beautiful. 2. Xion - I just like stuff and people related to the melancholic themes, and anything related to Roxas and TT is exactly that. Plus, I find shy gals with problems extra interesting, sometimes heartmelting, lol. 3. Aqua - she is the coolest/hottest one when it comes to her looks. Her abilities are pretty unique too. But her persoanlity is just... boring to me. I respect her for what she does, and having more people like her IRL would surely be great, though. 4. Kairi - she is too inconsistent, and being THIS "cutesy" makes me take her less seriously as a warrior. At least when it comes taking on more serious threats than a typical Heartlesses.
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    Hi everyone! I'm a lifelong Kingdom Hearts fan, and regular lurker on KH13 (especially at times like this when we're all waiting for the update and ReMind to drop XD). I don't tend to post anywhere nowadays (sometimes on reddit), but I think I was pretty active on forums back in the pre-KH2 days haha. Over the past nine months I've been writing an essay - called Kingdom Hearts III: A Conclusion without a Story - which analyses Kingdom Hearts III’s approach to storytelling; viewed both from the perspective of a player, and the perspective of a writer/game designer (hence being released on Gamasutra). My intention was to examine the game’s structure, ideas, and mistakes, and draw out numerous lessons that could be applicable to the reader’s own game – all centred around a main hypothesis. The hope is that anyone can read and enjoy it, but that developers will gain a lot more from the topics explored. As I mention in the article, while I adore the series, this critique is largely written from a game developer’s perspective, albeit with the insights (and frustrations) of a lifelong fan. Anyway, we start off slow, but I think I managed to extract a lot of interesting points and insights overall (especially in the later topics) - things that I'd definitely never thought about before in relation to the series. So whether you agree or disagree with my points, I hope anyone that takes the time enjoys reading it! Thank you very much for your time! And if nothing else, it's something else to read while waiting for ReMind =P I apologise if I've posted this in the wrong forum. I was considering posting it in Creative Media, but an essay didn't seem to quite fit the descriptions and other content I found there. Part 1 - https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200121/356858/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_1.php Part 2 - https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200121/356865/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_2.php Part 3 - https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200122/356930/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_3.php Part 4 - https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200122/356980/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_4.php Part 5 - https://gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200123/356987/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_5.php Part 6 - https://gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200123/356988/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_6.php
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    Thank you very much! I'm so glad to hear that's the impression you took away from it. Yes, I really get turned off by any argument that's rude or over-the-top negative. Ideally I want anything I write to be constructive and purposeful, even if it is a critique (something I haven't really written before). I'm sure it helps that I do like KH3 and see so much potential in its ideas; I just consequently see a lot of confusing choices and missed opportunities, especially when viewed through the lens I apply to my own work as a game designer. Thanks again! =D
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    Hate to break it to ya, but digital releases of games are ALWAYS full-price unless on a sale or part of a lower-priced rerelease that permanently decreases their price. The All-In-One physical release isn't surprising in the least, considering 2 of the discs are almost 3-year-old HD collections & one's a 1-year-old new game that's sold extremely well. Physical is always less than digital in these cases. The thing that's gonna be a bitch is the Xbox One ports of 1.5+2.5 & 2.8 because you can bet your ASS Square are gonna charge full price for older HD versions of older games brought on to a new platform, if the Final Fantasy HD remasters (that were on PS3/4 &/or PC in a few cases for several years beforehand) from last year are any indication. It's sad, but reality, unfortunately.
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    Personally its still the same game but now with a better postgame
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    Xion for me. Though Kairi is getting better. Aqua would be second...in fact I'll just make a list for the current cast. 1: Xion 2: Aqua 3: Kairi 4: Ava/Namine 5: Olette 6: Skuld 7: Invi 8: Streliztia...or however you spell it. I don't dislike any of them, but some just feel kinda there for me at the current time.
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    Thank you very much for taking so much time and effort to write this essay. As someone who is not a fan of KH3's story despite really liking the game, your essay managed to either put my scattered thoughts together into a very well-formulated manner, or led me to consider many aspects that I had paid no thought before; one example being the "I don't sympathize with Sora at all" line from Nomura, and how it can help us understand why Sora's struggles don't feel very relatable on a more personal level to many. I also really appreciate your defense of the Final Fantasy presence in the series, seeing as how that's a strong point of contention in the fanbase. It's refreshing to see someone take that side of the discussion in such a well argued way that effectively explains how their roles and personalities went a long way strenghten the story and its themes. Overall I loved your essay, it was admirably well constructed and most important of all it was also very polite and respectful of all points of view. Once again, thank you very much for it.
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    I'm a bit disappointed. In my opinion most of the story updates within Re:Mind should have been implemented to the base game and not be exclusive to a separate scenario. This is the same awful and disjointed way of telling a story as with FFXV's season pass. The expanded Scala is not an expansion. It's one new room you can only visit during Re:Mind. The fights towards the end of the Re:Mind scenario are pretty cool. The data rematches are absolutely amazing but why have them only accessible through the title screen and not within the base game as with KH2FM? Edit: As for Radiant Garden, only Merlin's house is playable.
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    There's a new added section in the main menu you access Re:Mind from, so you don't have to replay KH3 unless you want the Oblivion keyblade which requires a critical playthrough to get. The battles don't disappoint; in fact, they're the best part! I recommend buying it and having fun rather than watching the cutscenes on YouTube. It was sooo worth it, it was too epic. Radiant Garden is't playable fully (I'm not done yet though so it might be later) and FF characters were very limited sadly. The photo mode takes the cake for best photo mode in a video game ever, the ideas (and meme potential) is limitless!!! Definitely worth it. The story update was the worst part but it wasn't all bad, in fact some of it was really good. The DLC turned out almost perfectly and it's worth the time and money to any true Kingdom Hearts fan! Photo mode alone is worth it, I dabbled in it for half an hour and it was too much fun!
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    Brand new information on Kingdom Hearts Dark Road that was promised back during its announcement has finally been revealed! There are several details regarding how Dark Road plays as well as other notable aspects. The battle system consists of cards instead of medals, and you seem to play as both young Eraqus and young Xehanort. The combat is said to be reliant on your reflexes too. Depending on the level of completion for the medal album in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], players can obtain points to trade in for battle cards! This event is called the KHUX & KHDR Link Campaign. Basically, this campaign for the album to point conversion will only occur once for the release of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, and any album progress made in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] after this campaign's end will not contribute towards any points. Lastly, this game is launched from within the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] app, and is launched from the title screen! However, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road does not require progress in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] in order to be played. Take a look at our gallery for screenshots of this upcoming title! Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road due to this plethora of new information! Let us know how you feel about it in the comments below! View full article
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    I already have them on PS4, but you can bet your beautiful asses that I'm gonna get them again for Xbox. And I'll do it again if they come out on Switch!
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    Kingdom Hearts III has received its 1.10 update. The specifics of what has been fixed are still being determined. So far however, it is known that the game's UI will now show if Pro Codes and EZ Codes are active if you are using the Premium Menu. What changes are you hoping this update brought to the table? Let us know! View full article
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    (Thanks for responding) , I love criticism!! yeah Tsubasa is the best!
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    In my early playthroughs, Genie was the only summon I ever used. I never realised how useful Chicken Little was until I didn't use his FPS mode attack. After realising that, I used him quite a bit, particularly for level grinding and stuff. But I also love how I can basically spam magic attacks when Stitch is around, which is fun. So naturally, my final answer is Peter Pan.
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    You missed it though, I got the all for one deal on the psn half off a little after remind released. Titles go on sale pretty frequently there, just check back till you find it at a better deal.
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    The Dream Eater Colleseum mechanics seem to flow better as a card game for me than the deck mechanics of KH COM. The limited hand size rather than having every card in the deck available at once, being able to block with a card rather than just card break, the cool down timer for playing cards. The sleight mechanics could still function similarly to stacking cards on top of each other like in DDD. I did enjoy the original COM gameplay, but I know a lot of fans didn't. Would changing to a system like this make it more enjoyable?
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    A connection between Type-0 and khux

    Huh, what an interesting connection. (Btw, Type-0 was a great game)
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    This is going to seem really random but it's been something that's actively been popping up for me and I've always felt a bit bad for not doing. About 6 or 7 years ago when I was a teenager I was a very active member on this site and I was part of an absolutely incredible community here full of wonderful people it's something I've never forgotten and something that had a profound effect on me and did help me get through a lot of shit for a couple of years just being able to come on and be part of something as close as this, I'm not sure if it's the same now but it used to be like a second family coming here. Just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much to anyone who remembers and to this site, it wasn't by choice that I had to drop off the site my internet was taken from me when I was about 17 and I've felt bad about falling out of it without saying anything ever since Thank you to anyone who was part of that community and the members I was closest too (especially Xiro, *rikku*, blue Keyblade, RoxSox, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone but the friends list feature wasn't there to check and make sure!) for being such a wonderful part of my teenage life : ) so glad to see this place still doing so well hope you're all still keeping and doing well! : )
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    Some members of our staff have taken the time to share their experiences with the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind main story scenario, and other included features such as Data Greeting. Due to our KH3 Re Mind spoiler policy, everything below will be in spoiler boxes so viewer discretion is advised. We have covered the Limit Cut Episode, Secret Episode and Premium Menu in a separate article. Raxaimus's thoughts on Update 1.09, the Re Mind scenario and Data Greeting: Orpheus Joshua's thoughts on Update 1.09 and the Re Mind scenario: Delenn Deszcz's thoughts on the Re Mind scenario: View full article
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    Kingdom heart 3 Data Battle

    When loading your save file from the main menu (when you first boot the game up), press Square instead of X and that'll load you in the main game's world (free to explore/grind/etc.). I had a similar problem haha XD
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    when r they going to put Vincent Valentine from final fantasy 7 in dissidia?
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    From the very beginning of the Kingdom Hearts series, the return of Kingdom Hearts was treated as a good thing. In the story that Kairi’s Grandma told her, she said, “But the true light still sleeps, deep within the darkness. That’s why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other. But someday, a door to the innermost darkness will open. And the true light will return.” However, somehow it started being treated as a bad thing by Kingdom Hearts III. Before the fight with Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort, Riku said to Master Xehanort, “If you do summon Kingdom Hearts, we will defeat you, and we will close it again.” And that is exactly what they did. So, why this change? Why is the return of Kingdom Hearts suddenly treated as a bad thing? I have an idea as to why that is. I think that in order for Kingdom Hearts to reunite all worlds, it was going to have to purge them, which is what Master Xehanort wanted. Everyone and everything would be consumed by darkness and destroyed just so the World could be returned to the way it used to be: one single united world that was equal in light and darkness. Therefore, even though many have thought that Kingdom Hearts' return would be a good thing, such as Kairi’s Grandma, they did not realize that it would actually be a bad thing.
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    General Chat

    I live in Daybreak town terrible iphone 5 camera doesn't do this sunset justice
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    That fight makes me want to play as kairi more :SadCat:
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    Still miffed Xion's new outfit doesn't have its own render
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    This one always cracks me up
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    Kingdom Hearts Tribute Video

    I've just made this video for the people who loves Kingdom Hearts in the right way, if you are looking for a good KH tribute without dubstep or rock music and flash effects this is your video. *Please note the video contains spoiler footage from Re Mind.
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    I hope the next game is about Kairi and Yozora
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    She's spent 10 years in the Realm of Darkness doing nothing but fight whereas Vanitas has been doing nothing in the same time period. You tell me how we know. Again, nothing in KH showed us Aqua was weak, all we got was sora saying "are you sure you wanna do this" or something similar. We know Aqua is a smart character, so why the hell did she decide to use her face to block vanitas' attack? She's been shown, in cgi and in game cutscenes going back to 2010, that she uses barrier spells from a distance to protect others, I mean it's literally in the BBS cgi. This was terrible terrible writing of a character and totally got her wrong. I agree with this and the rest of your post
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    Should be but I would preface the topic title with [Spoilers] for anyone who may not have made it to the points in the game where those soundtracks turn up.
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    For passionate fans like us, I'd say it's awesome. For casual fans, probably not worth it. The new abilities are amazing and it makes combat way more fun and smoother. The option is play as the other characters is great, though I mostly stuck with Sora due to all the options you have. The new cutscenes (Limit Cut and Secret Episode included) add to an already climactic ending. The data battles are a blast and prove to be a real challenge. My only real gripe and it's minor, because I know more games are coming and soon, is that we ended up with more questions than answers. That's KH in a nutshell, but there were still some character arcs, mainly the supporting characters, that seemed incomplete. Overall, I really loved and enjoyed it. After not playing KH3 for a hot minute, it was nice to play again. My love for this series will never cease. With that being said, bring on the next saga!
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    Re:Mind Summary

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    I don't disagree with this I don't entirely disagree with this either. I think this is a very simplistic way of framing the counter argument. Overall the truth is somewhere in the middle, yes asking for help is not a sign of weakness at all, but the context is important. Namine, Xion and Aqua have all had good foundations for their character, and two of these characters have even had concluded arcs (Aqua was right at the end of hers but not quite there yet). I would absolutely argue that even in KH1 and KH2 Kairi was a decent character and we got a glimpse into what she's like and her motivations. However that's not KH3. All of these characters had their best showings in games that weren't KH3. Namine was reduced to one missable cutscene where only her voice was heard. Xion was used as a pawn for something that was totally opposite to her motivations as a character, and now that we know it was Xion from shortly after her birth who was a nort, it makes even less sense. Aqua was treated absolutely terribly in KH3. After all that time in the realm of darkness what reduced her to becoming influenced was....a mega dark ball of darkness and destruction. Nice. Okay, so at least she gets to fight Vanitas and help Ven and-oh. She lost. Even though she's beaten Vanitas plenty of times as a much much *much* weaker character. Even if she was tired, she should have been leagues above this Vanitas who had come from a time prior to his last battle against her. Nothing wrong with asking for Sora for help but she shut Sora out, this should not have been the time for her to suffer something so embarrassing. Kairi....was Kairi. Point is, all of these characters were done dirty in KH3, it's not about whether asking for help or not is a bad thing, don't latch onto the small things in people's arguments, it's about whether these characters were done justice, and truth be told anyone not named Sora was not.
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    Do you guys think that this is Luxord?
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    Now that the Dark Seeker Saga has reached its conclusion, I thought it would be fun to rank some of my favorite things that the saga gave us (some of these lists may include spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind). Best Games Top 10 Bosses Top 10 Heroes Top 10 Keyblades Top 10 Music Top 10 Villains Top 10 Worlds But these are just my personal favorites from the Dark Seeker Saga. What are yours?
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    That's fantastic - thank you! Haha, it's always satisfying when you find someone who lines up with your own feelings, isn't it? That's absolutely fine - I'm just grateful you're reading it, so definitely no rush! =D My absolute pleasure Estoria - thank YOU so much for the wonderful comment! Honestly, the points you make are such a relief to hear, because that was one of my goals - being polite, respectful, and as holistic as I could in covering these topics. Yeah, I'd read that quote from Nomura when it first came out and just found it amusing, but when writing the essay it suddenly occurred to me again. I know when I'm writing a game, I generally can relate to both my heroes and villains. So re-reading that quote suddenly made KH3 make a lot of sense (for exactly the reason you pointed out). Thanks! I've always found the anti-Final Fantasy argument bizarre on those grounds (being such integral characters in the larger story and world), so I wanted to get in something about them haha. I also come from a time in the fanbase where, when a new KH was announced, the discussion was 'Which FF characters are going to be included this time?', and I kind've miss that. Thank you very much Estoria - I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write such an in-depth and wonderful comment. It's seeing these kinds of responses that make the past 9 months of writing all worthwhile! =D
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    DDD 2.0 with kairi and riku
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    So far my favorite parts of re:mind are the playable characters, explorable Scala, the Guardians of Light vs Xehanort and the Story adding more to the original plot making it feel more complete.
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    Doesn't he know it's a secret plot device that reveals that the little meow is the greatest and most powerful villian in the dark seeker saga is behind everything? Seriously Xehanort can be so dumb at times:)
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    KH1 was certainly the only game I can recall where the Reports, or their counterparts like the diaries in Days, were actually referenced by the characters in the game. The other games don't mention them at all and it's more a way of delivering or expanding on lore beyond what the story contained.
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    The first ones were most interesting because the development of ansem.to a villian makes sense but came also unexpected which is still one of the greatest plot twist in series
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    Actually I respectfully correct you...Roxas was able to use two keyblades because of Ventus's heart as well as Sora's heart because during KH1 Ventus was still there. Also Roxas looks the way he does now because Ventus was in Sora's heart before Sora used the keyblade of hearts to separate Kairi from him. There, it created his heartless, and being that Ventus was inside Sora's heart that's the reason why Roxas (Sora's nobody) looks the way he does now in the Kingdom hearts series. Everything I said takes place before even Roxas existed, KH1 and Birth by Sleep play a big role on the topic. And being that some people hadn't beat all the games and followed the story extremely carefully (like I have because I love this series with all my heart and yes I own two of the DS games 358/2 days and Re:coded...) then you'll probably understand everything yourself.
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    Dio Brando

    Why do YOU like/dislike kairi?

    Well,she's the Princess Peach of the KH Universe She's barely doing anything and she were kidnapped three times: 1 in KH1 2 times in KH2:once by Axel,the second time by Saix And don't tell me that her whacking with her new given keyblade in TWTNW is a skillful fighting because the only heartless she fought are only Shadows ,she never fought a single emblem heartless or even nobodies for that matter And I bet you right now that even with her training with Yen Sid to become a keyblade wielder,she'll get herself kidnapped by Master Xehanort and his new Organization XIII Mark my word,it's gonna happen
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