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    well clarifying that you love both films multiple times was the give away. but i get that, i've gotten a lot of backlash on every part of the internet for liking things or disliking things or in one really odd case liking the same thing as the people giving the backlash
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    i dunno the villain in luca felt kinda on brand for pixar. also WDAS film for next year "wish" seems to be a homage to disney tropes so we may yet get a classic style villain there
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    That is the part that always bugged me about the timeline, until I finally found that basically the YX we see meet Ansem in DDD has the appeareance of Xehanort AFTER the main story of Dark Road (notice the hair bangs) compared to DR where in that same meeting Xehanort has his first hair style (let's call him Student Xehanort) So I spent a long time thinking that they actually meet twice, and the meeting in DDD takes place after the mains story of DR since we do see Student Xehanort sporting the hair bangs in the time skips, but apparently nope, the Xehanort in the DDD screenshot should've always been Student Xehanort, not enough time to do that extra model I guess (could've fixed for the HD and saved me a headache though!) But considering YX is supposed to be the correct model with the hair bangs (only the one in the cutscene above is wrong) Student Xehanort at Scala should NOT have experienced the events of DDD yet or YX in DDD and KH3 would have student's Xehanort hair, I think that when Ansem came back to "set him in the appointed path and gave him the ability to move through time" it was still a long while until he went on with the mission Ansem gave him, up until he already was studying darkness I think one day (after already growing into the age of Young Xehanort) the dormant memory/mission/piece of future Xehanort inside him just "awakened" and that's when he started recruiting the other selves, and probably got his Yellow Eyes (after the main story but before he is named master and recieves no name since he uses another keyblade in DDD and KH3) Another thing is I think the whole game was made to show the folly of blindy following a fate that wasn't meant for you, there are many clues that Xehanort was NOT the child of prophecy, or rather he could've been but failed Just because he can connect and feel others' hearts would mean that he is one, as Baldr also had that ability, and that's what caused his downfall To be precise, Xehanort doesn't "hail from the isles of destiny" yes, he spent his childhood there, but wasn't BORN there, he "hails" from Scala, this might be a nitpick if you think that because he lived 99% of his life in DI he hails from them but could also be taken as a clue that Blue Robe guy was trying to "force" the prophecy into being about him, which brings us to... Blue Robe guy expresses their own doubts about Xehanort being the child, at first he is all like "IT'S NO DOUBT YOU ARE IT" but by the end of the conversation he says it might be too soon (Xehanort is shown asleep by this point so he wouldn't hear that part And of course we have the hindsight of knowing what ends up being of Xehanort's life, he Blue Robe's words about how the Child of Destiny would be the one who can feel and connect with others' heart and become one with them, he kinda does that but in an evil way, using others hearts to manipulate them and even take over their bodies, he doesn't care about connecting with others, even in KH3 he is shown that he doesn't particularly care for the wellbeing of the people who are his vessels, he doesn't fight to defeat darkness but to manipulate it, while the true Child would be the one who actually connects with people, who accepts their hearts into himself and uses those connections to increase his power and the one who truly hails from destiny islands, fighting to keep the light safe and fend off darkness, Sora Going back to what I said before Xehanort COULD have been the child of prophecy but his destiny was altered, as you mention Blue Robe explains that he was taken to the islands to hide him from darkness until he was strong enough, but he only leaves the islands because Ansem appears and opens the portal to the other worlds, so we can't be sure that Xehanort was truly ready to leave the islands, that could've been the first step to have darkness be drawn to him and start his downfall (poison his heart as blue robe says it), Xehanort only knows that he is a special child destined for greatness so in his mind whatever path he takes must be the righteous one which eventually evolves into his complex of: "everyone else is weak, and those who think they are strong are faking it, only some people (me) are truly strong" "I've learned the reason for my existance" "the world needs someone to stand up and lead" Not to mention that I think MoM also kinda sabotaged Xehanort a little bit, I think he planed to have him be a vessel for the last remaining darkness that we now know must be out there, that's why he spured him into going out and see the world, to learn how to resist darkness with the coat and then outgrowing it, having him experience conflict the same way he did with the foretellers in UX, so that he would become the perfect bait for darkness to try to get inside him Would explain MoM's line of "a keyblade wielder willing to side with the darkness?????" he even says it in such a cheeky way, like he was taunting him, MoM's methods may be considered ruthless and too pragmatic but if there is one thing we know is that everything he does it in order to defeat the primordial darknesses, no matter what it takes, so him just being OK with a strong wielder like Xehanort to side with his true enemy, darkness, always seem weird....... that is, unless he wanted Xehanort to feel the need to understand and get closer to darkness so he could be the final vessel to hold them in place until they can be truly defeated, basically the goal of the next Saga
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    The plot twist revealing the Player was actually the Blue Robed Person instead of being reincarnated as Xehanort. I was surprised, but at the same time so relieved that The Player wasn't reincarnated as Xehanort.
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    i made my account for this joke and nomura does This un firetrucking believable
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    I have been waiting for the publication of this book for a very long time! And finally, right on my birthday, it happened! I was delighted when I bought it and started reading it. This is a fantastic.
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    In the end I chose Hoder because her design makes it clear and believable that she's Baldr's sister, but it was so hard to choose! They're all so well designed!
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    Fan Art Chat

    Good design, nice to see Kairi in something other than a skirt or a dress.
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    Definitely Vidar. His character design just stands out to me. Hopefully Nomura draws all the Upperclassmen's in his usual art style.
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    In Kingdom Hearts II when Sora first visits Yen Sid’s Tower, he enters a room where there are three fairies (Fauna, Flora and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty) are as well as covered up mirrors which trigger the reaction command (triangle button) with a message from each mirror. Most people would assume the messages are just random, but each mirror refers to every Drive Form Sora is able to use in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Below are a the list of messages and which Drive Form they are linked to: “An image of you utilizing your strength to its fullest flows into your mind.” – Valor Form “An image of you utilizing your magic to its fullest flows into your mind.” – Wisdom Form “An image of you possessing all abilities flows into your mind.” – Master Form “An image of the Keyblade unleashing its ultimate power flows into your mind.” – Final Form “An image of you obtaining old powers flows into your mind” – Limit Form “An image of you overcome by the power of darkness flows into your mind.” – Anti Form
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    There was a walktrough a while back with the voice actor for young xehanort playing DDD Wished we could get that for soras voice to in english and japanese even though i dont speak the latter
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    Hi there, If you have played both Kingdom Hearts and Genshin Impact: Sora's Japanese VA, Miyu Irino, also voiced Cyno in Genshin Impact.
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    I made a kingdom hearts filter with falling iconic kh symbols as confetti. https://www.instagram.com/ar/1121689395448913/ its on Instagram and Facebook messenger. I'd really appreciate it if you guys check it out IMG_20220921_094018_204.webp IMG_20220921_094005_455.webp IMG_20220921_093950_081.webp
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    Dark Road has come to an end, and with it, we got new revelations into what led Xehanort down his dark path to become a seeker of darkness. However, not everything was revealed and some questions remain. This was even brought up in a recent Q&A for Dark Road: Therefore, knowing what we do know, I will attempt to put together a timeline of Xehanort's life together, starting with when he was born and ending with Birth by Sleep since I feel that after that the events of his life become pretty straightforward. During that time, I will point out when I believe Xehanort became the seeker of darkness.
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    If I had to pick from just these four options (which I personally feel is a little limiting because there’s more than 4 films from the past 2 years that I think have Kingdom Hearts potential), I would go with Encanto. However, as much as I love Encanto, and as much as I would love to see a world for it in Kingdom Hearts, there is a film that I personally love even more than Encanto that’s not on the poll: Raya and the Last Dragon. I personally feel that Kumandra would make an excellent world in a Kingdom Hearts game. While a world based on Encanto would surely be exciting and fun, I personally think a world based on Raya and the Last Dragon would make for an even better and more diverse world with the potential to be rather expansive. Now, if both films end up getting worlds or representation, that would honestly be the best thing I can think of. I love both Encanto and Raya and the Last Dragon, and I think both absolutely deserve to be represented in Kingdom Hearts. But if I had to pick one or the other, I’d have to be in the minority and pick Raya and the Last Dragon. Again, I love both of those films, and either one would be incredible to see in Kingdom Hearts. Who knows? Even if it’s not both in the same title, maybe both of them will end up being represented in Kingdom Hearts eventually. That would be amazing in my opinion. The TLDR version: If picking from these four options alone, I would choose Encanto. However, I would personally prefer Raya and the Last Dragon more than Encanto. I love both films, though.
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    Iwata was one of the industries greats, no doubt
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Iirc, Nintendo started directs before the other companies, so it's a valid point
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Yeah I agree with you about that. I'm just wondering if the Good Remind ending will connect to the battle in the KH4 trailer where Sora fights the heartless attacking quadratum? Maybe Sora fights the heartless and after defeating it Yozora and Luxord show up having watched the fight and Sora doesn't know whether to throw hands or not after the dream battle (poor kid has a lot to process either way). You know considering the MoM game had Sora jumping into Kairi's dreams to save her by fighting dream Xehanort, I bet dream battles will be a thing moving forward. For all we know Sora might interact with other characters through dreams often going forward. Though I'm also wondering about the timeline now? MoM takes place a year after Sora vanished. Sora shows up in Kairi's dreams. Kairi wakes up and Riku goes to Quadratum. Before that Riku spent a year dreaming of Quadratum because that's where Sora is. In Quadratum, Sora wakes up and is told by Streliztia he's been asleep for a week. When does Sora waking up in Quadratum take place? What are the chances that Sora's journey in Quadratum takes place a year before the events of Limit Cut/MoM and throughout the game we just go back and forth between Sora's present and the rest of the characters present until they match up?
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    i feel KH twists have lost a lot of the shock value
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    You thought you were shitposting and yet you walk away with the prize.
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    I've been having a blast drawing Y!Xehanort recently. Even more so while I wait for the unknown date of it's update release of Dark Road. I may consider drawing something Xehanort related from the story that stood out to me and post it every week...maybe. We'll see how my energy will sustain itself. But something to keep me occupied. This scene stuck with me since I first watched it back in 2020. Even more so that it was the final nail in the coffin that made Y!Xehanort my favorite character in the series. It made me want to learn more about him and I want the update to get here sooner to finally have all the answers that I needed.
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    Icecl Keyheart

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Star Wars
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    WALL-E world or I riot
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    I am the same myself! Owning a physical copy in your own two hands is the way to be. However I get why the appeal of a cheaper option or eLibrary peference is a thing... Anyway, not long to wait for the physical release!
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