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    Hmm...I'm not sure Sora would be able to use it in those situations. The Power of Waking's main purpose is to awaken a sleeping heart, isn't it? And even if he did use it like that, he probably would disappear and go sailing into unreality.
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    A Realisation that I have to catch up on kingdom hearts lore
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    i find it extremely disappointing that the player becomes xehanort
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    Who knows? But for the last 8-10 years, we tend to get news related to Kingdom Hearts in the month of June around E3 (which has become a standard since the Kingdom Hearts III E3 announcement teaser in June 2013 and especially the KH3 Orchestra Trailer back in June 2017), during Tokyo Game Show in September and Jump Festa in December, so It's possible we might get an announcement trailer/teaser related to the next new KH game this year with a release in 2022, as next year is the 20th Anniversary of the first KH game and the Kingdom Hearts franchise as a whole. Whether it be around next month during E3 2021 which coincides around the time the final chapter of Union χ ends or during TGS 2021 is up in the air, but I wouldn't rule out KH related news completely. The ONLY times we didn't get KH-related news was back at E3 2011 (since they wanted to save most of Dream Drop Distance's info at TGS 2011) and especially TGS 2017 & Jump Festa 2018 (Due to the release of the D23 KH3 Toy Story Trailer back in July 2017 and we didn't get brand new KH news until D23 Japan 2018 in February 2018 7-8 months later). Plus, we usually get a new KH game every 1 to 2 years in between going by the release pattern of every KH title.
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    I think maybe a teaser of the next game for 2022.
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    Hi everyone! I've previously posted on this forum about 5 years ago when advertising a then-ongoing KH2 fandub - since been completed. I thought I'd share our next big project, which has been in the works for a few years now, which is our KH3 fandub! Currently, 3 episodes are available to watch on YouTube, but during our prolonged downtime, we've managed to complete adding all music and SFX to all 15 episodes, leaving only dialogue to be added. This means that our remaining episodes will be released at a faster pace with an intended completion of December 31, 2021. We're so proud of this project and believe it to be our best work to date. As it's intended to be our final project, at least for the foreseeable future, we've really put our heart into every aspect of it. You can find our full playlist and follow our progress here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Do7x81d0XJaRJ6YmvWbyp3Zk1fI_cWR Our brilliant and talented cast: SuperLeft4deadman -- Sora, Xemnas, Vanitas, Master of Masters, Little Green Man #3, Captain Jack Sparrow LooseCannon! -- Riku, Terra, Axel (Lea), Young Eraqus, King Mickey, Goofy, Pete, Master Yen Sid, Ansem, Xigbar, Luxord, Terra-Xehanort, Riku-Replica, Aced, Master Eraqus, Luxu, Pete, Dale, Sarge, Corporal, Little Green Man #1, CDA Officers, Marshmallow, William Turner, Piglet, Tigger Ashefrosty -- Kairi, Aqua, Naminé, Larxene, Invi, Ava, Rapunzel, Anna, Roo OathOfTheThirteenth -- Ventus, Roxas, Ephemer, Gula, Little Green Man #2, Trailer House Boy Ohmiyamoto -- Xion, Chirithy Freddie Heinz -- Pence, Saïx (Isa), Ira, Ansem the Wise, Master Xehanort, Cloud, Hades, Hercules, Narrator, Zeus, Flynn Rider, Captain Barbosa Baylaust -- Ienzo, Young Xehanort, Vexen, Marluxia Justin Hollobaugh -- Donald Duck Elsie Lovelock -- Maleficent, Elsa Benji Buckley -- Chip SassySora -- Sora (Young) FishyFried -- Megara Kovabomb -- Scrooge McDuck Thank you so much for checking out our hard work, and once again I hope you enjoy!!
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    Other than the series always thematically showing that love is the ultimate answer and power, even more so than the power of light or darkness, here are some quotes: From Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Aqua: "A pure heart filled with light... It's strange, the Master taught me darkness needs to be destroyed. But how, if not with light?" Fairy Godmother: "Oh, my dear, you're too young to know. Experience more things, and you'll find the answer. Just trust in your dreams." (Fairy Godmother implying the only way to defeat darkness other than with light is with love.) From Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Yen Sid: "I will tell you what your friend needs right now. It is not your protection. He needs you to believe. You see, Ventus's heart hangs in the balance. It sleeps in the place between light and darkness. From all I can perceive, that means he will be looking for a friend--one who believes in him, to show him the way home. Just as long as you love him...then Ventus will be able to find you when he wakes. He can follow that love back to where he belongs--the realm of light.” (Yen Sid implying the balance between light and darkness is love and that love is the only thing that can lead Ventus' heart home.) From Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Riku: "What are you making me choose now?" DiZ: "Between the road to light and the road to darkness." Riku: "Neither suits me. I'm taking the middle road." DiZ: "Do you mean the twilight road to nightfall?" Riku: "No. It's the road to dawn." (Riku not choosing light or darkness, but choosing what he calls "dawn.") From Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: Riku (to Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Young Xehanort): "I walk the road to dawn!" Riku (to Ansem, Seeker of Darkness): "Consume the darkness, return it to light.” Young Xehanort (to Riku): "I don't know how you did it, but you really have found a way to trap darkness inside your heart. And a boy who's immune to darkness is of no use to us." (Riku reaffirming that he wields both light and darkness, and that he turns the darkness into light. That is the state he calls "dawn." And Young Xehanort confirming that by walking the road to dawn, Riku has somehow become immune to darkness.) From Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: Data-Ansem the Wise: "The heart has always been quick to grow. Each exposure to light, to the natural world, to other people, shapes this most malleable part inside of us. Nobodies are not different from us in that manner. Sora was the only one able to return to his human form without destroying his Nobody. That is a statement to the love in his heart for other people, and the bonds that tie them together. Perhaps...he has the power to bring back the hearts and existences of those connected to him—to recreate people we thought were lost to us forever. Our most precious treasures—even an empty puppet—the trees of the forest, and the petals on the wind—there are hearts around us everywhere we look. And it does not take superhuman powers to see them. Surely we remember as children the way our hearts made everything seem so shiny, and perfect. Sora has a heart like that—uncorrupted, willing to see the good before the bad. When he sees the heart in something, it then becomes real. When a connection seems broken, he may have the power to mend it. He has touched countless hearts, he has accepted them, and he has saved them. And some of those hearts have never left him—whether they fell into darkness or were trapped there—whether they sleep in the darkness of Sora's heart, or were welcomed into its warmth—they can be saved. All Sora needs to do is be himself and follow wherever it is that his heart takes him. It is the best and the only way." (Data-Ansem the Wise saying that Sora's uninhibited undying love for people and his willingness to always see the good before the bad in anyone or anything is the ultimate answer that could solve everything and save everyone.) From Kingdom Hearts III: Ventus: "I didn't ask for this. To be sifted apart nice and neat. We should be free to choose. Not just light, not just darkness. We decide what we are." (Ventus implying light and darkness are choices and you can choose to be both or neither.)
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    The title is self explanatory, Sora, Riku, and Kairi as playable characters. Blending in BBS and DDD. Except this time, we switch by CHOICE. Each exploring a different time period in each world. Kairi the only one who travels through worlds on her own. Donald and Goofy (and Jiminy too) traveling with Sora, Mickey traveling with Riku. In case it's not a numbered title, here's how I think the gameplay could work. Keep the combat similar to the numbered titles. And the abilities are unlocked through spending AP in a skill tree (almost like in Re: Coded and DDD). Ties to the Timeless River door appearing to Pete. And Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Chip, and Dale's trip to Daybreak Town. Returning worlds: Traverse Town, Neverland, Atlantica, Pride Lands, Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion, The Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion, and Daybreak Town/Scale Ad Caelum. New worlds: Gravity Falls, Shuggazoom (SRMTHFG), Bambi's world, the world of Meet the Robinsons, Hawaii (Lilo & Stitch), and the galaxy of Star Wars. Maybe they won't use all the worlds listed above. If they use that number worlds (along with a final level kind of world), leveling up should take longer than in KH3. To keep it simple for Yoko Shimomura. She should try a more tropical remix of the music used for Deep Space. To fit Hawaii's setting. If past versions Cid and Tifa appear. They should be designed to how they looked in Final Fantasy VII. That means white tank top. Imagine how the present day Kairi would interact with her kid self (from before her abduction), or Namine (before she caused Aqua's short lived reunion with Terra in 0.2). The future time periods of Neverland, Atlantica, and Pride Lands occurring simultaneously with Return to Neverland, Return to the Sea, and Simba's Pride respectively. Just like Kingdom of Corona, Arendelle, and The Caribbean. The final battle set in the night Destiny Islands fell into darkness. With a time travel game, what better setting than the aforementioned event? What do you think?
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    Fan Art Chat

    Well done!
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    You're welcome. It makes my Sokai feels.
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    There have been many Japanese franchises that have drawn confusion and alienation from Western culture, but there is nothing like them compared to Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy. The details of the series have fascinated a few generations of gamers. The replicating and copying of its characters and sheer convolution of the story became legends for the 21st century. Hindsight lets us look back to analyzing it's flaws, but when we ask who should have made the story of III better and how many opportunities they missed, we lose sight of a larger, more timeless lesson. From the modelers to the Square-Enix officials, from the technicians providing the technology to the most talented writers, everyone was participating in a continuity built on the sands of retcons and rewrites. The series simply did not operate in the ways the fans had expected them to be. Our society is probably working under some confusions of its own right now. People see this in Kingdom Hearts' story, they understand that it was more than a video game filled with Disney characters; they see confusion and tragedy that echoes the way of Japanese storytelling. The novel of Grave of the Fireflies told the story of two siblings stuck in hubris of their innocent pre-war world and the Gods of death struck them down, banishing them to the afterlife of fireflies. People also see examples of heroism and sacrifice that resonate to the core of everything we feel about human nature. In the end, Kingdom Hearts is not just the story of a boy that went out looking for his friends, but the story of those who were affected by him, whether physically or in spirit.
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    Memes Chat

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    So I got into an argument the other day with someone over Vanitas... it all started because of an image with the BBS trio hugging him, and Van looking rather annoyed at the situation. The discussion got me thinking... so I'd like to see what more members in the community think. I'll be labeling myself Me and them with Key (it was part of their username). I'm not saying I'm entirely in the right, or they're entirely wrong. I think we both made good points, even if I don't agree with... anything they said. So, I'd like to share both sides. ----------------------------------------------------------- Key: (in reply to the image) Vanitas assisted in ruining their lives and tried to kill them multiple times. Me: Vanitas was created against his will and was physically/mentally abused by an awful old man for the entirety of his existence and literally knew nothing but pain and suffering c: - so anyway, Vanitas deserved better. ----------------------------------------------------------- Key: Cool motive, still attempted murder. I don't mind Vanitas getting a redemption arc, but Ventus, Terra and Aqua instantly forgiving him after he played a part in ruining their lives? Yeah, that's a no. He needs to earn his redemption, a tragic backstory isn't the "get out of jail free card" you people make it out to be. Me: Bold of you to assume we DON'T want a long, drawn out slow-burn redemption arc. Don't assume things, friend. Of course he wouldn't get off without SOME kind of punishment or reprimanding, but anything was better than DYING for sicko that made him that way. ----------------------------------------------------------- Key: I'm talking about the context of this picture of Ventus, Terra and Aqua happily hugging the same person who helped ruin their lives as if it's supposed to be something cute and wholesome. It's a good art, a very good drawing, but it's ridiculous to assume these three would ever hug Vanitas after the crap he put them through, even if he was redeemed. Me: You're missing half the point of KH then, which is forgiveness. Always been a big part of the series. Given time, they absolutely could forgive him. Anyone can change if they want to, have the time to, and have people around them willing to help them. Vanitas never had any of these. ----------------------------------------------------------- Key: There's forgiving someone, and then there's happily hugging the same person who helped ruin your life. Would I be fine with Ventus, Terra and Aqua forgiving Vanitas? Yes, I can even see it happening, but them happily hugging him as if he's a bestie to them? Hell no. There are limits to everything, and just because you forgive someone doesn't mean you'll become friends with that person, or even like that person to begin with, it's not the same thing. Can I see Ventus, Terra and Aqua forgiving Vanitas? Yes. Can I see them relating to him? Sure. But you saying that they were all used by Xehanort is wrong. Terra was POSSESSED by Xehanort, all the evil things he did were AGAINST HIS WILL. Vanitas did all that shit because HE WANTED TO, he also clearly enjoyed the thought of people in pain and suffering. So don't come at me with saying Vanitas was "used and abused" when it's clear that he enjoyed doing all the things he did. Me: Vanitas was taught nothing else but to cause suffering, because of Xehanort literally beating into him. He never had a chance to learn or be anything different. Vanitas WAS used and abused, believing his only purpose was to cause others suffering. Of course he enjoyed it, it was the only thing he was told he was good at- it's what he was trained to do. I'm not going to blame the VICTIM for what their abuser did to them and forced them to be. Xehanort clearly liked to ruin others too. Of course he taught that to Vanitas. Of course he used the fact that Vanitas was all darkness to paint him as nothing more than a tool to be used to create the Keyblade. That's literally all Vanitas knew; he wanted to join back with Ventus because he believed that was his only purpose. The only way to stop his physical and mental suffering. Terra, Aqua, Ventus- they would absolutely realize what Xenahort did to Vanitas and used him to be. Ventus clearly understood, you can see it when they're talking as Vanitas is fading away in KH3. Maybe they wouldn't be totally functional family, but they could eventually learn to get along. Again, your imagination... is lacking. KH has always been about growth and bonds. Why can't Vanitas have that? ----------------------------------------------------------- Key: TERRA REGRETTED HIS ACTIONS. Unlike Vanitas, who did far worse than that with a smirk on his face and LAUGHING. Xehanort raising Vanitas to be like that is a lame excuse too. He did the same thing to Ventus, but HE didn't became a sadistic, psychotic ass like Vanitas. Vanitas is literally PURE DARKNESS, he would have been evil with or without Xehanort. Me: I mean... the fact that Vanitas likely doesn't know what regret IS because he was taught never to regret his actions, or be anything other than a tool to his master... MIGHT have something to do with that, buddy. Boy had the emotional range of... well. You saw the Unversed. If he had ANY good emotions, they were likely stomped out early. How are you incapable of seeing that this kid was literally brainwashed and beaten from day one?? Also... Darkness =/= evil, way to miss the entire point of Riku's journey. Just because someone is pure darkness doesn't mean they'd automatically be evil. That part of him was NOURISHED and TAUGHT. There is no excuse. Everything Vanitas became, and is, is because of Xehanort. ----------------------------------------------------------- Key: I don't care if he was brainwashed and beaten. Like I said, SO. WAS. VENTUS. Xehanort abused him before Vanitas was even created, and he remained a good person. Being abused is no excuse for what Vani did either, and the fact you think so is just laughable. Stop talking about how a clear psychopath deserves forgiveness when he never showed being anything but a self centered and psychotic prick. Me: Because he was FORCED TO BE THAT WAY. Again, I'm not going to blame the victim for how they turned out because of their abuser. Especially when changing their behavior was never seen as an option and doing the opposite would likely have result in more punishment. ----------------------------------------------------------- Key: My point is that Vanitas being "abused" doesn't matter when Ventus went through the same abuse and didn't became a psychopath like he did. And when he was given the choice to join them, by Ventus himself no less, he basically told him to piss off. Me: You're really gonna to sit there and blame what is essentially a CHILD for how they turned out, when they had NO CHOICE in the matter? The reason Ventus didn't become like Vanitas is the very reason the two were ripped apart in the FIRST PLACE. The behavior Vanitas displays is TAUGHT. It is not nature. Not all darkness is evil, and not all light is good- that was the point of BBS. Neither side is entirely right, but Xehanort's way of doing things was VERY WRONG. Eraqus taught his students that ALL DARKNESS was automatically bad, which couldn't be further from the truth. Does it surprise you that Terra/Aqua/Ven never questioned it? Never tried to reason with Vanitas? Because he was only a monster to them- because he was darkness... just like their master said. They never tried to reach out to him either, but after all is said and done, if Vanitas had been given an actual chance to live and change... they would've been smart enough to see how Vanitas turned out was NOT his choice. Because ALL OF THEM went through trauma at Xehanort's hand in some way. They would know why he's like this, given time, and they would give him a chance. KH has always been a story about growth and change and I don't see why Vanitas shouldn't get those things because he was never given the choice to be anything other than what he was. ----------------------------------------------------------- Key: Yes, I'm going to. Vanitas is a tragic character no doubt, but that does not erase his actions, nor his clear enjoyment of them. If you wanna say Ventus doesn't count as an example, guess who else was also abused and had no choice in his life? Roxas! And guess what? He ALSO didn't became a psychotic asshole like Vanitas did. Yes, not all darkness is bad, but that doesn't mean that every darkness is good either, and Vanitas is very much a evil character. The BBS trio would UNDERSTAND what Vanitas went through, but they would NEVER, EVER see him as a friend- much less hug the bastard. That's like saying Xehanort should be forgiven by them because the fact he lost all his friends like they did. Me: Yeah, and you wanna know WHY Roxas didn't turn out just as bad? Because as bad as it got, he still had FRIENDS and people who genuinely cared for him even if he himself didn't think so, or didn't even remember them. Vanitas had Xehanort. That's it. And I do think they could be physically affectionate with him later, if only limited because again I doubt Vanitas would be entirely okay with it, and yes there's still the past lingering between them. But you saying it could NEVER happen at all is just untrue. Vanitas is nowhere near as bad as Xehanort, nor did he cause the same level of damage and suffering. He was used. He knew nothing else. We keep going in circles here, bud. ----------------------------------------------------------- Key: Roxas had friends? And what happened to those friends? One turned out to be lying and hiding things from him, and the other died and was erased from his mind- so he LOST the only things keeping him together, and then proceeded to lose everything he ever had AGAIN with the Data Twilight Town situation. In short, Roxas was abused BY LIFE ITSELF LITERALLY HIS ENTIRE EXISTENCE. EVERY moment of happiness he ever had was taken from him... and yet, he STILL turned out better than Vanitas. Me: Here's the thing- Roxas had moments of happiness to fall back on. Had moments where someone showed him kindness, and friendship, and that he had value outside of being a weapon/tool. Vanitas had NONE OF THESE. NOT ONCE. If we go by Data Roxas and that fight between him and Riku, Roxas could've easily turned out as bad as Vanitas- except HE would be able to stop, because he knew right from wrong. Vanitas was taught that wrong WAS right, and to EMBRACE IT. Hell, Diz wanted Roxas to be WORSE (angrier) to try and pass it on to Sora. And we can see it actually kind of worked with how sassy and sarcastic Sora was throughout KH2. Influence matters, and Vanitas NEVER had a single GOOD influence in his ENTIRE. LIFE. I REFUSE to blame what is essentially a child for the actions of someone who took advantage of them and forced them to be a monster. He could've easily done the same to Ventus, but he thought the boy worthless and was dying. Leave him with Eraqus. I have a better, more obedient tool right here that won't hesitate, because if he does, he knows what awaits him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The other user ignored me after this so... take that as you will. Sorry if this is sort of long-winded and repetitive at times, but I am firm in my beliefs than the cards Vanitas was dealt were unfair. He should have been given a chance to become better, to redeem himself, to learn. He's not perfect. He's not entirely innocent, either... but he didn't deserve to die as a tool to an awful old man who created him to be that way, and never gave him a choice or reason to be anything else. But, that's me... what do you think?
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    General Chat

    I feel a little bit better after playing some Pokemon Go. I felt cramped inside my apartment all day.
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    I feel like Dark Road should be finished as KHUx style cutscenes to tie off the story, but aside from that i think it should be left alone. No need to utilize anymore budget to re-render the cutscenes in 3D or make a full fledged MMORPG out of it. There was some beauty in the style it was presented in imo. And I don't think an MMO would work too well, might as well just play FFXIV at that point
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    Nah. I rather be similar to Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn.
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    So, the KH team made a mistake and tried to cross out what MoM meant?
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    I think it's completely possible...but I'm not entirely positive something's going to show up.
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    Hi ^^ In this new Memoria Theory I want to share with you 5 wishes I have for the Kingdom Hearts franchise don't hesitate to give me yours ^^ I always want to warn you that there will be some SPOILERS in this video you are warned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEucmgNz6Pw (you can enable subtitles on the video)
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    We don't know what happened to that last one as of yet.
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    Hey, it happens to the best of us. No sweat!
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    The scarf thing, it wears around it's neck reminds me of Ephemer for some reason.
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    Yeah, it says she has black hair in the Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files book.
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    It still didn't make a lick of sense?
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    Intrigued is the word I would use for my reaction to the ending. I mean, it still had Nomura's complicated, convoluted fingerprints all over it, and yet it still works so well!
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    I think I shed a tear when... ...But otherwise I was just gaping all the way through...
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    Lol, they really need to make a console version of UX. I still don't know if Luxu was
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    Just post the things you WANT to see from now on. Because of the darkness
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    Silent Multiverse

    KHUX Chat

    but yeah i agree on the whole thing being more disturbing which signify that Nomura's upping the ante by going more bolder and more darker than kh3
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    That was............... okay, I have no clue where to start. Umm......let's see......well, I'll start from the beginning and jump around lol.
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    Memes Chat

    That name, though
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    These questions are all so valid... I think the biggest thing we NEED to see is who Luxu gives the No Name to. I thought it had to be Brain, but Brain already left. So unless Luxu handed it to him at an earlier time off-screen, then... Does he give it to him in the next world? The secret reports seemed to imply that he handed it off before the world ended, though. At least, that was my impression. So........ Was everyone mistaken about who received the No Name? idk, that one's really confusing to me... I'd like to know what happened with Ephemer and Player - and perhaps find out why Xehanort was having dreams of Player's life. Maybe khdr will explain. YEAH. THE GEAR UNDER THE TABLE. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?????????? MoM implied that he was going to use a pod for himself, but I'd like to actually SEE what he does... I really need something that will help explain how he goes from that body to Demyx. I need something to connect A and B here. lol I know these pieces go together somehow!! I've been thinking about Demyx's character file and how funny it is... They really didn't have to mention the MoM at all, but they did. I'm astounded. I'm sure that the intention was to make people think that MoM and Demyx are separate people. But by mentioning him, it also tells us that they ARE connected which is something we didn't even know for sure before. I get a kick out of it because it reminds me of criminals who talk to the police and media because they think that being so forthright will make them look innocent. Meanwhile, they weren't on anyone's radar until they made themselves known. Incredible. Everybody on twitter keeps going "WHERE'S DEMYX!" but I don't expect to see him at all. (I'd like to, though.) On that note, I've also seen people saying "WHERE'S LUXORD!" but I don't think we'll see him, either. I explained how the "keyblade legacy" line was a mess. I think he's just always been a Verum Rex guy. Man, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when we finally know everything. I've been thinking about this stuff for so long. 🥺
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    Hmm interesting.....seems like it's there because the world is meeting its 'death'? i dunno lol Yeah.......seriously though, how long is this update going to be?? It might be just me, but it seems like there's still a lot that needs resolving in UX. For instance........: What happened to Ava?! What happened to the Foretellers?! What happened to the black box and Maleficent thinking a Book is in it?! What happened to the Master's Defender and how'd it get back to the real world?!?! WHAT'S THE MASTER OF MASTERS HIDING UNDER THAT GEAR UNDER THE TABLE?!?! I......have.......so.......many.........QUESTIONS lol
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    Key Sharkz

    The Minimum Wage Issue

    This is an issue I see all the time; people complaining that you can't live off of minimum wage and we should raise it to where people can realistically live off of. As I write this, the minimum wage in my home state is being raised to $9.00 an hour and the cost of living estimate is around $13 an hour or so. Now many people say this is a problem we should focus on and get minimum wage higher so people can actually live, well the problem though is it's not that simple. Now keep in mind, I went to school with a lot of business classes and I was forced to learn how economics and business work. The big issue is actually not minimum wage not being high enough, it's that companies are very lightly regulated. Raising minimum wage just makes companies see that people have more money and thus charge more, which then brings the value of a dollar down. Raising minimum wage actually just gives people the illusion they are making more money to keep them quiet. And in turn, the more it happens, the lower the value of a dollar becomes, and thus actually brings America closer and closer to becoming a third world country. Within time, the US dollar will be one of the most worthless pieces of currency on the planet, considering it has already lost so much value as it is, this really shouldn't be an issue to anyone. What needs to happen is something we all don't want to think about: the end of the free market as we know it. Now that is not to say we need to establish socialism or even completely abolish the free market, but we do need to put more regulations on it. We need to make it so that businesses can not just all agree to charge X amount to force the value of products up so consumers have no choice but to pay that much. We need to end illegal business arrangements like this, because they are actually legal forms of trusts, loopholes in the system if you will. Most of us probably see this kind of thing with our internet service provider. I am sure many of you have had this happen: You call up to get an ISP. You search the area, but you can only find one that services your area, despite seeing another is relatively close by. You ask yourself, why won't Verizon service my side of the street, but they will service the other? Why must I get Comcast instead? The answer is simple: the two business have an agreement to not step on each other's toes, and thus they can both get away with charging whatever they live because there really is no actual competition. The issue is further hurt by people who work minimum wage jobs demanding more pay. While in its base idea it makes sense, the problem is their demands become too high. They make people lose interest in even taking the issue seriously because they are making outrageous demands (such as fast food workers demanding $18 an hour back in my home state). The truth is we need to give these people enough to live on, yes but we can't be charging more than skilled labor. People who go to college need to get paid enough to actually make going to college worth the investment. We have a lot of people who will not try to get into skilled labor positions because the cost of getting into them is far too high with low chance of payout. The issue stems from the fact that many of us are blind to what the real problem is, which is not that minimum wage is too low, but that companies are charging more and more for products that do not cost them that much to produce.
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    I'm happy and sad that the story/app is ending. I have been with this game since the beginning. A bittersweet feeling for me.
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    Fan Art Chat

    He's adorable!
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    "final fantasy 7 opening" would be apt
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    wait til you see the rest of the game
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    Well I like Final Fantasy VII Remake's modern futuristic setting.
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    I could definitely see us getting a teaser or something, but I dont' want to put all my eggs in that basket because I've been disappointed with not seeing something at E3 before. And I've got a TON of anticipation for E3 this year because most of the games I'm waiting for have received next to no info since their announcements, sooo I'm a little on edge. That being said, though, we haven't gotten a new KH game announcement in quite a while, so I think they're due to give us some news.
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    KHUx is the game that refuses to fully die, even after profiting channels have been eliminated.
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    Oh, that can be frustrating as hell, believe me! XD
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    normua did say we werent gonna hear anything til next year
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    Hmm.........I highly doubt that Odin is Brain (that'd be super weird too). The only thing that makes them a little similar is their hats lol. Oh! Brain said that "if no one goes back, then no one there will know what happened here", implying that he told someone about it in the future sometime, so Odin sending them there to wake the world would make sense! .....Kinda? Wouldn't Odin tell them what they were supposed to do though? instead of telling them to "go and broaden your horizons"? Or..........what if.....maybe Odin thinks he's sending them to the real world, but in actuality, a Darkness is leading them there to set Xehanort onto the Dark Road so that the last prophecy of the Book, which prophecies Darkness' victory over light (something they'd definitely want), will come true. ....Would that make sense? Now I'm wondering what Odin would say to the lower classmen's discovery of Emblem Heartless 'in the real world', because they decided to not tell him about their findings. I have a feeling that's something he wouldn't be expecting..... LOL SAME That......that Keyblade MUST have made its way back to the real world. It MUST have. There's no way it doesn't...........if it doesn't, my mind's gonna explode I found a Youtube video going over all of them and also someone's post on a Japanese site that had them all. I'll put Secret Reports 11-13 here: Secret Report 11: Secret Report 12: Secret Report 13: The localization completely gives me the impression that 'the Five' is always referring to the Union Leaders. With Google Translate, I get a very different impression.....but I'm not gonna trust Google!! lol edit: There's apparently something very interesting in the Verum Rex mini game, Beat of Lead: Those are.....crystal balls. Crystals.
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    KH General Chat

    i want to buy kh3 on pc but its on epic only :hmm:
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    "Another! You can't play outside if you don't eat your vegetables!" Another: "But Mooooom"
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    Key Sharkz

    The Minimum Wage Issue

    That's what I am suggesting, laws regulating businesses raising prices right after wage raises. Laws making it so businesses can only legally make a maximum percentage of profit off of a sale. For example, when they sell you say a soda, if they are making a 500% profit on it, then that is unfair to the consumer. We should cap profits that can legally be made off of certain products. Technology is where it gets exceptionally bad though. Apple can make an iPhone for $200 and then turn around and charge $650+. As far as families though, that is why we should switch to COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) where people are paid based upon their needs. However if we ARE to implement that though, we need to be able to revoke COLA if we find out people are NOT spending their money on their families. If I am a business owner and I need to pay you $16 an hour because you have 2 kids, and I find out you are not paying child support, then I am not going to want to give you the extra money just to throw it in your pocket. The other issue is we need a max cap. People on their taxes these days are claiming WAAAAAY more dependents than they should be to get more money. I'm sorry, but if you have 10 dependents someone needs to step in and say you're on your own because you keep taking people in or having children. As much as we need to regulate businesses, we need to regulate average Joe too. Let's be honest: average Joe is far from innocent in gaming in the system. On top of this, more extreme regulations on government services need to happen. In my home state they FINALLY passed a law that you need to pass a drug test to apply for welfare and if you fail it, then you go to jail for trying to fraud the government. I think that isn't extreme enough though. We need to determine first if a person needs to be permanently supported by the government (such as permanent disability) or they just need assistance. Then if they have been deemed temporary we need to take some measures to ensure it's temporary: 1. They must be required to apply for jobs that they are ACTUALLY qualified for. This is a big one, many people end up staying on unemployment and welfare by purposely applying to jobs they know they will not get. Right now so long as you turn in one application within a certain time frame, you can keep collecting. We need to get to a point where it's like "Okay, after you've spent X amount of time looking for a job with no luck, we have a person that will find jobs and send them to you for you to fill out applications." A person who researches the person's background, skills, etc. to ensure they are applying for jobs only that they have a chance of getting. 2. Random drug tests. It's not enough to give them a drug test before applying. Many people know that if you stop doing drugs around a week or two before a urine test, you will pass it. Not to mention many of them can fool urine tests. It's not really that hard to sneak in a bag of urine. I remember being drug tested for jobs, and they don't exactly pat you down, they just tell you to empty your pockets. It's not exactly hard to say hide it in your underwear, or even for some people (who I still will not understand) stick it up their anus. A random drug test makes it harder and harder to fool. Not everyone is going to have fresh urine ready to utilize for fooling a test. They show up at your house and they follow you in, and you don't have time to go to the bedroom to find your stash. I know it sounds extreme, but we have a LOT of drug addicts who have no interest in finding a job living off of our tax money. 3. Stricter punishments for frauding the system. Jail time. Serious jail time. 4. Never ever ever let them use cash or obtain cash. All the money for any government service should be on a card, and furthermore that card should require a valid ID with it, and all stores by law should not be allowed to accept it without said ID. I can't tell you how many times people use food stamp cards at a store I worked at who not only didn't have an ID or match the person on the card, but that I KNEW were frauding the system, but we weren't allowed to say anything about it. I am proposing something even MORE extreme though: a database for said cards where any expense on them can be looked up, and more extreme still, by the public. I know some may think that is insane, but my logic is that these people are using the tax payers money. The tax payers should not only see where their money is going, but you will save a LOT of money in hiring people to check for fraud if you let the people who are actually paying check for you. Some may see it as an invasion of privacy, but really you're not spending your own money. You're spending someone else's money. You have no privacy with that money. Not having said privacy will discourage people from wanting to live off of benefits. We need to make it harder to fraud the system, much much harder. People are getting more and more clever on how to cheat the system, and we need to be ready to take the extremes necessary to combat that. While I can not comment on the lazy factor, I can say that companies that are being "hurt" by the internet and new technology are trying to find ways to nickel and dime the consumer instead of adapting. That's the big issue, so many companies are refusing to adapt to the new world and because of it, they are trying to bleed everyone dry.
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