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    *downloaded/screencaps many good references for Tifa, Aerith, Sonia, Nessa and Zelda* welp, time to do some fan art. OwOb
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    Just one more month, and Endgame will finally be upon us! #AvengeTheFallen
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    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since I first joined this wonderful site! Ah, memories! It’s been quite the ride! Thank you all for making these 8 years so wonderful!
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    So tomorrow is my birthday. Yay. owo
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    Huh. I guess KH13 is done with the copycat joke this time. 😮
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    Happy New Decade It's great to see you doing well in life. Do you use Discord? It'd be great to reconnect with you again.
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    I'm gonna be on and off here a lot this year. Life has decided to kick me
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    Happy New Year, everyone! Let's give it our best and I hope you all have a prosperous year and a wonderful start to the decade! God bless!
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    Merry Christmas Eve, people!
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    Merry Beginning of Christmas Insanity-mas (A.K.A December)
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    Guess who's not dead! And back earlier than expected!
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    Currently obsessed with Treasure Planet again It's always been one of my favorite movies
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    2 quid is good

    2 quid is good
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    Gonna be offline until sometime in December: Health issues. Stay safe, everyone!
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    I just can't deal with the KH community anymore (not specifically KH13, just the community as whole). The inability to accept criticism is maddening. I can't be associated with this. Peace! PS - Rax is MVP
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    Mods are offline, you know what that means BD
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    Thanks for the follow, have one back!
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    Lol hi I exist!! Ive not been online in aggggeeesssss!!!!
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    Oh my goodness. I just come back on here to say hello only to find that the replacement voice to Leonard Nimoy, Rutger Hauer, just passed away. Wow, that is so sad.
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    Thanks for your sweet comments

    Thanks for your sweet comments
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    There are many worlds, but they share the same sky—one sky, one destiny I love that quote!!!
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    Thanks for the follow.

    Thanks for the follow.
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    To look at uncertainty and doubt in the eye is our greatest challenge. To face said hurdles is our biggest fear. But with courage and determination in your heart, you will rise stronger than you'd ever dream to be!
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    Today's my birthday!

    Today's my birthday!
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    "There's no reason why Tokyo Team would have made a better KH3" let me stop you right there, just *look* at FF7R and the sheer amount of work and polish put into that game and it shows. For KH3 I can say that *at best* about like one, maybe two worlds and even then it's nothing on this level.
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    I can't wait for Spider-Man: Far From Home! I'm excited to see what Spidey's second solo outing in the MCU has to offer, and I'm hyped for the buildup the film will no doubt have to what lies ahead for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Just a month away, gahhh!
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    Shard the Gentleman

    Howdy y'all

    Howdy y'all
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    Just realized that Season 4 of My Hero Academia comes out in four months...gahhh, the hype!
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    xylek!!! love u dude dont ever forget that
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    I cannot believe that I hadn't seen Gravity Falls until recently. It is fantabulous! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard.
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    Critical Mode is finally here for Kingdom Hearts III! I'm gonna enjoy this!
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    I was able to score tickets for Avengers: Endgame! Will be seeing the movie on premiere night at 7:45pm, God willing! The countdown continues! The hype is real!
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    Now to get my post count OVER 9000 ^.^
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    Heck'n howdy yall. Long time no see. I see there is an app now.
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    *in Samwise Gamgee voice* Well, I'm back.
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    I have returned:)

    I have returned:)
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    Detective Pikachu might actually become a case of a movie being so hilariously bad that it's good again. I think it's hard to take a live-action movie of Pokemon seriously, especially with how terrifying/weird some of them look. However, if they take that to their advantage and actually don't try to be serious about it, it can still be a great and fun movie. Movies like Sharknado were successful because they were so badly done you had to laugh. But that wasn't the only reason because there are many movies like that and they're just bad. The reason Sharknado was actually enjoyable to me was that you could feel that all parties involved did not take it seriously but rather just as it is: a bad movie with a ridiculous plot and fairly bad CGI. And that makes it good because the moment you feel that, it becomes a parody of itself without trying to be mean or being upset about the fact that it will never be a truly profound piece of art. If Detective Pikachu does it right, it can also do it like Deadpool. (And not because Ryan Reynolds is also Pikachu's voice actor. This different, a bit less child-friendly image of a caffeine addicted Pikachu is refreshing rather than trying to copy a game.) Let's be real. Live-action movies based on an anime or games with an anime-esque look have rarely ever worked out, apart from romance dramas perhaps. Having Pokemon, the epitome of child-friendly, translated into such a setting would likely be off-putting if they attempted that with a serious mindset. The best they can do to appeal to adults (which make up a considerable amount of Pokemon fans even if Nintendo tries to ignore that at times), is to be aware that some of this just looks ridiculous in a realistic style and act on that. And it seems like they actually did that so far. I think there's a reason Detective Pikachu was chosen and not one of the main games or even a movie/the anime series. It's a spin-off with arguably a less grand fanbase while still having a story to follow and the potential to make it adequate for both adults and children. I think I will actually watch it with the expectation that it will be a horrible movie but also with the potential to be a great horrible movie. And if not, I will at least have seen around an hour or so of a fluffy Pikachu with a Deadpool voice.
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    Finally finished KH3 and as a Kairi fanboy fanatic I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT ALL THIS IT'S ALL TOO MUCH TO HANDLE
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    And so, six days ago, after forty one hours and thirty minutes of gameplay, I finished Kingdom Hearts III! It was everything I wanted it to be and more, and it was a more than fitting conclusion to the Xehanort Saga. Now I'm excited to see what the future of this series will be! I will eagerly await the next saga with hype and anticipation! But for now, I shall keep enjoying KHIII and I shall Platinum it! May our hearts be our guiding key!
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    Throwback to when everyone changed their icon to default for some reason back in like 2014.
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    If you wanted to give a try, here's a certain scene that may pull you in
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    Kiana! It's me, Akasha! From Tumblr!
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    Hey guys, if you believe in prayer, please do pray for Amber Coles grandmother. She's in terrible condition.
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