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    Riku's loaded?

    I was just reading through the manga when this image showed up. The guy's house has a balcony, and column supports. The architecture we see of the town in Destiny Islands is not that impressive, which means that Riku's family is likely the richest in the town. Kind of reinforces his KH1 "better than you" attitude.
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    Dustin Lübbers

    Riku's loaded?

    True but it fits his character very well i hope we will get to see the other islands to someday and look what their houses look like but most of all if finally want to met soras mom and let her make me dinner
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    Heather Chandler

    Riku's loaded?

    I can see Riku being a rich boy slumming with more average friends. Explains his very "Holier than thou" attitude, and later humbling.
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    TV Show Club Planning Topic

    Hey everybody! Welcome to KH13's first ever club topic! If you don't know what I mean by "club topic", please check out the information topic on clubs here. This topic will serve as the foundation for the TV Show club itself. This is where we will figure out which show we will follow, how many episodes to watch at a time, and how often we will meet. If there is anything else anyone would like to figure out before we get started with the club, please feel free to bring it up here and we will be sure to discuss it accordingly. Any TV Show is up for selection, but we would like to make sure we select something that everyone will enjoy. With that being said, please don't hesitate to voice your hesitation about any suggestions brought up here and we will all discuss it. Also, if our selected series has multiple seasons, the club will reconvene here in this topic upon the conclusion of the first season to discuss whether or not we would like to continue. The same approach will occur for each subsequent season as well. If no one is enjoying the series after the season, we can select a new project to replace it. While discussing the idea of the clubs, we mods thought that Stranger Things might be a fun show to start with. Keep in mind however that this is simply a suggestion. If you have a show in mind that you'd like to put forward, we'd love to hear it. This is a group activity, so the group's opinions are crucial. We can't wait to hear your feedback and ideas, so without further ado, let's get started!
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    Clubs on KH13

    Hey everyone! We here at KH13 want everyone to have as much fun as possible here on the forums, and we are thrilled to introduce a new feature to the site. Starting immediately, we will be starting up some clubs for anyone who is interested to join. We hope that this will start up some interesting discussions, as well as give everyone a chance to enjoy something together. I'm sure you all probably have some questions about all this, so please see below for some answers to general anticipated questions. What will the clubs be following? These clubs can focus on any kind of media you like: TV Shows, Movies, Books, Video Games, you name it! How will these clubs differ from regular discussion topics? The idea of these clubs is for a group of interested members to follow their selected piece of media together and discuss it as they progress, allowing everyone to remain on the same page and share their thoughts and opinions. Can I move ahead of the others in the club's chosen series/topic? If you just can't wait to see what happens next, you can certainly move ahead of the rest of the club; this is meant to be fun for everyone, and if you have fun bingeing, then go for it! However, since everyone else will be moving along at the same pace, we politely ask that if you choose to move ahead of the other club members, you refrain from posting spoilers until the rest of the club has caught up, or at the very least hide spoilers in the site's spoiler tags. This sounds great! Where can I find these clubs? Since this is a new feature, we will be starting out small with a club focused on a TV Show. If you are interested in joining, please visit the topic for the club here where we are currently deciding which TV Show we would like to start with. As we add more, you can find them in the Video Games & Media subforum. If you have any questions aside from the ones shown above, please do not hesitate to ask here, or PM any of the site mods who would be more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have. May your hearts be your guiding keys!
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 has me in a lot of areas: -Sora does manage to ask Zeus to train for his powers back, but they can’t because of Hades’ attack. So Zeus, having known about the legend of the Keyblade War, is able to give Sora most of his power back, but changed so that Drives are linked to Keyblade Transformations (also, this is when Sora gets his new outfit). -Dream Eaters are the main enemy of Toy Box, which turns out to be an artificial Sleeping World created using power from the Realm of Sleep. Young Xehanort does this as an experiment to see if even dreams can have a heart (which will lead to the Organization’s 13th darkness). -Unversed are the main enemy of Arendelle, attracted by Elsa’s fear of hurting those around her. Eventually, it’s discovered that she’s a unique Princess of Heart that holsters an equal heart of both light and darkness.
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    Hey all, It's that time of year again where I subject you all where I encourage you all to participate in the newest KH13 Pokemon Tournament! Consider it a back-to-school treat for all you netizens. As always, we shall be hosting it on the online simulator - Pokemon Showdown - which means, yep! No carts or consoles necessary! Just a pc/phone and an internet connection. It'll be hosted from the 1st September to the 8th September 2019 so that's just under a fortnight to prepare and we will be playing Gen 7 doubles OU and Z CRYSTALS WILL BE BANNED. SO DON'T TRY IT. IF YOU DO YOU'LL BE DISQUALIFIED. As always the bracket will be posted on challonge and will be updated ASAP, and I've put together a quick guide just in case you've never used Showdown before: To challenge a user, click on "Find a user", type their name, and click on challenge. AND DON'T FORGET, when you challenge someone showdown sets the format to random battles by default. Make sure you change it to Doubles OU like so: We have 0 spots currently available! Thank you all for your participation! DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO BATTLE EVEN AFTER RESCHEDULING YOU WILL UNFORTUNATELY HAVE TO SURRENDER All I need from you guys are your: KH13 Username: Showdown Username: Time Zone: and that's all there is to it! Remember to post your replays here and Good Luck! List of Competitors:
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    Well Harry Potter was already brought up, but The Cursed Child, Voldemort and Bellatrix having a kid and all that time turner business just seems very out there for me. Also, the post FF X-2 novella and audio drama. It's not so much that I refuse to acknowledge these as canon it's more I have a really difficult time liking and accepting them. Great to know what the characters were up to after the events of the games, not a fan of the direction they went with it.
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    Riku's loaded?

    It was revealed in KH1 Final Mix that Kairi was adopted by the mayor. So maybe Sora's the only non-rich one haha Edit: Kairi also gets better grades:P
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    KH13 Username: Youyousuf Showdown Username: Youyousuf Timezone: GMT+3
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    Kh13 username: Roxas that's a stick Showdown name: stick Time zone: BST
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    Kh13 username: Sandy Klaws#9359 Showdown Username: Darth Dolan Timezone: BST/GMT
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    KH13 username: King Arthur Showdown Username: Itsalsoagun Timezone: Est
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    KH13 Username: KH_Queen Showdown Username: Queen Time Zone: EST LET'S DO THIS!!!!
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    Hey there, I was just wondering if there's someone here who is playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? I've been playing it for some time and I'm really enjoying it! I fought Genichiro today and he gave me a hard time but I managed to get him .
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    Heather Chandler

    Riku's loaded?

    More so if you use a cheat to get 99 mil. Munny without even trying. R.I.P Riku's billions
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    Riku's loaded?

    Especially after Sora earns all that Munny. Who's rich now?
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    KH13 username: ...use your eyes Showdown username: The V-Blade Time zone: GMT +10 (AEST) Peace!
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    KH13 username: SongBirdDemon Showdown username: Ellie_Maniac Time Zone: EST
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    KH13 username:Joker Showdown username: Icecl Time Zone: PST
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    If I can beat you it would make the world stop
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    The light novel Kingdom Hearts III, Vol. 1, localized by Yen Press, is set to release on February 18, 2020! It is currently available to pre-order for $14.00 US/$18.50 CAN at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound. The first volume of the novel was previously released as GAME NOVELS Kingdom Hearts III Vol.1 Re: Start!! in Japan. You can see its cover below. Since then, the second volume ("GAME NOVELS Kingdom Hearts III Vol.2 New Seven Hearts") has also been published. Upcoming Kingdom Hearts publications by Yen Press also include: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (light novel), releasing August 27, 2019 (paperback) Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance The Novel, releasing October 29, 2019 (paperback and eBook) Kingdom Hearts χ (light novel), releasing December 10, 2019 (paperback) Chapter 4 of the Kingdom Hearts III manga is available to read online in Japanese. Yen Press has localized Chapters 0-2, which are available to buy digitally, and will likely release Chapter 3 within the next few weeks. View full article
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    Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated

    First look at gameplay!
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    If Marvel Gets Included

    As a massive Disney fan, I must say this is one of the things they do that I just don't get. Even in Disney Infinity, their own crossover game there were stipulations like "Oh you can only use a character in the world they are from" its all a bit strange really. I feel like the reason more people aren't calling them out for being so over protective of their characters and the stories is because it hasn't been found to have negatively effected the end product.... Yet. I have heard about the rumours that the Frozen world in KH3 was originally different. Anyway as for Marvel being in a KH game; I'd like at least a Spider-Man world (which I guess would just be New York) but a stylised one that looks like a comic book or the old animated TV series. That would be perfect. And it might also help get more people into buying comics again, apparently traditional comic books aren't selling as well as they used to / need to be.
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    ocean's rage

    If Marvel Gets Included

    i heard it was due to licencing issues
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    This isn’t really the case of me disliking them, but To me, only the main six Persona games are canon. I definitely don’t hate the spinoffs (I especially love PQ/PQ2), and I can accept them being technically canon, but I just want to keep them separate from the main lore. I don’t even like having P4G or P3P as part of the canon (sorry femc), and as much as I’m looking froward to P5R, the vanilla P5 will always be the canon version for me.
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    aW YEEE Also your sig is cute
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    KH13 Username: Yessie Maltese Showdown Username: Yessie Maltese Time Zone: GMT-05:00 Central Daylight Time Yeee 👌
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    I played KH1 the summer before I started high school, so 2011. I feel like it hasn’t been that long, but it’s been 8 years... I feel old. I have so many fond memories from that summer. Probably should have gone outside more often especially since it was a particularly warm summer and staying indoors (without air conditioning) felt like dying. Having electronic appliances on 24/7 just made it worse. It was all totally worth it, though.
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    Last Post Wins!

    Last time I posted in this thread was in 2011... I was in middle school... Time flies man
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    kh13 Username: Tehlazyprince xylek Showdown username Devilmayxylek Timezone: EST
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    Clubs on KH13

    Absolutely! YOu can go right on ahead and set one up if you like.
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    I got into the series in that weird time when Days was coming out, thanks to Nintendo Power XD
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    Musical Numbers, yes or no?

    It's my dream to see the Master of Masters sing "Trust in Me" from the Jungle Book. So yeah. I'd be down with this idea. lol Especially if he's Demyx? Dude. It would just be a missed opportunity if they didn't have some musical numbers involved. I even remember Nomura saying that he wanted to turn the game into a whole musical one time, but Yoko Shimomura steered him away from the idea. A shame, if you ask me. Maybe he'll finally get his wish... Maybe Atlantica and Frozen were just the start... I'd like it if they were cutscenes integrating with the story, but I wouldn't say no to rhythm game sections. A lot of people disliked Atlantica's gameplay... And I can understand why... It was really basic. I can't say it was especially fuuuun... But I know that they could do better now. Square-Enix made Theatrhythm. They know how to make a rhythm game. They could figure something out.
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    Name: I can fly like the angels Category: Music videos Date Added: 08/19/2019 Submitter: Tribute Vids simple , just clips with music I can fly like the angels
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    Anything that JK Rowling says anymore about Harry Potter... It's cool if people consider it canon but with a lot of stuff that she says is just out of left field personally. And kinda Raiden and Rose getting back together after Metal Gear Solid 4... In short terms she lied to him to protect their family from the villains but he didn't know and kinda led him tumbling down into becoming a cyborg, and feeling betrayed by Rose. Then it's all made up in the end after he finds out he actually has a kid. It's kinda like the situation with Forrest Gump and Jenny... She kept pushing him away but then magically spawned a child. And now she wants to get together despite through out the entire movie she doesn't want him. I just can't imagine going back together with her after all of that... but that's just me Despite my disliking towards Rose, the scene at the end with them becoming a family was absolutely adorable. I'm sorry I'm really salty over that character XD
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    The criticisms toward Dream Drop Distance are honestly much too harsh: 1: Plot Takes a Nosedive. -This is a myth. There were several hints in previous games that Nobodies could either grow a heart or had hearts all along. Turning back into a Somebody after your Heartless and Nobody get destroyed is hardly the shocker that the fans tend to make it out to be when they first play this game and this is revealed to them. Time travel is a necessary evil and honestly a long time coming. There was simply no way they wouldn't tie the era of the original keyblade war and the current one together somehow and the mysterious origins of certain characters was all pointing towards time travel. Nevermind Xehanort himself doing it to play puppet master over so many individuals and lend himself more and more credibility as a big bad for the saga as a whole, time travel was essential for the future of the series itself. -Within the confines of the game itself the plot is operating by way of natural progression and makes sense. Xehanort's Heartless and Nobody have been destroyed thus the return of Xehanort himself is eminent so it is time to put Sora and Riku through the Mark of Mastery exam. There is nothing wrong with that base. It's a perfectly logical place to go after KH2. The twists that arise are perhaps jarring at first especially if you haven't been able to keep up with the plot of all the previous games, but not anything so out of this world that they couldn't be anticipated and they do exactly what they were intended to do which is set things up for KH3 while bringing all the previous games together in one neat little package. 2: Nevermind the gameplay being difficult to get used to or the fact that sometimes what I elected to do was cancelled out by the enemy, the drop gauge makes it unplayable. -This is a flat out lie. In the case of enemies cancelling out what you're trying to do I notice from personal experience with the game and from watching many a let's play that it mostly happens in boss battles. The standard enemies don't normally give trouble with cancelling out what you're trying to do. And then there is the drop gauge. This is honestly not an issue. Drop Me Not and Drop Me Never are a thing. Furthermore there is zero negative consequence to dropping unless you're stupid enough to head into a boss fight when you're low on time. The majority of the bosses in this game are located seconds away from a save point for a reason. If you don't think you have enough time to beat the boss don't go fight it during your current session. Drop to the other character and then come back. 3: The Virtual Pet Aspect -The Dream Eaters you can make to have as allies on your team are treated as an inherent problem when really they're just a pet peeve. Some people simply didn't appreciate having a dose of Pokemon/Nintendogs/Nanopets/Gigapets/Tamagotchi built into a Kingdom Hearts game. I always found it quite silly that this was something to hate about this game. Mainly because you only need to make a handful of Dream Eaters at best to get through the game. 4: Sora's character does a 180. -This one just always makes me laugh because Sora is so Sora in this game that it hurts.
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    Don't know why I didn't pick it up until this playthrough, but as Kairi was explaining that Namine's life was hers and she had no right to take those feelings and experiences back, it clicked. Just like how Sora has all of Roxas's memories, Kairi has Namine's. So, even though Sora still doesn't remember anything, Kairi remembers it all. For some reason she decided not to tell him. Maybe she didn't have time between KH2 and DDD. Maybe it was just like a week or two to relax, and then right back at it.
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    Nice find! I hadn't picked up on that but it's certainly something to consider
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    There is no way this is canon, probably canon in the same way V-Cast was, i.e Disney is once again throwing their weight around when it comes to KH. Nomura's gonna be maaaaaaaaaaaaaad af, I wonder if it'll piss him off enough to keep Disney at bay
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    She might not want to tell Sora, since Castle Oblivion wasn't the most pleasant experience Sora had. If he knew he'd forgotten Kairi, he'd be kicking himself and self-pity is simply not something Sora does unless things are really bad.
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    i'm trying to beat the master ninja difficulty and uncharted 3.
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    It is highly unlikely that they wouldn't release it for Xbox One. And even though the previous games have been put on PS4 as a collection and KH3 is on PS4 the series has never been a PlayStation exclusive thing. Relax. If you can worry about anything in regards to it it's whether it will come out at the same time as on the PS4 or some time after. That part of the equation could be in question. The west in general should worry if at least Japan doesn't have the Re:Mind DLC in December because if they don't get it in December it means they're getting it in January 2020 or later which means the west will probably be waiting until Summer 2020 to avoid interference with the launch of FF7R which they'll want to capitalize as much as possible on off the western audience who didn't swallow up the original release of FF7 back 1997 the same that Japan did and are the real ones who've been anticipating the remake since the explosion of popularity the FF7 cast has gained in the years since the original game's release with the rise of other Final Fantasy titles. It's my personal theory that they'll hold the launch of Re:Mind for simultaneous release give or take a few days much like with vanilla KH3 until specifically a year after vanilla KH3 launched so we'll see come January 2020 if I'm right or if they pull the trigger sooner with at least Japan getting lucky in December 2019. They did say this winter in the teaser trailer, but then Nomura and Yasue both specified that they're aiming for before FF7R.
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    Sendou Aichi

    Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS

    Man did we drink that dummy juice... must have tasted really good
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    I know! It's so sad how we've lost so many during the years! Wayne Allwine, Allan Young, Leonard Nimoy, and now Rutger Hauer and Russi Taylor! May their souls rest in peace!
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    Dagesh Lene

    Rafiki Has Played Kingdom Hearts

    Rafiki: "Everybody is a somebody, even a nobody." Me: "Ah, I see Rafiki has played Kingdom Hearts."
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