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    Kingdom Hearts: A World Without Sky

    Page 22.5 (artist commissioned: https://www.deviantart.com/ai-nohikari) Sora battles Exdeath in order to rescue Kairi & bring her back to he realm of light after she was struck down by Xehanort. Sora Skills: Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Aeroga, Waterga, Curaga, Firaza, Blizzaza, Thundaza, Aeroza, Waterza, Curaza, Pearl, Faith, Salvation, Ragnarok, Ancient Light, Infinity, Second Form, Guardian Form, Strike Form, Element Form, Blitz Form, Rage Form, Ultimate Form Exdeath Skills: Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Aeroga, Waterga, Reflega, Cura, Firaza, Mega Flare, Faith, Meteor, Tornado, Quake, Almagest, Maelstrom, Vacuum Wave, Delta Attack, Heartless Angel, Doom (Music: Decisive Battle - Final Fantasy V) P.S. Apologies for this page being out of order, but the artist is currently closed for commissions. There won't be any new pages until around November. I just barely got this so I'm sharing it to lessen the wait
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    No matter what you think of the rest of the game, I definitely think you can agree that it has amazing visual design.
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    Finding player id?

    Since Emulators stopped working with KHUX, I haven't been able to access my account (and I didn't connect it to Facebook). I contacted Square about this, and they can transfer my old account progress to a new account I did on my new android. I'm only missing one crucial information: the character ID, which I haven't written down and can't remember. As far as I know the only way to see the character ID is by looking at the player's profile. Any player can see the id, and thus I could theoritically find my character and see the ID, but the search options seem to be very limited. Do you have any ideas of how I could find my character? Things I have and haven't tried: - I haven't gained any lux since the update 1.1.0, so my character isn't on weekly Lux rankings. - I did some rounds of coliseum this month before update 1.1.0 (probably around 20 rounds, including skipped rounds), but I can't check the rankings because I haven't completed enough quests on my new account. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, I think that rankings show only a few players who are close to you, but no more. That would mean that I would by chance need to get very same amount of coliseum points (before end of the month) to potentially see my character. - My character is in a party, but I don't remember its name. Even if I did, I remember it being aimed for high levels, meaning I can't join it with my new low levelled character. I tried to find the party with same search as when I first joined, but I couldn't find any familiar names. - I tried to find ID from Bluestacks' files, but couldn't find anything (I don't have much experience on this, so if someone with more experience can find anything, I would highly appreciate it). Also, if someone from Leopardos happened by very unlikely chance to see my account, I'd be thankful if you could post my id. Here is relevant information: - Username: Voya - LV: 150-155 - Hair: Brown, spiky (not sure what the hair name is) - Clothing: Organization XIII cloak All help with the subject would be really appreciated. UPDATE: I found one possible way to find my character, if all else fails: In KHUX it is possible to search other players by ID. So, in theory, I should be able to find my character by going through IDs one by one. There are however over 1.8 million players (judging by ID of my new character), and I don't have the time or fingertips to go through all of them (assuming one search takes 10 s, it would take 5000 hours, or 208 days and 8 hours). Assuming that IDs are given in order, if I knew some other players who started playing at around the same time, my ID would likely be very similar. That would help me narrow it down a lot. I started playing KHUX on sixth of May (6.5.2016). If you started playing at around that time, I would appreciate if you could post your own ID and your estimated time of account creation (if you don't remember the exact date). Zootopia event was around that time, so if you remember it being running when you started, it likely isn't too far off (2.5.-15.5.). All help to narrow down the search would be extremely appreciated. :smile: Edit: So far I have been able to narrow it down between 1,120,000-1,227,000, just by looking posts from different forums and and ingame search. There is likely around 6-40 day gap between these, so it still needs to be narrowed down (would take around 300 hours to go through them).
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    I know I'm not supposed to double post...BUT! Here they are, they aren't the 100% the same from the KHX game - I made them using holofoil adhesive sheets and premium silver 'art' cardboard. What do you think?
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