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    Anyone know any Female KH youtubers?

    I want to watch Female KH YouTubers play and react to KH content. Age 18+ I’ve seen SarahKey, awesomeinmyworld, Butterbuns, and Suzy Lu. She’s a fake KH fan lol
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    Thank you so much for watching! I really appreciate your time! I stumbled upon this song, from a friend! The artist is Enrico Deiana! He does other Square Enix remixes as well! Very talented artist! Thank you again for your thoughts! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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    Hey! Welcome to KH13, hope you enjoy it here! 10 years is a long hiatus from making GMVs/AMVs so it must be exciting to get back into it! Thanks for sharing your video here! I enjoyed it and thought it was pretty well made, the instrumental rendition of Face my Fears was nice to hear along with everything too. Look forward to seeing more!
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