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    From the album: KHUx V2.3.0

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    There's a saying I always keep in mind for things like this. Don't let the inmates run the asylum. It's impossible to please everyone, and selecting a few fan things while ignoring others will just cause more of the same thing to happen. I for example have my issues with KH3 but the lack of FF characters was not one of them.
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    When People Compare KH3 To KH2

    OK I have seen so many people in the Kingdom Hearts community compare Kingdom Hearts 3 to Kingdom Hearts 2 and it's seriously annoying. When people are comparing Kingdom Hearts 3 to Kingdom Hearts 2 they are mainly comparing the final mix version of Kingdom Hearts 2 instead of the original Kingdom Hearts 2. Like, I get it, everyone wanted Kingdom Hearts 3 to be the next KH2FM in terms of gameplay, story telling, and game content. Like, every video I go to about KH3 people are all like "Kingdom Hearts 3 was a disappointment. It's the worst game of 2019!" Or "It's sad how a PS4 game that took 5 years to be developed not surpass KH2". But everyone had these SAME exact complaints about the original Kingdom Hearts 2 when it came out saying how the KH2 is too easy compared to Kingdom Hearts 1 because of reaction commands, drive forms, limits, ect. And also the fact that you had to do a finisher just to beat a boss. Now ever since KH3 came out everyone pretty much forgot vanilla KH2 exists and how everyone complained about the things I've mentioned. And another thing, people are complaining about how KH3's optional boss is super easy and that Sephiroth in KH2 was "much harder" when, if I recall correctly, everyone said the exact same thing about KH2 Sephiroth. Yeah, remember how everyone kept comparing KH2 Sephiroth to KH1 Sephiroth? Yup this is that exact same situation all over again. Also, I feel like everyone in the Kingdom Hearts community got so spoiled with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix ever since it became available via Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix on PS3/PS4. Like, everyone just now expects every KH game in the future to be EXACTLY like KH2FM in terms of gameplay mechanics and whatnot. As well as post game content. Like, don't get me wrong, I don't blame fans for wanting that kind of stuff for Kingdom Hearts 3 since it has been really anticipated for a long time in the KH community. But, because of everyone's high expectations, KH3 is being considered "bad" or "the worst game of 2019" just because it didn't surpass KH2FM with all of it's crazy content. Heck people are pretty much begging KH3's DLC to include some form of "Data Organization XIII battles" of the Organization members you fight towards the end of the game. That's how big of an impact KH2FM has had on the KH community ever since it became available worldwide. Like, I'll admit that I, myself" had these expectations as well. Yeah I'm not gonna lie. But was I disappointed in KH3 because it simply isn't KH2FM or at least didn't live up to that game? Well, not really? I mean yeah I'll agree that the pacing in the game is awful and the story telling with saving all the other KH protagonists could have been done better but still. I still enjoyed the game for what it was instead of just whining about it not being up to par with KH2FM. Like I did with Final Fantasy XV when that came out. Yes, I was disappointed in its story and pacing but it's not an terrible. Ohoho no. It's certainly not a Sonic 06. Just like with KH3. It's an alright game I will admit (although that may change depending on what's to come with the upcoming DLC) but it's no Sonic 06 like everybody's making it out to be. All I'm saying is...well...it's just kind of annoying that KH3 gets compared to KH2 (mainly the final mix version) in the most unfair way. Like, KH2FM has pretty much blinded most people in the fanbase with their judgement toward KH3. Because if KH2FM never became a thing I bet you that KH3 wouldn't get this much hate and now get compared to it. So yeah, just my two cents. What are your thoughts on these negative criticisms towards KH3?
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    Ok, that is your opinion I guess? I disagree
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    Azure Flame

    KH3 rushed?

    Yes, there is a big focus on the Disney worlds, but at the same time, as we've seen from the trailers, a lot of the actual story also takes place in these worlds, it's not like previous games where the Disney worlds are mostly separate with their own stories, with just a little tie to the main story, it seems a lot more of the actual overall story will be contained in these worlds as well. Honestly, I just think people overhyped the game to the extent that they were expecting some sort of epic 100 hour masterpiece that solved every single problem/question in the entire series, and when you overhype a game like that, you're bound to be disappointed.
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    I can't and won't tell you to think differently but saying you feel like you were betrayed is heavily exaggerated and not reasonable. If anything can be betrayed, it's your own expectations of what the perfect conclusion should have looked like but quite frankly, that's no betrayal. You are free to dislike it and criticize it as I have seen plenty of others do, but claiming this feels like a betrayal is exactly the reason why some outside the fandom think the fans indulge in a huge sense of entitlement. As I said, I have nothing against people criticizing and hating the decisions they made. It's impossible to like everything and seeing the game through a thick layer of pure fanatism isn't healthy either. But let's not act like we have any say in the matter of how it should have played out. We can be disappointed or frustrated but as some said, many years of expectations are bound to backlash because by now, we all have had expectations of some sort, be they high or low. I don't want to say something to every point but rather generalize something. Like others said before, after years of predictions it made sense the game would be fairly predictable. If you want to see that as a negative aspect, be my guest, but I don't see much value in incorporating shocking plot twists just for the sake of being shocking, not because they actually make sense in the end. As for the people who are so intent on having their favorite pairing confirmed by bold declarations of love: Nomura said in an interview years ago that this series is primarily about friendship. It's the main topic. Ship whoever you like but suddenly trying to determine the worth of the game based on whether character x kisses character y in a game that clearly has a different focus than a sloppily written romance is simply not understandable for me and shouldn't even be part of any list on why the game is bad. Not when romance outside of the Disney universe has never been such a huge deal in Kingdom Hearts. That's something I believe should be left to the imagination of the individual player. I'm not saying you don't have some valid points. Some are fine to criticize or even show some anger about. It's just that I feel some criticism is worded in a way that makes little sense, especially when comparing it to previous entries. For example, it's fine to criticize a lack of socializing or empty areas as a whole but it's not like all other KH games did not suffer from the same issues, hence not making KH3 worse than any other game in the franchise and making a comparison in those aspects impossible. KH2 has just as many empty areas as KH3 does, if not more. Outside of SDG, there's not a lot of out-of-context socializing done throughout the games for any of the original characters. I also wish for more in that area, the criticism is certainly legitimate, but KH3 is not any worse in that aspect than the other games.
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    It's actually accurate to call them spin-offs. However, we need to make clear of the definition of a "spin-off". A spin-off is a work that is derived from existing works, telling a story in a different aspect but in the same setting. A spin-off can then either choose to either deviate completely from the main storyline or to remain in it. In the case of the KH series, the spin-offs focus on characters other than the main protagonist Sora (except for Re:CoM and DDD), telling their sides of the story while at the same time, expand the plot of the Dark Seeker Saga (up to KHⅢ) without deviating from it. Re:CoM serves as the bridge between the first two mainline games while the others introduce the background of characters (and are also the bridges between KHⅡ and KHⅢ) and eventually, everything converges and culminates in KHⅢ. So calling them as spin-offs is not wrong. It's just that people have the misconception that "spin-offs" are supposed to have nothing to do with the main narrative and so the spin-offs of the KH series are supposed to be unimportant. Then, they complain that the spin-offs are too closely tied to the mainline games. It just doesn't make sense.
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    I joined this RP when I found interest. I did not expect it to take us all into such an amazing emotional roller coaster, but I do not regret a single moment of it. This RP has ended up helping me in so many things; from stress, character development, writing, lessons made and learn. I will never forget this RP, nor any of you or your characters which all made this story so amazing from beginning to end. This is a story I will always remember, and I thank every single one of you for it. To our next RP, and to wherever the future takes us! Let's have fun guys!
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    Truly, it has been an honour and a privilege to have participated in Overworld all the way to its completion. I've had my own moments, my failings, lessons learned, but it has been an overall amazing experience. And I cannot thank you enough for making it possible in the first place, Mystics. And all of you as well! Thank you, you beautiful bastards. Here's to our next RP together!
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    Thank you everyone who has participated and joined on this adventure. All of your characters have made great contributions, and none of it would have been the same without each and every one of your characters. Even those who did not finish with us made an impact on the story, which I am very grateful for. I hope that we all RP together again in the near future, whether it be in Elrandir's upcoming sequel, or someone else's RP entirely. You all are the best, and it has been my pleasure weaving this story with you all. Until next time!
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    Alicia Maddox

    Of Olden Times and Reflections

    Good evening all. I don't know how many of you here on this platform remember, or even know me, as this site has changed drastically from when I became a member. Two, I have been absent from the site for a number of different reasons. Tonight, I just felt like getting some things off my chest, things that I've wanted to say for a very long time, so bare with me, this could get a bit long. I became a member of this site way back in 2014. This past Jan. 3rd was the 5 year anniversary of my membership here. I remember with deep fondness and joy the first 2 years of my membership here. I was a recent KH player, as I had gotten the first game a few years before I found this site. The wonder of KH was still new to me and sent my mind racing with imagination. I loved, and still love the greater KH community deeply. Within the first year of my becoming a member here, I met one of my most dearest friends in the world, Amber Cole. She no longer comes to this site, but her and I have become like sisters and have grown close over the years. I also met Austin Caudill, whom some ppl may remember on this site as Jack Sparrow. Interestingly, he and Amber got together and they are now dating and have been for a few years and Austin has become the little brother I never had. Through being connected to the KH community on this site, I also met my future love, Jeremy. People here would know him as soravids. We've been dating for 2 and a half years now and I pray for many more to come. But, while as a daily regular on this site in the early years of my membership here, I met several ppl whom I considered my friends. The likes of Ruby Rose, Danex Darkfire+, Geralt, Kunivas, and several others. I remember spending literally hours a day in private and public chats just horsing around with them and creating all kinds of random adventures and crazy posts. I still look on those days and laugh. I still feel that fun loving joy I had with them, and I miss them all very deeply. I wish so much I could go back to those fun days. But, things change. I won't go into to detail to keep the privacy of some who may still be members of this site, but some things happened between me and a few members. Some of them I considered my friends. I had a massive falling out with them almost 3 years ago. I was angry, I was hurt deeply and I was sad. Ever since that day, I stopped coming to the site daily. That soon turned into weeks, which then turned into months. Life for me passed and soon it became years. Oh I would pop in every now and then to check up on news and maybe say hi to one or two old friends who I still try to keep in touch with, but since the falling out, the magic of KH13, and the KH community on this site, died for me. Nothing was or even is the same anymore. I feel so disconnected from this site and the community at large. And it sucks. It sucks hard. I feel like enough time has passed that I would like to come back regular to the site again, but I've been so out of the personal loop on this site that I'm not sure how much of the makeup of this community has changed. I know for a fact there are still some ancient members that come here and are even admins still, but the general makeup of the site is what I may not recognize. I feel like for me, if I do return to daily visits, it'd be like joining the site for the first time all over again. But in hind sight, that may not be a bad thing at all. I know I would be considered old now by a majority of the KH13 body (I'm 28 ), but hey, I know that the general KH community don't judge, and that's part of the sweet magic of the community. All are welcome, no matter what. And who knows? Starting a new journey may not be so hard. I get to make new friends and start over again. Maybe even reconnect with the old ones. Guess I should "face my fears" and jump in again. What's driving me back is really the start of the new Kingdom Hearts arc. I realized after KH3 came out that a brand new generation of Dandelions just swelled the KH ranks. And the possibilities of the new direction the series will take has been busted wide open! I'd love to debate and chat and theorize about these new ideas again. I really do miss coming to this site on the daily so freaking much! So yeah. If you made it this far in, thanks for listening to my ramblings. XD I didn't mean for it to be this long, but I just felt like I had to say something. Hope you guys got something out of it, and I look forward to the future with the Kingdom Hearts franchise. May your heart be your guiding key.
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    Don't get me wrong. I think that Kingdom Hearts III is an amazing game. However, I also think that the story is messy. It is poorly paced and includes plot elements that are either not properly explained or don't matter to the story at all and only serve to set up for the future of the series (or maybe both). And so, using the power of hindsight, I have decided to rewrite the story of Kingdom Hearts III, while keeping as many story elements that it introduced as possible, into a story that I think has better pacing, explains things a bit better, and doesn't hint toward the future as heavily in order to spend more time on wrapping up the story of the Dark Seeker Saga. Keep in mind, I don't think that I could necessarily write a better story than they did. If I was tasked with writing the story for Kingdom Hearts III from scratch, it might end up being worse than the one we got (not that the one we got was bad; it was just messy). I'm just using the ideas they came up with to tell a story that I think would flow better. With that being said, I'm interested to hear what you guys think of my rewrite (and, just as a warning, it is a pretty lengthy rewrite). How would you rewrite the story of Kingdom Hearts III? Do you think the story is fine the way it is?
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    Saying it is worse than coded is quite the stretch in my personal opinion... I think that the long wait may have blinded you from a more realistic game... It pretty much nailed most aspects of what it was trying to do which is extremely impressive not only for Nomura, but the company itself. Square seems to always fall short whenever there is a lot of pressure on them, and they did not do so with this game. Are there some disappointments? Of course. But saying it is worse than coded is like trying to argue that The Revenge of the Sith is worse than the Holiday Special... Respectfully, Wasabii
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    Ok I get KH3 is far from perfect but saying it’s worse than a game made for mobile that is 99% complete filler is bait and you know it.
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    This post is a joke. You only know how to complain? KH3 has negative and positive points. Every game has. It isn't because it is not perfect that you need to trash it. It is funny how people only know to complain instead praising the good things. And this game has A LOT of great things. Worse than Coded? Your opinion seems extremely strange, I've got to tell you. If only you talked both about the GOOD and BAD things, it'll be okay. But...seriously, even most of your "points" are sooo unreasonable. You're even complaining about voice actors. Are you some kind of troll? How can a voice actor make you dislike a game, wtf
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    Leaks: A Warning

    Just wanted to make this post to warn you guys that a large wave of copies are now in the wild so I would suggest you go cold turkey on social media for the next few days - a shame but as with all high demand game it is inevitable. I’ve been looking at the leaks and I’ll say one thing: Anything you may heard regarding overall opinions of the game - take them with a pinch of salt. WE ARE NEARLY THERE GUYS!
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    If you had to describe Kingdom Hearts in just a few words, what would those words be? “A JRPG with action gameplay” This is not wrong, but quite vague. “It’s a Square Enix game” while true, that’s really only the half of it. “It’s a Disney game!” eeehhhhhh, that doesn’t quite cut it. To this day, Kingdom Hearts as a whole is still described by the short sentence that was used to market it way back in 2002. “Kingdom Hearts is a Final Fantasy x Disney crossover” Upon hearing this you can immediately envision what the series probably looks like; spiky haired dudes running around with Mickey Mouse in amazing worlds as the backdrops to an unraveling, mysterious journey, probably combined with some light-hearted Disney magicTM. And you wouldn’t be wrong! With a magic system lifted straight out of the Final Fantasy games, nostalgic Disney characters taking the place of huge, hulking beasts as summons, and a fast-paced combat system to match, Kingdom Hearts is a perfect mixture of all things FF and Disney. Well, it was… Starting with 358/2 Days, a game beloved by many and hated by just under that, the Final Fantasy inclusion in KH games has been…… lacking, to say the least. Many fans understood that the sacrifice for Kingdom Hearts being on a handheld, and one as *relatively* powerless as the DS, would be apparent. Yet out of the whole series, it’s Days, the game released just after KH2, that has the lowest amount of Final Fantasy inclusion present, featuring one, lowly, Moogle. Of course, if ever there was a KH game that I could understand this lack of inclusion, it would be Days. A game that chartered the course for KH to become the insular mess it is now. It would create loopholes within loopholes if Roxas did interact with any FF characters in his game, as they would certainly recall that even if Sora’s memory was lost to them. So, its understandable, and not even regrettable in this instance. So that was 2009, the first time we had seen a new KH game since KH2 released three years ago. Even though Days started the downplayed FF trend, it by no means codified it. That honour goes to: Birth by Sleep The definition of broken base. This game kickstarted what I can see as two different sides of the community, the ones that defend this game, and subsequently all of the franchise, to the hilt, and the flipside, the side that found this game lacking, in gameplay mostly, but retroactively in plot. To use an example, here’s a quote from @Dio Brando (altered slightly for posterity’s sake) that highlights this split perfectly, and is from January 2017, when the split was becoming markedly more pronounced, and rapidly so: The most contentious point of BBS is it’s Command Deck, a format that was then used in the next two games, Re:coded and 3D. It might be hard to believe now, but for quite a while there was still a very vocal group of fans that wanted to see Command Deck be used in KH3. I’m glad we’re past that stage now. So glad. If ever there was a KH game that desperately needed to be made for a console, it is Birth by Sleep. A Kingdom Hearts 0 in all but name, having BBS on PS3 over PSP may have eliminated a lot of factors that people find unpalatable about it. For one, the only reason command deck was created as a system was to fit in with the limitations of the PSP. D-Links, as useful as they are broken and unbalanced, were used in place of summons, due to the limitations. And finally, Final Fantasy characters. We were supposed to see younger versions of Cloud, Leon, as well as Laguna in BBS. Supposed to. Due to limitations, however, all we got was Zack Fair. I say this like it’s a bad thing, but Zack was a joyous inclusion in BBS, and thinking of what could have been had this been a home console game, makes me rather annoyed. For one, whether people accept it or not, Birth by Sleep was *the* turning point for the franchise. Introducing the Big Bad of the series, and tying together the villains of the previous games, it created a narrative moving forward that future games had to adhere to. Where Days was insular and self-contained, BBS went to lengths to ensure that all games could now be tied into the sticky, tangly web that is Kingdom Hearts. If there was a lack of Final Fantasy in a game as important to the series as this, what hope would there be for future instalments? A whole lot apparently. Because of the information of the cut Final Fantasy, and the fact that there was still a tangible connection through Zack, fans on the whole, whilst understandably disappointed, still weren’t mad. There was just an expectation, that Kingdom Hearts 3, the ultimate unifier, would bring them back in all their glory. Take a look at this thread made around the time BBS released -->
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    KH3 rushed?

    I don’t believe rushed is the right word, I just think there is a chasm between what Nomura thinks that fans want and what the fans actually want. I also get the impression that the Disney worlds took up a lot more time, money and resources this time around. Honestly I also believe they’re gearing up to try and bring new fans into the series, when they don’t really realise a strong core of their fan base are cult diehards who risk being alienated, I mean look at the story, not accessible to newbies at all is it?
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    The Month Is Here, Everyone!

    The month of January is finally here, my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans! The month's we've all been waiting for is finally in our reach. ANd with it, comes the ultimate prize: Kingdom Hearts III. A game every KH fan has been anticipating for more than 13 years. Tell em KH fans, how do you all feel about being in the month of KH3's release at long last after all this time? For me? I'm pretty excited and I honestly can't believe that we're in the month of KH3's release. This honestly feels like a dream to me lol. I feel like every time I wake up I expect to still be far away from the release of KH3. But nope, here we are...at long last. This is no longer a dream, but a reality now.
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    I will miss signatures, but what I would like the most is a Night Mode. All this white is hurting my eyes after a while.
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    What a journey it has been for all of us. I feel that this RP has made me a better writer, and always was an escape from the stress of reality. It has been fun RP’ing with all of those who participated. Here’s hoping our next adventures go well.
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    Even as a late comer, this has been something special. Thanks for letting me jump in.
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    Thanks for letting me know, guys. : ). Since this is the official end of the RP I'm not in a huge hurry to wrap things up, so I am okay with waiting for a bit for you guys to finish writing your scenes if everyone agrees that this is the best course of action. I am thinking about possibilities for a future project, though I am not sure when I would start it up (and I don't think Overworld's closure will affect anything) I am, however, going to mark this RP as complete since it is essentially just pending final epilogues from characters. I can't believe that it is actually happening after all of this time. *sniff*. Goodbye, role-play.
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    You can still like something with it's flaws though. You can acknowledge the faults and still be having fun. Dont let the criticism ruin what you did like. I mean there are flaws with every KH game, and post every KH game there has been this sorta thing with people weighing in. Even if you agree with the criticisms of the game on a second play through, but are still having fun, let your self have the fun! This happened to me with KH2s opening. I genuinely liked KH2s opening and playing as Roxas. It was the first KH game I played all the way through (started with CoM only played like half cause it wasnt mine) and the mystery and story of Roxas friends and the weird things going on arround town, IDK, I genuinely liked it. But everyone just kept saying how boring and stupid it was and I started to think maybe I was wrong and couldnt get all that people would say out of my mind when replaying it. Until finally I just said, "Ya know what, it has flaws, it has problems and those criticisms are true in a lot of places. But, I dont care" and let myself enjoy it again. If you really enjoyed KH3, even if you find truth in the the critics words, but still find joy when you play it, keep playing it. Focus of the happy feelings when you play. And if the critics words come up in your head, even if you agree with them, just remember you're still having fun so whats it matter? Hope you can find the joy in something you like again.
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    >Master of Masters >MoM >Mom >Sora's mom Cracked the code.
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    Some people may disagree with this being a guilty pleasure, but i always keep a save file ready just before the 1000 Heartless battle so i can play through it whenever I want. A lot of people feel that segment is badly planned and repetitive (my boyfriend is one of them), but I find it so fun!
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