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    To celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday, Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura has tweeted a drawing of Sora and Riku wishing Mickey a happy birthday. You can check out the drawing in the gallery below. View full article
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    I think they are trying to gather more Disney villains like Maleficent had back in KH1.
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    I was just finishing the description of the Gym Leaders. So, in Hyssop Town, the Gym Leader, Typhus, uses bug types. In Vero Town, the Gym Leader, Raideus, uses electric types. In Traverse City, the Gym Leader, Baldur, uses rock types. In Ernesto City, the Gym Leader, Grimlock, uses dark types. In Pyro Town, the Gym Leader, Burna, uses fire types. Finally, in Shiva City, the Gym Leader, Clairy, uses ice types.
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    Nomura just couldn't resist putting Sora in those glasses again, could he?
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    Other Than Kingdom Hearts, What Video Game Series Would You Like To See Get An Animated Adaptation?
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    I'd love to see Xenoblade Chronicles 1 get an anime adaptation, or a mini series or manga. It could easily adapt to any format, the only problem would be the details to the characters which there is a lot. But it's not impossible for it to still happen. Besides it'd be freaking awesome to see Xord in all of his glory XD
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    I love uncharted and it has the perfect premise. Every week there is a new great treasure to find around the world I would love that
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    The other day there were multiple new screenshots showing Pete and Maleficent. So, I was thinking, do you think the next trailer will show more of their role in the story? Like, we have had no trailer with a scene about them since the one where they ask Hades about the black box, and suddenly they release four new screenshots of them. Plus, if the trailer does come today, on Mickey's birthday, as some people suggested, it would make sense for it to feature Pete, as he's a character from "Mickey, Donald, and Goofy's canon", for lack of a better term. What do you think?
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    I would love to see smash as an animated adaptation. I feel the point of this title is to have fun watching your favorite childhood characters fight against each other and story was not the big focus. Maybe they can give us some different perspectives with some popular characters of sorts...I don't know, just make it fun! LOL
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    I edited the color of some kh3 screenshots for fun https://imgur.com/gallery/5xYegQH https://imgur.com/gallery/MsSk7eI
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    Oh that's pretty nice of them. I liked Erika's relationship with her Gloom.
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    Misty and Sabrina are favorite Gym Leaders in the Kanto Region.
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    Erika - as a kid I imagined myself living in a gym run by Fiona, Erika’s best friend. Erika’s family took her in as a child. Also that’s my favorite epsoide of the Anime so there you go.
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    From the album: SuperGroupies KH3 characters apparel 2018

    © SuperGroupies

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    Omg!! Ur profile pic is Lotor!! I LOVE HIM!!
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    We already have enough reboots. Why can't Disney just let their properties have a send off and let it die? I am surprised there has not been a live action of the Aristocats yet.
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    Yessie Maltese

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    Mystics Apprentice

    The Haven (RP)

    Kolm's gaze immediately swept over to the newcomer, realizing that it was the woman whom he'd seen at the arena's archway during Pang and Galla's fight. He offered her a swift nod as she introduced herself, taking note of how cute she looked with her red hair framing her face. "My name is Kolm Haranwy," he said, averting her gaze. "It is wonderful to meet you, Lucia." He wanted to bring up the fact that he'd seen her previously, though thought that it was best not to. He didn't wish to unnerve her. Hektor the gentleman also made himself known as a newcomer, to which he nodded in respect toward, giving yet another introduction of himself and shaking the man's hand, if he accepted it. He followed the others to the gate, silently agreeing with Hektor on the workings of it. Never had Kolm seen anything quite like it back in his world, and he briefly wondered if such devices were something exclusive to the Haven. The raven-haired mage sighed upon learning that Lukkel didn't have a weapon, and as he glanced down at the mace in his hands a feminine voice echoed behind them saying: "You may use my bow during the course of this mission if you want. Do you know how to use one?" Kolm turned around and found a blonde-haired woman, one that he hadn't yet seen in Haven. "Are you new as well?" he asked her, to which she raised a brow in response. "It depends on what you define as 'new'." The young woman frowned. "I have been here for a few months, but I am not brand new as I take it you are, no. My name is Rhiannon Skrymir." Her violet gaze swept over toward Winona. "Where are you all headed? Do you need an extra hand?"
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    Ooh, a Nier anime could be cool! Though I'm not sure how well it'd work... both Nier and Nier Automata kind of feel like they have to be games in order to properly work (unless the people who adapt it were willing to put in LOTS of effort in order to make it work). Actually, I'd really like to see The World Ends With You animated. And Persona 2.
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    Just so everyone knows, the RP is up!