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    There's a saying I always keep in mind for things like this. Don't let the inmates run the asylum. It's impossible to please everyone, and selecting a few fan things while ignoring others will just cause more of the same thing to happen. I for example have my issues with KH3 but the lack of FF characters was not one of them.
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    When People Compare KH3 To KH2

    OK I have seen so many people in the Kingdom Hearts community compare Kingdom Hearts 3 to Kingdom Hearts 2 and it's seriously annoying. When people are comparing Kingdom Hearts 3 to Kingdom Hearts 2 they are mainly comparing the final mix version of Kingdom Hearts 2 instead of the original Kingdom Hearts 2. Like, I get it, everyone wanted Kingdom Hearts 3 to be the next KH2FM in terms of gameplay, story telling, and game content. Like, every video I go to about KH3 people are all like "Kingdom Hearts 3 was a disappointment. It's the worst game of 2019!" Or "It's sad how a PS4 game that took 5 years to be developed not surpass KH2". But everyone had these SAME exact complaints about the original Kingdom Hearts 2 when it came out saying how the KH2 is too easy compared to Kingdom Hearts 1 because of reaction commands, drive forms, limits, ect. And also the fact that you had to do a finisher just to beat a boss. Now ever since KH3 came out everyone pretty much forgot vanilla KH2 exists and how everyone complained about the things I've mentioned. And another thing, people are complaining about how KH3's optional boss is super easy and that Sephiroth in KH2 was "much harder" when, if I recall correctly, everyone said the exact same thing about KH2 Sephiroth. Yeah, remember how everyone kept comparing KH2 Sephiroth to KH1 Sephiroth? Yup this is that exact same situation all over again. Also, I feel like everyone in the Kingdom Hearts community got so spoiled with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix ever since it became available via Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix on PS3/PS4. Like, everyone just now expects every KH game in the future to be EXACTLY like KH2FM in terms of gameplay mechanics and whatnot. As well as post game content. Like, don't get me wrong, I don't blame fans for wanting that kind of stuff for Kingdom Hearts 3 since it has been really anticipated for a long time in the KH community. But, because of everyone's high expectations, KH3 is being considered "bad" or "the worst game of 2019" just because it didn't surpass KH2FM with all of it's crazy content. Heck people are pretty much begging KH3's DLC to include some form of "Data Organization XIII battles" of the Organization members you fight towards the end of the game. That's how big of an impact KH2FM has had on the KH community ever since it became available worldwide. Like, I'll admit that I, myself" had these expectations as well. Yeah I'm not gonna lie. But was I disappointed in KH3 because it simply isn't KH2FM or at least didn't live up to that game? Well, not really? I mean yeah I'll agree that the pacing in the game is awful and the story telling with saving all the other KH protagonists could have been done better but still. I still enjoyed the game for what it was instead of just whining about it not being up to par with KH2FM. Like I did with Final Fantasy XV when that came out. Yes, I was disappointed in its story and pacing but it's not an terrible. Ohoho no. It's certainly not a Sonic 06. Just like with KH3. It's an alright game I will admit (although that may change depending on what's to come with the upcoming DLC) but it's no Sonic 06 like everybody's making it out to be. All I'm saying is...well...it's just kind of annoying that KH3 gets compared to KH2 (mainly the final mix version) in the most unfair way. Like, KH2FM has pretty much blinded most people in the fanbase with their judgement toward KH3. Because if KH2FM never became a thing I bet you that KH3 wouldn't get this much hate and now get compared to it. So yeah, just my two cents. What are your thoughts on these negative criticisms towards KH3?
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    I joined this RP when I found interest. I did not expect it to take us all into such an amazing emotional roller coaster, but I do not regret a single moment of it. This RP has ended up helping me in so many things; from stress, character development, writing, lessons made and learn. I will never forget this RP, nor any of you or your characters which all made this story so amazing from beginning to end. This is a story I will always remember, and I thank every single one of you for it. To our next RP, and to wherever the future takes us! Let's have fun guys!
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    Truly, it has been an honour and a privilege to have participated in Overworld all the way to its completion. I've had my own moments, my failings, lessons learned, but it has been an overall amazing experience. And I cannot thank you enough for making it possible in the first place, Mystics. And all of you as well! Thank you, you beautiful bastards. Here's to our next RP together!
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    Thank you everyone who has participated and joined on this adventure. All of your characters have made great contributions, and none of it would have been the same without each and every one of your characters. Even those who did not finish with us made an impact on the story, which I am very grateful for. I hope that we all RP together again in the near future, whether it be in Elrandir's upcoming sequel, or someone else's RP entirely. You all are the best, and it has been my pleasure weaving this story with you all. Until next time!
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    Alicia Maddox

    Of Olden Times and Reflections

    Good evening all. I don't know how many of you here on this platform remember, or even know me, as this site has changed drastically from when I became a member. Two, I have been absent from the site for a number of different reasons. Tonight, I just felt like getting some things off my chest, things that I've wanted to say for a very long time, so bare with me, this could get a bit long. I became a member of this site way back in 2014. This past Jan. 3rd was the 5 year anniversary of my membership here. I remember with deep fondness and joy the first 2 years of my membership here. I was a recent KH player, as I had gotten the first game a few years before I found this site. The wonder of KH was still new to me and sent my mind racing with imagination. I loved, and still love the greater KH community deeply. Within the first year of my becoming a member here, I met one of my most dearest friends in the world, Amber Cole. She no longer comes to this site, but her and I have become like sisters and have grown close over the years. I also met Austin Caudill, whom some ppl may remember on this site as Jack Sparrow. Interestingly, he and Amber got together and they are now dating and have been for a few years and Austin has become the little brother I never had. Through being connected to the KH community on this site, I also met my future love, Jeremy. People here would know him as soravids. We've been dating for 2 and a half years now and I pray for many more to come. But, while as a daily regular on this site in the early years of my membership here, I met several ppl whom I considered my friends. The likes of Ruby Rose, Danex Darkfire+, Geralt, Kunivas, and several others. I remember spending literally hours a day in private and public chats just horsing around with them and creating all kinds of random adventures and crazy posts. I still look on those days and laugh. I still feel that fun loving joy I had with them, and I miss them all very deeply. I wish so much I could go back to those fun days. But, things change. I won't go into to detail to keep the privacy of some who may still be members of this site, but some things happened between me and a few members. Some of them I considered my friends. I had a massive falling out with them almost 3 years ago. I was angry, I was hurt deeply and I was sad. Ever since that day, I stopped coming to the site daily. That soon turned into weeks, which then turned into months. Life for me passed and soon it became years. Oh I would pop in every now and then to check up on news and maybe say hi to one or two old friends who I still try to keep in touch with, but since the falling out, the magic of KH13, and the KH community on this site, died for me. Nothing was or even is the same anymore. I feel so disconnected from this site and the community at large. And it sucks. It sucks hard. I feel like enough time has passed that I would like to come back regular to the site again, but I've been so out of the personal loop on this site that I'm not sure how much of the makeup of this community has changed. I know for a fact there are still some ancient members that come here and are even admins still, but the general makeup of the site is what I may not recognize. I feel like for me, if I do return to daily visits, it'd be like joining the site for the first time all over again. But in hind sight, that may not be a bad thing at all. I know I would be considered old now by a majority of the KH13 body (I'm 28 ), but hey, I know that the general KH community don't judge, and that's part of the sweet magic of the community. All are welcome, no matter what. And who knows? Starting a new journey may not be so hard. I get to make new friends and start over again. Maybe even reconnect with the old ones. Guess I should "face my fears" and jump in again. What's driving me back is really the start of the new Kingdom Hearts arc. I realized after KH3 came out that a brand new generation of Dandelions just swelled the KH ranks. And the possibilities of the new direction the series will take has been busted wide open! I'd love to debate and chat and theorize about these new ideas again. I really do miss coming to this site on the daily so freaking much! So yeah. If you made it this far in, thanks for listening to my ramblings. XD I didn't mean for it to be this long, but I just felt like I had to say something. Hope you guys got something out of it, and I look forward to the future with the Kingdom Hearts franchise. May your heart be your guiding key.
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    What a journey it has been for all of us. I feel that this RP has made me a better writer, and always was an escape from the stress of reality. It has been fun RP’ing with all of those who participated. Here’s hoping our next adventures go well.
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    Agreed! Thank you all! I am still slowly working on what is next. Hopefully I can make something out of those ideas as we continue to move forwards in the history of Overworld.
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    Even as a late comer, this has been something special. Thanks for letting me jump in.
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    I for one agree entirely! Overworld has been a marvelous project for all of us, and I am proud to have been an instrument in its success. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and boundless fun, everyone. It would not have been the same without you. As an old friend would say, " o7 ".
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    Oh~ Another project? Sounds like more fun could be on the way! Good-bye Overworld! You gave us almost three years of fun! And for that I am grateful to all who took part in it.
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    Thanks for letting me know, guys. : ). Since this is the official end of the RP I'm not in a huge hurry to wrap things up, so I am okay with waiting for a bit for you guys to finish writing your scenes if everyone agrees that this is the best course of action. I am thinking about possibilities for a future project, though I am not sure when I would start it up (and I don't think Overworld's closure will affect anything) I am, however, going to mark this RP as complete since it is essentially just pending final epilogues from characters. I can't believe that it is actually happening after all of this time. *sniff*. Goodbye, role-play.
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    i don't think that's a good idea. Part of the charm of the kh series (for me at least) is Nomura's weirdo stuff. Letting fans run the series would lead to no one really being surprised or intrigued anymore because we'd know where everything is going. I think it would make everyone happy, but only on a very surface level, y'know?
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    ocean's rage

    When People Compare KH3 To KH2

    im a firm believer in the philosophy fans are never happy, even things they love they turn against after a while
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    Well it is what the title says. How will the community handle with the second generation? The reason this is most important in gaming history is one thing. We are getting older, and the new generation of fans is coming in. Remember kingdom hearts is a niche. Disney and square enix games, jrpg with disney characters, and a complex story (if the next saga is complex of course). So the possibility of ruining it for the younger/new generation is high do to nostalgia. We have to keep that in mind. As much as we want a carbon copy kingdom hearts 2, and drive forms returning, we have to be considerate to the new fans. Plus as with every generation or decade (like 90's ff fans), things change depending on the climate. What could horrible today in storytelling could ok with for the new generation. Just remember as with every generation of games (pokemon is a huge example of this) just remember not to ruin the experience for younger fans. Please tell me your thoughts about this. Thank you.
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    You can still like something with it's flaws though. You can acknowledge the faults and still be having fun. Dont let the criticism ruin what you did like. I mean there are flaws with every KH game, and post every KH game there has been this sorta thing with people weighing in. Even if you agree with the criticisms of the game on a second play through, but are still having fun, let your self have the fun! This happened to me with KH2s opening. I genuinely liked KH2s opening and playing as Roxas. It was the first KH game I played all the way through (started with CoM only played like half cause it wasnt mine) and the mystery and story of Roxas friends and the weird things going on arround town, IDK, I genuinely liked it. But everyone just kept saying how boring and stupid it was and I started to think maybe I was wrong and couldnt get all that people would say out of my mind when replaying it. Until finally I just said, "Ya know what, it has flaws, it has problems and those criticisms are true in a lot of places. But, I dont care" and let myself enjoy it again. If you really enjoyed KH3, even if you find truth in the the critics words, but still find joy when you play it, keep playing it. Focus of the happy feelings when you play. And if the critics words come up in your head, even if you agree with them, just remember you're still having fun so whats it matter? Hope you can find the joy in something you like again.
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    Well, it's been a ride, a weird one at that, but I enjoyed it none the less. Here's to future roleplaying endeavors. *raises a glass of milk*
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    Me to SE if they ever did this: Days is still by far one of my absolute favorite KH entries in terms of story and content.
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    "Darker" does not equal "Mature."
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    Hello everyone. It's been a while since I posted content on this site so I'd like to post this clip I found when I was playing around with the invisible walls in kingdom hearts 3 yesterday and apparently, you can clip in the area you see in the tweet below
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    When People Compare KH3 To KH2

    I agree completely. I noticed pretty quickly that a lot of the complaints I've seen about KH3 were also things that people complained about with KH2 when it first came out. Honestly, if you look at the issues people are pointing out, a lot of them are issues that the previous installments had too. And this isn't me saying, "yeah, well Kingdom hearts 2 sucked too, guys!" Kingdom Hearts 2 is a fine game. I don't think it's the best in the series (honestly I think Kingdom Hearts 3 was better), but it is solid. What caused this backlash was one simple thing: Hype. All the hype kind of crippled Kingdom Hearts 3 right out of the gate. It was just sooooo built up and people developed these ludicrously unrealistic expectations for it. I think this problem will be remedied. What will remedy it? Simple. Time. People need time to simmer down and look at the game objectively. Again, this same thing happened with Kingdom hearts 2 when it first came out. It was not seen as a masterpiece upon release. People had major issues with it. I think the same thing will happen with Kingdom Hearts 3. Give it time. People will come around.
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    Off the top of my head, the reasons people dislike it include but are not limited to: Story standpoint: - time travel as a major series plot point (as opposed to it being contained in a single world's plot) - "Why can't people that die just stay dead?" - more "everybody gets a Keyblade" Characters: - "Why is Sora so DUMB?" Gameplay: - having to take care of Dream Eaters, especially for Abilities - balance These are the handful of reasons I've seen people dislike it.
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    In a steampunk era of an alternate 19th century, order within the land of Regalia has been ordained by the power of the four courts all following a unified law: Ignis, Somnum, Vivifica, and Umbra. The high priestess, Mabel, acts as an intermediary between them, passing upon her blessings and represents the non-magical folk of Regalia. These four courts are run by mages: individuals gifted with the forbidden art of magic that is both a mystery and a curse to those within Regalia. A mage either lives a life of success and luxury, exalted by the masses within one of the courts, or must struggle to survive in the world on their own, unpracticed and unwieldy. The courts aid a mage in harnessing their raw magic and potential. An untrained mage is both useless and dangerous, and it is very hard for a mage to thrive on their own without a court to affiliate with. If one is found with a lot of magical potential, a court may come and present an offer to the mage, or this individual may go to one of the courts and prove themselves worthy of joining their ranks. For centuries the land of Regalia has known naught but peace and prosperity, thanks to the order driven by the four courts, but what happens when one of them goes rogue? The Vivifica court has cut ties with the other three courts, and has been abandoning the laws and teachings that all the courts have vowed to uphold to. Further, Vivifica has been found dealing with Itika, raw mana found within the Valley of Magic that has been banned from Regalia. What reason could they have for doing this, and will the court have to be abolished? As you dig to answer this question, more questions may begin to unravel, causing you to question the very foundation that you have always known. Technology abounds in Regalia, though it is powered via steam, and it is within the limitations of the 19th century. Guns (and gun blades) are present, as well as electricity, trains, and telephone booths, though cars are yet to be invented. You can be a mage from one of the courts, or perhaps you are a mage who has decided to try to fight the odds and remain independent in the world. You may also not even be gifted with magic, living a normal life in Regalia until something about the courts causes you to change your mode of living for a bit more excitement. Each mage court has its own set of characteristics. Depending on what sort of a mage you are and your morals, you would be best suited for one of the following. While one mage court may specialize in a certain type of magic, it is not required that you be in that court. If your personality, say, fits Umbra but you have healing magic, you could choose Vivifica and not fit int, or you could choose to stay in Umbra because it suits your nature, yet you will not be proficient in healing magic because you are untrained in it. If you are uncertain where your character would best fit you are welcome to leave this field blank and I’d happily choose a good fit. Descriptions for each court are as follows: Ignis: The only court that believes in balance and actively teaches the art of the sword. The Ignis court is among the most duty bound, desirous to bring justice to the world and always do the right thing. Mages in the Ignis court specialize in fire and earth magic, often used to enhance their physical abilities and strength. Umbra: Well-versed in necromancy and dark arts, the Umbra Court believes in living life to the fullest. These mages tend to be more self-centered and cater to their own needs as opposed to helping others. They tend to focus on the pleasures of life rather than have ambitious goals to aid in their society. Vivifica: The mages in this court specialize in white and holy magic, though have skillsets in wind, lightning, and earth magic as well. Their slogan is to bring life to the world through love, and many mages within these houses will go above and beyond to help society, even if it bends or breaks tradition. Somnum: A group that is calm and believes in a life of beauty and restoration. Some believe the Somnum court to be lazy, though this is not particularly true. Somnum possesses some of the most potent mages, specializing in lightning, water, and ice magic and have mastered the art of hypnosis. Status ailments come ready to these mages, making them unseeming yet deadly adversaries. While it is not required that you are affiliated with a court, I would recommend that, unless you have a specific reason why your character isn't in one of the courts, you are apart of one. The reason for this is the central plot will revolve around members of these courts, and it may take a bit of additional work to get your character into the thick of the main plot without an affiliation. Special note: You are welcome to affiliate yourself with Vivifica, and you do not have to be an antagonist to do so. I will be providing additional information to players who are choosing this court, so that they know what your character knows concerning the court's decisions. Below is a character sheet for you to fill to tell me more about your character(s). There is no character limit at this point, though please only create as many characters as you feel that you can handle. Quick note: I am hoping to get characters affiliated with each court. If it seems that too many characters are in one court and not enough in others, I may close out the possibility to join a specific court. Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Court affiliation (if any): Weapons: Magic: Personality: Background: And last but not least, here are the rules for this game. Please review them, and if you have questions or are uncertain about something feel free to ask. 1.) No god-modding. 2.) No auto-hitting or mass slaughter. This means if you are battling someone don't make your hit automatically meet its target, but rather have it aimed at a player and they choose whether the attack hits or misses. No mass slaughter means don't kill off a bunch of NPCs without permission. 3.) No meta-gaming. This is particularly important for the layout of The Four Courts. Essentially the players and characters know different things from each other, and it is important for the knowledge of the player not to cross over to the character. Having a character possess knowledge of the player and/or make assumptions based on the player's knowledge is considered meta-gaming, for example. 4.) Go with the plot, and please choose a character that fits well with the world and setting. 5.) Original characters only. If you would like to use a canon character please modify them until they are your own creation, and rather inspired by a canon character. 6.) When in a group of other people, please post after everyone in your group has posted, or within one week from your last post. I don't want anyone to fall too far behind. 7.) Keep everything PG-13, please. 8.) Romance is permitted, but again please remember rating restrictions. 9.) Please don't have invincible characters. While you get to choose whether your character is hit by an attack, don't make them avoid everything or else it seems like god-modding. 10.) Some overpowered characters are acceptable in some circumstances. If you have specific questions please ask. I intend for there to be very powerful characters, along with weaker ones, though if your character is too powerful in a fight I may ask you to tone it down. 11.) All KH13 rules apply. 12.) Please try to post at least once a week, though if you will be away please let me know and we will make arrangements for your characters. Should you remain absent for an extended length of time, I reserve the right to utilize your characters as I deem fit for the RP’s progression. 13.) Have fun! If you know me you will know that I love roleplaying, and that I really enjoy seeing stories unfold and characters grow. I try to find ways to incorporate the entire cast into the plot, though you are also welcome to get creative and build your own story as you go along. I have long-term plans for this roleplay and hope to see it flourish, so please expect a long journey should you come aboard The Four Courts. I will draft up some maps, but I want to make them look nicer than the others that I’ve lazily thrown together for previous adventures. I will try to get these up prior to the start of the game. Current players: High Priestess Mabel (Mystics Apprentice) Ignis Maester: Daruk Mordem (Vaude) Ephraim Myrei (EchoFox23*) Vincent S. Watson (Stardustblade358) - non-magic user Arun Roshan (Stardustblade358) Lev Noirtier (Endless Thundaga) Soren Monroe (Nero Kunivas) Henry Heid (Scrapmaster) Shiroo Chickori (NPC - Mystics) Somnum Maestra: Thea Nero Leviathan (Elrandir) Jari Coriander (Vaude) Mellark Crowe (Mystics Apprentice) Kagura Sumeragi (Saber Lily) Luka Rabbi (Heart of Ferria) Mako Koyle (rikunobodyxiii) Vivifica Maestra: Aislinn Nosferi (Mystics Apprentice) Jynn Venas (Endless Thundaga) Zion (Saber Lily) Richter Vanis (Scrapmaster) Elliot Luxmore (Nero Kunivas) Vallery (rikunobodyxiii) Umbra Maester: Gerik Lockford (rikunobodyxiii) Eclaire De Wynter (Saber Lily) Pali Noirtier (Vaude) Eleanor Le Doux, Fierce Shadow (Nero Kunivas) Arkane Gravemore (Stardustblade358) Morpha Gallant (Endless Thundaga) Indies: Arno Cross (Scrapmaster) Gabriel Woods (Nero Kunivas) Tibarn Llang (Mystics Apprentice) Saffron (HeartofFerria) World Map
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    Ignis court has an Unique rule If a mage from Ignis sets things on fire too much, he is promptly thrown into the ocean in the nearby beach.
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    I hope I can make something as special as Mystics' Overworld. Or something close to it, at least.
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    This is late, but... Overworld is special to me. It is one of now three roleplays I have ever truly finished in my years of roleplay, my years of making Characters and working with others. Overworld is the most special to me, because of the characters I've met, and with how my writing and my ability to mold a character who grows and becomes...better. I hope that, in Elrandir's sequel, that we meet again...and hopefully, we end with just as much happiness as now.
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    I'm loving the art for Richter. Accepted! I'll eagerly await your third character. Sounds perfect! I think everything else looked great with your character sheet. If at any point you choose in insert Alix you are more than welcome to, or if you wish to make her an NPC (non-playable character) that is completely fine as well. Ah, someone who has tampered with immortality. Very interesting. Accepted! Awesome weapons! Accepted! All accepted! I am very interested in Elliot. I always get curious about characters that leave their court to join another. I'm also increasingly curious what changed in him, and why he was compelled to leave Ignis for Vivifica. Vivifica would welcome any with open arms, though it is an interesting switch. Hopefully more will be revealed over the course of the RP. As for Itika, it is essentially raw mana, which one can certainly harness and channel to their whim. In excess it can be dangerous to the user, and its use can render very powerful forms of magic. There is a reason it is outlawed and a reason it is sought, which will be revealed at a later point. Hope that helps some, but it could certainly be infused with Gabe's sword. The problem is, it wears off over time (it is a consumable), so the effects that it was infused with would eventually fade, unless it were augmented by a talented blacksmith or engineer (looks to @Stardustblade358's Vincent). (And yay, Nergal!) I'm really liking Ardyn Gerik's rectifying manner and that, while manipulative, he still looks much like a protagonist. Since the Umbra court, while specializing in dark arts, is really a shady group of protagonists that want the same thing as everyone else. Now, is his name pronounced with a hard or soft G? Accepted! I look forward to seeing your next addition. (Also, I can't say much about Gerik's appearance, since I've named the land Regalia, and drew inspiration from Ignis and Somnus (originally it was going to be Regalia and the four courts: Ignis, Noctis, Prompto, and Gladiolus. :P) Yay, it's our favorite fox boy! Accepted! My characters are coming soon; I fell asleep last night before I could finish them, though I have two pending backgrounds and at least two others that are still in the works. I'm really liking the cast so far; we have a good amount of variety. I was thinking to allow sign-ups to remain open for a couple of weeks, but in truth I think most people joined that will join (thank you for your support, Overworld crew!), so we might kick this off sooner than later. I do want to take some time to familiarize myself with our cast and develop some starting points for everyone, so that might take a couple of days, but hopefully we can begin within a few days if all is up for it. Also, does everyone prefer Somnus over Somnum for the court name? I've noticed it called Somnus by a few people, and I wonder if it will be more memorable and easier to work with.
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    KH3's awful marketing

    I understand what you are saying. I was one of the KH fan camp who I believed they didn't reveal too much of Kingdom Hearts 3. Now after playing Kingdom Hearts 3 a few times, I will say that while they didn't revealed everything of the game's main plot in the trailers, but they definitely gave away most of the cool and exciting scenes in the trailers. In my opinion, they should've never revealed the Anti-Aqua scene in the Frozen trailer, or show off some of the Keyblade Graveyard scenes, and they never shouldn't release the Final Trailer or Final Battle trailer? They gave away most of the exciting scenes that shouldn't been kept a secret so players can surprised when they play the full game on release day. However, I will say the previous Kingdom Hearts games marketing were pretty much the same. They wanted to created the hype so both fans and newcomers to buy the game. Yeah hopefully the next Kingdom Hearts game doesn't make the same mistake like Kingdom Hearst 3. And as for Roxas and Xion? Well I definitely respect that but I'm glad they're back. I think there's some potential to play as Roxas and Xion as the new playable characters in some new Kingdom Hearts games. After all I do want to play other playable characters besides Sora.
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    Made with insular foam and acrylic paint.
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    Nahara Vol.5

    New member!

    Hello there! My relationship with the KH series has always been a weird one. I was a Final Fantasy fan who also happened to really love the Nightmare Before Christmas above all other Disney properties and who got interested in checking out the first KH game only after a friend told me that my favourite movie (and a property that, at the time, didn't get the love it does nowadays. There was no Jack Skellington merchandise to be found and VHS weren't that easy to come by either compared to those of other Disney movies) was in it. At first I didn't care much for the overarching story and lots of things went over my head but as I grew up and had the chance to revisit the games I began to really appreciate the artistry and themes of this peculiar videogame franchise. I sadly couldn't play all the installments but I kept myself updated as far as the lore and story progression were concerned thanks to youtube videos and articles. Now I am in the process of replaying the entire series, including the games I previously missed, before I jump straight into KH3! I am excited, I am having lots of fun and the FEELS are slowly killing me! ;A; So, uhm, my favorite character is angry best boy Roxas closely followed by Xigbar and the Master of Masters, who I like to call "the best thing that happened to KH since rotating the camera with the right analog stick" XD My keyblade of choice is and always will be the sleek Pumpkinhead while my favorite world is Traverse Town, which I find really nostalgic and welcoming, featuring one of my absolute favourite music themes in gaming and one that I find myself humming all the time. I also play UnionX and I am in the Anguis Union! Can't wait to fangirl with you guys here on KH13!
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    Well, folks, this is it. It's hard for me to believe it, but we are finally in the epilogue and the closure of the RP. It is three weeks since the events of Isopolis, and it is during the coronation of Prince Jynn. Feel free to insert your character(s) however you wish, filling in what happened after Isopolis, if you desire, or skipping right to the present day. You can even write *after* these events, if you wish. I'm thinking that this scene will be brief. Your characters also do not need to be present for the coronation. They could have gone their own separate ways after Isopolis. It is entirely up to you. This has been amazing, you guys. Thank you so much for being involved with this and participating!
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    "People might assume that Verum Rex is the same title as a game Nomura was planning in the past (Versus XIII), but he says it isn't."
  37. 5 points
    While I do understand how you feel, I believe you shouldn't feel that way for multiple reasons. But first, it should be heavily stated that those who hated the game have just bigger mounths than those who didn't: they're in every post wanting to list off their disappointments with the game. Although it isn't entirely healthy when they're being rude (calling the game trash, etc), sometimes it is good since criticism help developers in making good games that pleases the community (but it is harmful if they insult the creators; I totally see no point on doing it). With that being said, when I first played it I really loved it and still do. I got easily frustated with the amount of people criticizing the game and I felt hate for those mindless people telling others to not buy this game. But soon I became able to accept it and I still love this game. Why? Because I was able to understand them and understand the flaws that the game had (and all games does have flaws). The gameplay is easy, the story isn't enjoyable to some people (but to me it was, and it was epic!), some wanted the main plot to advance mid-game and so they call it rushed and the game had little post-game content (kinda reminds me of KH2 vanilla). However, the difference is that no fact can change the enjoyment I had. I didn't notice those flaws at all and I truly enjoyed the game. That was the same case as yours. But I don't know how your love got evolved to hate...perhaps that "hate" you feel is frustation for the game not having good feedback? While I brought good points about the criticism, not all of them are good. Many people out there just list out ALL their wishes that didn't get into KH3. This isn't criticism at all. Good criticism should be looking to the game, analyse its flaws and check out what it needed only. Besides them, there's others who completely put aside the good points and complains about the negative points. I see no reason for it. The game is enjoyable to some extent, the graphics improved and I am yet to see one individual who disliked the soundtrack. Which is why that people shouldn't just focus on their disappointments. And around social networks, a really lot amount of people are doing mindless criticism. Instead of perhaps giving ideas for them to correct the flaws and whatnot, they're just filling the thread with negativity. This is why we shouldn't be influenced by it. You shouldn't too. Those people will see flaws almost everywhere, even if SE actually makes a patch which corrects 80% of the disappointments. People will keep complaining about the 20%. They're never satisfied at all. If you want an advice, I can give you. SE will most certainly release a DLC which *can* fix some points. The difficulty, the lack of certain characters, end-game content, expand the areas of certain worlds...I am confident that there's a good possibility it will be handled on. So, keep neutral (neither negative nor positive since it can lead into disappointment) and wait until we have a word on something. If we don't get DLC, we just gotta wait for the next game so the only predominant feeling should be of excitment
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    Marluxia's role in DDD

    Where does it say his power is sleep other than him using is on Sora that one time in KH3? And where was it said that Marluxia spent many years in the Realm of Dreams? I've never heard of this. The reason Marluxia still is in Organization XIII is due to the Ancient Keyblade Legacy that Xemnas mentioned.
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    Let me just preface this by saying that this is not me complaining about people not liking Kingdom Hearts 3D. Everyone is different, and everyone views things differently. Please don't take this topic as a trap or as me saying "the game is amazing! You guys are wrong!" I am not going to attack you or argue with you; I just want your opinion. This topic is purely for curiosity's sake. Kingdom Hearts 3D is one of my favourite Kingdom Hearts games. Like literally tied for first place with Birth by Sleep. No joke. Ever since I first played it it has been one of my two favourite entries in the series. I love the story, I LOVE the combat (particularly the flowmotion) and I love the flexibility of the Dream Eater party system. I always thought that this was a common opinion, that the majority of people loved the game as much as I did. It was only over the past couple of months that I noticed a lot of people citing 3D as one of the series' worst entries, some even calling it garbage. Needless to say, I was quite taken aback when I saw these responses, and it has since begged the question: Why do people hate this entry so much? If you don't like Kingdom Hearts 3D, please tell me why here. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on where this game went wrong. Again, this is not me criticizing or arguing. I just want to be able to see the big picture. Thanks guys, and may our hearts be our guiding keys.
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    Maybe I'm just slow and everyone else has noticed this but when Xehanort casts Stopza, the numbers on the clock are the same symbols from the floor of Scala.
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    Hey Everyone! HMK Here! I've been asked to appear here for an AMA by the good people at KH13! I'm a Content Creator on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and more that specializes a great deal to Kingdom Hearts! I also delve in Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Nintendo and more! I'm here so you can ASK ME ANYTHING! Well, almost anything! Remember to keep things civil and appropriate and lets have a HYPED TIME! You can check out my channels here! https://www.youtube.com/user/HMK9CAPN https://www.Twitch.tv/HMKilla Be sure to follow me on Twitter as well! @HMKilla https://twitter.com/HMKilla Here are some videos on Kingdom Hearts I'm particularly proud of! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0EtAVYCG8g&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI54oBIcjlY&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI-5NxKoBR0&t
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    FF characters shouldnt be cameos.

    I really don’t get Nomura’s argument that there were too many other characters to focus on. Just treat the FF characters as if they were Disney characters. We didn’t need to have Elsa, Hercules, or Woody in the game either.
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    Hello there I'm Mr. Caputo. Italian indie artist and fan of pizza. Nice to meet you all! Hope we can have a good journey and a nice chat ^^ I started to play KH1, Chain of Memories and the second. Forgot to play the other titles. So i'm gonna take back the whole missing chapters and understand what's going on with the entire plot! Can't wait to collect the whole chapters of this magic saga!
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    “Just follow the key to your heart.” Or something among those lines, can anyone give me the line in kanji?
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    The fan service doesn't really work, as the people above me have already pointed out. Whatever Nomura does, people are going to say the same things again, that there weren't enough things about this and/or that. It happened with the seventh season of Game of Thrones, and it'd happen to KH4. I think Nomura should focus on what he wants for the franchise, while also, maybe, taking a small number of fan-suggestions into account. But I'd be fine with whatever he does, as long as Kairi becomes useful in AT LEAST one game.
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    Side Game Before KH4??

    I like this idea. Maybe a game along the lines of 3D wherein Kairi and Lea must go out on an adventure in order to complete their Mark of Mastery. There's no way they completed it in that little frozen in time world where they did their training. Now that Kairi is a keyblade wielder, there really is no excuse for keeping her on the sidelines. Give the girl something to do, nomura!
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    Opinion on Kairi in KH3

    Personally I'm saddened by what Nomura has done to Kairi's development, hyping her up only for stuff like that to happen again. My concern is that he listened to the more vocal part of the fanbase who seem to dislike her and took that as 'Ok, they want more bromance so I'll give them that then.' This is basically what I can hope for. C'MON NOMURA, SOME OF US ARE HEAVILY INVESTED IN HER EMOTIONALLY!
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