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    There's a saying I always keep in mind for things like this. Don't let the inmates run the asylum. It's impossible to please everyone, and selecting a few fan things while ignoring others will just cause more of the same thing to happen. I for example have my issues with KH3 but the lack of FF characters was not one of them.
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    Hi everyone. So Kingdom Hearts 3 finally came and to most, it was everything they thought it would be. After all these years it finally came and now we know just where the series will go post Xehanort. I want to say thank you for taking this journey with me. I’m glad we were in this together. So one chapter closes and another one opens. Some of you noticed I have been on here rarely, but not posting. I have of course been playing KH3, but also life has come into play as well. Things are changing and I am getting older and going into grad school. I have thought about this for a while too. What I am saying is like the Kingdom Hearts series, one chapter closes and another opens meaning I will be leaving this site. I will come back to see news, but logging on will not be happening anymore. If it does, it will happen rarely like an eclipse, but I won’t be posting. I want to thank this community for taking me in and for the staff that have accepted me. I want to apologize to any members that I have hurt both purposely and inadvertently and I want to apologize to any staff for any bad behavior of mine throughout the years; please forgive this imperfect human being. Thank you to all the fans who read the My Kingdom Hearts Story saga I wrote. I was absolutely flattered that I had so many people reading it. Special shoutout to The Transcendent Key for reading the story and drawing pictures for it. I am thankful we were good friends and for your publicity. I look forward to the next step in my life and in the Kingdom Hearts saga. Thank you all again. God bless you all. May your heart be your guiding key.
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    When People Compare KH3 To KH2

    I agree completely. I noticed pretty quickly that a lot of the complaints I've seen about KH3 were also things that people complained about with KH2 when it first came out. Honestly, if you look at the issues people are pointing out, a lot of them are issues that the previous installments had too. And this isn't me saying, "yeah, well Kingdom hearts 2 sucked too, guys!" Kingdom Hearts 2 is a fine game. I don't think it's the best in the series (honestly I think Kingdom Hearts 3 was better), but it is solid. What caused this backlash was one simple thing: Hype. All the hype kind of crippled Kingdom Hearts 3 right out of the gate. It was just sooooo built up and people developed these ludicrously unrealistic expectations for it. I think this problem will be remedied. What will remedy it? Simple. Time. People need time to simmer down and look at the game objectively. Again, this same thing happened with Kingdom hearts 2 when it first came out. It was not seen as a masterpiece upon release. People had major issues with it. I think the same thing will happen with Kingdom Hearts 3. Give it time. People will come around.
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    MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmALL OF THEM, I AM WEAK!! TT3TT"""""
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    Well, folks, this is it. It's hard for me to believe it, but we are finally in the epilogue and the closure of the RP. It is three weeks since the events of Isopolis, and it is during the coronation of Prince Jynn. Feel free to insert your character(s) however you wish, filling in what happened after Isopolis, if you desire, or skipping right to the present day. You can even write *after* these events, if you wish. I'm thinking that this scene will be brief. Your characters also do not need to be present for the coronation. They could have gone their own separate ways after Isopolis. It is entirely up to you. This has been amazing, you guys. Thank you so much for being involved with this and participating!
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    Thank you very much! I'm so glad to hear that's the impression you took away from it. Yes, I really get turned off by any argument that's rude or over-the-top negative. Ideally I want anything I write to be constructive and purposeful, even if it is a critique (something I haven't really written before). I'm sure it helps that I do like KH3 and see so much potential in its ideas; I just consequently see a lot of confusing choices and missed opportunities, especially when viewed through the lens I apply to my own work as a game designer. Thanks again! =D
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    Oblivion represents "darkness" in Sora's life (Riku), just like Oathkeeper represents "light" in Sora's life (Kairi).
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    *Prepares to edit a casino in Vaude's future map* Hye hye Also, RIku, your characters could meet Hektor and Rhiannon, as they're heading to the shops. Would be a good starting point.
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    Marluxia's role in DDD

    Where does it say his power is sleep other than him using is on Sora that one time in KH3? And where was it said that Marluxia spent many years in the Realm of Dreams? I've never heard of this. The reason Marluxia still is in Organization XIII is due to the Ancient Keyblade Legacy that Xemnas mentioned.
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    Elia sniffled, looking up into Henry's brave, determined face. Her smile was infectious? It delighted her to hear this, and yet it tore at her heart painfully. "Henry . . . why . . . ." The raven-haired fairy fell to her knees, gripping the ground as sobs shook her entire form. Many were grieving, whilst others simultaneously rejoiced at the return of their precious sacrifices. Everyth watched in horror as Henry gave himself up. She extended a hand, its wrinkles fading before her very eyes. Youth flooded through her body, her spine straightening as her white locks turned dark once more. "Henry," she whispered, unable to make it to his side before he was gone. A tear rolled down her cheek as she watched the Source of All Life fade from existence, and Henry with it. Carefully she brought a hand to her chest, chin lowering. "You've taught me how to be human again. You have shown me courage, compassion, love. And you have even saved me from death, at the cost of your own. Thank you . . . Henry." The human princess let out a yelp at about this moment, the weight of a person crashing down and bowling her over. In a tangle of auburn hair and limbs, Athena found herself looking face-to-face with her beloved knight, whom she squeezed with all of her might. "ARTHUR!" she returned, as though the two were in a squeaking match. "You're here! You're alive! Oh, I'm so sorry. In my sacrifice I had to give up ever seeing you again! I made you vanish . . . didn't I?" Clearly, she was clueless about Arthur's own sacrifice, giving up his humanity so that the rest f the world may be saved. Meanwhile, Yevgeni stared down, incredulous, as Nergal begged for forgiveness from the others. "I wouldn't go that far," he drawled, shaking his head. "We're the villains. They're going to execute us, lock us away, or worse, banish us to the depths of Isopolis and the torments within. We do not get happy endings. They won't forget our crimes that easily, nor should they." The blond noticed Aqua fold her arms, seeming exasperated by everything that went on that day. He couldn't help but laugh. "Someone who looks how I feel," he said, before offering her a smile. "Come, you're going to have to seek apprenticeship from someone else after all of this. Your mentor has failed, and I do not think we will be able to practice our magic like we once had. I am sorry." A frown furrowed his brow, as though recollection suddenly hit him. "But I realize that I owe you something. Wasn't there something that you sought from me, before we arrived here in Isopolis? I do not know what will become of me, but seek me out and I will do what I can to help you." ----------------------- As the warden of Isopolis, Soren would know how to guide them to safety, out of the depths of the Forbidden Shrine and back on to the island whence they came. They would find that the halls which they once crossed had changed, everything anew and foreboding. And yet, it somehow had an order to it, which Soren would show them through with ease. At last, adventurers, it is over. To get here you have had to endure hardships and suffering, and yet despite that some of you have found love, joy, warmth, and friendship. Life isn't about the destination, it is the journey, and how you embark on that journey is what brings that life meaning. You have accomplished the impossible, the restoration of the human world, and have erected a new era of unity and peace between the human world and that of the fey. It has been a long journey, and the road to recovery will be longer even still, but in allowing your hearts to guide you, you will surely find your way home. ~*~Epilogue~*~ It was a momentous occasion. The halls were decorated with great splendor, and Kilkis Seres was flooded with tourists. Today was the day that Jynn Venas, the crown prince of Kilkis Seres and son of Shiva de la Alexandria, was being coronated and officially recognized as the true king. Three weeks had passed since the events in Isopolis, and everyone was processing it in their own way. Elia stood meekly among the crowds of people, though her normal warmth and joy was not present that day. She would smile when people would comment on her dress, or try to praise her heroic deeds on that fated day. However, it was a false smile, as no joy spread through her heart. She could not celebrate when she was grieving the loss of a friend. A hero. A warrior, who sacrificed himself so that his comrades could be whole once again. Earlier, she had wished upon Rufus, asking him to restore Henry. The djinni had done his utmost, and yet Henry was nowhere to be found. Athena stood alongside Arthur, wherever he may be, grasping his hand tightly and offering him a warm smile. "Imagine this being you one day," she said playfully. "That is, if you succeed in receiving my father's blessing . . . !" Other faces, too, were present at the coronation, one being Everyth Castanova, who stood silently on the sidelines, as well as King Alderon, who was exchanging jokes with Draksis, if he were there, and Alastor, if he were listening. Yevgeni Malachite was not present, though his whereabouts were not known by the majority, nor did the majority care.
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    Well, I finally got around to playing ReMind, and since I posted a review when I finished Kingdom Hearts III last year (found here if you're interested), I figured I should do one up for the Re Mind DLC. As it's harder for me to separate the non-spoilers and the spoilers, I am issuing a spoiler warning here for anyone who hasn't finished yet. So, what did I think of Re Mind? ..... Weeeeeell to be honest this was a bit of a mixed bag for me. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad by any means, just kind of... underwhelming. Also, before I dive in here, I’d like to paste my usual disclaimer that this is just my opinion and not intended to be forceful or aggressive. So without further ado, let's get started. On the whole, the DLC was good, but not great. Was it worth the money? Yeah. Will I replay the DLC? Absolutely. Are there issues? Oh yeah. But all in all, I enjoyed the experience. Thanks for reading, and may your heart be your guiding key.
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    That's fantastic - thank you! Haha, it's always satisfying when you find someone who lines up with your own feelings, isn't it? That's absolutely fine - I'm just grateful you're reading it, so definitely no rush! =D My absolute pleasure Estoria - thank YOU so much for the wonderful comment! Honestly, the points you make are such a relief to hear, because that was one of my goals - being polite, respectful, and as holistic as I could in covering these topics. Yeah, I'd read that quote from Nomura when it first came out and just found it amusing, but when writing the essay it suddenly occurred to me again. I know when I'm writing a game, I generally can relate to both my heroes and villains. So re-reading that quote suddenly made KH3 make a lot of sense (for exactly the reason you pointed out). Thanks! I've always found the anti-Final Fantasy argument bizarre on those grounds (being such integral characters in the larger story and world), so I wanted to get in something about them haha. I also come from a time in the fanbase where, when a new KH was announced, the discussion was 'Which FF characters are going to be included this time?', and I kind've miss that. Thank you very much Estoria - I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write such an in-depth and wonderful comment. It's seeing these kinds of responses that make the past 9 months of writing all worthwhile! =D
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    If this strat finishes Cloud before he can let out a single "That the best you can do?" then I think it deserves all the praise it can get
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    Continuing with my overanalyzing of 358/2 Days, another concept has caught my interest. Recruiting new members. The original Organization XIII have never been 13 for long. For the most part the primary team has been Organization VIII. Or IX if you count Xion, but it's never actually 13 for very long. Now I know the purpose of Organization XIII has changed over the course of the series but for Days it was still primarily in KH2 mode of their goal of collecting hearts to send Kingdom Hearts. Simple enough. But their is something that gets overlooked that I wish got expanded upon in the Organization. And that is the replacement for members. As we know five members of the group were sent to Castle Oblivion and killed off, but why is it they never replace their ranks to be back at 13? Let's look at Roxas. Roxas was so important to the Organization that they made a replica clone to copy his abilities in case something happened to him. That makes perfect sense. If you work all day at a computer then make sure you have backup files in case something unfortunate happens to your work. Xion was that backup file for the Organization. But why didn't they replace the others? Now you could argue that only Vexen and was worth replacing when compared to Roxas and his importance to the group. And frankly I'd agree with that. But the concept of new members has come up in the game itself. When Roxas first goes to Olympus with Xigbar, the latter mentions they could use the area to scout for new recruits for the Organization. At first you might think, does he mean more Dusk? Which is probably what it meant. But what if they had tried to turn Hercules or Hades into a Nobody to refill their ranks? What if while Roxas was training with Phil, another org member made contact with Hercules or Hades to try and turn one into a Nobody? Hercules is one of the physically strongest Disney characters in KH, and could have replaced Lexaeus as one of the Organization's physical attackers. Or smooth talker god of the underworld Hades, who could have replaced Marluxia as the reaper. Also Megara's sprite is confirmed to have been in the game and went unused. I wonder if this could have been the game where she and Hercules meet since she was not present in KH1, and perhaps she played a role in trying to trick Hercules into losing his heart the same way she was tricked into Herc losing his strength in the movie. Obviously they wouldn't have turned Hercules, but it could have been a good story to tell on the Organization trying to get back to being 13. Xaldin had a similar story with the Beast, and as we know he was thwarted by Sora and Belle. Beast, like Hercules, is one of the stronger Disney characters with a strong heart. Able to cross between worlds without help. It was a very cool story, and Beast could have been a potential replacement for the empty five seats where nothing gather. It just feels kinda weird they didn't feel the need to stay at 13, given how important that became in future games to always have 13 members. To the point they had 13 plus reserves. Saix tells Roxas "When have we ever been more then 13?" But the real question is "when have they ever been 13 to begin with"? I know Saix just said that because he hates Xion, but it doesn't change the question on the importance of 13. To me in addition to Beast, and given the worlds they choose to put in Days, it would have been interesting if they had scouted the likes of Hercules, Hades, and even the likes of Aladdin and Jack Skellington, people with strong hearts to potentially either join the ranks of Organization XIII or turn them into Dusk or some class of Nobody to serve under them. Nobodies don't just grow on trees. Now again, I know with Disney characters they are restricted with what they can or can't do with them. And I know Organization XIII is different today then what it was back then. But this is more of wondering from a in universe situation on why Xemnas didn't think to replace the Castle Oblivion team. Because even if you take into account their real objective they still need all 13 seats filled up. Anyway that's just the thoughts of a Kingdom Hearts fan with too much free time on his hands.
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    Clubs on KH13

    Hey everyone! We here at KH13 want everyone to have as much fun as possible here on the forums, and we are thrilled to introduce a new feature to the site. Starting immediately, we will be starting up some clubs for anyone who is interested to join. We hope that this will start up some interesting discussions, as well as give everyone a chance to enjoy something together. I'm sure you all probably have some questions about all this, so please see below for some answers to general anticipated questions. What will the clubs be following? These clubs can focus on any kind of media you like: TV Shows, Movies, Books, Video Games, you name it! How will these clubs differ from regular discussion topics? The idea of these clubs is for a group of interested members to follow their selected piece of media together and discuss it as they progress, allowing everyone to remain on the same page and share their thoughts and opinions. Can I move ahead of the others in the club's chosen series/topic? If you just can't wait to see what happens next, you can certainly move ahead of the rest of the club; this is meant to be fun for everyone, and if you have fun bingeing, then go for it! However, since everyone else will be moving along at the same pace, we politely ask that if you choose to move ahead of the other club members, you refrain from posting spoilers until the rest of the club has caught up, or at the very least hide spoilers in the site's spoiler tags. This sounds great! Where can I find these clubs? Since this is a new feature, we will be starting out small with a club focused on a TV Show. If you are interested in joining, please visit the topic for the club here where we are currently deciding which TV Show we would like to start with. As we add more, you can find them in the Video Games & Media subforum. If you have any questions aside from the ones shown above, please do not hesitate to ask here, or PM any of the site mods who would be more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have. May your hearts be your guiding keys!
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    Hi :) I'm the seeker of hearts, nice to meet you :) I've been a fan of Kingdom Hearts ever since the first one in 2003. I had an account here a long, LONG time ago but because of personal obligations, I didn't have the time to visit. I'm hoping to spend more time with you guys this time and get to make friends :)
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    Amazon all the way.
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    So, I heard about this site through a podcast titled "The Ansem Report", which in turn, I found through a simple search on Spotify because I was craving anything Kingdom Hearts while at work, since I don't have time to play Union Cross while adulting, and simultaneously wishing I was at home streaming KH2. Kingdom Hearts is a big part of my life, and I don't know if I'd be the person I am today without Sora's huge amount of positivity and love for his friends somewhat motivating me to be a better friend and person in my own right. (Though a little Roxas pettiness/anger seeps out on the rare occasion someone does happen to get under my skin). Even if my positivity and me openly crying led my ex to break up with me last summer, but let bygones be bygones. Anyway, I haven't been part of a forum since around 2011, so I hope I can get back in the groove through KH13! Much love, Shaggy P.S. May your heart be your guiding key.
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    My favorite Spider-Man movies are... 1.) Spider-Man 2 (Sam Raimi) 2.) Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 3.) Spider-Man 1 (Sam Raimi) 4.) Spider-Man: Homecoming 5.) Spider-Man 3 (Sam Raimi) I haven't seen Spider-Man: Far From Home yet so I'll probably have to watch it this weekend. As for those two Amazing Spider-Man films I don't like them. I won't say they're the worst Spider-Man films, but I just don't care about them.
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    Gun should need to require maintenance. At least thats how i like to view guns in RPGs, lets not forget misfire chances from D&D. Plus misfire situations can create tension. But backfire situations can create an intense atmosphere. Cause then you cant use your gun and must rely on your others skills.
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    I had a smile on my face throughout the whole thing, definitely very much leaning-on-the-wall humour. Also "who wanted Winnie the Pooh back?" Thank you for the attack 😐
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    Learning ASL (American Sign Language) has been on my bucket list forever. I've seen how happy people are when another person shows that they can communicate using this, and I would love to be able to offer this as well. If this is for spoken languages only, though, I would love to learn Bulgarian. I already speak French, so I have no real need to learn any more languages. But one of my coworkers speaks Bulgarian and it sounds so cool. Japanese would be nice to learn too.
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    I had learned Japanese too, but I wasn't good at it and couldn't keep up with it very well. (See college story above; that was during my first ever Japanese class.) Even though I don't take any classes for it anymore, I still wanna keep up with Spanish, too! I really do love learning languages, even if I'm not really good at it. Something in my brain just doesn't click.
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    Jynn Venas-Coronation As Jynn heads into the hall, the crowd makes room for him to walk atop a red carpet, leading to the throne. Several people cheered him on, while others stayed quiet, possibly knowing the hardships he faced to get here. Jynn reaches the throne room, and he is greeted by an elderly fey. Almost as soon as Jynn approaches him, the elder opens his concealed hand, with a glowing object in the form of Shiva’s favorite flower. From what the elder says, this object will transform into something dear to the former prince’s heart, but what? Before Jynn places his hand over the object, he pauses, and recalls an important memory. A smile crept to Jynn’s lips before he finally places his hand over the object. The elder continues. “Will you, Jynn Venas of Kilkis Seres, solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of Arcana, and the dominions thereto belonging, according to the statutes in Parliament agreed upon, and the laws and customs of the same?" Jynn notices the silence among the audience, all awaiting his response. He pleads to these words. “I will.” The elder asks two more questions. “Will you to your power cause law and justice in mercy to be executed in all your judgements?" Jynn nods. “I will.”  "Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the divine laws of Arcana, the true scrolls and ancient texts established by law, and will you preserve unto the sages and clergy of this Realm, and to the shrines committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain unto them, or any of them?" Jynn nods again. “I will.” Upon those words, two tiny wings emerge between Jynn’s fingers. From the feel of the object, it has turned into a Pegasus in a cantering position.
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    When you were planning on some Wholesome as hell interactions in the Aquafolk party with the other characters but most of them went back to the Haven.
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    According to what Marluxia and Larxene just mentioned in KH3, there's something about The New Seven Hearts. Who are the other princesses of The New Seven Hearts? All I know is that there's Kairi, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna. Would it be possible if Moana, Merida and Tiana are the other princesses of the New Seven Hearts?
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    The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account tweeted two photos showcasing Sora in a brand new form called 'Double Form'. This form has Sora dual wielding both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion keyblades which are set to release alongside the upcoming Re Mind DLC in update 1.07! Additionally, the Japanese portal site for Re Mind has received a massive update with the 'Data Greeting', 'Slideshow Function' and 'Premium Menu' sections finally being filled in. The 'Data Greeting' menu has been revealed, with it showing off character avatars at the bottom of the screen. There are also what looks like backdrops you can choose from on the left. The 'Slideshow Function' shows off several photos that are able to be taken in the upcoming photo mode being added into Re Mind. Dream Eaters, Kairi, Aqua and other characters are all making appearances in this preview shot! The 'Premium Menu' has also received an informative screenshot that we are working on translating as soon as we can! We can certainly conclude that there certainly are many options to configure and choose from however. You can view all of these photos in the gallery above. Additionally, there is also a new screenshot of Sora performing an updated version of the 'Magic Flash' finisher ability. There are a variety of screenshots to translate and we will update this article when we have completed it all. Are you more excited for Re Mind now with these screenshots and if so, what additions in particular are you excited to try out? Let us know in the comments below! UPDATE: We have now translated the Re Mind portal site! The very top of the page reads "Another story which Sora did not know of. Reunite with friends met in the past and many more new features." Afterwards, we are greeted by the various sections all detailing specific additions in Re Mind! Firstly, the 'Additional Scenarios' section reads "This is the story behind the scenes during the climax. Sora, who traveled back in time before the final fight at the Keyblade Graveyard, follows the hearts of the Seven Guardians of Light and experiences what each guardian fought against." The 'Limit Cut Episode & Boss' section reads "You will be able to battle 13 bosses - Organization XIII members - in challenging fights. Use your guard to find openings for attacks to fight the toughest bosses." The 'Playable Character' section reads "It will now be possible to change to characters such as Riku, Aqua, Roxas and Kairi. In certain battles you will be able to perform attacks with your teammates." The 'Data Greeting' section reads "Choose characters and locations to take a photo of your liking. It will be possible to change expressions and poses for characters, allowing you to adjust anything." From top to bottom, this screenshot says -"Destiny Islands, Location 01" - "Main Characters " - "Please select a location for the photo." This second screenshot for 'Data Greeting' says "Dream Eaters" at the top of the menu. The bottom of the screenshot says "Please select an object to place". At the right of the screenshot, where we can see numbers, there appear to be certain limitations towards what you can place. You seem to able to place a total of 25 characters, 25 objects and 3 effects at any given time. Additionally, there is an option to use filters. This screenshot has them set to 'OFF'. The 'Slide Show' section reads "Photos can be played back as a slideshow along with music." The first screenshot above is in 'Edit' mode. The top right says "Select/deselect photos to use". The text at the bottom of the screenshot says "Please select a photo to change". This second screenshot of the 'Slide Show' section is in 'Preview' mode. The very top right of the screenshot says "Shuffle, Help, Change frame". The list on the left side of the screen from top to bottom says -"Play" -??? (We were not able to identify the text here) -"Change photos" -"Choose BGM" -"Save" -"Load" -"Exit" The 'Premium Menu' section reads "Many restrictions can be combined in Black Code for more enjoyment in battles. Score points can be obtained from defeating certain bosses. Your rank will increase depending on the points accumulated." From top to bottom, the list on the left of the screenshot says -"Default status" -"Zero Defense" -"HP slip" -"MP slip" -"No Shotlocks allowed" -"No cure" which is also highlighted on this screenshot, has text at the bottom saying "All forms of Cure can not be used by any team member." -"No battle items can be used" -"No links" -"No form changes/grand magics" [The game will not even prompt you to use those if this option is set to ON.] -"No attraction flow" -"No team attacks" It is worth noting here that these options can be turned 'ON' and 'OFF' at any given time. However, as Nomura said in his recent Famitsu interview, it will not be possible to access the Premium Menu at any given time. Additionally, there was no information on 'Fast Pass' shown in any of these screenshots. The achievements on the right side of the screenshot say -"Lump of Horror 1000P" -"Grim Guardianess 1000P" -"Chaos Carriage 5000P" -"King of Toys 1000P" No images were provided for the 'Secret Episode & Boss' section. There is only a statement reiterating that a secret episode and secret boss exist. Additionally, there are no screenshots for the 'English Voice Mode' section. This is an option exclusive to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind where Japanese players get the option to switch to English voices. No word on a 'Japanese' Voice Mode' for the global audience has been made. The bottom of the portal site summarizes the January updates releasing for Kingdom Hearts III. From top to bottom, this listed summary reads -"Free update version 1.07:" -"Update on main story" -"New abilities" -"Keyblades Oathkeeper and Oblivion + new forms (keyblades have requirements to obtain them)" -"Restrictions have been lifted for the Share function" Finally, the bottom of the page briefly details the Japanese exclusive custom theme that comes from pre-ordering Re Mind by February 24th JST. New information on this theme has been revealed today as well. Update 1.07 for Kingdom Hearts III can drop literally any time now and with Re Mind waiting in the wings, a plethora of Kingdom Hearts III content is about to unfold! What are you looking forward to the most in Re Mind? Let us know in the comments below! Credit to our team's Ryuji and Solis for their incredible translations! UPDATE (1/20/20): The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has recently released official English versions of the images on the Re Mind portal site, which are also now in much higher quality! You can view these images below. View full article
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    i image the most likely explanation is that there a limits to this ability like it only be done one at a time or it takes a lot of power to do, and perhaps they decided to focus on toy box as that was the one that could help fill out their numbers do remember though that the origination wanted sora to get stronger to find all the guardians and the seven new hearts were just back up so it was in their interest for sora to get as strong as he could and then take care of any dangers to the new hearts for them.
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    Hey all, It's that time of year again where I subject you all where I encourage you all to participate in the newest KH13 Pokemon Tournament! Consider it a back-to-school treat for all you netizens. As always, we shall be hosting it on the online simulator - Pokemon Showdown - which means, yep! No carts or consoles necessary! Just a pc/phone and an internet connection. It'll be hosted from the 1st September to the 8th September 2019 so that's just under a fortnight to prepare and we will be playing Gen 7 doubles OU and Z CRYSTALS WILL BE BANNED. SO DON'T TRY IT. IF YOU DO YOU'LL BE DISQUALIFIED. As always the bracket will be posted on challonge and will be updated ASAP, and I've put together a quick guide just in case you've never used Showdown before: To challenge a user, click on "Find a user", type their name, and click on challenge. AND DON'T FORGET, when you challenge someone showdown sets the format to random battles by default. Make sure you change it to Doubles OU like so: We have 0 spots currently available! Thank you all for your participation! DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO BATTLE EVEN AFTER RESCHEDULING YOU WILL UNFORTUNATELY HAVE TO SURRENDER Here's the bracket --> challonge.com/2oqzhi1o/ All I need from you guys are your: KH13 Username: Showdown Username: Time Zone: and that's all there is to it! Remember to post your replays here and Good Luck! List of Competitors:
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    Yeah I totally agree. I just played Days for the first time a couple months ago (before I had only seen the story cutscenes on 1.5). I went from not thinking much of the game, to it being like my second or third favourite in the series. Also Xion is best girl.
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    2 quid is good


    RANDOM SECTION Lmaoooo got you there didn't I RISE UP QUIDLINGS
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    Square Enix Merchandise @SQEX_MD_GOODS have revealed two new Bring Arts, Roxas and Xion, for the Kingdom Hearts line at their booth at San Diego Comic Con. You can view some shots of the figures below. View full article
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    Man only ten years later after her husband's death... may she rest in peace. She was wonderful as Minnie Mouse and will be dearly missed
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    Post a picture of yourself!

    Hi guys!!!! I miss you! lol So in my absence I have done a lot more cosplay How have you all been!? This is Lolita by the way! I may have rebranded myself lol You all look amazing as always by the way! I can't promise I will visit this site often but i'm always on Instagram if any old friends wanna catch up Seriously though I miss you guys! I wish I had time to visit this site more, but work and school must come first ^^
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    As the title suggests. The tutorial section at the beginning was actually set in the present. Everything from Sora's departure to Olympus, to the disastrous battle with Terra-Xehanort and the Demon Tide was a flashback. In fact, the seven hearts the voiceless narrator is referring to Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Lea, Aqua, and Ven. And the voiceless narrator could be Kairi's heart.
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    Overworld RP *COMPLETE*

    - Aurora Aeternum - Kilkis Seres Palace - Aura kept her head on Helios's shoulder from a few minutes, looking at the ceremony, but not paying any attention to it. She had a lot on her mind, after all. She would leave to the Northern lands, and Helios would stay, this made her a little sad, but she understood that both had things they wanted to do. She was going to live her life to the fullest, for Helios, for Henry, and for Aurion. Helios holding her hand brought her back to reality, he asked her to dance with him. Back when she was younger she had been interested in a boy a couple of years older than her, she wished for him to ask her to dance on the Spring Festival, but he was of a higher status and so he saw Aura as a simple peasant. He had broken her heart that night, doing something Aura would rather forget. But now? Helios had given her many reasons to trust him, to believe in him always, and so she took his hand and followed him to the dance hall. She was not a great dancer, but she was not bad either, she carefully followed Helios's lead, always watching his eyes. What he said to her made her give him the most sincere smile she had given to anyone. "Don't worry, one day I will reach the sky with you by my side. Our destiny forever intertwined." ----------------------------------- The battle to gain the right to claim, and use, the Source of All Life had been won, and the world below the Sea of Clouds was finally restored. Families were once again reunited with those who they had lost and went back to their homes, finding them just has they had been before The End. Not many would have the knowledge of how this came to be, only those involved, and, perhaps, those close to them. It was a time for celebration throughout all the Floating Lands and the World Below. A time to remember those who gave their lives to reach the legendary Overworld, those who gave their lives in the battle between the late queen of Kilkis Seres and the Lord of Mystras, all the unsung heroes that had been lost amid the chaos that was unleashed when humanity made their presence knew. This celebration was not for every citizen, though. Not for those families who had lost loved ones in the past couple of months. The coronation of the new king of Kilkis Seres filled many with joy, others with sadness, a few with anger. Some friends didn't managed to attend the celebration, others were there, enjoying the presence of familiar faces. Aurora Aeternum for example, she enjoyed her last day on the Land of Arcana by staying at her partner's side, talking and dancing throughout the night. The Northern Judges kept attempting to reach their home with an astral projection spell, but each time the spell was dispelled. This made both worry for the situation on the Northern Lands and so the next day after the coronation they, along with Aurora, were provided winged mounts to make the journey, leaving the Land of Arcana, their friends and loved ones, behind. Two days of travel with a few stops to rest was needed to reach the Northern Lands, to reach Heimdall the Divine City of Water. The sight that greeted the trio was not one they wished to see. The Cerulean Palace engulfed in flames and the royal soldiers forming barricades to prevent unauthorised people to get close. It was apparent that the castle, and parts of the city, had been under attack, as most people close to the palace had been evacuated further away as there were people still fighting inside. The Judge Magister and her two associates entered the fray, finding battle after battle in their attempt reach the throne room. Countless bodies laid scattered all around, some of foreign enemies, others of the personnel of the castle. It took great effort to reach the throne room, only to find the once fair ruler of the city sitting on her throne with her own spear sticking out her chest, and two figures standing in the stairs leading to said throne. The two figures were the Arcadian dragon judges, Faloan and Silnakin Apateon. The Judge Magister could clearly see that their objective, or at least that of Silnakin, was to retrieve the soul of the Tide Mother, only to be stopped by the sudden appearence of the trio. Asking about the whereabouts of the rest of the judges and the King of Kings, the Judge Magister learned from Faloan that they had been taken care off by the invaders, leaving only the four of them out of the thirteen from the Order. Before the elf could react, the dragoness launched her attack, only to be stopped by the Archangel's quick reaction, then Silnakin joined his sister. The fight went on for a while, ending in a stalemate as both sides had suffered severe wounds, and the trio was forced to retreat via a secret passage that led outside, only to be stopped by the Dragoness herself near the exit of the passage. The Judge Magister knew there was no way all of them could leave, and as a last resort, ordered the Archangel to escape with the human woman as both of them had a promise that they had to keep. The Dragoness allowed this to happen as her objective was the elf herself. Another fight broke up, a fight where the Faloan showed her true might as a dragon. The battle was long and difficult, but it was one that the Judge Magister knew she was going to be unable to win, her only wish was for her friends to get as far away as she could before her eventual fall. A powerful lightning spell was being directed towards the dragoness who was currently back in her humanoid form and pushing against it, slowly getting close to the tired elf until she was mere inches away "Behold the noble Dra'tul who wished peace and unity between those who were not meant to meet again. Here is your peace, by steel's swift descent." The elf felt pain when the dragoness used her sword to swat the hand that was being used to cast the spell, and quickly turned around holding said hand, but the intense pain that came next was even greater as the sword from the Dragoness pierced through her stomach, making her hold the blade with both hands while spitting blood. She was unable to move when the dragoness removed the sword in one swift move, her counciousness was beginning to fade into darkness, she could hear the dragoness behind her, but she couldn't make sense about what she was talking about. She did noticed that gravity was making her go forwards. The last thing she ever tasted was the taste of her own blood. The last thing she ever smelled was the scent of death and ashes all around. The last thing she ever felt was the hand of the dragoness on her back and being pushed forwards. The last thing she heard was the loud roar coming from the dragoness behind her. The last thing she saw was the floor getting closer and closer, but by the time the Judge Magister's body made contact with the floor her eyes had become dull. The battle around the city of Heimdall and inside the Cerulean Palace lasted until the next day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Divine City of Water, Heimdall - On the year 3220 of the Third Age, on the first days of summer, news about the attack to the City of Heimdall, and the assassination of the benevolent Tide Mother, had spread all over the North. "Today it is a sad day, it is a day of great loss, not only for those involved in the battle that transpired last night, but for those whose loved ones will be unable to see them once more. Last night, the city was attacked by a mysterious enemy, it was struck while its guard was down, unable to fully prevent the intense battle that happened. As everyone must have realized by now, the Tide Mother has passed away, her life cut short by one who she trusted with her life." With loud gasps, cries of terror, sorrow and surprise among the crowd, Faloan stepped down from the small podium and walked towards two guards who were holding a kneeling person whose head was covered with a black bag over their head. Faloan grabbed the piece of cloth while turning to look at the citizens of Heimdall, a look of anger on her face. "With great effort, and great losses, we managed to capture one of the people responsible for these events. Behold, the face of the one who took away the Tide Mother and your loved ones!" In one swift movement Faloan lifted the piece of cloth, revealing the face of who had attacked the city last night. More gasps of surprise could be heard among the populace, but some were followed by cries of anger and hate as the face of the culprit was revealed to be none other than the face of Eliltari Ar-feiniel. Her face had some clear signs of cuts and bruises, but it wasn't like those would make it unable to distinguish the face of a well known person in Heimdall. "Your eyes do not deceive you! This is no illusion, nor a mistake. Judge Magister Eliltari Ar-Feiniel is one of three people who were found in the throne room, hands still on the murder weapon. Alongside the Judge Magister there was another fellow judge, judge Sifrei "Ophaniel" Mond, son of Lucafriel Mond," Faloan said as she looked at the kneeling and silent form of Eliltari, "The third one, while unable to identify, was not a fellow fey, but a human. As you all know, creatures known as "humans" arrived after the land below the Sea of Clouds was destroyed, by the grace of the Tide Mother, the King of Kings and the rest of the esteemed rulers of the Northern Lands, we fey were tasked to help bring those humans to the Floating Lands, only for that help to be used to betray the goodwill of the Tide Mother." Faloan was walking from one side to the other, arms crossed close to her chest, before she stopped to address the crowd once more. "The one who had managed to convince the Tide Mother and the King of Kings to offer that help to the humans was none other that Ar-Feiniel herself! Probably with the plan to betray her already in her mind. Sifrei Mond and this human woman managed to escape from me and my brother, with only this one being captured. So," Faloan said as her eyes focused on everyone in front of her, "as of this moment, by the will of the few remaining Knights of the Round, I will take the role of Judge Magister, and I will sentence the traitor who took the Tide Mother away from all of her people." The Dragoness then took out a medium-sized crystal from under the silk cloth around her arms and showed it to the crowd. "For the attack at the city, countless soldiers' deaths, attack against fellow judges, and the successful attempt against the life of the Tide Mother, I, Faloan Apateon of Arcadia, Soul of the Desert Jewel, sentence you, Eliltari Ar-feiniel of House Eär, former Judge Magister, to have your soul taken from your mortal body, leaving you as an empty husk for the rest of your days and be unable to reach the other side of the Celestial Gate for eternity." Just as Faloan walked closer to the former Judge Magister, she finally began to try and move away from the Dragoness, her mouth making movements but no sound coming out, her eyes looked terrified, her face filled with terror just as Faloan stopped and crouched in front of her and the crystal touched her chest. "May your soul be forever out of the Pale Mistress' reach, and may you never be forgiven by the actions you committed against this city and its fair citizens. May your name be forever remembered as the name of a traitor to the North and the Tide Mother's trust," The former Judge Magister's eyes were wide and the look of terror only intensified as she tried to scream, her whole body struggling to move away from the strange crystal. A split second later the crystal began to glow, faintly at first, but glowing brighter and brighter with each passing second, and the body of the white haired elf stopped completely before it began to shake uncontrollably. This display was met with a few cheers, but mostly silence and horror, by the crowd. A minute or two later the body of Eliltari Ar-feiniel fell to the ground, unmoving, her eyes dull and lifeless, she was still breathing, but she was just an empty husk at this point. Faloan stood up, watching the crystal in her hand before turning around and showing it to the citizens of Heimdall. "As of this moment Heimdall will be under the rule of the Knights of the Round until a suitable, worthy successor is found, the same will happen for the city of Exire, or until the King of Kings is found, as they had no heirs," Faloan said to the crowd, "we will need time to restore the peace that was wrongfully taken away from you. You will have our full support, just as we, the Judges of the North, hope to have yours." Faloan waved at the two guards and they quickly picked the now souless body of Eliltari and took it away, There were many cheers among the crowd, tears and cries of pain too, but most of the people accepted the Arcadian Dragon as the new Judge Magister. The newly appointed Judge Magister turned around and looked towards the entrance of the palace were five silhouettes were standing, partially obsured by the shadows the walls casted over them, she recognized this group as the remaining Knights of the Round, her brother among them. "You can't change the world without a little pain," Faloan said to herself as a sixth silhouette in dark armor joined at her brother's side, "Come to us, Oh King, whom the myths sing of. The world will be ready for your inevitable arrival." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Divine City of Water, Heimdall - Cerulean Palace - Throne Room - It had been a few days since the attack to the city, the announcement and judgement of former Judge Magister Eliltari Ar-feiniel. It wasn't surprising that the populace had been very supportive of her taking the mantle as the new Magister, not after the events of that day. Judge Magister Faloan Apateon was staring at the empty throne inside the Cerulean Palace from below the stairs that lead to it, her dear cousin was now gone, just like her husband. She had done what half of the Order would be against of, and only the other half had been on her side. The path between worlds was now open, humans, a few of them, at least, now wandered the roads of the Floating Lands of Istrora. Some came to start a new life, a new beginning. Was this a mistake? She was not sure. Was she going to do something about? Only time could tell. For now, she would wait and see. She had all the time in the world. "What a strange sight, isn't it? To realize that the dear Tide Mother is no longer among us and the King of Kings is nowhere to be found. May the Pale Mistress bless their souls and lead them to the Afterlife," the voice of a hooded person behind Faloan said. "what are you to do but take care of the citizens of Heimdall and Exire for the time being," "It is quite alright, Aucran, the citizens will be safe. And my dear cousin got what she deserved." Faloan answered. "Did she now? Word in the shadows tell of another reason. Something relating to-" "To what do I owe a visit from the Unspeakables this late into the night, Aucran?" Faloan said to the individual, interrupting them, "You DO realize that if someone were to see you here it would mean you would be arrested on the spot, interrogated and-" "Your concern is appreciated, Judge Magister, but worry not, no one will know we are here. As to the reason for our visit, well, a little bird told us about an interesting individual who recently arrived to our fair land from Arcana," Aucran said, a small smile could be seen in their face with what little moonlight illuminated the throne room, "An individual who, by all means, should have been exiled to the Underlands by orders of the recently crowned King of Kilkis Seres. You should know this person, or at least his name." "And, pray tell, who is this person from Arcana who should be interesting to us?" Faloan asked. "An elven man by the name of Yevgeni Malachite, illegitimate child of the late King Alexander and a peasant woman by the name of Isadora Malachite from the town of Semnar, half brother of the late queen Shiva de la Alexandria and uncle of the current king, Jynn Venas," Aucran said matter-of-factly, "I like to think that he was feeling nostalgic, or maybe he was trying to find a place to hide for the time being. His grandmother was happy to oblige, at least. In any case, you can do what you please with this information, Milady. I wish you a good night of rest." The moment Faloan turned around to see this mysterious individual, they were completely gone. It was as if she had been alone the whole time. Yevgeni Malachite, the man who had been capable of detroying the world below by some unknown mean, before it being restored by the Dra'tul and her group. It would be an advantage to have such an individual close, and Faloan was not going to miss that chance. It wasn't strange for the judges to leave at random hours of the day/night so no one really questioned when the Judge Magister left on "important business". - Semnar: Gate of the Frozen Wastelands - It had been a few days of constant travel, but why walk rather than fly? no one would really know how to answer that question. The new Judge Magister had arrived at the early hours of the morning to the last town before the Frozen Wastelands, the town of Semnar, a few people were already up and getting ready to begin their daily routines, crops had to be tended, after all, one would think that such a feat would be impossible on such a place, but magic was a handy thing, even to those who could only use lower level spells to help tend to their crops. Some recognized the Judge Magister, some others didn't, which was fine to Faloan, it was better that way. Asking for pointers and directions to the residents of the town, she managed to find her destination, a cottage close to the middle of town. Her steps were calm and without hesitation, slowly she walked towards the front door and knocked, it was time to wait for the one she was looking for. A couple of minutes later, the voice of a man told her to wait for a moment, and when the door opened, a gentle smile formed on her pale lips. "Good morning, Yevgeni Malachite, my name is Faloan Apateon, Soul of the Desert Jewel, Judge Magister, head of the Knights of the Round and I've got a proposition for you."
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    It's A keyblade of the Realm of Light, not THE keyblade. There are keyblades of light and dark, Mickey's is the counterpart to Sora's. Sora's keyblade also doesn't transcend time, Xion's keyblade was a sham, as Riku put it. Beyond that keyblades are defined by keychains, which are in turn defined by hearts. Aqua was able to wield a Destiny's Place after she met Kairi, but it wasn't Kairi's keyblade. So even if Xion's keyblade became a "true" keyblade when she self actualized it would still look like Sora/Roxas' because her heart is defined by Sora's memories. Keyblades also aren't locked to a specific wielder. Anybody can hold one, but if the wielder is conscious it can be summoned back to them. A keyblade can still be separated from the user, like when Aqua used hers to save Terra. Sora also uses Riku's keyblade during the final fight with Xemnas in KH2. Keyblades also don't "die" with their user, when Eraqus died his keyblade was left on the ground All Kingdom Key is, is Riku's keyblade, which became Sora's keyblade when it deemed Sora a stronger hearted individual. While it might change with future info from KHUX or something, as it stands Sora's keyblade isn't exceptional. And the keyblade probably won't leave him because it's iconic and marketable
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    I’m torn between wanting to know more about the plot, gameplay and stuff, and wanting more cryptic nonsense. It’s a beautiful feeling when you look at something and have absolutely no idea what’s going on. A release date would be nice, though.
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    I've decided to make a combo video from various points of KH3 that I think weren't too bad.
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    Rate Kingdom Hearts 3

    In that case, I don’t think you truly understand Kingdom Hearts after all. I’m all up for Sora being mature, but not the levels of NNNHHH SO HARDCORE “mature”. As for the topic, I give it 8.6/10.
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    I would probably rate the game 7 out of 10. I certainly didn't hate it, and it was fun to play, but it was definitely not my favorite KH game, and not in my top favorite games of all time, either. Gameplay: fun, interesting, and the worlds were more expansive than before with more to do. I honestly loved the addition of Lucky Emblems, because I felt that it rewarded exploration and gave an incentive to truly study and appreciate each world. I really enjoyed the combat system as well, though the attractions were very much overkill in my opinion. Story: was poor, in my opinion, and this is chiefly why I am giving KH3 such a low rating. There was so much potential for so many plots and characters and I feel that they failed in many areas. My main qualms are Kairi falling into the damsel in distress cliche AGAIN, time travel, alternate realities, and Xehanort suddenly becoming the victim. I felt that much of the reunions between characters was also weak and rushed. Overall, there was nothing memorable about KH3's plot for me, and I felt that they undid some of the strong writing that existed in the earlier games. Graphics: Gorgeous. I loved the visuals of each world, and the cutscenes were just amazing. Definitely have no complaints here. In sum, it was really the story that disappointed me. I wasn't expecting anything amazing, but I feel that, despite KH3 being in development for so many years, the game was still rushed and it stood out.
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    It has just been announced by the official Kingdom Hearts Facebook and Twitter accounts that Kingdom Hearts III's Critical Mode will be released tomorrow, April 23rd, as a free update! Tetsuya Nomura's message is as follows: In the official Japanese Twitter for the game series, Nomura specifies that the update will be released on April 24th in Japan (JST). You can read the translation by Goldpanner below. UPDATE [Apr 23, 2019]: The Square Enix website has been updated with technical information concerning two upcoming Kingdom Hearts III updates, Update 1.04 and 1.05, and has stated the time of release as 11 AM JST on April 24th (7PM PST on April 23rd), although it seems that 1.05 will be downloadable at a slightly later time. Update 1.04 will contain the Critical Mode updates and some more changes as detailed below; Update 1.05 will implement changes such as carrying over Keyblade from previous game clear data on starting a new game, and increasing the Gummiphone's photo capacity to 200. Read the details below for more information. The Critical Mode is the hardest difficulty for Kingdom Hearts games offered to only a select number of games in the series. This difficulty for Kingdom Hearts III was first announced by co-director Tai Yasue at the 2019 Game Developers Conference last month. Yasue stated that Critical Mode in Kingdom Hearts III would be more than just a value change, referring to the HP, MP, and damage output of Sora, his allies, and the game's various enemies. He also said that Critical Mode is "more technical and offensive," and will be geared toward those who are "good at action games" and at "timing their attacks". He stated that the skill required will change the way that players will play the game. UPDATE [Apr 23, 2019]: According to the website Automaton Media's sources, Critical Mode will include halved HP and MP values, reduced Situation Command and Grand Magic frequency, and new Critical Mode-exclusive abilities. In addition, more abilities will be available at the start of the game, and players with a completed save file will be able to carry existing items and Keyblade upgrades into a new save file, in a fashion similar to a "New Game Plus" feature. UPDATE [Apr 23, 2019]: Square Enix have confirmed that Update 1.04 will release in the West at the same time as in Japan! It will release on April 23 AT 7 PM PT/10 PM ET, and on April 24 at 2 AM UTC. The Critical Mode was recently featured in a 13 minute video on the official Square Enix Japanese YouTube channel. Check it out below. View full article
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    I'm definitely going to play it. But I'm also thinking I should wait for the other DLC's before I play Kingdom Hearts 3?
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    I need to say Kairi, but I don't know if I can realy blame her. As a character (like, personality) she was good, but man, the writers just really dropped the ball with her.
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    With Kingdom Hearts III releasing so soon, it's time that we set up a spoiler policy. This policy will be in effect from the moment Kingdom Hearts III releases in Japan, right up until March 31, 2019. We'll keep you posted on that, but for now, here's our current policy: A spoiler is any kind of information/picture/video about the game that was not officially released before the release of the game. This includes but is not limited to: Anything new in terms of major story/plot points Any new gameplay elements which play a significant role in the story (i.e. storyline bosses) The game's ending, epilogue, & secret video Our rules regarding spoilers: Your avatar, cover photo, signature and user title MUST NOT contain any spoilers whatsoever. Status updates MUST NOT contain any spoilers whatsoever. Topic titles MUST NOT contain any spoilers whatsoever. If you are using the PM system, please be mindful that your partner may not want to hear spoilers. Generally, you MAY NOT post any spoilers in topics, statuses or posts. However, if either of the following conditions are met, then you are allowed to: You are allowed to post spoilers within "spoiler tags". This is used by posting[spoiler]spoiler here[/spoiler]which will output Our Moderating Team will be monitoring KH13.com extensively to ensure our forums are a safe place for you to discuss Kingdom Hearts III without being exposed to unmarked spoilers. Please help us out by reporting any posts across the site which do not meet the above mentioned guidelines. Follow the rules, don't break them (if you want your posting privileges to remain ) and have fun reading our Kingdom Hearts III coverage!
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