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    I wanted to add this to the discussion thread but I saw it was locked, hopefully this is the best way to do this. I've been using the forums for almost four years now and I just want to say that overall the new update is great. It also adds stuff that I thought was a pipe dream (liking statuses for example). I just want to put forward a few suggestions however, my number one being the Discord linked threads specifically the General thread. That channel is essentially the reincarnated KH13 chatroom, (which had a few dedicated users). I really don't think that the post count for users should be increased for posting things that would break the rules of the forum if they were posted here. I think the linking thing is great, it really increases some more cohesion between the site and the chat but I do feel that some quality control should happen too. Like for example, I have faaar too many posts but how many of them are idiotic one liners that are more suited to Random than the Lounge? Basically all of them. If the post count could be turned off there that would be great. My other sorta nitpick is something that I know the admins and mods don't really like, but it's a feature that a lot of the users really miss; status updates. I know they're still there, but lets compare what someone who knows about the site has to do to get a similar status updates feature now compared to pre-update; - Go to the social tab (which is FILLED with discord posts) - Filter out the content by status updates - Save it as a new stream - Rinse and repeat every time you want to see statuses It doesn't seem like a lot, and honestly having to go through all this to access just status updates wouldn't bother me so much if we still had a few on the sidebar. They encourage a lot of user interaction, and honestly almost all of my friendships were made over the statuses. I know the mods are worried about statuses replacing discussion, but if the discord hasn't done that yet then what harm can statuses do? The truth is statuses were really mostly used between friends or acquaintances to meme about and have a bit of fun. Now that they're so invisible we see no interaction and that's a little sad, it was such a cool feature of KH13. I know of one user who even managed to collab with a youtuber because of the status feature. It's essentially a mini version of twitter on the site and it was fun to talk to people who you otherwise wouldn't because they posted something visible. If you look at the most recent statuses now, there is NO interaction and that's not because of lower activity, it's because they've been hidden. I've made my case against what I feel is the one reason why statuses have been downplayed, and I hope it's one that's good enough. If we really can't have them on the front page again, then honestly a separate tab JUST for statuses would be super nice too. Also Please bring back Square Avatars!
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    2 quid is good

    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    The only annoying thing about the forums is the ten second cool down between posts. Good for long form discussions though
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    So KH3 Never mind I'm on the wrong side of the glass here
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Nomura just needs to write Kairi the RIGHT way
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    yea without Kairi sora wouldn't have made it out of the whole final world stuff
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    Big agree. I miss them a lot, and I partially owe my relationship to status and chat tab, which I feel says something about how it brought people together Also, maybe we could toggle between square and circle? Like, whatever you choose is how you see people's avatars
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    They definitely were cool pretty much how I met a lot of people here as well or had a lot of discussions since they were still out in the open to be seen and used
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    teh lazy prince Xylek

    General Chat

    quid dumb study now
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    They really listened @Darkfire1408
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    According to data assembled by NPD, North American sales of Kingdom Hearts III have exceeded the sales of any other games in the series, making in the best-selling game in the franchise in the country since the first game released in September 2002. Kingdom Hearts III has also been ranked the best-selling game of 2019 in the United States for the period ending March 2019. In Japan, Kingdom Hearts III has sold over 795,473 copies, and seems to be the best-selling game of 2019 in the country so far. Back in February, Kingdom Hearts III became the fastest selling game in the series, with over 5 million copies shipped in its first week of international release. Click here to read more statistics on the game! View full article
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    Critical mode really gave life to the game and the challenge we wanted to i'm really enjoying it even if i died 2-4 times in Olympus (I didn't even finished it yet and i have a long way to finish it) Square really listened!!
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    That's alright, Vaude and Mystic. Hope you had fun, Mystic. Depends on the Sage and Organization member really. For example, given Dow's personality, he'd likely spend most of his time positioning himself as an advisor to Gestahl so he's likely to appear once they reach the Imperial Palace. Yeah, you can use NPC's throughout the story.
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    The Transcendent Key


    But at any rate, the possibility of Sora going dark in a very twisted way is an exciting prospect to me! Cuz even the purest of souls have a dark side to them.
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    This Or That!

    Going to the store. I absolutely hate ordering online. I like it when I can properly see and feel whatever I’m buying before making the purchase. Early mornings or late nights?
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    Blue Rays are bigger than you think. To the point that most companies don't even remove unused/cut stuff from them because there's so much space in there it's just more convenient to leave it in. Disc space limitations are in the past, and with day one patches now being the norm the problem doesn't subsist at all.
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    Because Dream Eaters suuuuck 😜 Really though, I haven't played it and probably never will, for gameplay reasons. Can't hate something I never played, but I can certainly abstain from playing something I don't like the look of.
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    Agree completely, I've been thinking this too. If they are given a separate story from the main one, it's no different from a Disney story.
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    FF characters shouldnt be cameos.

    I really don’t get Nomura’s argument that there were too many other characters to focus on. Just treat the FF characters as if they were Disney characters. We didn’t need to have Elsa, Hercules, or Woody in the game either.
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    To me it felt weird that when Mickey and Riku went to Radiant Garden, they did not even think to find Leon and the gang. It makes me wonder what happened when Ansems apprentices returned. Leon and co were running things inside Ansems castle. Were they just thrown out once the apprentices returned? Regardless of whether or not they were necessary to the plot, it just seemed like bad writing to me and didn't make much sense. Even though I wanted to see everyone in KH3, I would have been ok with them just mentioning them saying at least "Leon says hi and hopes you're staying out of trouble."
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    ^I'm all of this, and that to me it felt like fangirl pandering. That would explain certain plot decisions. I don't hate that Lea got a Keyblade, I like him, but it was obvious fan-service. Dude was originally going to be killed off "for good" (though, that probably wouldn't have lasted). Kairi was probably always going to get one, since it was planned before KH2 in order to be in KH2. Yeah, they took a while to get to her training, but she received it in 2. Why couldn't we have Kairi and Lea training in this game instead? I'm probably wrong, and just being salty, but that was feeling the game gave me 6/7 years ago thattoenjjoythisgameyoumustbeasorikufan
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    Off the top of my head, the reasons people dislike it include but are not limited to: Story standpoint: - time travel as a major series plot point (as opposed to it being contained in a single world's plot) - "Why can't people that die just stay dead?" - more "everybody gets a Keyblade" Characters: - "Why is Sora so DUMB?" Gameplay: - having to take care of Dream Eaters, especially for Abilities - balance These are the handful of reasons I've seen people dislike it.
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    There's always the slight chance that maybe the game actually had issues, and a negative reaction might be justified after applying critical thinking, and that "just enjoy it" mentalities lends itself to nothing but blind consumerism. Or, you know, haters gonna hate. Whichever you prefer.
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    It kinda reeks of lazyness to me to be honest . I really don't like the "they're not needed" arguement either, cause you could make that argument with a lot of things that are already in KH3, but they thought of some ways to include them anyway. Heck, some of the original characters are not really needed, but with things like the time traveling plot made them needed anyway. We did not really need like at least half of the original organization come back but since people like them alot they found a way to include them. Heck, characters like Axel were supposed to stay dead but came back cause he was a fan favorite. Whether you see it as contrived or not there are ways to make characters "needed" and heck Kingdom Hearts does not shy away from being contrived, especally recently. It would not hurt to have a few more. It's really not that hard either, like mentioned they could of had some as party members like Auron in KH2. As a person that has never played Final Fantasy yet and as such much more invested in the Disney side than the Final Fantasy side, I can understand everyone's irritation and am quite irritated myself cause I know if it was the other way around with Disney being barely present I would be pretty angry to say the least. (I also hate when people criticize these things and people claim they are not real fans and they don't care about the original characters enough or something. Like you can care about more than one thing and you can still love the franchise while criticizing it's many faults. I'm still super excited for this game and I'm sure I'll still enjoy it a lot, but there are a lot of things that are a bit of a downer)
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