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    Finally Got it!

    after 3 months of avoiding spoilers like the plague I finally got it now the question is should I play on Standard or Proud? and no Critical is not an option right now, I have beaten kh2fm on critical twice but still this is a new game I want to experience it easily
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    Simply put, personally I agree with many of your points. I don't think post count should count towards discord topics, while it's nice for people who care about that sort of stuff, I agree with you that if it's a random forum-esque post, it should be treated like one and not be put towards someone's overall content count. As for the social tab and statuses I pretty much agree with you there too, in fact I feel like the social tab being drowned with posts from discord extends beyond statuses too though, regular forum topics and posts get easily pushed down because of it too. Now here's where I disagree: I don't think any of us were ever worried about statuses replacing actual discussion, so it was never something admins or mods disliked, in fact I think it was a great way to prompt larger discussions from taking place, so again I'm for tweaking them in such a way that they're given the focus they had pre-update. As for square vs circle I feel like that really comes down to personal preference. While I prefer square myself, I can also live with circle, and for me it's not a deal breaker lmao. All in all, I would just say we're always open to feedback and it's great that you guys are voicing it. Trust that we've brought some of these things up in the past ourselves, but also understand with the discord and forum bridge there are still a lot of kinks we're working out.
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    Totally agree! I might end up getting all three xD. They’re adorable and they would make great gifts too! Wish there were some love for the unversed flood and dusk nobody though. 😮
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    Finally Got it!

    well I already started on standard mode so well I guess next playthrough
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    Small, but I so want to get it regardless XD I'm probably going to try to preorder the Meow Wow.
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    One hundred percent where I stand on this ^^^^ Remember, staff are also members too and we also like and dislike things too lol Avi's are just not a huge deal either way, but I am also not sure with this new site if it's something he can change or not. As for status's I would love for them to be apart but once again like Wakeless said we are working on the discord/forum bridge so hopefullly this can be possible but can't make promises until or if we figure it out. It's ultimately up to Daniel as he's the Webmaster. I am glad you liked the awards - they were my idea and he has never said why they were down @DChiuch
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    So tomorrow is my birthday. Yay. owo
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Kairi looks good with long hair
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    ...I also preferred Kairi's KH2 hair as well
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    I was attached to the original 5, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy
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    Dope t-shirts! I'm definitely going to buy some!
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    They just flattened the most-used 3D models in all the ads and put them in uninspired design configurations. Hot Topic level stuff...
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    Felicia Novita

    Post a picture of yourself!

    It's been a while! Well, the latest photos are probably my photos during my trip at Japan a month ago. Both were taken at Square Enix Cafe in Osaka (Photo 1) and Akihabara (Photo 2). Last month Japan was still cold, tho.
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    HMK, One time you flushed your copy of Paper Mario Sticker Star down the toilet. Because of our equal feelings on the game, I followed to do the same. Since then, my entire plumbing system has been completely clogged and unfunctional. Due to this problem I had to call a team of plumbers to assess the situation. (In fact, one of them looked like Mario, but I digress) So far they haven't found the source of the problem, which I believe to be my Sticker Star Cartridge. So in conclusion my question is this: Have you had similar problems with your plumbing system since your copy of Sticker Star was flushed? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.
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    Now to get my post count OVER 9000 ^.^
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    This is so tough. Obviously the reunions, but "You're too late" would've for sure been it if we didn't see it in the trailers. I remember it hurting when I saw it on the E3 livesteam. At that point in the story, we and the protagonists knew that Aqua was stuck and needed help, and that we needed to help her. Seeing her "fall" to darkness was sad because it mean we failed.
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    For me, It’s gotta be that moment in the epilogue when it’s the 358/2 crew on the clock tower & isa shows up with the ice cream & joins them along with hayners group. Idk why but that was the most satisfying & emotional moment for me besides the very end of the epilogue
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