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    UPDATE! The rest of the trip went smoothly and I met a couple cast members who LOVED my KH hoodie and asked me where I got it (which was Disneyworld actually lol) and one really shy guy who was behind me in line for almost 20 min before he like blurted out really quickly 'I like your back pack!' before clamming right back up again! Tried to talk a little more with him but he was very shy. I love finding them at Disney, and others representing in the parks. It was a good day
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    Hi! About Verum Rex, I have a doubt: Magia looks like a hybrid of Prompto and Ardyn.He performs magic attacks ,according to Rex and Verum Rex trailer. Aegis is a defenisive type guy and loks like a hybrid of Gladio and Ignis and uses a halberd . Who is the main villain of the game? The unnamed girl looks like a hybrid of Stella and Kairi.Which is her role in the game?
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    I don't think they've mentioned it at all about a villain for Verum Rex if that's what you are asking... we may get an answer in the next game... or we'll theorize XD
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    I also love how Kairi is crying, almost as if she knew what was going to happen
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    I might re-visit the DS and 3DS versions, you can't go wrong with some of the cut content that wasn't in the movies like Saix and Roxas' fight, the Organization masking Xion and Roxas as Heartless in a way to get them to take down each other and Axel intervening and stopping them from taking each other out.
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    What is your favorite Jim Henson property?
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    I’m thinking it’ll be equal parts creative as it’ll be traumatizing. XD
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    Thats just rude especially bevause they probably knew that you could hear them
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    The Video Game Theory

    Ooh, I love meta-narratives in fiction when they're done right (a la Bravely Default/Second and Undertale/Deltarune), so I'd be very excited if some of this were true. I first heard something akin to this theory during this discussion by TFS Gaming (I tried to find the exact time but was unable to, it's brought up by Kirran sometime in the middle of the video) but haven't heard much since. An interesting point in the doc is the theory that MoM is trying to start a "new game". This instantly made me think of the last scene of the epilogue, when Youth in White mentions a "new game he heard about". Very peculiar. If KHUx could update with more than 5 missions every month we might get some answers to this eventually.
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    While I do respect everyone's opinions about whether they dislike something or hate something. But man I can't stand people who hate something that they want to trash it right in front of them. To me those guys are just jerks who tried to get under people's skin so they can make themselves feel better. But that's okay because I bet there's some people in Disneyland who loves Kingdom Hearts that you haven't met yet.
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    Well, I went to Disneyland yesterday for my senior high school trip, and I’m glad I didn’t get treated this way. In fact, I met a few fans who complemented my KH hat (the one in the profile pic).
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    Post a picture of yourself!

    Its been a while
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    Finally got this uploaded onto my own little art corner of this forum.
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    Because FFVIIR trailer happened.
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    Been working on this, not sure if it's looking right. Sora never seems to look right when I draw him, but that always could just be me.
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    I hope it does. It’s kinda sad that no one can remember the main character of the highest grossing film of all time.
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    Having come back from just seeing it, undoubtedly.
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    I hope we don't have to pay an expensive price for the DLC.
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    Thanks and glad you enjoyed the chapters. I wanted this arc to be the point where the reader might go "well, this story was fine to begin with, but now it's really good." Though whether or not it will reach that point is yet to be seen. As for FFIX, that's good to hear, because that particular game will have some major presence within the story.
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    One for Iris. Next character will be Sora.
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    the results will be interesting
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    I certainly believe it will. Considering how well Infinity War did, this only has the potential to surpass it. Combine that with the record-breaking ticket sales, and it's absolutely looking like their most profitable work yet. That said, in the future, I think they are bound to release a film that does even better at the box office, especially with the acquisition of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. I think they've ended up proving that superhero fatigue isn't much of a threat, and long-form storytelling is likely going to be their goal for the next few phases, as well, so I don't think they are in any danger of losing steam any time soon. I'm personally hoping for an adaptation of the Secret Wars storyline at some point in the upcoming phases, since that's an event on a similar scale to Civil War (both the comic and the film) and the Infinity storyline (mostly the two films, but also the comics). The big events are what get the most people into the theaters, so I am willing to bet that they won't break from the formula of releasing one every few years. Along those same lines, I also wouldn't be disappointed by an adaptation of Secret Invasion, but given how Captain Marvel's version of the Skrulls ended up, it would take a lot of work in a setup film to get to that point.
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    KH General Chat

    i liked DDD
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    2 quid is good

    KH General Chat

    See ^ ? I think it's meh at best
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