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    I know many of you might be tired of hearing the topic about "Marvel in Kingdom Hearts", but after seeing the movie "Avengers: Endgame" (which was, as Stan Lee used to say, "EXCELSIOR!!!"), I couldn't avoid to notice certain "similarities" with the final act of "Kingdom Hearts 3". (For those who haven't seen the movie, maybe you prefer to avoid reading this). Check this out: + In both stories, we have time travel involved; and in both cases, the bad guys take advantage of it to reach their final objective. Like Xehanort's counterpart, Thanos travel to the present from the past; although in a different way. + In both stories, one of the goals of the main characters is to bring back "fallen fellows". Sora and the others try to bring back characters Roxas, Ventus, Aqua y Terra; while the Avengers try to bring back half of the erradicated universe. + Both stories turn around powerful artifacts. The Avengers try to recover the Infinity Gauntles and its Gems, while Xehanort's quest is around the X-Blade. In both stories, in the end, a hero use the artifact to put an end to the fight, once and for all. + Both stories have the horrible sacrifice of one a female character. In KH3, Xehanort sacrifies Kairi to get what he wants; similar to how Thanos sacrified Gamora in "Infinity War", and later Black Widow sacrified herself. (Why it had to be the only woman from the original team?). + At the very end of both stories, a hero makes the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone (or almost everyone). In KH3, Sora sacrifies himself to bring Kairi back; in "Endgame", Tony Stark sacrifies himself to put an end to Thanos and his army, once and for all. Interesting, don't you think?
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    Yep! Now just wait to see all the Banjo and Duck Hunt grudge matches that'll ensue! XD
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    Can't wait to play as Roxas and a little more as Riku when the DLC comes.Remind has a Endgame vibe too.
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    Thats great i agree finally i will get to know the story full without having to wait months before an update if this isnt the first part of more that is
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    Thanks for showing this to us, Aquaberry! I think it's awesome that Game Central Station is now a world in the KH series! Who would've thought?
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    *downloaded/screencaps many good references for Tifa, Aerith, Sonia, Nessa and Zelda* welp, time to do some fan art. OwOb
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    2 quid is good

    Rate Kingdom Hearts 3

    Super succinct and exactly how I feel. If I was to rate KH3 as a standalone title it would be an 8/10 simply due to those production values. However KH3 was promised to be a conclusion to this saga, and what we received was far from that. I give it a 6/10 and that won't change, simply because I value the story over the gameplay in KH as a whole, and the story here was worse than recoded imo. Recoded may have contributed nothing of value to the series overall but in itself its not a bad plot, actually its quite decent. If it weren't for the fact that it's essentially a rehash of KH1 it wouldn't be so bad. KH3 on the other hand completely disregards much of what came before it, which is much worse than not affecting the overall story like Recoded. It's also just... Not very good.
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    I am honestly really excited for Smash Ultimate! It's gonna bring the biggest roster in the series yet, but just because it brings back old timers, I hope that this doesn't mean that we won't get newcomers, cuz I wanna see new faces among the sea of already beloved characters! So here's hoping we get a few surprise character reveals!
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