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    Hottest kh guy

    I would say Terra, who do you guys think?
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    Fan Art Chat

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    Online games weren’t a thing when I was growing up.
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    What genre of games do you prefer playing on PC?
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    I don't play PC much but I tend to have RPGs, point and click/visual novels, but if I did it more it'd have probably everything XD
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    I just got off of a video talking about dead MMORPGs XD I remember wanting to get into Club Penguin or Webkinz but it costed money which my parents wouldn't allow me. I did manage to get a Rescue Pets account, which is kinda similar but not really... I do remember ToonTown commercials and it scared me a bit as a kid XD. Didn't hear about Maple Story or Runescape until later in life
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    I went from Neopets to Runescape, to MapleStory. MS was probably both my favorite and biggest waste of time all in one.
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    Story really sells me, even if it looks like someone's first project out of college I'd play it just for that story... or watch someone. Kinda how I got into Metal Gear Solid series and the Devil May Cry series. I saw them on top ten lists way back in middle school and now they're my favorites. Kingdom Hearts Days sold me on the story alone, even though back then I thought it was cruddy graphics XD Still love it to this day XD
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    The events of Toy Box are definitely canon within the Toy Story franchise. However I think this is just a freeze frame bonus, a shout out to Kingdom Hearts but nothing linked to the plot.
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    well all the ones youve listed there are the one that are up in the air (bar camera and motion) i dont think you can really anticipate any of it you never know what theyre gonna focus on
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    Hottest kh guy

    *Sweats in bi* It's not Sora I swear! N-not Kairi either! Okay, yes. And also Roxas. and Ventus. and Xion. um. Yeah, something is wrong with me?? They're just too gorgeous damnit! and young xehanort. and young eraqus. and aqua. and riku. and namine. and vanitas. I'm terrible lol
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    Hottest kh guy

    Lea/Axel or Riku, hands down. Especially with KH3's HD Kingdom Shader style.
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    Well you don't even technically need the source ( but here ya go below ) since it's obviously not canon when Xaldin dies by Vexen clones and Repliku survives.These are a few of many things that directly contradict what really happens in the games. Not to mention Nomura just mostly gives them permission to write them but does very little if any work on them himself. I think he gives them stuff like the basic concepts. Novels are usually way more accurate than the manga however. He even talks about contradicting game canon. Nomura himself : I want there to be manga and short stories about Organization XIII before they were Nobodies, like those of Roxas’s time afterwards with Hayner and company. Nomura: First of all, considering manga and short stories, since they’re made when the author’s requests, saying ‘I want to write this’, this isn’t the place to ask for them. Therefore, there’s a possibility if that opinion comes from the writer’s side of it. However, it is dangerous because what is drawn upon in future games may end up conflicting with it. Because of that, if they decide not to do those parts of the game, then maybe it’ll happen.
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    Exactly .Especially when/if they contradict in game content like some of them do which is why they aren't considered canon .Although sometimes they contain added material that ends up in game later on but until it does end up in game( or confirmed in interviews with Nomura) it's not canon .
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    Believe what you want if it makes you feel better but it still isn't canon .
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    None of the novels are canon . This has been confirmed .
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    Manga and Novels aren't canon .
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