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    with out wishing to ruin the spirit of the poll, all of the above
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    https://www.deviantart.com/soraiko-san Higher res

    © SoraikoSan

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    ocean's rage

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    the former
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    Kairi - Kingdom Hearts III

    Pencil portrait I drew of Kairi from the E3 Kingdom Hearts III trailer.

    © Soboz

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    I honestly don't care for a game's graphics. As long as the story and gameplay are good, I'll be sold on whichever game I'm interested in! Story is definitely the one factor I prioritize the most, since I'm not really a multiplayer kind of gamer. I prefer to experience single player adventures, ya know? So when a game has an amazing story, you can bet I'll love the heck out of it! And if the gameplay and music are amazing, then that's a hell of a plus!
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    May I just say this is beautiful, it's absolutely breath taking, honestly.
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    I love all of them, but the one I'd have to say that I love the most is Iron Fist. I've always loved the character and have always been interested in the mythos and design of the character in general, so seeing that he finally had his own show made me excited! It's awesome!
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    Since Marvel decided to place all of their shows on Netflix, and since the final season of Jessica Jones was released, we decided to ask you guys what your favorite Netflix Marvel show is!
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    What's your favorite type of battles in Pokemon?
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    He Lives In You from the musical and LK2 is a pretty good one, I feel like it definitely suits the movie's themes, aesthetics, and overall vibe the best compared to all the other songs, which are still great.
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    Just wanna point out something. I enjoy many songs in this like Can’t Wait to be King and the Circle of Life. But I really enjoy Be Prepared (particularly he movie version not the soundtrack). Fun little thing I noticed is that this is the perfect song for Xehanort and his Organization. One, they are preparing for the war. Second, both Scar and Xehanort are Earth Benders and raise mountains high enough to reach the sky.
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    There are many worlds, but they share the same sky—one sky, one destiny I love that quote!!!
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    Online games weren’t a thing when I was growing up.
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    Like really after seeing this. TS4 would a perfect world in he next KH game. You got the road to the carnival at the beginning The carnival itself and the surrounding area and the Antiques Store.
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    Glad you like some of the stuff in this chapter. However, I can't guarantee that this will be an isolated incident with Stitch.
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    Neopets! But webkinz a big favorite of mine as well
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    And especially with the other members now being more important to the plot with the whole *spoilers* revealed about them, it would be a great way to flesh them out a bit more. Even if it was just giving us more of their reports! Like remember how you unlock secret reports in Roxas diary? Which dont have the names of the authors but are clearly written by the other members? That would be a perfect way to do it if dedicating extra screen time to them would break the flow. Because their indifference to Roxas is kind of what makes his relationship with Axel and Xion special in context. No one else really cares about Roxas or seeks out his company unless they're on a mission (and even then, *ehm, Demyx flaking off, and Xigbar just leaving at the start of a mission*) It serves a plot and story and character purpose, but seeing more of the Org was a huge hope at the time it came out and was a huge disappointment to a lot of the Org fans. And though some of that has been made up for in the novel, it still would be nice to have a bit more. And I think the best way to unlock more of their reports would honestly be either through playing them in mission mode or having a cavern of remembrance type place where you could choose a member of the Org to play as and then go up against other members. And this would be a great post game thing to do! Opened by doing things in story! Or even what about giving each member like an Ultima weapon that you could craft so you could use it while in mission mode or in these data battles! And the ingredients could either be gained by that character during their mission modes (which would encourage you to go through all the missions as each of the characters). But then, A TWIST! Have it be so that if you've crafted the ultima weapon for that character, every time you fight that character in the data battle THEY HAVE THAT WEAPON!! And it now becomes a totally different fight! Or alternatively have like a little setting choice before the battle that says like, "Start" and "Ultimate challenge" so that you can go back to fight them in their normal state with their normal weapons if you wanted. Dude I want this so FREAKING BAD!
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    ocean's rage

    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    no what i mean was i never oras short, certainly not shorter than emerald i was trying to be funny
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    I guess I have to go with Jessica Jones, since it's the only one I've seen. To be honest I've only watched the first season, but it was okay. I love me some David Tennant.
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    My only favorite Marvel-Netflix show I like is Luke Cage. Sucks that it was cancelled.
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    Oh definitely story because I can easily get over the bad gameplay as long as the game has a decent or great story. I love video games that has a good or decent story, because a good or decent story helps me push forward to see how the game ends. Plus, if the game has some likable characters than that's an icing on the cake. That's one of the reasons why I have a soft spot for Sonic 06 because I enjoy the game's story and characters. I didn't care about how bad the gameplay was because I was very interesting to see how the story ends.
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    Story is the big one for me. A game needs to have a story, for one, and said story needs to be engaging and interesting. Gameplay comes in a close second. A game needs to be fun to play and the gameplay needs to be reasonably do-able/not too complicated or difficult. That being said though, if a game's story is good enough, I'll put up with garbage gameplay to see the plot unfold.
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    Gameplay (and story, kind of). Mount & Blade is one hell of a game, the gameplay is what I LOVE about that game. It gives you so many opportunities and choices that it's playable for thousands of hours. You basically create the story in that game, and every character you make will go through a completely different journey. Gameplay and story are the most important ones for me though. I could, however, play a game that has amazing gameplay, but a horrible story.
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    Story really sells me, even if it looks like someone's first project out of college I'd play it just for that story... or watch someone. Kinda how I got into Metal Gear Solid series and the Devil May Cry series. I saw them on top ten lists way back in middle school and now they're my favorites. Kingdom Hearts Days sold me on the story alone, even though back then I thought it was cruddy graphics XD Still love it to this day XD
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    Hmmmmm.... There are some interesting opinions here. Thanks guys for sharing your insights; I never really thought about these things before. I do still love the game, though. Still one of my faves. But I get a lot of the complaints now. Totally fair opinions.
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    Everyone's talking about Sora in Smash but what about Hayner lol
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