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    July has ended and there are a plethora of Kingdom Hearts merchandise that was released! Amazon is selling two officially licensed Kingdom Hearts wall posters by Trends International, a Kingdom Hearts III Battle Wall Poster and a Kingdom Hearts III Group Wall Poster. The posters are 22'' x 34'' and are priced depending on the option chosen at check out. The posters are available in many different options: Black frame version Bundle: poster & clip Bundle: poster & mount Premium poster unframed Silver framed version Unframed version Hot Topic has updated their website with tons of new Kingdom Hearts merchandise that are online exclusives! First off is a Kingdom Hearts Happy Sora Throw Blanket! The 50'' x 60'' polyester throw blanket was originally $26.90 but is now on sale for $21.50! Hot Topic has brought back another pair of Kingdom Hearts hi-top sneakers! The sneakers feature a Sora color scheme and two crossed keyblades on the sides of each shoe. The sneakers are originally $39.90 but are on sale for $31.92 as apart of an online exclusive sale. To go along with the Kingdom Hearts sneakers is a Kingdom Hearts III icon orb charm necklace. The necklace features a small glass orb that contains blue glitter at the bottom and Kingdom Hearts icon charms such as the Mickey Mouse symbol, a heart, and a crown. The necklace also has a Keyblade charm attached to it. The necklace is $11.90 and is apart of an online exclusive jewelry deal of buy two, get two free! Speaking about merchandise that goes around your neck, if you weren't able to attend San Diego Comic Con this year Hot Topic is selling the San Diego Comic Con 2019 exclusive Kingdom Hearts III lanyard and pin set by Monogram! The SDCC 2019 exclusive is originally $20.00 but through the online exclusive sale the set is only $16.00! Get yours while supplies last! Decorate your walls with this Sora peel and stick giant wall decal! For $18.90 get a set of 8 decals that feature Sora and mini Kingdom Hearts icons! Spirit and Party City have released keyblades to make you a keyblade wielder this Halloween! Spirit is selling keyblades Way to the Dawn and Destiny's Embrace! Both keyblades are available for pre-order for $39.99 and are set to release by September 11th, 2019! The keyblades are officially licensed and made out of plastic. See the keyblades in our galleries below! If you plan on being Halloween Town Sora, Spirit is also selling Sora's Halloween Town Head Piece for $12.99! Party City is selling a Kingdom Key and Braveheart keyblade for $24.99 each and are set to release on September 30th, 2019! To satisfy your sweet tooth and add to your Kingdom Hearts collection, Box Lunch is selling Sora and King Mickey Funko Pez dispensers on sale for $5.00 each! Before summer vacation is over, get your Kingdom Hearts swimsuit from SixOn Clothing! SixOn has released swimsuits based on Kingdom Hearts characters such as Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Xion! All Kingdom Hearts swimsuits are $34.99! Swimsuits available now are: Sora Swim Shorts Riku Bikini Sora Bikini Kairi Monokini Available for pre-order are: Riku Swim Shorts Xion One-piece Swimsuit See the swimsuits in our galleries below! That concludes July's Kingdom Hearts merch round-up! Thank you to Churro for all the tips! What are your favorite pieces from July's merch round-up? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for more news on Kingdom Hearts! View full article
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    Hi :) I'm the seeker of hearts, nice to meet you :) I've been a fan of Kingdom Hearts ever since the first one in 2003. I had an account here a long, LONG time ago but because of personal obligations, I didn't have the time to visit. I'm hoping to spend more time with you guys this time and get to make friends :)
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    I love how you're so informative with your posts, man! You always know how to advise KHUX players on what to spend or not spend Jewels on!
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    Dont worry sora i "rolls the dice" drank darkness cool aid
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    Because Braig or Xigbar, the organization members was actually Luxu, the Ancient Keyblade wielders, All along!!! Since the last chapter of the Heisei Period era of Kingdom Hearts game franchise and the Dark Seeker Saga comes to an end, since 2002, there was the Reiwa Period era of Kingdom Hearts game franchise is about to begins! And furthermore, "Kingdom Hearts 3: Re:MIND" was actually the new DLC story of Kingdom Hearts 3! Ever since his first plan is to watch over the foretellers and Legendary Keyblade wielders as fight against each other. His second plan is to spying on Xehanort, the organization members, the 7 Guardians of light and Maleficent, after he use the master of disguise as Braig! And now, he was success the plan and he got his Keyblade, which was actually Master Xehanort's Keyblade and thanks to Master of Masters!! Anyway, the point is I want to see a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3: Re:MIND in D23 Expo 2019 and TGS 2019 event at the same time. You know? Like new scenes, new bosses, new battle, new episodes and even, new playable characters, including Kairi!! And I want to reveal the release date on 2019 for Kingdom Hearts 3: Re:MIND!!! You Got That? I really want to see a new trailer and release date for Kingdom Hearts 3: Re:MIND in D23 Expo 2019 and Tokyo Game Show 2019! Because of Luxu's story and a new scenes about Xion, Naminé, Terra, Riku, Ansem the Wise, Lea and Kairi.
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    So much to talk about... Ok, first is the Ultimate Form Sora deal. Honestly, it feels like they want everyone to have this medal. Not entirely sure why, but it's hard to argue with this. The medal is a powerhouse with a great effect (also helpful if you wanted Kairi B but didn't get her), and the banner is a 5-mercy for everyone. Personally, I think I'll wait until closer to the end of the banner before pulling, just to see what all is available. (Remember: just because we're told which new medals are coming doesn't mean we're told what banners are coming.) In terms of trait boards, the ones that look most appealing are Lea/Axel and Anti-Aqua. The others aren't bad, of course, and you should get them if you really feel like you need the traits (though you always want to be prepared for disappointment, just in case). The skill boards continue to be pretty solid, with both boards having good skills. Remember that you'll need a Def Boost 5 Max to get a good ranking in PVP. Second Chance is also becoming more necessary for completing events. Keep both of those things in mind and spend accordingly (or don't spend at all). The Keyblade boosters are back, though this will probably be the last month they're available as it sounds like those Keyblades will be permanently upgraded in September. The prize for this month's Coliseum is just a basic attack skill, not a max/lux/SP skill. If you don't feel like you need it, I wouldn't worry too much about ranking high. Finally, the event coin event. Like previous events, there are different levels of difficulty providing more coins but requiring more AP. This time there are 4 quests instead of 3, and the notice seems to indicate that the higher difficulty quests have a better chance of spawning a Gift Shadow. Gift Shadows can now also drop Riku+Moogle medals, which means that you'll want to use outfits that have both Rare Enemy and Item Drop perks. As for the Kyroo medals, they exist only to boost your subslots. Right now, all of your subslots are filled with attacking medals, but these frogs will let you replace some of those medals and allow you to sell them (if you don't need them). For example: I have an abundance of HD KH2 Leon medals which could be replaced by these Kyroo medals, after which I could sell my extra Leons and free up space in my inventory. Something to note about these medals is that they are supposed to be stackable but have not been update to do that yet, so keep that in mind when you redeem your event coins. (If you want to wait as long as possible, you can wait until the last day of the event before getting your frogs. They'll still be there until the end of the event, so it's like having an extra storage space.)
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    Indeed! You see, this is the reason why I didn't want to provide my interpretation first. Yours seems to be the most common (I've heard other people expressing it in the comments of the video I posted) and it totally makes sense, I can easily see this plot point being brought back in a future game. But the impression I got from this scene was the exact opposite I think that Luxu was the only one among the Foretellers who was never granted a Keyblade of his own (which may be the reason why he was never granted a Mask and his own Union) and he only temporarily carried No Name which wasn't his at all, just like Sora originally carried the Keyblade that was meant for Riku for a bit. The difference between him and Sora is that, later on, the Keyblade DID chose Sora while Luxu never got the chance to prove himself worthy of No Name... until the epilogue of KH3, that is. And even that is up to debate, if you ask me. I personally don't feel that Luxu thinks that the Foretellers were "weak" for turning against each other (he too took an active part in it, provoking Ava) and probably considers it a necessary evil. In order to carry on the Master's plan, whatever it may be, the established order had to fall apart and Luxu had to leave his companions behind (In Back Cover, he asks MoM if he really needs to go alone, clearly wishing he didn't have to). What I'm saying is that, in Sora, he sees not his opposite but someone who is extremely similar to him. Someone "unworthy" who became important thanks to the part he was allowed to play in the bigger picture, assisting those that were actually chosen. Hence why, when defeated, he is aware that the only reason why Sora could beat him was that in that moment he didn't have neither his Keyblade nor his old companions by his side. And now... ooh boy, how the tides have changed!
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    I think they will change his personality a bit, while keeping all the sass 😛 After all, he openly admits in the secret reports that he was playing the part of a 'fool' but even when we had no idea who he really was there were moments in which Xigbar showed he had a kinder side (I love that he acts almost as Roxas and Demyx's grumpy uncle in Days XD) that now can be easily traced back to his original self, as the bashful and polite apprentice we saw in Back Cover. After all, a similar thing is probably going to happen to Marluxia and Larxene that will most likely get on the side of good once after being 2 of the most cruel members of the organization for so long. Luxu calls the Foretellers his companions and seems to be sincerely devoted to the cause, whatever MoM's plan will end up being. I honestly don't see him going against his Master's plan unless it turns out to be something so sick and insane that not even Luxu can stomach it. Ava surely couldn't :< In the end, I just think it would be really cool if Sora's enemies could rely on their own version of the Power of Friendship™ for once! Give the Foretellers the ultimate anime power! XD
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    I watched some guy's review on Kingdom Hearts, at least the first one and he thought Donald and Goofy were lacking their usual personality traits like Donald's fiery temper and Goofy's klutzy endeavors.
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    i dunno game freak are pretty firm about this decision then again this is the sort of fandom backlash that can lead to action but itll take a while
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    We're exactly 3 months behind now. The Japanese version is at 895 now while we're at 880. At the pace that it's going, we're actually catching up gradually. Back in April, we were around 4 months behind. Though I don't think the updates'll be simultaneous at any point in the future. Anyway, the music for Game Central Station (and its connected games) are indeed pretty good!
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    The only thing I'm even remotely interested in is the new Doctor Strange. I'm kind of over the MCU now. It was a really fun ride, but now I think I would rather move on to other things.
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