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    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7doublesou-970511197 Here's mine with Xiro. XD
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    ive been dying to explore the actual town of destiny islands ever since we first saw it
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    I definitely want to be able to freely explore Destiny Islands, [articularly the actual residential area. Id love to see what Sora and Riku's actual home area looks like and since Xehanort is from there maybe we could get a couple of references to him. Like maybe a couple of citizens could mention the boy from long ago who left and never returned or something. To be honest I never really cared about Twilight Town, so the small size of it in KHIIII didn't really bother me. However, I wouldn't be opposed if they decided to expand it.
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    To me, i would like to see Max and Oswald. That's all i can think about. owo
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    I think that all of the original worlds that appeared in KH3 deserve to be playable and expanded. this includes: - Twilight Town expanded to the station and to what’s beyond it (the building behind the station), it’s a hub world and should be huger than Radiant Garden from KH2. - Radiant Garden completely freely playable within the castle to the outside within the city itself - Destiny Islands completely freely playable and the town should be visitable - Realm of Darkness should be playable freely as Master Riku with new locations other than the Dark Margin - Mysterious Tower should return and become freely playable from the outside until the top of the tower - Land of Departure should be completely freely playable from within the castle to the outside with new locations to be added - Keyblade Graveyard should be expanded with bringing the Badlands in which Lingering Will’s encounter took place in KH2 and expanding the maze because it looked huge from the top but only a small portion was playable - Scala ad Caelum should be freely explorable without enemy pressure with expanding the locations. To to be honest KH3 included many original worlds but they weren’t playable which was very disappointing. I think that all of these worlds deserved more especially on the last title of the saga
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    Not gonna happen. For any of them. Even Final Fantasy is now too small for Nomura's ego.
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    Kingdom Hearts: A World Without Sky

    Page 18 (artist commissioned: https://www.deviantart.com/ai-nohikari) Kairi's Skills: Fire, Cure, Blizzard, Water, Thunder, Reflect (Music: Main Title – The Great Mouse Detective)
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