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    ocean's rage

    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    alright if youre all gonna start with nat dex salt, im out ive had enough of it, all over the internet legit criticisms mixed with our right hostility and its all been exaggerated beyond all proportions
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    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Oh, absolutely. Honestly, this is the first Pokemon generation that I'm choosing not to purchase. I'm very frustrated that they cut the national dex and all their excuses aren't acceptable to me. Which really sucks because there are a few things that I think sound genuinely interesting. I'm glad that they brought back Regional Forms, and seeing Farfetch'd get an evolution mde me happy. But the situation with the national dex really stung for me. I'm hoping there'll be a huge surprise when the game comes out or something to explain the National Dex nerf (like multiple regions, for example) that will change my mind because I love pokemon and I don't want to skip these games, but I get the feeling it'll just be another normal pokemon game.
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    Not so new newbie

    Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I've been a big fan of Kingdom Hearts since the release of the 1st game in 2002. Found this site back in 2014, made an account, and then promptly forgot about it due to real life keeping me busy. So here I am, many years later, finally writing an intro. ? Looking forward to interacting and contributing to this community.
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