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    After watching the new Remind trailer, I started thinking about the final scene with Yozora. It's pretty clear that he's meant to be like a reflection of Sora, a darker mirror image. What if after the MoM dissapeared in UX, he traveled to Yozora's worldline and became the main antagonist of that reality. This would explain them both being in the secret ending. What if he attacked Yozora's home when he was around Sora's age in KH1, sparking events that unfolded much like Sora's journey. The difference being that where Sora always prevailed against the different incarnations of Xehanort, Yozora continues to be defeated my MoM. It would also explain Yozora's skull and crossing keyblades patch on his arm. The only thing he knows about the Master of Masters is that he wields a very powerful key, so perhaps this signifies that he has become someone who has sworn to hunt down anyone who wields a key like his enemy. Then we get the new trailer. I believe he is in the Final World looking for the girl from Verum Rex who has perished like Kairi. Keyblades are most likely not a thing in Yozora's universe, so when he meets Sora, it's the first time hes seen anyone with the same weapon as his arch nemesis. He'll probably attack due to his confusion and being misunderstood, much like Lingering Will, and be the secret boss. Then we'll see him become our ally in the next game, also like the LW.
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