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    You find it ridiculous and incredibly biased that we didn't mention KH2 criticisms in an article meant to cover the past decade? Hence the title "A look back at Kingdom Hearts over the past 10 years"? KH2 wasn't mentioned at all, because it was released prior to 2010.
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    The article only discuss the games that have been released between Jan 1 2010 thru December 31st, 2019. Kingdom Hearts II was released back in 2005 so it wouldn't have been eligible for the list.
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    One act closes…the next act opens. Happy new decade, KH13! Kingdom Hearts is special to me, no matter what.
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    KH3 is already 98% Disney as is. While I do agree that the implementation of Disney could be better, I would never want KH to lose it's unique status in a bid to become even more of a Disney game. Why do you think KH3 was so controversial? In fact this whole topic is the thing that inspired me to write that huge essay XD
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    You forgot to add Re:Coded into the polll, since it came out in 2011. But, I digress. My favorite Kingdom Hearts game of the decade is definitely III! Over a decade's worth of buildup and hype, with stories and characters and emotions all leading up to a grand finale was one of the most satisfying experiences in Kingdom Hearts I've ever experienced! Kingdom Hearts III was the epitome for me, and I felt immensely satisfied with the conclusion to the Xehanort Saga! I couldn't be happier to end the decade than having been able to play through the whole Xehanort Saga! Thank you, Nomura and friends! You really hit it big!
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    Im gonna go with 3, then ddd, then bbs then ux
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