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    General Chat

    I have finished work and escaped my parents finally First thing I see is smexy cloud
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    Replacement for Deep Jungle

    As Square was unable to acquire the rights for Tarzan after KH1, what property do you think would work best as a replacement for the world if they made a full remake of the series? Personally, I think Jungle Book would be appropriate, as it's a similar world aesthetically, and they almost implemented it in the past. The main issue would be the plot point of Sora and Donald's reconciliation after their argument. You can't have the same setup for friends in your heart very easily, because there wouldn't be a language barrier. Anyways, what do you guys think? Assuming they can acquire the rights to any Disney property but Tarzan, what world could they replace Deep Jungle with?
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    Still miffed Xion's new outfit doesn't have its own render
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    they do work there too, thankfully
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    I did because of the Yozora fight I used the one-shot code throughout everything except Yozora. There I just had the HP/MP heal on so I could last a bit longer against him.
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    This one always cracks me up
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    Kingdom Hearts Tribute Video

    I've just made this video for the people who loves Kingdom Hearts in the right way, if you are looking for a good KH tribute without dubstep or rock music and flash effects this is your video. *Please note the video contains spoiler footage from Re Mind.
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