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    Now that the Skywalker Saga has finally come to a close, I thought that I'd give my ranking of all nine movies, as well as a brief explanation for why each of the movies is where it is.
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    Square Enix have unveiled two new pieces of merchandise that are currently available for sale from their online store! Firstly is the Paopu Fruit Plush Case which is on sale for ¥3,520 ($32.82). Secondly is the Paopu Fruit Plush Cushion which is on sale for ¥6,270 ($58.46). Will you be picking up these fresh new collectors items? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks to @RedMakuzawa for the tip! View full article
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    April Fools?

    So, this will either look dumb, or you get to be a weed today Pick your poison ?
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    Pixar's Onward

    Here's my quick Out of Theatre Reaction (from 1 week ago when I saw it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f__B5YKbPBI
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    I'm at Disneyland right now. And everytime I go to Disney I wear a KH shirt, hoodie or backpack to ya know represent in the park since Disney aint. I was in line for Space Mountain, and this group behind me started talking about my KH backpack. At first I thought, 'Oh some other fans!' And then one of them says, 'I HATE Kingdom Hearts. It's so complicated and stupid and I cant stand RPGs and the FANS!' and they just go on and ON bashing KH and people who like it right BEHIND ME! With me standing right there! If you dont like something that's totally fine, and talking about how you dislike it infront of someone who is a fan is kinda a jerk move. But if you start bashing the people who like it right in front of that person....ooooooo I almost told these people off. What is wrong with you people? How rude can you get?!
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    General Chat

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    General Chat

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    AHHH ya the UNION x Inclusion was a masterpiece! ?
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    Final Fantasy for me. It was actually Kingdom Hearts that got me into Final Fantasy and not the other way around. I'm a rare case.
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    Haha, right? Now that everyone got their happy ending, I'm sure they will do all in their power to ensure that Sora can come back! After all, he deserves a happy ending too! Right? I see a lot of people complained or didn't like Re:Mind. And while I understand that, I find that the DLC only improved upon the game, especially when it comes to the final battle! It was just superb! And I agree with you, the melding of Disney elements and those of Final Fantasy have been extraordinary! But more than that, I'm so happy we've gotten to see a growing cast of original characters develop, and I'm very excited to see what the future holds! Nice! Omg, I love DDD! It's one of my favorite entries in the series, despite its controversy among the fandom because of the introduction of time travel into the lore of the series! I thought it was an interesting twist to add, ya know? Haha, same here! Whenever a new installment would come out on a system I didn't have, I'd ask my mom to get me said system! And all these years later, I was able to play all the installments on the systems they were on before the ReMixes came! Oh yeah, the original story beneath the Disney and FF elements has really captivated us all! I'm very excited for the future, especially considering the Foretellers will be a big part moving forward!
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    As a surprise to absolutely no one, I’m currently playing Persona 5 Royal! About 8 hours in and it’s still such a great game. Can’t believe it’s already been 3 years... I haven’t actually replayed the game since my initial playthrough, so it feels really good to be playing it again.
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    My favorite moments in no particular order. Heroes vs Xehanort Replicas: Probably the best part of ReMind RAX and TAV reunions: I already liked them but ReMind expanded on them. Terranort vs Lingering Will: A very epic scene and return of the Lingering Will. Secret Episode: nuff said. Saving Aqua: Good scene Luxu reveal: One of the all time greats of Kingdom Hearts.
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    Great video! While Kingdom Hearts III isn't my favorite game in the series, I do think that it has the best moments in the series. Here are my top 5 favorite moments from Kingdom Hearts III: Number 5: Anti-Aqua The fight against Anti-Aqua, while not my favorite boss fight in the game, is the most memorable boss fight in the game (not including Re:Mind). And it's not just the boss fight itself, but the cutscenes leading up to it and following it that make it so memorable. Number 4: The Sea Salt Trio Reunites Like with the fight against Anti-Aqua, it's not just the Sea Salt Trio reuniting that I love, but everything leading up to it. Plus, the fight against Saix has my favorite boss theme in the entire series: a mashup of the Other Promise and Vector to the Heavens. Number 3: Sora and Kairi Share a Paopu Fruit If there was one thing I wanted out of Kingdom Hearts III, it was Sora and Kairi sharing a paopu fruit. Everyone who still denies that Sora and Kairi aren't a couple after watching that are just fooling themselves. After all, since two people sharing a paopu fruit intertwines their destinies, they are basically unofficially married at this point. Number 2: Union χ I knew going into Kingdom Hearts III that the winners of that contest in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] were going to appear somewhere, but I thought that they would just appear in the credits or something like that. However, I never imagined that they would be the Situation Commands that Sora uses in the epic scene when he uses the light of the past to take on the storm of darkness. This was the most epic moment in the entire Kingdom Hearts series, that is, until... Number 1: The Guardians of Light vs. the Replica Xehanorts The Guardians of Light working together to defeat the Replica Xehanorts was the most epic moment in the entire Kingdom Hearts series. It was amazing getting to see them interact with each other like this, and it all ended with King Mickey facing all of the Replica Xehanorts by himself and wiping them all out with Sora's help. I'm not sure if they could ever make a moment to top this one, but then again, I also thought that about the Union χ scene before Re:Mind was released, so I guess we will just have to wait and see what the future holds.
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    Been playing Smash Ultimate recently. With this Coronavirus nonsense going, though, I might have to stick with Ring Fit Adventure for a while.
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    for the first time, probably ever, I went ham on the recent PSN sales and bought quite a few games, I've mostly been playing through WoFF and The Witness, I reaaaallllyyy need to learn to finish a game before I start a new one
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    Mine would be: Empire strikes back If anything would be worth being a decade older, it would be seeing the "I am your father" scene in a cinema full of people who were just discovering it for the first time. This movie is just so special to me. Just that perfect mix of action, the stakes are higher but there's also a lot of interesting lore bits about how the force works and world building. A new hope A New Hope is honestly not one of my favourites. But it's still going to the 2nd spot because no matter what you think about the movie, it's impact changed cinema and set a standard. Vader became one of the most iconic villains of all time. Like all around the world, no matter if people have seen the movies or not you can show them Darth vaders mask and they say "Ohhh star wars". And that sums up this movie really, just a legendary film. Return of the Jedi So yeah pretty much for all the same reasons empire is at the top. I watched the movies in their release order and there's some stuff in return of the Jedi that at first I thought was a bit odd but once you see this one and then the prequels all the characters actually get really fitting endings. This is where the saga really ends for me. Force Awakens The hype for this movie was insane and I still ended up really enjoying it. Yes I think they played it very safe with this one but I also think that was probably the best way of handling it. This is just a good fun movie of good vs evil. If you are new to star wars I would say you can watch this one first and if you like it then watch the saga in order. Revenge of the Sith If this was a list of which star wars movies I had the most fun watching this one would be way closer to the top. There is just so much silly stuff in revenge of the sith. I mean just look up a video of star wars meme quotes and most of this movie will probably play. I do think the prequel trilogy was pretty mixed and I think this film is as well. But by the end it does a pretty good job of setting up the events to follow. And it also opened the door for lots of questions about Darth Plagueis and different force abilities. Even some of the battles, if you listen to the commentaries and making of you learn why they go the way that they do and different forms of combat each character use. This is one epic movie. Phantom menace Ah the phantom menace. This is the one I've seen the most times and the first one I ever saw. My dad took me to see this when it first released and I had no idea what star wars was. Young me enjoyed this movie. Even with all the flaws it has and how down right boring it can get at times. But I mean the pod race scene is fun and Duel Of the Fates is probably one of the most recognisable pieces of music other than the theme song and imperial march. The ending scene music being the emperor's theme sped up in a different key is a nice touch. There's a lot of little details in this movie and I can't hate on it too much since it was my introduction to star wars. Rise of Skywalker I mean it is a fun movie but if you're there for anything more than just to be entertained by typical sci fi tropes and see some cool star wars stuff you'll be disappointed. Not bad but pretty forgettable. If they wanted this to be the end of the saga then they really owed it to us to make this one better. If any movie is evidence that star wars shouldn't be a yearly franchise it's this one. Every few years a new one releasing would be a special event for cinema but this one along with a few others just leave no impact. attack of the clones I'll be honest it's been ages since I rewatched attack of the clones so possibly I'll revise this list later and episode II might be higher up. Attack of the clones is barely even a war, which is a key component of star WARS. The romance just doesn't work as a driving force for Anakin to be pushed to the dark side and without that the movie just falls flat for me. Last Jedi The only one I've only watched once. Failed to expand on anything interesting force awakens set up and down right wasted some of them. This movie felt like it was directed by some one who likes star wars but wants their own star wars and not the one that actually exists. Just a mess of a movie from all angles. Looks nice though lol I might come back and edit this to expand on the reasons each film is where it is later but I'm pretty happy with the order at least for now
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    Ranking the Skywalker Saga

    Not bad, mine is pretty different 1. Star Wars: Episode VI Incredible story, action sequences, and themes of family. An amazing ending to one of the greatest stories in history. 2. Star Wars: Episode V Iconic story, and action sequences. Iconic twist. 3. Star Wars: Episode IV Great story, and action sequences. 4. Star Wars: Episode IX Good story, and action sequences. Bit of a mess though, but honestly this whole trilogy had no bigger plan for itself, so they did the best they could... and it wasn't bad. Good twist. 5. Star Wars: Episode VIII Good story, and action sequences. Particularly, great character development for Rey, and Luke in this movie was great too. Decent themes for the new generation of Jedi to take it upon themselves to make the galaxy a better place. The rest was alright to boring. 6. Star Wars: Episode VII Alright story, and amazing action sequences. Particularly like the twist introduction of Rey as the main force-sensitive character. 7. Star Wars: Episode III A lot of this movie was boring, but the anticipated duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan was exactly what everyone had hoped for. 8. Star Wars: Episode I Darth Maul badassery 9. Star Wars: Episode II IDK lol... sand i guess
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    UPDATE! The rest of the trip went smoothly and I met a couple cast members who LOVED my KH hoodie and asked me where I got it (which was Disneyworld actually lol) and one really shy guy who was behind me in line for almost 20 min before he like blurted out really quickly 'I like your back pack!' before clamming right back up again! Tried to talk a little more with him but he was very shy. I love finding them at Disney, and others representing in the parks. It was a good day
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    While I do respect everyone's opinions about whether they dislike something or hate something. But man I can't stand people who hate something that they want to trash it right in front of them. To me those guys are just jerks who tried to get under people's skin so they can make themselves feel better. But that's okay because I bet there's some people in Disneyland who loves Kingdom Hearts that you haven't met yet.
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