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    To be fair I think what he means is that they aren't going to make any KH announcements until some time in 2021 when it's appropriate to start hyping up for the 20th anniversary in 2022. Considering how Kingdom Hearts first released in early 2002, it would be pretty ridiculous if they waited a whole year without saying anything and THEN started their announcement and ad campaign the day after New Years Day 2022 or something. We'll likely go a few months into 2021 with no major announcements, apart from maybe the odd UX/DR development or two, then about a good way's into the year (for now I'm guessing about a 6 month hiatus, just to be on the safe side) we start getting the usual trickling of information before we get proper announcements in the form of teaser trailers and whatnot. As always, what was formerly known as "E3 season" will likely be the place to look for any potential big reveals like a KH4/anniversary title or a D+ series, etc etc. That's not to say that they might not try to surprise us with something a bit smaller in the meantime tho. Like I said, there's still UX/DR to consider, maybe they'll move UX towards it's endgame in that timeframe. Plus they could really go that extra mile and make the other previous KH soundtracks available on digital platforms like iTunes and the like, since it seems to be doing well for the KH3 soundtrack so far. We're back in the in-between period again for sure, but I honestly don't think it's going to last as long as it sounds like it is. Waiting for 2022 doesn't necessarily mean waiting a whole year before we hear ANYTHING.
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    My wallet will be grateful. Between the HD compilations on PS4, KHIII, the DLC and MoM, it's been a hell of a ride :c Besides, I'd rather avoid a yearly release as it never did any good to a franchise
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    He's pretty fun. Still hoping for Sora, though! XD
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    The Japanese online store, animate, has listed plushies for Riku and Aqua! These plushies can currently be pre-ordered, and are both ¥4,180. ($40.07) Additionally, they are both stated to have January 2021 releases. You can view both the Aqua and Riku plushies via our galleries below: [UPDATED] October 28, 2020: The Kingdom Hearts III Riku and Aqua plushies are now available for pre-order from Square Enix Japan's e-Store for ¥4,180 ($40.07) as well from AmiAmi and Aitai Kuju for a discounted price of ¥3,550 ($34.00). The respective store links can be found below. Riku Plush - Japanese Square Enix Store Aqua Plush - Japanese Square Enix Store Riku Plush - AmiAmi Store Aqua Plush - AmiAmi Store Riku Plush - Aitai Kuji Store Aqua Plush - Aitai Kuji Store Thanks to rote on Twitter for the tip! [UPDATED] October 29, 2020: The Kingdom Hearts III Riku and Aqua plushies are now available for pre-order from Square Enix North America store for a discounted price of $39.59 each, with $43.99 being their base price. Additionally, both have scheduled February 2021 releases. Riku Plush - North American Square Enix Store Aqua Plush - North American Square Enix Store Are you excited for these 2 characters to get plushies in this style? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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    Gaming Chat

    Completed the trophies and platinumed Final Fantasy VII Remake
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    They fixed the problem just download it from ur library have fun :) Have fun
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    Beginner. Because lord knows a Full Chain can be hard enough, even on that difficulty
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    Yes. It's clear with On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales that Disney don't have anything left in tank with this franchise, and rebooting the franchise inevitably means rehashing the original movie and/or trilogy, or doing new stories. The problem with the former is that it's been done within the last twenty years, and the latter, well, see movies 4 and 5. Recasting Jack, ahem, Captain Jack Sparrow, would also alienate some of the fanbase.
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    With Johnny Depp losing his court case, I'm worried about the future of Pirates. I dont think a full reboot is a good idea because Jack Sparrow is the core of the series. However, I do think that spin off movies are viable option. It could be like the movies containing Jack will be like Avengers, and spin off movies will be like the non Avengers movies. Terrible analogy I know
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    Here's the finished picture. It is a companion piece for a Halloween special I'm writing that I sadly may not have done in time for Halloween. Either way, here is the finalized pic and man do I have some things to talk about with this one. First, this varied in difficulty, with my character Omega and his elaborate outfit taking a good 6 hours worth of work to just get the line art done. Stitch and Jack were much simpler, with the linework, colors and such taking at most 2 hours for Stitch. Jack took more effort, but mostly because it was my first time drawing him. Regarding Omega's costume, my idea was to use Halloween Crow from Kingdom Hearts Unchained X since I thought it would make for a good contrast with Sora's Vampire outfit, but I made a lot more tweaks to it and make it come out looking like a combination of that and Joker from Persona 5's outfit. I also went with an eye patch because I of that desire to have Omega and Sora's outfits contrast. I may release artwork of the full outfit in the future if anyone is interested.
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    https://www.deviantart.com/nemesissp13/art/Mischievous-Vampire-Stitch-859670098 https://www.deviantart.com/nemesissp13/art/Jack-Halloween-2020-859715014
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    Anyone reading this should do a video(s) this and also pray (aligning with getting everyone you can to pray for Johnny Depp to win the outcome of this, for it not only means a more fan satisfying future for Pirates of the Caribbean but also greater success for Fantastic Beasts, which happen to be my two favourite movie franchises of all time it would be truly gratefully appreciated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrPBLoO438U
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    So did anyone catch on with Steve?
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    https://www.deviantart.com/nemesissp13/art/Noctis-Lucis-Caelum-856729049 https://twitter.com/NemesisSP13/status/1311529361216925698
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    Yes, now everyone is madly waiting for the saga to continue. Many interesting points. It's interesting how the scenario will unfold and what will be the continuation. Now I am studying to be a film director and it is very interesting to study many storylines of films. Often I am distracted from the basic study of tasks that are not related to my profile education. To perform these tasks, I use the site eduzaurus , where I find free samples of an essay on the subject of the big short film. The film industry is very interesting. Since childhood I wanted to become a film director and now I am going to my goal.
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    https://twitter.com/NemesisSP13/status/1304516281580699648 https://www.deviantart.com/nemesissp13/art/Team-Omega-854877765
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    A scene that will take place in my fanfic The Other Story, which is on this forum if you are interested in reading. This is a mildly censored version of this pic, I didn't think it'd be appropriate to post it on here in it's uncensored form. The uncensored version is on my DA, so feel free to check it out if you're curious. Also, don't hate me for doing this to Stitch!
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    Interesting that those later versions are getting a sequel but Dumbo and Zootopia aren't. Man, that's ridiculous! Dumbo and Pinnochio are overdue for sequels, especially since the 2D animated films came out nearly sixty and seventy years ago. Lassenter and the delays screwed us out of a Dumbo sequel. You can still find some of the deleted story boards on Youtube. But back at topic, somewhat how can Disney reboot Pirates of the Caribbean and not give Dumbo a sequel?
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    Perhaps it won't but rather will progress to their rebooting their non-Pixar CGIs such as Frozen and Wreck-it-Ralph. What's got me is their priorities when it comes to sequels. While Googling Dumbo II a similar search suggestion I was drawn to was Zootopia 2. From what I've gathered, IMDB suggests that a plot outline and even cast choices have been mapped out and the film is in high demand but there are no plans in the near future to actually make it. Yet Wreck-it-Ralph, Maleficent, Frozen and possibly the live action Jungle Book got/are getting sequels.
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    I wonder what will end the reboot era of Disney.
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