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    1: I guess it depends on the kind of content you want to make. Some viewers will be looking for best ways to level up, optimal equipment and items etc. Me personally; not a big fan of that sort of stuff. I typically watch to see reactions to the story and boss fights etc 2: Yes! Love seeing people who are far better at videogames than I am beat those challenges! If its not too much extra work though, do edit out some of the failed attempts if not a lot of interest was really happening 3: Yes I would do that! In fact what you could do is record a bunch of episodes of Unchained and Dark Road at once and then upload them periodically as you go through the rest of the series. Another good thing about doing it that way would be that if you're busy or need to take a break, you'll still have some videos ready to be uploaded so your viewers still get regular content ^.^ Good luck with the channel and the Lets Plays YouTube has changed quite a lot since the days when I used to make Lets Play videos but am happy to chat if you need any other input
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    Yay! Those are my favourites too welcome to KH13
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    Tribute Vids

    Video Discussion: Take me Away!

    Name: Take me Away! Category: Music videos Date Added: 12/27/2020 Submitter: Tribute Vids "a secret place , a sweet escape" thought of a little inspiration for this one! I had to put it all together! Epic! Reminds me of (home) and my love for Sora......heheheh the Sora and Roxas battle scene = hoping for better days Take me Away!
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    I probably have multiple just because it’s hard to choose just one and I’m indecisive but I’ll just choose the ones that first came to mind for the purposes of this topic haha. Original: Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion, because it’s nice that we get to see this world and what it’s been through at different points within the series, also the world and battle themes are great no matter the iteration. Disney: First one that came to my mind was Symphony of Sorcery, I liked the environment, and fighting enemies to classical music pieces is just oddly satisfying. There’s definitely other worlds that strike the balance between story, gameplay, and integrating the characters better but this is just the first one to come to mind in terms of favorites.
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    That's a shame that they didn't keep that design.
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    Bequeathing information

    If you are bequeathed it means you were specifically chosen to get whatever it is that is handed down to you. Whereas you can inherit something by right, it doesn't mean that person wanted you to have it. I.E Sora allowing Ven's heart in to take refuge just meant he inherited that power when Ven went to sleep but if Ven would have said "Sora, you get my keyblade when I die" then Sora might not have got that power until when / if Ven ever died.
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    Video Discussion: Take me Away!

    Yeah, the song does have Sora vibes. Nice!
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    My favourites are Riku, Sora and Namine in that order, but each ranking by a very slim margin. Riku's arc was endearing and now even though his character development is slowing down he's a sweetie who has learnt so much and would do ANYTHING for his friends, especially Sora. Sora is just the textbook definition of "ray of sunshine" and honestly it makes the tragic things that happen to him even more sad, so we all gotta love him a lot to make up for all the pain he's had to suffer, the poor boy. Namine is just the best girl, the best written, the prettiest, the most interesting. KH3 did her dirty but otherwise she's perfect and I hope to see more of here in the future of the series. Honourable mention to Manga Kairi who is a queen, will never forget that time she trampled a bunch of heartless, bit Axel and punched Demyx in the face doing more damage to him than any of Sora's hits with a keyblade! As for who I dislike... Aced annoyed the heck out of me, traitor or no his actions were foolish. Ira wasn't much better either. I also am not a big fan of game Kairi, but Manga Kairi does more than make up for it, so I'm pardoning her. Otherwise I love all the KH characters so much, from the darn duck that won't heal us to Hanger, Pants and Omelette
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    ocean's rage

    Bequeathing information

    well based on the information giving to us it would seem someone needs to hold the keyblade to be bequeathed its power as kairi got the power inadvertently. so the "ceremony" terra did with riku was just for show it seems and all he really needed to do was say "here hold this". apart from that taking someone's heart into their own also grants power
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    well ive learned to never assume you know where KH is going with the story. though i did predict most of the real organization. whatever the nature of this unreality is its gonna be really strange i think
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    So many good songs it hard to choose however since I can only pick one my favourite piece of music would be Lord of The Castle although the Other Promise and Vector to the Heavens are my other favourites and my favourite song is Sanctuary although Don’t think twice is really good as well.
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    Yes, I think it is a possibility that many things that are fictional in reality actually exist in unreality. I also think that if this is true, then it would go both ways. What is reality to the people living in one world may be fictional to the people living in the other world and visa versa. Also, even though Ansem the Wise said that it was just a hypothesis, I have no reason to doubt that it is true. After all, why would we be told information that is revealed at the end of game and is clearly setting up for the next game that is not true?
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    Haha whoops I'll fix that
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    hence all the hedging i did in my statement it is after all just a theory i wasnt saying it for sure. but do remember that ansem describes unreality as a fictional world so in theory some that is fictional in reality could exist in unreality if indeed it is fiction. but even ansem said it was just a hypothesis
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    I don't think that just because something is fictional in reality necessarily means that it exists in unreality. I think that all we can say for sure is that something that exists in unreality can manifest in reality as fiction. Also, couldn't Tron also be considered to be a videogame world or sorts? Yet the programs in that world exist in reality and have hearts. Therefore, I don't think we can say for sure that the worlds of Wreck-It Ralph exist in unreality.
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    I think that although she wasn’t the Nameless Star in the Final world perhaps she could of been a star we didn’t see and if that’s the case her heart could still be holding on due to her connection to Lauriam and was somehow able to make herself appear in his dream somehow.The Black coats were originally associated with the Nobodies and Organization XIII perhaps the white coats are associated with something similar to Nobodies? I’m still hopeful that Strelitzia will come back, I know that Lauriam did seem to accept the fact that she died, but none of them were aware of resurrection at the time. I think it would be kind of cool if the Master of Masters could use Strelitzia against Lauriam in some way, maybe he could be controlling her somehow and they would have to fight to free her from his control and maybe Lauriam doesn’t recognise her at first because she has her hood up. It will be interesting to see what side Lauriam and Elrena are on.I hope they will be fighting against us at first but later on in the plot they decide to side with us. Either way Lauriam and Elrena getting more screen time will be awesome as they are interesting characters in my opinion.
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    Thanks santa.

    the reason I love the novels is that it gives some insight on what the characters are thinking. like in khbbstn it states that aqua is a really good cook and that master eruqus loves cake. and in khx the novel it says that chirithy shouldn't be judging the Cheshire cat because he is technically a cat himself. so it helps you understand what characters are feeling more than in the games.
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