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    For original worlds, Radiant Garden is my comfort area. It like a "home world" and it's a staple of many games in the series. I don't think I'll ever find a fictional place that's more special to me. Of course I couldn't help but be disappointed in how little there was of it in KH3 though As for Disney world, I LOVE San Fransokyo, I loved the Big Hero 6 movie and it's characters, so being able to explore that world even though it was relatively small compared to other KH3 worlds was still amazing. The background music was pretty nifty too. The world was definitely one of my highlights of KH3. Honourable mention to the Timeless River, which is really neat. It was all done so well, from the design and execution of it, and all the lil scenes with Steamboat era Mickey and Pete, and how it flowed so well into the overarching story of KH. Also, "Monochrome Dreams" might be one of my favourite tracks ever. In fact I think Timeless River beats San Fransokyo now that I look at it Edit: After reading all of the other replies, it makes me love KH even more; everyone has favourite worlds for different reasons, but I think we can all agree every single one of them was special and awesome in their own way, as proven by the range of worlds and reasons people here listed as their favourites. KH worlds are the home to many irreplaceable memories and despite it's flaws I don't think you could find a more heart-warming, special series!
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    My favorite original world is Daybreak Town. It has a peaceful aura to it and I like the building designs As for favorite Disney world...haha never thought of which one. I think I would go with Sanfransokyo. It's a cool place to explore with all the skyscrapers
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    As much as I would like to see Roxas beat up Xemnas ,I would not want this to happen in a 358/2 Days remake. My only reason for not wanting this to happen is Nomura seems to have the need to make everything canon to the plot. So if this ever did happen Nomura would probably try and say it an alternative timeline or something like that and then link it into another game. I’ll just use team Days against the Xemnas boss fight in Melody of Memory instead.
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    tricky for original world im gonna go with twilight town, it looks like a nice place to live as for disney, well it changes just about every game but atm id say either, symphony of sorcery, toy box or monsteropolis
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    I probably have multiple just because it’s hard to choose just one and I’m indecisive but I’ll just choose the ones that first came to mind for the purposes of this topic haha. Original: Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion, because it’s nice that we get to see this world and what it’s been through at different points within the series, also the world and battle themes are great no matter the iteration. Disney: First one that came to my mind was Symphony of Sorcery, I liked the environment, and fighting enemies to classical music pieces is just oddly satisfying. There’s definitely other worlds that strike the balance between story, gameplay, and integrating the characters better but this is just the first one to come to mind in terms of favorites.
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    My favourite original world would definitely be the Land of Departure. I just love its design and sense of grandeur, and the music is awesome! My favourite Disney world would probably be The Caribbean from Kingdom Hearts III. This series needs more worlds like that, with lots of stuff to do and an enormous map to explore.
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    Hey everyone! It's been a while since the previous episodes, but I was fighting to release the best result against all odds haha. This one was really fun to record and Bio and Aeba were amazing guests! In this episode we go a bit off-rails and talk more about the game side of melody of Memory, and rather than just talking about the new music in it, we focused on talking about how the music-gameplay was handled and our thoughts on the game as a whole. I hopey ou enjoy it! Below is a trailer for the episode to pique your interest, and then the episode itself (Also, just in case this gets shared on twitter: I'd prefer if it got tagged with @GlassOstinato , which is my account for Sound Ideas stuff uwu)
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    This is a good point. However, in the conversation between Xehanort and Eraqus that you quoted, this is what followed: I'm not entirely sure what Xehanort was accusing Eraqus of playing dumb about. Was he accusing Eraqus of pretending not to follow his logic? Was he accusing Eraqus of pretending not to know who the Lost Masters are? It's a little confusing to me, but I think it is possible that he may have been accusing Eraqus of playing dumb about the Lost Masters since they were what Xehanort was talking to him about. That being said, it is also possible that Xehanort heard of the Lost Masters for the first time from the Master of Masters, so maybe he was just accusing Eraqus of not following his line of logic. However, Xehanort's shock in that scene in Re:Mind may have been shock that a Lost Master was right in front of him, not that the Lost Masters existed at all, meaning that he may have already known of them by that time. Long story short, I'm not entirely sure that we can say for sure that no one other than Xehanort knows about the Lost Masters. Additionally, even if no one knows of the Lost Masters, I think it is possible that they still may know them as the ancient masters. I think that they may just not know much about them. They may not have known who the ancient masters were or what they did, they may have just known that they existed and stories of them crossing over into another world may have been one of the only things about them that have been passed down. I may be wrong about all of this, but I think that it is still a possibility. I also think that it is possible that the ancient masters may be referring to the Union Leaders, and I think that there is evidence for and against both possibilities.
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    I believe it should be easier to find an opponent in versus mode Before the update, the other player would have to have a similar rank as you
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    KH General Chat

    Isa got the worst character writing of them all
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    Bequeathing information

    I assume you're referring to bequeathing a Keyblade? There really hasn't been much stated about it, but going from what we've seen in-game (and from what was stated in the Birth by Sleep Ultimania) Keyblades are bequeathed when the inheritor touches the handle of a Keyblade Master's Keyblade (ex. Kairi accidentally inheriting it from Aqua, Riku getting it from Terra). Although Terra is not officially a Master, he was able to pass the power to Riku because he is practically a Master (this is stated in the BbS Ultimania). It's been stated there are several qualifications the inheritor needs for receiving a Keyblade, but they've been left vague and the only one we really know is that the receiver needs to have a strong heart. Also, I've seen some fan interpretations infer that a Master can only bequeath to one person, and sometimes that they lose their own Keyblade once the inheritor obtains their Keyblade. Personally, I think these interpretations are false, as they aren't supported anywhere and seem to be contradicted in-game. I don't think there are any limits (or at least not strict ones) for how many times a Master can pass the power, since we see several instances of a Master with multiple apprentices. Also, it seems Yen Sid's done it at least twice (Mickey and Lea), and Aqua passed it to Kairi and then considered giving it to Sora (assuming Aqua was aware she gave it to Kairi). And it doesn't seem like anyone loses their Keyblade once their successors obtain theirs, since Terra passed Riku the power, and then Sora got his Keyblade, and they all three still have their own Keyblades. And the same thing with Aqua and Kairi, and Eraqus, Terra and Aqua. I hope that helps! And cute Ven icon, by the way! lol
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    Why...?Why the heck am I sad about this lol
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    So, the knowledge of the ancient times, a.k.a. the age of fairytales, has been passed down through generations of Keyblade wielders. Master Odin taught his pupils of the ancient past and darkness. Also, as seen in DDD, Yen Sid is knowledgeable of the ancient Keyblade War. But in the beginning of KHIII, Xehanort talks about the Lost Masters with Eraqus, though the latter has no clue who they are. If the modern Keyblade Masters truly knew who the Lost Masters were and called them the 'ancient Keyblade Masters', they would certainly know that they were the ones who started the Keyblade War, right? Odin taught his pupils of the ancient times; they even know that the Book of Prophecies projected Heartless from the future in ancient times. So if the Lost Masters were really known, how come 'the ones who started the Keyblade War' doesn't ring a bell for Eraqus? The Lost Masters are rarely spoken of, and I think it's because during the age of fairytales, the Keyblade wielders went about on daily missions for their Unions, but they didn't really interact with the Foretellers. They never learned about the behind-the-scenes, in other words, the events of Back Cover. So it would be plausible that the knowledge of the Foretellers wasn't passed down to the future generations of Keyblade wielders, which could be why Eraqus, Odin, etc. don't know about them. Xehanort, on the other hand, had interactions with the Master of Masters, so it's entirely plausible he learned about the Lost Masters from him, himself being one. BUT...this is just a theory and I went and rambled off again.
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    This is true. We should never assume that we know where the story is going, but in this case, I think it is safe for us to assume that Ansem the Wise's hypothesis is correct since it seems to be setting up the next game. As for the original question, I think that the ancient masters are most likely referring to either the Foretellers or the Union Leaders. Even though the Foretellers are called the lost masters in KH3, it's possible that this may just be another name for them. Plus, Master Yen Sid only told King Mickey to investigate how the new world relates to ancient masters, not to find them and get help from them. So, even if the Foretellers are helping the Master of Masters, it would not interfere with King Mickey's mission. It is also possible that the Union Leaders are the ancient masters since they are the only ones who we know for sure crossed over into another world. However, what they crossed over into was another worldline, which appears to be part of reality, just an alternate version of it. This does not seem to match up with what Ansem the Wise was describing, so, if I were to make a guess, I would say that the ancient masters are referring to the Foretellers and they were summoned back by Luxu from the other world. Plus, they did fade back into existence, kind of like how Sora faded out of existence, indicating that they may have indeed been returning from the other world.
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    Wow you put a lot of thought into this. I'll try to reply as best I can haha. I found myself making comparisons to Coco as well when I watched Soul, because of the life/death themes, however I think both could work in the same game and it wouldn't be repetitive, seeing as Coco while about life/death also has themes about family, friendship, and memories, where as Soul is more about focusing on what's important in your life, and appreciating that. As for setting As for story On the plot connections you pointed out So yeah those are some more thoughts I have on it. I still think it would be pretty tricky to pull off as a world but it's fun to speculate and hear different ideas.
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    My favourite world would be the World that Never Was as I really like the music and the atmosphere it’s creates, it’s also my favourite as it got a lot of good boss fights and honestly I just like stuff that is associated with Organization XIII. As for favourite Disney world it’s Halloween Town I just like everything about this world including its world design, music and even the Halloween themed Heartless, also Sora’s outfit in this world looks really cool in my opinion and I just love the fact that there’s a Kingdom Hearts world based of my favourite movie.
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    It reminds me of Jane from Tarzan.
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    My favorite characters are of course Sora! and I really like his love interest Kairi! as for dislike I can't think of any , I just love kingdom hearts in general.....
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    Larxene’s my favourite character, my other favourites would be Marluxia and Xion. As for least favourite it’s Luxord, also I don’t like Aqua,Terra or Yen Sid.
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    sora's my favoruite, larxene's my least favourite
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    My favourite character is and always has been Axel. I love everything about him; his personality, his design, his character arc. My least favourite would have to be a toss-up between Kairi and Xion. I find that both of these characters have been horribly mishandled throughout the entire series, and the fact that they're voiced by the same voice actress whom I've never liked doesn't help.
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    My favourites are Riku, Sora and Namine in that order, but each ranking by a very slim margin. Riku's arc was endearing and now even though his character development is slowing down he's a sweetie who has learnt so much and would do ANYTHING for his friends, especially Sora. Sora is just the textbook definition of "ray of sunshine" and honestly it makes the tragic things that happen to him even more sad, so we all gotta love him a lot to make up for all the pain he's had to suffer, the poor boy. Namine is just the best girl, the best written, the prettiest, the most interesting. KH3 did her dirty but otherwise she's perfect and I hope to see more of here in the future of the series. Honourable mention to Manga Kairi who is a queen, will never forget that time she trampled a bunch of heartless, bit Axel and punched Demyx in the face doing more damage to him than any of Sora's hits with a keyblade! As for who I dislike... Aced annoyed the heck out of me, traitor or no his actions were foolish. Ira wasn't much better either. I also am not a big fan of game Kairi, but Manga Kairi does more than make up for it, so I'm pardoning her. Otherwise I love all the KH characters so much, from the darn duck that won't heal us to Hanger, Pants and Omelette
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    You do bring up a good point @WakelessDream, as far goes as setting they can have it be set in: Now seeing as how Pixar prefers to have the stories of the Pixar worlds be original storylines exclusive to Kingdom Hearts instead of a retelling of the movies as shown with Toy Box and Monstropolis in KH3, it's seems to me that they would do the same thing with this one and it could go the following: One thing that could serve as a interesting plot tool connection with the film Soul and to Kingdom Hearts is: It's too early to know for sure if we will see this film appear as a world in the next KH game after Melody of Memory or in Kingdom Hearts IV, cause Nomura and his team cherry-pick Disney worlds based on the following: Which Disney films Nomura and the team want as worlds for the specific KH game. The themes that the specific Disney world (New or returning) based on that Disney or Pixar film have in common to the theme of the specific KH game (e.g. Friendship, Trust, Connections, Promises, etc.) - Which is debatable The Story the world can offer The gameplay value and the environment that the world can offer. Level Variety Disney giving Requests and suggestions to which Films they want to see added in the specific KH game to Nomura and the team (e.g. Big Hero 6 in KH3). It wouldn't surprise me if Soul appears in the next KH game as the most recent Disney/Pixar film implemented as a world seeing as we had Tron: Legacy implemented as a world in Dream Drop Distance and Big Hero 6 as a world in Kingdom Hearts III respectively. It will come down if it shares similarities to Coco cause despite having different environments, both films all share the same theme of death/afterlife, so personally Nomura and his team will have to decide which one to choose as a world and which one they would save later as a world in another KH game, but I imagine Coco being the likely Pixar world they would choose
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    More MoM Answers Than You Even Want

    I briefly mentioned the Nox Suzaku before (aka, "the Darkness of the Dominion" or however you want to translate its original name), but there's a lot more I could say about it. The Nox Suzaku is exclusive to Type-0. I mentioned that it's an entity from another world. It seems like it was attracted to the world of Orience because of its war - particularly, because of the amount of death it causes. When a living creature dies, it releases "phantoma", which is like soul energy. The average person doesn't know about phantoma, but Class Zero know about it and are able to harvest it... Kinda like Lux. So whenever you kill any living person or creature, you can extract the phantoma from their corpse. Eventually, the Nox Suzaku will start stealing ALL of the phantoma before you can collect any of it. At which point, you either have to find it with the airship and fight it or... Keep feeding it phantoma until it's satisfied. So, that........... gives me some thoughts... Like, what IS the importance of Lux? Class Zero collect phantoma because Mother can use it to repopulate the world after it starts over. At the end of the world, the Rursus slaughter everyone because (short of acquiring Agito), Gala intended to use the influx of soul energy to reveal Etro's Gate. The latter sounds very keyblade war. I'm not sure what's what here... But I'm feeling something. Anyway, LOOK AT THIS! (Name is "The Extinguished (Jack)") Here's a better look at the model. There's one for each cadet. I'm just using Jack as an example. The aesthetic makes me think of the Anti-Black Coat and the Darklings combined. When you engage the Nox Suzaku, you're sucked into its void. Inside the void are the souls it's consumed, and some of them appear to be the souls of the cadets from previous cycles. (Well, that's just a theory. But what ELSE would they be??) In the game, they look like transparent SP units, but the Ultimania shows the unused models that were supposed to be there along with all of their stats. Kinda freaky to think about there being cycles where the Nox Suzaku captured the cadets and turned them into those things... You can only fight the Nox Suzaku on your second playthrough. It shows up at the beginning of the game in the first playthrough, but then it kinda disappears forever... But then it comes back in your second playthrough and becomes a constant menace where it's always trying to steal phantoma. And it's all unexplained!! There's no explanation for this thing!! It has NOTHING to do with the plot!! In Terra's character file story, he talks about what happened to him after Xehanort took over his body... (Translation from Cherrim.) Sounds like the Nox Suzaku's void if you ask me. The game calls the area inside of it "Abyssal Darkness." I forget what it was called exactly, but the water in the Realm of Darkness where Aqua fell in and turned into Dark Aqua has a similar-sounding name, though it's only mentioned in the Japanese version. YMX seems to be talking about the same place when he tells Sora what will happen to him if he abuses the Power of Waking. *Petscop clap sfx* "A void that only takes in grief and suffering"... *looks at Demyx's story where he talks about only wanting to do things he finds enjoyable* ...Hm. If nothing else, I would say that the natures of Demyx and Vanitas are diametrically opposed. Not sure if there's something else there... Suspicious. There's this one interpretation of the Nox Suzaku that I really enjoy, which is that it's called the "Darkness of the Dominion" because it's literally an accumulation of Rubrum's own darkness. The reason it's so powerful is because it's been feasting on the souls of all the people killed by Rubrum. It's not called "the Darkness of Milites" or "the Darkness of Concordia." Regardless of its origins, it's RUBRUM'S own personal darkness now. It won't leave them alone and it's threatening the whole world now because tHEY JUST CAN'T STOP KILLING PEOPLE. tbh, fighting the Nox Suzaku is so hard, I personally find it easier to just let it keep stealing phantoma from me. When I did that, it made me think about the MoM's "truce" with Darkness again. Like, should I feel bad for letting it take these souls? lol I got tired of fighting it, though. It always comes back. You can't permanently defeat it. I feel like the Nox Suzaku would start calling me its "friend", too, if I started willingly feeding it souls to keep it away... I'm not even kidding when I say that the game suggests this as a VIABLE COURSE OF ACTION. Go ahead! SEE WHAT HAPPENS! lol The thought of the MoM sacrificing kids to Darkness to appease it is both terrifying and kinda hilarious. Maybe it started with Lux from Heartless and then got out of control...? So, idk if this one is just a coincidence, but I could see KH's Darkness being a combination of Gala and the Nox Suzaku. Hey, speaking of darkness, there's this one quote I found from Agito. I don't think there's more to it. Pretty sure this is it. But it gives me serious questions. Haha whaaaat... What do you MEAN they're of "synonymous existence"...? You can't just drop a line like that on me and shut the game down!! Anyhow, I'm a little hesitant to believe that the Nox Suzaku is involved in the khux recipe because it's not in Agito. But I'm also not going to count it out, especially when it seems SO suspicious. It's helpful to have all the pieces even if some of them don't end up fitting the puzzle. (Sorry, that metaphor doesn't make sense, but you get the idea.) Now if we find out that the MoM has been sacrificing kids to Darkness to maintain the status quo or something, you won't be surprised. The possibility is there~ I can't really end this without showing you what the Nox Suzaku looks like. Its heads look like phoenixes because Suzaku is a phoenix. Its legs are spiderlike. Its, uh, interior?? is filled with eyes... And the whole deal is held together inside a cage made of red gears. I don't remember if this was just a theory or something official, but I remember hearing that it might look this way because it was trying to mimic something familiar to the world of Orience. It tried to look like Rubrum's phoenix, but.......... Good Lord. IN CONCLUSION...
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    Least favourite KH girl?

    Out of these Birth by Sleep Aqua is my least favorite. We're told she, Terra and Ventus are inseparable but the main story strives to prove that when there are other option this trio doesn't hold together well and it's in large part to Aqua, in how she follows the strong anti-Darkness creed of Eraqus and how she treats Ventus and Terra. In Radiant Garden she pushes both of them away, admitting to spying on Terra and not treating him like an equal. When talking to Scrooge she says she's looking for a boy when she's trying to track down Terra, when it'd be more apt to describe him as a young man. Then she talks down to Ven like he's a little boy (granted, his whole life is only four years as far as he's concerned and only involves three other people), telling him to go home when anyone who has spent time around kids will tell you that makes them more determined to do the opposite. She could have suggested they stick together so she can at least keep an eye on him. Then there's what she says at the Keyblade Graveyard. Terra admits he has a problem and wants to atone for killing Eraqus. The right thing to do would be to assure him that he would get help and support. So what does Aqua do? She gets all high and mighty like she's never met a recovering addict. Then she talks down to Ven again, not taking him seriously when he's asking them to mercy kill him. Honestly, she's ready to believe Maleficent about Terra when she's grown up with him! Did she just superglue the idiot ball on that morning?
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