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    I think he can get away with it because it's still questionable how much Xehanort actually remembers. I get the impression that he figured out that he was Player, but he may not have had ALL of Player's memories. Maybe he was only able to remember bits and pieces in his dreams. The "precious light" sounds like it could be referring to the "true dandelion" to me now. More specifically, the light in Ventus. But it's very confusing to hear him talk about it this way. You've already got the light right there, Xehanort! ...Unless he thought that another keyblade war would bring about another light, which would be Sora, I guess? We'll have to look at those lines again in the future because I feel like they aren't going to hold up perfectly. I get the feeling that there's going to be some kind of big twist involving the first keyblade war. Personally, I have my fingers crossed for more Agito XIIi references. But there really is a lot that we don't know about it... It's essentially the MoM's past. So maybe that's what Xehanort really wanted to know about; what were the circumstances of the very first keyblade war??
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    Has the prospect of Thomas the Tank Engine in Kingdom Hearts swayed you, or no?
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    To make things a bit clearer, Square-Enix Japan had a fair amount of management issues during the 7th Generation of consoles(Xbox 360/Wii/PS3). They were developing for far more complex hardware while making new engines and development tools that were meant to support a wide spectrum of gameplay. Development of Final Fantasy XIII was hectic as a result. VsXIII, which was being developed by what was the main Kingdom Hearts team at the time, was delayed and rebooted more than once. Kingdom Hearts 3 was intended to be their next project afterwards, but that just didn't happen as a lot of reshuffling was done around 2012-2014. At least, that's how much I can summarize from memory. I'm not a reliable source.
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    Yeah.......in English, Xemnas says they will reveal their 'greatest secret'. So the scene where he talks about Subject X, it's when he and Ansem the Wise are at the haunted mansion in Twilight Town. (Wait, he says 'mystery' instead of 'secret'.....but still....) He says In Japanese it's: (From all the Japanese I know, looks like it says about the same thing) But.......but what more does Xehanort need to know?? What does he NOT know????????? edit: I remembered that Xehanort was curious about something in BBS so I went to take a look. He says: I feel like Nomura just retconned this, because Xehanort knows A LOT about the Keyblade War already.......right?? Maybe?? I dunno
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    was still a significant set back. switch graphical engines means they would have had to redo a lot
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    Katsuo Akio

    Alternate Sora KH2

    Here’s an alternate Sora with the original artstyle from Normura !
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