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    YES I GET MORE TIME!!! But i still will miss this game very much 😭💔
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    My head......me head!!!!! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM me tryin to piece all this together Gosh, this is confusing stuff. Seriously. Is.........is it that they're two sides of the same coin? 'Yozora' means 'night sky', Sora means 'sky'. Hmmm.........would Sora represent 'day' sky then? If so, we know day and night can never meet each other. When one side of Earth is day, the other side is night. The other side.............Sora exists on the side we are familiar with, Yozora exists on the other side of Sora's reality. But........if they can never meet, HOW did they MEET???? Huuuuuuuuuh, there's....there's just one piece that's missing or it's hidden in plain sight!! That fight was actually similar to Sora's fight with Roxas! Sora is in a nighttime city with lots of skyscrapers, then encounters Roxas on his Station of Awakening. Then, Sora is in the Final World, encounters Yozora, his Station appears, then Final World becomes nighttime city with lots of skyscrapers. The order of events differs, but the setting is eerily similar. hmmmmmmmm HMMMMMMMMMMMMM I think that could actually happen!!! But, for some reason, that makes me wonder........about that extremely fishy Luxord-driver-whatever-his-name-is. He's involved with those two. Luxord is Mr. Driver for Yozora. Luxord gave Sora a joker card, which Nomura said is the key to his survival. Someone told Yozora to save Sora. Wait................... Did Luxord tell Yozora to save Sora? And in order to do that, Yozora needs to overtake Sora and use the joker card for something?? Nah, this is just speculation at best. Something doesn't fit. Hmmmmmmm But.......if when Yozora defeats Sora, and that causes Yozora to overtake Sora, then wouldn't it be the same vice-versa? But Yozora still wakes up. *SIGH* I feel like a huge dummy right now There's something really strange about those endings. The one Sora wins introduces Luxord-driver and ends with the new ending quote 'Oath to Return'. But........why.....why doesn't the other one? AAAh so confusin Speaking of Roxas......... Okay, I'm almost positive I have this wrong, and I have NO idea if this has to do with anything, but whatever. So, ever since unreality was described as 'the other side', whenever I see 'other side', it catches my eye. Now, there's one spot that I remember it. It's way back in Re:CoM, actually. Said by Vexen: The other side of Sora's heart, in this case, is Roxas. But, Roxas is a completely different person, right?? How was that memory there? Roxas was existing just at that moment; his heart wasn't with Sora. If Sora never created a Nobody the way he did, and created a Nobody the 'normal' way, then Roxas wouldn't have existed; Sora's soul would be in that Nobody. But, well, Sora did create a Nobody the way he did. His Nobody and himself are different souls, different hearts. Yet, they're the same. In a way, right? (I just got reminded of how the Organization members were calling Sora 'Roxas', and he got all confused. Then that reminds me of Hamm and Rex calling Sora 'Yozora', and he got all confused.......) So, Roxas is a completely different person, but the same. Sora created another version of himself, which was........Roxas. Roxas isn't Sora's shadow, though. Just a different version. I'm probably wrong about all this, but it got my brain a-thinkin edit: We probably are going to get more information after all. Did you see the UX news?!?!?! Nomura's planning something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe even for E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hold on... I think... you're on to something... Why does Sora's station appear when Yozora decides to attack him? And why does the station turn into the roof of a building in Quadratum? In a way, doesn't it seem similar to Sora's fight with Roxas? I mean... Really, that's a good question, isn't it? WHY DID SORA'S STATION APPEAR?? WHY DOES IT TURN INTO SOMETHING FROM YOZORA'S SIDE?? Am I saying that Yozora and Sora are the same? I think I'm saying that they're the same! It would be interesting if we got to play as Yozora for a while in the next game, particularly if the ending where Sora loses was the true ending. If the two are the same, then Yozora's victory could represent him overtaking Sora and becoming the new "him" the way that Player became Xehanort. ...Have I finally gone crazy or does it feel like this is starting to make more sense? I feel like this could actually happen. lol (edit: Still thinking about it. Maybe the reason why there are two endings is because they're the same. Both endings, in a way, are the same if you believe that Sora and Yozora are the same person. This doesn't sound terribly far-fetched to me...) The windows with Sora's memories are interesting, too... Now that my mind is on Roxas, it's making me think of the beginning of KH2 with the machine that was rebuilding Sora's memories. idk if that's what it's supposed to remind me of, though. But it serves a similar purpose in the game bc it makes the players think about all the experiences you've had as Sora in all the games. Thinking about the prologue again just reminded me of that weird Darkside again... My best guess with that thing is still that it's a whole new type of enemy. Hmm...
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    As much as I don't want to see that old man again........HE NEEDS TO COME BACK AND EXPLAIN EVERYTHING LOL. He left too many mysteries behind. *SIGH* AAAH but what more is he trying to figure out??!! I watched the beginning segment of DR again, and it gives me the impression that Xehanort dreamed the entirety of χ[chi]. Then, we see that flashback of Brain and the others at the hill........which was an event that [Player] wasn't present. HMMMMMMMMMMMM..........which would mean that he dreamt some, if not all, of Union χ[Cross]. But this is getting me all confused all over again. If he indeed experienced the entirety of χ[chi], what more does he need to know about the Keyblade War???? And he certainly knows much MUCH more than the Union kids even did about the Keyblade War; the MoM HIMSELF told Xehanort more about the Lost Masters and the behind-the-scenes-aka-Back-Cover. So WHAT.............. It's actually possible he experienced the WHOLE ENTIRETY of [Player]'s life, not just those segments. Even in our real world, dreams have different timing compared to the real world. I remember myself having a considerably long dream but when I woke up it was only five minutes passed. GOSH old man, how much did you dream?!?!?!??!! That would give us a clue at least!!! AACKKKKK, I remember this OTHER LINE in KHMoM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xehanort says to Kairi: Hmmmmm......I checked the Japanese, and it seems to imply he's talking about her [Kairi's] memories that are long gone. heh heh heh, ACCORDING TO GOOGLE AND AUTO TRANSLATE ANYWAY But what if.....well, it just made me wonder if he was talking about the memories and secrets of the age of fairytales, and how the MoM has something to do with all this. *SIGH* This probably doesn't have anything to do with this after all, but.......... Speaking of the beginning scenes of DR, Xehanort says he 'feels like falling through the sky', right? And that is similar to how Sora falls through the sky to the Station of Awakening of Dive to the Heart. I just realized that the music playing in the '[Player]'s life' flashbacks is the same soundtrack as the one that plays during Dive to the Heart. Those flashbacks........they're memories. In KHIII, what happens to be at Sora's Dive to the Heart? Sora's memories. And 'dreams hold memories'. Dive to the Heart is a place framed within a dream. *sigh* i'm confusin meself huh? HUH???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those things that frame Sora's memories!!!!!!!!!!!! They look familiar!!!!! L-look!! It's the same as the things that frame the chapters in the KH novels!!!!!!!!!! Except, from all the novels I have, these only appear in the KH3 novels!!! Reminding me how the age of fairytales is portrayed like a book.......but this probably doesn't mean anything.........right?????????? me poor mind's explodin
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    Boy, were some of you so wrong
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    Fragmented statues seem to be your thing
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