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    We know ultimately that it’s all Three Terra, Aqua & Ventus. but Imo It’s Ventus. 1. the Game starts with Ventus as He Dives to the Heart (just like Sora and Roxas), and he’s mainly the Main controllable character in the Prologue. 2. Most artworks of BBS has Ventus sitting in the center 3. The story of Birth by Sleep is mostly about Xehanort wanting to forge The X-blade (Ventus) in order to take control of kingdom hearts. the only reason he even needs a younger body (Terra) is just to make sure he can see his plans come to fruition before his old body gives out. 4. Vanitas and the Unversed came from Ventus, Xehanort tasks Vanitas to spread his Unversed everywhere just to lure Ventus to the outside world, and it also forced Eraqus to send Terra and Aqua to the outside world as well. 5. Ventus has a big connection with Sora and Master Xehanort. 6. He’s at the center of every conflict, everyone is either after him or worried about him. Terra and Aqua trying to protect him, Eraqus is trying to dispose of him for the sake of the world, Xehanort wants him for his big plan, Vanitas wants to fuse with him to obtain the legendary χ-blade. 7. He saves worlds and many people on his journey, and he doesn’t leave any mess behind (similar to Aqua). 8. He Has the most epic flashy cinematic final boss battle among the Wayfinder trio. 9. His heroic sacrifice stopped the X-blade for good. 10. Ventus goes through character development and even faces his obstacles and conquers them, he faces Vanitas and succeeds in destroying the X-blade and ruins Xehanort’s plan (Terra meanwhile does also have some character development in his story, but he fails in conquering his obstacles and gets possessed by the villain and becomes the main antagonist of the Series. and Aqua is like the hero of the trio, but she doesn’t go through a clear character development until the sequel game 0.2, and also in her debuted game she like Terra, failed in conquering her obstacles cause she couldn’t save Ventus from the X-blade, and she let Xehanort roam free with Terra’s body)
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    Encanto world

    I just finished watching this film for the first time and I see massive potential in the concept of the magic being extinguished by the Abuela's misguided thirst for the protection of the magic creating and spreading stress, self-doubt and conformity throughout the Madrigal family. It's the perfect recipe for Unversed and the darkness that draws villains such as the organization and Maleficent and Pete (where the heck even are Maleficent and Pete? We didn't defeat them in KHII). Meeting Sora, someone who isn't a Modrigal, someone from another world who possesses a gift could add to Maribel's conflict about not having one and Bruno is even a possible character of interest for the foretellers who were hinted to possibly be the next big adversaries now that Xehanort has been defeated once and for all. The one thing about the film that bugged me was that we don't get an exact explanation as to the reason Mirabel was not given a gift but KH lore could fill that in. There is a subtle suggestion that she is a manifestation of the miracle so perhaps she could be a guardian of light or a princess of heart.
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    KH3 HUD Icons Art

    One of the many constants in the KH franchise has been the use of the head icons to represent the character you're playing as, along with your teammates. Up until 0.2 all of these head icons had come in the form of drawings, but this would change as the franchise moved onto new engines and evolved its overall style. Some really like the new and current 3D head icons, while others are sadden by the change. I personally don't mind the new take but kinda miss the old style as I felt it was part of giving KH its unique identity. As a fun exercise I thought it would be fun to try and use the KH3 concept art for Sora, Riku, and Kairi and turn them into head icons similar to the ones we used to get. As a fun bonus I also made one of Master Xehanort using one of BbS's promotional artworks as a base. I hope you enjoy, I sure had a lot of fun making them!
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    Following the announcement of Sora joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the official Square Enix Youtube channel shared the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Announcement trailer. This trailer reiterates that the games are coming to Nintendo Switch, but also reveals that Dark Road will be concluding this Winter. No details on whether this will affect the English version too were provided. Celebratory merchandise has been announced to be arriving too, including the highly anticipated chess set! Lastly, a 20th Anniversary Event was announced! Details regarding this event will revealed at a later date. You can view the 20th Anniversary trailer below: You can view the English version of the announcement trailer below: View full article
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    I love the entire series of Kingdom Hearts as a whole and throughout the entire series there have been moments that make me feel overwhelmed with happiness, moments that would make my heart ache with sadness, and moments that would shock me and fill me with so much intrigue. Despite my desire to list off all of the different amazing moments of Kingdom Hearts I will say that my one most fond memory of Kingdom Hearts would be the very end of my 100% playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 1 when I was collecting synthesis items to make the ultimate weapon and defeating waves of heartless to hit level 100 while listening to a playlist of different Kingdom Hearts original tracks, remixes, and covers. When I had first started Kingdom Hearts 1 I didn't really hate it but I also didn't consider it to be my favorite game and by the time I had reached this moment I had absolutely fallen in love with the game a thousand times over. To this day Kingdom Hearts 1 is still my favorite game of all time and I honestly don't think anything will ever top it. I'm so happy that I had decided to play through this series because it brought me so much joy.
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    While I could write an essay on why I love the series and what it means to me, instead I'm gonna focus on a few specific memories that really stand out. My first experience with the series was watching my older cousin play kh1. I was completely enthralled by all the characters and flashy gameplay and so I begged my mom to buy me a copy. We weren't able to afford much at the time so I had to go to my faithful video rental store and rent a copy for myself. Of course I wasn't able to finish the game in a few days since I was 6 or 7 so I had to wait months until my birthday before I had my own copy. Once my birthday rolled around, I still wasn't able to get it but my cousin gave me his copy (we played the entire day trying to do everything). Whenever I think of kh1 it brings me back to those warm summer days spent with my cousin. After that point, I was hooked. We didn't have internet or anything like that at my home for years and so anytime I was around a computer l, I was watching kh videos. Whether it was the openings, soundtracks, or the classic "kh3 trailers with box art", I watched it all. I also remember the first time I went to the beach and decided to make it a tradition to stand in the waves listening to dearly beloved (which I still do to this day haha). Another tradition I had during my time in school was playing through the kh2 prologue 7 days before school starting. I would play each day in real life and the game up until my "summer vacation was over". As I was writing this, more and more memories kept resurfacing. Long story short, I love this series beyond explanation and it provides me with so much nostalgia of happier days when everything was simple and clean. Thanks for reading.
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    Kingdom hearts itself is a memory for me. I played it during some hard times in my life and the idea of getting to play the game always made the struggles worth it. My favorite memory is using "Simple and Clean" to help ease my anxiety. Anytime I had an anxiety attack I just sang "regardless of warning the future doesn't scare me at all" and it helped ease my nerves.
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    That is the part that always bugged me about the timeline, until I finally found that basically the YX we see meet Ansem in DDD has the appeareance of Xehanort AFTER the main story of Dark Road (notice the hair bangs) compared to DR where in that same meeting Xehanort has his first hair style (let's call him Student Xehanort) So I spent a long time thinking that they actually meet twice, and the meeting in DDD takes place after the mains story of DR since we do see Student Xehanort sporting the hair bangs in the time skips, but apparently nope, the Xehanort in the DDD screenshot should've always been Student Xehanort, not enough time to do that extra model I guess (could've fixed for the HD and saved me a headache though!) But considering YX is supposed to be the correct model with the hair bangs (only the one in the cutscene above is wrong) Student Xehanort at Scala should NOT have experienced the events of DDD yet or YX in DDD and KH3 would have student's Xehanort hair, I think that when Ansem came back to "set him in the appointed path and gave him the ability to move through time" it was still a long while until he went on with the mission Ansem gave him, up until he already was studying darkness I think one day (after already growing into the age of Young Xehanort) the dormant memory/mission/piece of future Xehanort inside him just "awakened" and that's when he started recruiting the other selves, and probably got his Yellow Eyes (after the main story but before he is named master and recieves no name since he uses another keyblade in DDD and KH3) Another thing is I think the whole game was made to show the folly of blindy following a fate that wasn't meant for you, there are many clues that Xehanort was NOT the child of prophecy, or rather he could've been but failed Just because he can connect and feel others' hearts would mean that he is one, as Baldr also had that ability, and that's what caused his downfall To be precise, Xehanort doesn't "hail from the isles of destiny" yes, he spent his childhood there, but wasn't BORN there, he "hails" from Scala, this might be a nitpick if you think that because he lived 99% of his life in DI he hails from them but could also be taken as a clue that Blue Robe guy was trying to "force" the prophecy into being about him, which brings us to... Blue Robe guy expresses their own doubts about Xehanort being the child, at first he is all like "IT'S NO DOUBT YOU ARE IT" but by the end of the conversation he says it might be too soon (Xehanort is shown asleep by this point so he wouldn't hear that part And of course we have the hindsight of knowing what ends up being of Xehanort's life, he Blue Robe's words about how the Child of Destiny would be the one who can feel and connect with others' heart and become one with them, he kinda does that but in an evil way, using others hearts to manipulate them and even take over their bodies, he doesn't care about connecting with others, even in KH3 he is shown that he doesn't particularly care for the wellbeing of the people who are his vessels, he doesn't fight to defeat darkness but to manipulate it, while the true Child would be the one who actually connects with people, who accepts their hearts into himself and uses those connections to increase his power and the one who truly hails from destiny islands, fighting to keep the light safe and fend off darkness, Sora Going back to what I said before Xehanort COULD have been the child of prophecy but his destiny was altered, as you mention Blue Robe explains that he was taken to the islands to hide him from darkness until he was strong enough, but he only leaves the islands because Ansem appears and opens the portal to the other worlds, so we can't be sure that Xehanort was truly ready to leave the islands, that could've been the first step to have darkness be drawn to him and start his downfall (poison his heart as blue robe says it), Xehanort only knows that he is a special child destined for greatness so in his mind whatever path he takes must be the righteous one which eventually evolves into his complex of: "everyone else is weak, and those who think they are strong are faking it, only some people (me) are truly strong" "I've learned the reason for my existance" "the world needs someone to stand up and lead" Not to mention that I think MoM also kinda sabotaged Xehanort a little bit, I think he planed to have him be a vessel for the last remaining darkness that we now know must be out there, that's why he spured him into going out and see the world, to learn how to resist darkness with the coat and then outgrowing it, having him experience conflict the same way he did with the foretellers in UX, so that he would become the perfect bait for darkness to try to get inside him Would explain MoM's line of "a keyblade wielder willing to side with the darkness?????" he even says it in such a cheeky way, like he was taunting him, MoM's methods may be considered ruthless and too pragmatic but if there is one thing we know is that everything he does it in order to defeat the primordial darknesses, no matter what it takes, so him just being OK with a strong wielder like Xehanort to side with his true enemy, darkness, always seem weird....... that is, unless he wanted Xehanort to feel the need to understand and get closer to darkness so he could be the final vessel to hold them in place until they can be truly defeated, basically the goal of the next Saga
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    I've been having a blast drawing Y!Xehanort recently. Even more so while I wait for the unknown date of it's update release of Dark Road. I may consider drawing something Xehanort related from the story that stood out to me and post it every week...maybe. We'll see how my energy will sustain itself. But something to keep me occupied. This scene stuck with me since I first watched it back in 2020. Even more so that it was the final nail in the coffin that made Y!Xehanort my favorite character in the series. It made me want to learn more about him and I want the update to get here sooner to finally have all the answers that I needed.
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    wouldnt be that hard to believe he has a secret apprentice
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    On October 10th, 2008, KH13 launched with the sole intention of uploading easily accessible high-quality cutscenes from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. And, while those humble beginnings did kickstart the website, KH13 eventually grew to tackle every facet of Kingdom Hearts, from news regarding video games to coverage on various forms of official merchandise. Now, KH13 boasts an immense, easy-to-navigate series of galleries housing several media such as official renders and artwork. Compiled interviews with series' staff members and timely news articles on the current state of affairs with the Kingdom Hearts franchise have also become embedded in KH13's identity. Scheduled events like the Fan Art Features, Polls of Week, and giveaways has bolstered our communication and connections with fellow Kingdom Hearts fans. Additionally, our consistent Birthday posts celebrating numerous franchise staff members and voice actors/actresses have aided in connecting the Kingdom Hearts community in ways I doubt anyone would have thought possible a mere decade ago. We have seen the Kingdom Hearts series grow considerably over the past few years. Kingdom Hearts III was finally released with the Re Mind DLC following only a year afterward. Melody of Memory was an unexpected sleeper hit that has helped prep us for the future with Re Mind's story. Next, Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] concluded after over 5 years of service. Then Kingdom Hearts Dark Road began and went into hiatus as suddenly as it was announced. Still, its conclusion is only a few months away. The Kingdom Hearts games made their way to the Xbox platforms and PC, with Nintendo Switch releases looming over the horizon. As a result, the series is growing more accessible than ever before, and while there are still steps that need to be taken, such as the Cloud Gaming controversy of the Switch ports, the fact remains that more fans than ever before will have access to the series. We can't forget to mention that Sora has recently joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a dream that many thought would simply remain that. A dream. Between that bombshell of an occurrence and the 20th anniversary of the franchise being only months away, the future will undoubtedly be full of equally colossal news, and we ask that you stick with us as we all greet it together. We want to thank Kimpchuu and Andrew Hankinson for all of the work they have put into creating custom graphics for us such as logos and banners! You can view some of the incredible logos they have made for us via our gallery below: KH13 has become the undeniable, go-to online locale for everything Kingdom Hearts-related, and we look forward to seeing it grow alongside all of you. On a personal note, while I have only been here for a few years, it's been a joyous time seeing both our community and the Kingdom Hearts series prosper with one another. KH13 has been here for 13 years, and despite this comical numeric tie-in with the Kingdom Hearts series itself, we have no intention of stopping our qualitative and consistent coverage. Regardless of the uncertainty a post-Kingdom Hearts III world once brought, the future is looking brighter than ever before, and we're eager to see it. Thank you for sticking with KH13 and here's to 13 more years! View full article
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    When I went to the Kingdom Hearts concert and heard the music live for the first time. It was so emotional! The first song they played was Simple and Clean orchestral with the Dream Drop Distance opening playing on the screen, and now hearing that song still gets me a little emotional
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    Yes, please, if they do port FFXIII, I hope it’s with the DLCs - but they didn’t do that with the PC port so I don’t think I’ll get my hopes up I wonder why it’s taken so long for them to port FFXIII since it’s considered “old” by now. It wasn’t that poorly received…
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    Dark Road has come to an end, and with it, we got new revelations into what led Xehanort down his dark path to become a seeker of darkness. However, not everything was revealed and some questions remain. This was even brought up in a recent Q&A for Dark Road: Therefore, knowing what we do know, I will attempt to put together a timeline of Xehanort's life together, starting with when he was born and ending with Birth by Sleep since I feel that after that the events of his life become pretty straightforward. During that time, I will point out when I believe Xehanort became the seeker of darkness.
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Iirc, Nintendo started directs before the other companies, so it's a valid point
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Yoko Shimomura is the goddess of music There's not one bad song from her period
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    I remembered Ursula battle yesterday! .R.I.P. I'm brazilian and the dubbing is awesome ,different voices ,however,but KH games presented me to Pat Carroll and her amazing work .
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake has received many unique mods, comprising cosmetic alterations to gameplay changes. Recently, one standout mod that can be seen as a fusion of both umbrella avenues is by user ColossalCake, depicting protagonist Cloud Strife with the iconic Kingdom Key. This weapon was actually made from scratch to fit Final Fantasy VII Remake's world better, as its size should reflect. In fact, the sheer difference in size between this recreation and the Kingdom Key in Kingdom Hearts proper has to do with it mimicking the hitboxes of Cloud's weapons in-game. However, the sound effects emitted from the Kingdom Key here are cleverly taken from Kingdom Hearts III. Regarding gameplay incorporations, the Kingdom Key houses four unique Materia slots, which, for those unaware, are essentially ways to customize weapon builds. Additionally, it can replace either the Buster Sword or Mythril Blade weapons for Cloud. Lastly of note is that aside from ColossalCake performing the mod's texture and modeling work, the following individuals also provided noteworthy contributions of their own: matyalatte for their FF7R-mesh-importer, FF7R-DDS-tools, and Blender-Uasset-Add-on tool. Yoraiz0r for their AudioMog tool. spiritovod for their Umodel tool. FluffyQuack for their unrealpak tool. If you'd like to download this impressive mod and/or view additional screenshots, check out its dedicated Nexus Mods page. View full article
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    “Interestingly, Nomura states how he was the one being picky about Sora's recent inclusion into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, not Disney. The latter party was actually quite eager, while Nomura thought it would clash with the "established lore in Kingdom Hearts and the Disney worlds." ” Nomura, I love you, but there doesn’t always have to be lore reasons 😅
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    That is soo cool did he mention amy details that no fan has ever heard about before?
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    man they really need to hire better graphic designers. even from a minimalistic viewpoint, this is so basic
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    As in Riku and Kairi taking over asSora’s main party members instead of Donald and Goofy because I think it’s high time we got more of them together as a trio for the sake of interaction, development and seeing the original three (humans) together. Something KH III refused to give us.
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    ocean's rage

    KH4 - Onward Prequel Idea

    i was right. i love those guys
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    I really like the idea of kingdom hearts getting more dark to underline the fact that it has grown just like we did
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    I hope that "Kingdom Hearts 4" are coming in 2024 to the game consoles and the beginning of a new story arc, "Lost Master arc", since E3 2022 event had been cancelled on this year, because of COVID-19 pandemic!!! Now, I can't wait for see more details about Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary celebration, a sneak preview of the upcoming games, the last chapter of "Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road" in the updates, "Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link" and "Kingdom Hearts 4"!!! And that must be work in progress for a new game, "Kingdom Hearts 4" and "Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link", which take place after "Kingdom Hearts: Union x(cross)" and before "Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road", which was going back in time!! And also, the legendary Kingdom Hearts characters are finally coming to Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary celebration, "The World's Most Magical Celebration", because Sora, Riku, Kairi, Lea, Roxas, Xion, Terra, Ventus and Aqua are looking everywhere for King Mickey and his friends and all characters in the alternate dimensions as "EARTH"!! And because of Disney announcements, I've attended on D23 Expo 2022 event on this September!!! Because I want to see every Disney movies, games, TV Shows, shorts, specials, documentaries, books and music, along with more details about Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event, EPCOT's transformation, Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary celebration and The Walt Disney Company's 100th anniversary celebration!!! LET'S GO AND SEE THEM ALL, AGAIN!!!
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    At the least I would say Mid 2023 or late 2023 because I feel really optimistic and I don’t want to wait like 6 years for a new kh game also I hope when the anniversary video comes out I hope they have a console side game in the Works
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    I think there will definitely be a new game announced. While it would like it to be KH IV, I imagine it's more likely to be a game to bridge the gap between KHIII and IV. That being said, though, I think the bridge game will be in the realm of Verum Rex, and we will play as Yozora, learning who he is, what his world is like, how the Nameless Star ended up in the Final World, etc. I'm also reeeeally hoping for a Union Cross port to consoles, because the story was so interesting, but it got so hard to play.
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    The series anniversary is this month I believe but the actual 20th anniversary event that SE is hosting for fans to commemorate it is being held in April. Japan only though
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    Needs a cool cape now and than its complete
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    Wanted to pop in to say good luck with the release of your upcoming book, Ajexmi! Really cool to see your hard work coming to a completion! And on the topic of ebook vs physical copy, I too think I prefer physical copies although I like that ebooks save me space from having a collection of books collecting dust on my shelf once I'm done reading them.
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    You really knocked it out of the park, man!
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    If I remember right, I hadn't even gotten close to reaching the secret ending of the original PS2 version of the original KH2 so I found it on youtube and then found there was an extra ending I wasn't aware of and was absolutely AMASED at what I was seeing! The music! The graphics! It was so incredible! Keyblade-wielding knights wearing awesome capes! How magic looked in those graphics was amazing! I couldn't BELIEVE that it was possible for a Keyblade to break in half like Ven's did, but there it was! (I was kinda disappointed that little detail wasn't kept in the final product of BbS, but it was neat to see it come back through Riku's Way to the Dawn in KH3) I still go back from time to time to watch it and can't wait for the day we can get a KH game done completely in those same graphics! We're getting closer as seen in KH3/KH3 Remind! Only a matter of time now! 😁
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    Leaks for Spider-Man 4 are already making rounds, though of course take it with a grain of salt for now as the movie is still in early concept phase
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    He has for certain the most impact in the Future,while aqua and terra are off the playing field ventus is giving sora advice in the dive to the heart and is responsible (not on purpose but still) for roxas look and personality
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    No worries I know that wasn’t your intention.
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    nice! altho final fantasy in general is inspired from many mythologies
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    Dustin Lübbers

    Encanto world

    It could be a good way for unversed to jave their comeback feasting on the negative emotions of the family
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    Axel was never as cruel as Larxene. he fought sora sure, but he never tortured him nor enjoyed manipulating him so much. its not a reasonable comparison cause there is a lot of difference between the two characters. the replica stuff isnt about being smart enough to understand it, its about a field of expertise. in the same way cant expect a micro biologist to be able to work in the field of quantum physics you cant expect someone who never worked on the replica project to be able to understand it
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    Onward for the mix of the fantastical and urban, and the perfect opportunity for another form change. Some of the elements from the film, like the size change spell, have plenty of scope for exploration and puzzle solving (manipulating objects in the environment or the player character themselves growing or shrinking, creating more opportunities for opponents like the biker pixies) and Ian as a party member is a given. He and Donald would get on like a house with Firaga cast on it as they both specialise in magic.
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    Great video! As someone who now dives into the music of Kingdom Hearts this was a well made video.
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    Haven’t been on here in a long time, but I had to pop in to wish a happy 13th birthday to a site the helped make a really difficult time in my life an amazing time of my life.
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    Glad to see we're in the Toy Box story now. That means Manga Verum Rex commercial :P
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    It’s a shame he had to be introduced in a mobile game and will be killed off.
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    Maybe we'll get the Jungle Book series that Disney had but with the Jungle Book characters as cubs.
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    "Giving up already? Come on, Sora. I thought you were stronger than that." Sora: *triggered*
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