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    So I just watched Turning Red on Disney+ yesterday. Pretty good film, however when compared to the other Pixar films (e.g. Soul, The Incredibles, ONWARD, Brave, Inside Out, etc.) that could become worlds in a future KH game, I honestly am not sure if Turning Red would become a world. Now on the contrary, if Nomura and Square Enix has the freedom to work on an original story similar to Toy Box (Toy Story) and Monstropolis (Monster's Inc.) from Kingdom Hearts III, then I can see it working as a world. So in order to make Turning Red as a world it needs to be more of an "inspired by" rather than adaptation of, which thankfully Pixar seem more likely to agree to if they find the right common ground with Nomura and Square Enix. Realistically, I could see Mei Lee becoming a potential summon, no question as her move set could be similar to the Meow Wow and Wreck-It Ralph summons when she is in combat against enemies. But what do you guys think? Have you seen the latest Pixar film on Disney+ and do you think the film could show up in a future KH game as a world or have Mei Lee be a summon?
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    Thanks for letting me know about that @WakelessDream regarding spoilers on the Kingdom Hearts games and on films in general I greatly appreciate it. I agree the designer who made the Soul Keyblade really captured the themes and design found in the film. My favorite as you said it yourself is the Piano keys being the teeth of the keyblade, the hilt being the badges for the soul's characteristics and the Maple seed leaf that 22 in Joe's body discovered as the keychain. Just imagine the different Keyblades from the different Pixar worlds we may visit (e.g. Coco, Inside Out, Onward, etc.) in the next games, I imagine the Coco keyblade be based on Héctor's Guitar. Speaking of which a user made fan keyblades of Coco and Inside Out along with several others in the links down below: Coco's themed Keyblade. Inside Out themed Keyblade Fanart Keyblade Gallery 1 Fanart Keyblade Gallery 2 Finally regarding on Raya and the Last Dragon trailer, I agree while it's too early to know for sure how the film would work as a world until the film comes out next month, all I can is that as you said Sisu, the Land of Kumandra and Raya herself as a Party Member for Sora would make for a very awesome level for Kingdom Hearts. Speaking of Party members, I really hope we get more Female Party Members in Sora's party in the Disney worlds for the next games, because I’ve been noticing in the numbered KH titles we ONLY get one female Disney character in Sora’s party for the specific Disney world he visits, cause in the first Kingdom Hearts game it was Ariel, in Kingdom Hearts II we had Mulan and in Kingdom Hearts III it was Rapunzel (until her hair was cut) but for unknown reasons Go Go and Honey Lemon weren't included as party members for San Fransokyo. I do hope that Kingdom Hearts IV breaks the mold and brings in more female Disney characters in Sora's party such as Judy Hopps, Moana, Merida, Violet Parr, Helen Parr/Elasti Girl, Raya, Elsa, and Anna, instead of leaving it with just ONE female Disney character. But back on Raya as a party member I imagine her having a good dynamic with Sora and Co. and the sword (which also is an Urumi) can be an interesting weapon she uses in combat for short range and long range attacks, plus Imagine the teamup limit she would have with Sora. Regarding Sisu, I agree I can imagine her humorous and sassy attitude when she interacts with Sora, Donald and Goofy and be the next Disney character that will have fun interactions to the Trio after the Genie, Mushu and Olaf. The environment and lands of Kumandra as seen in the trailer would also be fun areas to explore, it just would all come down to how much of the world in terms of exploration would be explored, if it's different from the other Disney worlds (new and returning) in terms of environment and especially if Nomura and his team are interested on including the film as a world for the next numbered KH title (which I'm very confident it will be in KHIV for sure, no question). My biggest hope is that if the film becomes a world it doesn't suffer the same treatment as Arendelle and especially Kingdom of Corona from Kingdom Hearts III, but that would be a discussion on another topic.
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