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    Ben Hanson of MinnMax recently conducted a lengthy interview with Pixar's Creative Director of Theme Parks, Tasha Sounart, about a vast variety of topics. One of these detailed discussions regarded the development of the Toy Box world in Kingdom Hearts III. Sounart first talked about how the D23 fan reactions to the Toy Box world were immensely positive, fueling her with a genuine sense of accomplishment and relief considering the stigma of negativity that gaming communities are generally perceived to have. As for how this Pixar collaboration for Kingdom Hearts III even came about, Sounart was an integral voice in making it happen. She talked to the Pixar executives hesitant about the idea, forever altering the initially shaky prospect of Toy Story's utilization. Other topics she speaks about are cultural differences with Square Enix's team and the difficulties finalizing the Toy Box casts' animations with English voice work to make it all feel natural. Lastly, she reveals her dream ideas of how Kingdom Hearts implementation would work in Disneyland. You can listen to the full Tasha Sounart interview below, with helpful timestamps specifically labeling the Kingdom Hearts segments: Additionally, Tasha Sounart has previously shared several comments about Pixar's involvement in Kingdom Hearts III over the years. Our prior articles containing those instances are listed below: Toy Box World Reveal Remy Cooking Minigame Several comments pertaining to Disney incorporation Tasha Sounart informing Pixar Animation Studios Story Supervisor about Kingdom Hearts View full article
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    Square Enix has revealed that the ever-elusive Kingdom Hearts III Alba & Ater Chess Set has been delayed across all regional storefronts. Each delayed date is listed below: Square Enix JP Store - August 27th, 2022 (Initially April 30th, 2022) Square Enix EU Store - November 18th, 2022 (InitiallyJuily 29th, 2022) Square Enix NA Store - October 2022 Release Window (Initially July 2022) We'll be sure to keep you all contintually updated regarding the shipment status of this Chess Set. View our announcement coverage. You can view images of this upcoming product via our gallery below: Thanks to prominent Kingdom Hearts community member Churro for sharing this significant information. View full article
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    clearly you still don't know how to play chess, lol.
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    And is it known why this shipping delay is due?
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    shame. it would have been nice to have if it wasnt so expensive
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    I once had a full blown conversation about this chess set and how I was willing to learn to play chess so I can have a practical use for it. I still don’t know how to play chess.
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    I saw the release date get pushed back each month and they are square is talking about it now lmao
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