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    Kingdom Hearts OldHeads

    I can't speak for the KH2/CoM days, but I distinctly remember looking at the comments section of Dark Impetus, the song that plays when fighting YMX, and seeing someone go 'Ansem the Wise?' On second thought, that might have been the video description. Maybe both?
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    Kingdom Hearts OldHeads

    Yeah, that's what I remember, too. Man, it's hard to believe that was 15+ years ago now. I feel so old! But yes, people were convinced that the KH2/FM secret endings were secret trailers for KH3, which wasn't too out there considering KH1/FM's secret endings were teasing KH2. I remember me and my friends were all convinced that the three armoured figures were Sora, Riku and Kairi until the Final Mix secret trailer came out.
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