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    KH3 releases in one month in Japan... Kinda crazy to see how fast time flies. Only a week left until the new year and then we only need to get through January. It will also be a tough time for a lot of us. At least I imagine so, considering there might be more leaks to avoid and spoilers from early received copies revolving around the internet to block as well since each day closer to release makes it more likely. Not to forget those 4 days in-between the Japanese and global release date. It's always strange how the last few weeks are perceived to be the longest and time still flies by so fast, as if December is over before it even began. I will miss this hype after KH3. It will probably be a while until a new game will be announced and even then it might not generate the same excitement as Kingdom Hearts 3 did. Which is why I want to cherish this last bit as much as I can, even if the wait will become more and more painful. In that regard, a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and to those who don't I also wish you the best for the last week of 2018.
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    Today was the first time Youtube recommended me leaks. And not one but many despite a lot of security measurements being taken on my part to prevent it. Some of them were just recently posted but luckily, I don't feel like I have been spoiled since I didn't see much before removing it from my feed. I didn't even search anything KH-related recently. It just came out of the blue, without a warning because the title was creatively working around my filters. Stay safe, folks. It seems like the next few weeks will be hard. But I guess we all knew that. Though I still feel I'm not prepared.
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    Yoda: "A Merry Christmas, I wish you."
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    Dang, Everglow's Kingdom Hearts Timeline project is truly something spectacular! I'm already just two episodes away from reaching 100, and I love how he and his team have adapted the KH series into its chronological format to such a perfect degree! It's such a great way to refresh oneself on the Xehanort Saga before Kingdom Hearts III, and the best way for newcomers to understand the lore of the series! To Everglow and his team, I am eternally grateful to you guys! Also, have an awesome Christmas Eve, everyone! And just in case I'm not around tomorrow, Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, and may God bless each of you and your families! Best wishes and blessings to one and to all!
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    So tomorrow is Christmas eve! \*w*/ (in where I'm at)
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    Finally joined KH13!

    Finally joined KH13!
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    Never been comfortable around dogs before (scared of them actually XD) but playing with my dad's friend's rottweiler was the best time I've ever spent with a dog. I've never played with a dog in my life, being able to be give her a lot of affection and playing today was so much fun.
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    Yessie Maltese

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    Happy New Years everyone and 4 more weeks until Kingdom Hearts 3 is released!
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    Happy New Year! Hope 2019 is full of blessings for everyone. We are now four weeks away from today for Kingdom Hearts 3 and it will release this month.
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    Patiently waiting for the contest results! Good luck to everyone!
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    You all please be careful. Someone is already posting KH3's opening on YouTube.
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    Guys, someone leaked the Kingdom Hearts 3 opening on youtube. Be very careful
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    Merry Christmas~! 🎅⛄🎄🎁
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    Merry Christmas everyone! For unto us a child is born.
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    Merry Christmas, everyone! Or Merry Which Ever You Celebrate! Or just have a good week, for people who don't celebrate a holiday.
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    Holy crud, that's an amazing Xigbar cosplay! Is that you? If so, then dang, that detail, especially on the scar! :o
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    2 quid is good


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    Oh dang I love these awards! We've had that section on our profiles for literally years and I'm glad it's getting used now
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    You know. This face isn't scaring anyone. I'd just be tempted to boop all of them on nose. That's until I'd get a face full of Keyblade.
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    I try at the leaderboard, even though it's impossible at this point for me to get on but it's fun participating more in forums...
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    How is it almost Christmas? Wasn't it just Halloween? The year seems so short in the last leg...
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    Why is your profile header staring into my soul? I demand answers