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    I want to work on a lot of these characte files, but I'm not sure whether I should go the strict Wiki esque writing route, or maybe go a little off beat and add some humour which I guess would make things stand out a little from similar sites. Maybe I'll write an example for people to see
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    I`m back after a bit more than a year off... Eventually, I always come back to this lovely place
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    Is it okay to say I disliked Kingdom Hearts 3 even with Re:mind? I tried to force myself to like it and even was in denial about not liking it. I know part of it was my high expectations, but I still have these bitter feelings that I can't explain for it that damaged my faith in future KH titles. This is all been the reason why my visits to KH13 have been few and far between.
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    Welp, today's my birthday. Woo! \o3o/
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