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    Hey Wakeless! Thanks for saying hi! I could have sworn I’ve been on this site before but thanks for the warm welcome. My stomping grounds was KH-Vids but they’ve died out a few years ago… how’s things been here?
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    omg if it's my neighbor!!! how are you doing dude
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    do you know now, data twilight town had beta testers! raise your hand or let me know inside if you were a beta tester in the Data Twilight Town. thanks!
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    Yoooo SLH, you still active here? How have you been!?
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    Got a new video out hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cP_HlYDtHo&t=6s
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    That awkward moment when you've not been online for like 3 years
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    Lol hi I exist!! Ive not been online in aggggeeesssss!!!!
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    That 0.2 opening had too many feels for me to handle.
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    Too bad my username isnt ducky anymore, because this would be a great profile picture: http://tinyurl.com/q2rmnt9
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    Don't plan to come on much anymore. I don't really want to say...You can find me mostly on facebook. I'm not going to forget anyone though How could I? It's been amazing. Send me a request anytime on fb. I'll pop in from long time to long time maybe. Like I said, it's been amazing.
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