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    all of them at once, can i say that? no? ok sora riku kairi then
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    Awesome! Can't wait!!! Gonna love to hear about God's Healing power through the Name of Jesus!!!
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    I am learning as well! The second chapter will be uploaded in a few days - I will write as much as God would like to make possible. I appreciate your compliment!
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    Name: Xion - Back to Life Category: Music videos Date Added: 12/08/2019 Submitter: Tribute Vids Was inspired by the movie ''BumbleBee'' it's wicked awesome! looking forward to watching it more and more , really had to make a video of that epic song played at the credits , thought it would fit with Xion pretty well , so here we are! - (Wished I would have seen this movie in Theatre!) - Had a lot of fun with this video! It brought me a lot of joy! (: Xion - Back to Life
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    Re:Mind me to get this when it releases. Also, it's nice to see them actually finish this game. It felt VERY incomplete at first.
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    King Arthur13

    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    or better yet a game where kairi and sora switch back and forth
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    She's playable She's getting more screentime
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Kairi finally gliding into peoples hearts
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Kairi looks great, the big attack was awesome
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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

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    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    I want this out
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    RAX are my favorite, but Sora, Donald, and Goofy are a very close second. All the trios have their positive points throughout the series for sure.
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    2 quid is good

    General Chat

    Woww I think I have a new favourite author > The espiritu del tiempo, the spirit of our age, is characterised by uncertainty, rapid change, realignment of power, upheaval and chaotic behaviour. We live in an in-between period where old orthodoxies are dying, new ones have yet to be born, and very few things seem to make sense. Ours is a transitional age, a time without the confidence that we can return to any past we have known and with no confidence in any path to a desirable, attainable or sustainable future. So much this We are cursed to live in interesting times
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    This sounds very interesting. I would like one of the games on that list (Final Fantasy VII Remake).
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    Clues/Questions about the Future

    Hi, thanks for the information you have shared. This article helped in clearning my doubt. marketing automation tools
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    Hi all

    Welcome fellow Keyblade wielder!
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    Kingdom Hearts: A World Without Sky

    Page 25 (artist commissioned: https://www.deviantart.com/ai-nohikari) Kairi's Skills: Fira, Cura, Blizzara, Watera, Thundara, Reflera, Sparkra (Music: Opening Theme - Gargoyles) NB. It's night-time. The Archmage is messing with them.
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    "Photo Mode allows you to choose a location to pose the game's characters and enemies in, as well as customize your images with props and background effects." I already know people are gonna use this for shipping and other chaos.
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    Brendan Spain

    How would you react if…?

    that would be an awesome idea! especially since Young Xehanort is the main Organisation member you see in that world. it would've been a very unique idea. like how we only saw unversed in monstropolis.
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    Merry "early" Christmas Dustin! and have a happy thanksgiving=)
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    The Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC logo is now available to download from the Square Enix Press Centre. The Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC has been announced for release in the coming winter. So far, there have been two trailer releases; the first was released on so and so, and the latest, almost two-minutes-long trailer was released ahead of TGS 2019. You can watch it below, and read our analysis of it here. From previous trailers and information reveals, this is what we know about Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind: In some of the additional battles featured in the DLC, players will be able to switch characters. Roxas can be selected after advancing through additional scenarios, like those with Riku and Aqua. Exciting new link attacks with party members will be available during certain battles. The Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades are being added with a unique Formchange for both in an update that will release simultaneously with Re Mind. A secret episode will be added that includes a boss/bosses. A Limit Cut episode will be added that also includes the Limit Cut boss/bosses. New story content will be added, including a scenario named “Re Mind” containing a lot of cutscenes. The number of new bosses in Re Mind (or, at least, the Limit Cut bosses) will be roughly as many as there were in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Additional scenarios are independent of and can be enjoyed after clearing the main story. There will be an English language option available for Japanese version of the game. Nomura wants to release Re Mind quickly, and not too close to Final Fantasy VII: Remake's release in March 2020. The Disney Ambassador Hotel in Japan also has a special room named after Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. View full article
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    Oh, that's most of what I see on forums & social media. Not, "good for you, Xbox players!", just people demanding either Switch or PC ports. Like, can they not understand that Square doesn't support the PC until 100 years after a game they've developed themselves has come out? And the Switch might not actually get any of the games due to the fact that it will never be able to run KHIII unless Nintendo pulls a miracle out of their asses.
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    First of all, what the FTC is asking of YouTube is pretty much impossible. There’s no way you tell the age of whoever is on the other side of the screen. The technology to do that doesn’t exist. Second, they’re just setting this up to screw people over. To send someone into financial ruin over a video is going way too far, and everyone who gets fined should just sue.
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    King Arthur13

    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Sora and Kairi always felt like such a cute relationship in KH1 and 2
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    The death of Sora

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    I agree with @Darkfire1408's points. I really do like the concept and I enjoyed reading. These are lovely Christian messages too; I hope you keep writing this. Side-note: Sora's mom is an underappreciated character, honestly (yeah, I know she was only in one scene and it was just her voice, but still). God bless!
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    I like the concept. I really do. There are a few too many quotes there in my opinion though, it creates a large wall of text that distracts from the story. To add more interest,maybe instead of route reciting like a one sided lecture, they could have a discussion. Often when teaching young children from the Bible, you relate stories such as Job, Noah, or David and the Lions den. They understand and remember concepts from the story better than passages. Maybe they could have a discussion about David and Goliath, and Sora could mention something along the lines of "Riku and I could take him!" prompting a lesson about trusting in the Lord and your friends, and being able to overcome any challenge with faith. A lesson like this would lean more into Sora's personality, and relate his main character trait, trusting in his friends, to lessons he received from his mother about the gospel. If you want to develop this more, maybe try doing similar but shorter scenes as a flashback from Sora's point of view, where he's remembering something his mother taught him in times of trial. It would also be a good story to relate directly into his upcoming battles with the Darkside in the station of awakening and on the ruined destiny islands, even provides a reason to go for the head. As the story goes on, when he fails to save Alice from the shadows, is separated from Donald and Goofy in deep jungle and has a problem forgiving Donald, etc., he can think back to the scriptures and how his parents raised him for guidance.
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    He mentioned Digimon briefly. But we talked about A LOT of things on there, between all the games and anime he has voiced. The guy has done over 600 different characters!
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    With all that I stated above they are definitely NOT done with Pirates. And btw MOE has over 90% audience rating on RT and I myself have heard mostly good things. I must say, as someone who overall HATES Maleficent 1, and LOVES the original animated Sleeping Beauty, I think this 2nd one is really good!! It is quite well done with a very moving, greatly written script and a surprisingly strong overall morality based on the most common and relatable psychological issues that ALL of us can relate to, besides being very entertaining, emotionally gripping, and just overall fun and insightful to watch!! If anyone reading this could also please spread the word about it to as many people as possible, it would also be truly gratefully appreciated
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    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Lol, I know all about salty fandoms. I've left a few for that exact reason. There are definitely things in these games to be excited about, so I agree that the thread shouldn't devolve into a gripe session. I also agree that the animations being bad is a matter of opinion. I personally don't think they're necessarily bad, I just think that they're basically the same(albeit maybe slighlty better) as the 3DS graphics and animations. And normally this wouldn't bug me, but these are the first main pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch. The switch is significantly more powerful than the 3Ds, so I find it disappointing that they didn't try to do more with the graphics and animations. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new pokemon, though. And I'm excited to see the evolutions for the starters. I think this is the first time they've managed to keep the starter evolutions under wraps (unless they were leaked or something and I just missed it). And I'm also hoping there'll be more region forms, because we've only seen a handful right now.
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    ocean's rage

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    sora has so much moveset potential i hope sakurai thinks hes fun
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    ocean's rage

    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    alright if youre all gonna start with nat dex salt, im out ive had enough of it, all over the internet legit criticisms mixed with our right hostility and its all been exaggerated beyond all proportions
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    Not so new newbie

    Welcome fellow Keyblade Wielder!
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    Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World of Tres - will be stopping in London, UK this Sunday and we are all about it! Along with being the Editor for news at KH13, I also dabble in hosting cosplay meetups twice a year for London's MCM Expo. This year, my group have decided to host a third meetup just before Eventim Apollo opens its door to Kingdom Hearts fans for the - World of Tres - concert! This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet old freinds and make new ones, as well as take some cheeky photos with some amazing Kingdom Hearts cosplayers. Anyone in the vicinity of London is invited, whether you have booked your ticket for the Orchestra or not! WHEN: Sunday, November 17th from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (Doors at Eventim open at 1:00 PM, and the show starts at 3:00 PM, so you have plenty of time!) WHERE: St. Paul's Green, Hammersmith (2 minutes from Eventim Apollo; this park can be accessed either via Queen Caroline Street or Hammersmith Bridge Road; in case of adverse weather, we will congregate at The Cellar; refer to this map for guidance) KH13 hopes to see you there! JOIN OUR GROUP ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/104704173001151/ RSVP TO THE EVENT: https://facebook.com/events/2516165488499406/?ti=cl Feel free to DM me with any questions! Here are some pictures from KH13's KH Orchestra London Meetup from 2017: And here are my favorite pictures from our previous Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Meets in London! As we can see, we are a fun bunch! You can check out more of our KH Cosplay Meet pictures in the album below!
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    Not so new newbie

    I never wrote an intro myself haha Welcome to the site, or I guess welcome back I should say. Glad to have you returning and hope you enjoy your time here!
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    oh! the ranking was in this description the whole time! should've just looked at this instead of watching the two videos. hahahah just joking. no seriously man, awesome work.
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    2 quid is good

    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    Kairi, game
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    Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir

    Quite interested in the show, guys watch it so that we can get magical girl Pretty Cure animation style !
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    "It's airing on Nickelodeon wahh!" Would you please shut up about Nickelodeon it's getting annoying.
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    You guys.... This basically. She showed up on the island in a meteor shower
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    Master Aqua casted a magic spell on Kairi back on BBS that would make the light inside Kairi leads to another light when being in trouble. That's why she went to Destiny Islands instead of Traverse Town.
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