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    It's sad how people don't even bother respecting other people's opinions and simply have a civil conversation. If you don't agree with something, you're somehow bad for it, and that sucks, ya know? And with a series as amazing and intriguing as Kingdom Hearts, this latest streak of bad arguments and disrespect of opinion will just give us KH fans a bad name, and people already on the fence of trying the series out will be pushed away, and that's the last thing we want! Ironically, from what I've been reading, it seem as though the mixed reactions to KHIII are like the mixed reactions of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I loved that movie, but many people don't. I loved Kingdom Hearts III, and have only very minimal to complain about, because the good far overturns the bad! But it seems many people were frustrated with how KHIII came out. Sadly, not everyone can be pleased. I honestly thought the game was a perfect way to end the Xehanort Arc!
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    MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmALL OF THEM, I AM WEAK!! TT3TT"""""
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    This might be the key to the past!

    Based on the most recent DLC trailer I had a shocking realization. We know Lauriam and Elrena are from the past and Ven, too. Demyx and Luxord are the only remaining members without a backstory. Luxord’s number is 10 or X as in X for Chi or (Union) Cross! What if his name actually spelled out Lord UX?? Gives me extremely strong Master of Masters vibes. On the other hand, wouldn’t Luxu recognize his Master? What about Demyx? I have no idea tbh maybe Demy [Demi] as in half? Second in command maybe?? but the most striking revelation was this: Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene and Even Roxas all have numbers including the X symbol: IX, X, XI, XII, XIII what if, this was a hint all along (or impressively retconned) that all of these members have come from the past? (And In Roxas’ case from Ven!) if so, it was right there from the beginning: X as the recusant’s sigil in all their names as a connection to Xehanort but also the Chi symbol in the time traveling members’ Numerals! And Luxu/Xigbar hunting down specific members after number 9 in KH2FM’s additional scene? coincidence? I don’t think so.
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    Moogle Origins.

    I was just reading about the Mughal or Mogal empire. Having heard the name, pronounced exactly like Moogle, I wondered if that's where the idea for moogles came from. Looking into it, the Mughal empire was responsible for about 22% of the world economy, with the only country ahead of it being China. So i think it's pretty clear that the moogles were based on this ancient economic superpower. Anyways, thought that was pretty cool and decided to share it with you.
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    Over the last week on YouTube several of the larger Kingdom Hearts creators have released videos that have either been addressing the current state of divide within the community, announcing a new or different focus, or a combination of both. (i.e. TheGamersJoint,SarahKey,Soraalam1) While they are just getting around to finally saying something about what they have been observing, I saw and was truthfully wary of the uncoming divide as soon as KH3 released. In my personal experience I loved the game, while it does have it's faults and shortcomings, I was very happy and satisfied when it was over and it will always hold a dear place in my heart, along with the rest of the franchise. While people arguing over things they are passionate about is nothing new, particularly on the internet,however, it becomes something less like passionate discussion when differences in opinion and experiences are not respected and/or considered. If people can't unite and overcome trivialities or differences in opinion over video games it tarnishes the experience for those who aren't as heavily invested. Fanbases can ruin great things because of this, and it ultimately breeds a toxicity in the community that alienates others. For a franchise with themes about the power of friends and those who are connected to you, it's a sad dark irony to experience such a divide. I stopped interacting as much with the KH community and while there are many good and friendly people within this community, it's been hard to go too far into any KH related material recently and not see a outpouring of negativity and division. I hope that this can work out itself and not become something that others look at and will eventually want nothing to do with, many people who have never played a Kingdom Hearts game already express the hesitation to jump in due to the long overarching story (some might say convoluted) and having a community that is struggling the way I've seen this one struggling won't help bring over any new heads. But frankly that's a small reason to want to strive for better unity. The biggest should be that we want to embrace the community and share our experiences and grow bigger together, let differences be where they are and don't attack another for things you don't agree to. TL;DR: I Left because I'm afraid this community has become strongly divided after the release of KH3, sometimes approaching very toxic levels, and I don't want that to be a part of what I think of when I remember Kingdom Hearts.
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    Having Spider-verse in the poll makes this too easy. Aside from that, my top two picks would actually have been Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 1, which I know are controversial but I do enjoy them the most.
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    Story really sells me, even if it looks like someone's first project out of college I'd play it just for that story... or watch someone. Kinda how I got into Metal Gear Solid series and the Devil May Cry series. I saw them on top ten lists way back in middle school and now they're my favorites. Kingdom Hearts Days sold me on the story alone, even though back then I thought it was cruddy graphics XD Still love it to this day XD
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    Amazon all the way.
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    ebay mostly, used to be amazon but well........ dont really know the others
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    So, I heard about this site through a podcast titled "The Ansem Report", which in turn, I found through a simple search on Spotify because I was craving anything Kingdom Hearts while at work, since I don't have time to play Union Cross while adulting, and simultaneously wishing I was at home streaming KH2. Kingdom Hearts is a big part of my life, and I don't know if I'd be the person I am today without Sora's huge amount of positivity and love for his friends somewhat motivating me to be a better friend and person in my own right. (Though a little Roxas pettiness/anger seeps out on the rare occasion someone does happen to get under my skin). Even if my positivity and me openly crying led my ex to break up with me last summer, but let bygones be bygones. Anyway, I haven't been part of a forum since around 2011, so I hope I can get back in the groove through KH13! Much love, Shaggy P.S. May your heart be your guiding key.
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    It's gotta be Anakin vs Obi Wan for me as well, I grew up with the prequels too, so they ended up being amongst my favorite characters, and seeing the duo turn against each other was sad, entertaining, but also sad. Plus high ground memes. Now if we're not limiting ourselves to just films it'd be this one though
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    Out of all the Lightsaber duels in the Star Wars Skywalker Saga my all time favorite duel is definitely Anakin vs Obi Wan from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I grew up with the Star Wars Prequels and I love every single one of them, and for me I was emotionally invested in Episode III. Anakin is one of my favorite characters in Star Wars and seeing him becoming Darth Vader was both coo but at the same time sad for me. I was especially sad to see both Anakin and Obi Wan fighting each other in Episode III. Those two were like brothers and seeing them become enemies was one of the saddest moments in the Prequels in my opinion. This is my opinion so to me no other duels can't top that. I love all the Lightsaber duels but I was never emotionally invested in them.
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    This one was a little tough. It was hard to choose between Spider-Verse and Homecoming, but in the end I had to give it to Spider-Verse.That film was amazing; beautiful to look at, really funny, original, great writing, interesting new take on classic villains. I loved it! And it was the first non-disney film since Rango to beat both Disney AND Pixar films for best Animated Feature at the Oscars, which made me SO happy. So that's a nice bonus.
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    My favorite Spider-Man movies are... 1.) Spider-Man 2 (Sam Raimi) 2.) Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 3.) Spider-Man 1 (Sam Raimi) 4.) Spider-Man: Homecoming 5.) Spider-Man 3 (Sam Raimi) I haven't seen Spider-Man: Far From Home yet so I'll probably have to watch it this weekend. As for those two Amazing Spider-Man films I don't like them. I won't say they're the worst Spider-Man films, but I just don't care about them.
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    He Lives In You from the musical and LK2 is a pretty good one, I feel like it definitely suits the movie's themes, aesthetics, and overall vibe the best compared to all the other songs, which are still great.
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    Online games weren’t a thing when I was growing up.
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    Hey everyone, I have some questions about The Final World and Kingdom Hearts, based on what we saw of them in KH3. Before this game, many of us likely thought that Kingdom Hearts itself was a "heaven" of sorts for wayward hearts, ones that cannot be physically reunited with their bodies. It is the collection of countless hearts that have passed on, and is also the source of all light, in the Realm of Light. However, the introduction of The Final World changed this perception, at least for me. 1. What exactly is the main purpose of The Final World? I have tried looking up as much information as I can, but I have only somewhat concluded that it is a limbo/purgatory for hearts that are unable to move on to Kingdom Hearts, due to having a strong bond with the physical world. However, the "stars" that are depicted there appear to be either the remnants of hearts, or the actual souls of those who have not truly "died", waiting to be reunited with someone they care about deeply. 2. Which then brings me to another other point - if there is nothing beyond The Final World, is it a realm where the dead truly linger, or is it a place where one is neither living nor dead? Unfortunately, Chirithy's explanation was still too vague for me to truly understand what The Final World is as a realm of its own. 3. With everything we know, which may not be much, about The Final World, was Sora actually "dead" to begin with, following the first encounter with Organization XIII in the Keyblade Graveyard? He did retain much more of a physical form than expected, a watery silhouette of his former body, rather than just being a fading star like the other (hearts or souls) he encounters. I do understand that all of his friends bodies were consumed by darkness, or destroyed, and that their hearts were being held captive by the "Lich", which attempted to ferry them into the depths of darkness. 4. At the very end of the battle with Master Xehanort, he is weak and fading. Master Eraqus appears to guide him up to Kingdom Hearts, as all that is left of him is presumably his heart or soul. Why were they able to go straight to Kingdom Hearts, and not The Final World? It seems that both locations are resting points for wayward hearts, and it is not clear to me how one can willingly choose to go to Kingdom Hearts. I hope these questions are straightforward enough. I have been thinking and researching a ton about the plot of this game, and I just can't seem to draw definite conclusions of my own. If anything, KH3's plot and overall story has given us fans so much to ponder, until the next game's release.
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    I'd select pretty much every option on this list, but for the sake of only choosing one option, I'd go with Xion's story! I'm very intrigued to know how exactly the Organization brought her back!
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    Story is the big one for me. A game needs to have a story, for one, and said story needs to be engaging and interesting. Gameplay comes in a close second. A game needs to be fun to play and the gameplay needs to be reasonably do-able/not too complicated or difficult. That being said though, if a game's story is good enough, I'll put up with garbage gameplay to see the plot unfold.
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    Sshhhhh… (As a fan project I've been working on recreating Re:coded in Unreal Engine 4, focusing on the System Sector segments and the stat matrix, etc. and featuring a semi-original scenario. Despite that I find Re:coded to me by favorite as well, I've honestly never interfaced with the avatar system since I have no friends ∏_∏ but that's interesting that you bring it up. I'll have to look in to that.)
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    Time Travel Explained

    We still don't know that much about it to judge. Dream Drop Distance is the most recent KH game (other than Unchained X), so it is too early to judge. Every KH game introduces some sort of concept or new thing in the plot and then relies on the game/games after it to explain it further and to go more in-depth. DDD introduced the concept of time travel, so it's safe to say that what we have been told in DDD is just scratching the surface of time travel and we will most likely have it explained further in KH3 and future KH games. So, I'd hold my judgement until then.
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    Time Travel Explained

    Damn I thought this was going to be about real life time travel. Oh well.
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    Time Travel Explained

    Still not quite sure what you're talking about. Young Xehanort traveled through time to bring many different versions of Xehanort to the present time and use them to form the true Organization 13. Together, they're trying to take the 7 Princesses of Heart. The 7 Guardians of Light are then formed to protect the 7 Princesses. After Xehanort achieves his evil goals, then the 13 seekers of darkness will all go back to their original times.
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    Heartless Plush

    Time Travel Explained

    You should link the GameTrailers game explain video on this too for visual help
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    As the title suggests. The tutorial section at the beginning was actually set in the present. Everything from Sora's departure to Olympus, to the disastrous battle with Terra-Xehanort and the Demon Tide was a flashback. In fact, the seven hearts the voiceless narrator is referring to Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Lea, Aqua, and Ven. And the voiceless narrator could be Kairi's heart.
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    I love every Looney Tunes characters but Daffy is definitely my favorite one.
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    Really can't wait for the Switch Pro that's just a TV.
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    Your suggestions for additions sound reasonable enough. Though I don't see much point in them adding that dialog back to the Toy Box world, unless they're planting seeds for a later game by establishing parallels. I low key hope that the secret episode in the Re:Mind DLC will be Sora going after Kairi. It seems like such a weird thing to side step and immediately resolve, it could have actually served as a set up for a game (we've gotten games out of less)
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    why dont you join us in the sword and shield thread anyway im gonna go with all of them
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    I’ve been with Pokémon (at least the films) since the beginning till around mid Gen 4. But my fav will have to be around Gen 3. I thought the world building on theses massive legendaries like Arceus was really cool to witness. The gen also confirmed my absolute favorite Pokémon name Darkrai.
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    To meet the guests. I've shaken my hand with Manu Bennett, had a conversation with Bernie Kopell and gotten selfies with so many people at Big Finish Day. The key tip I have to give for anyone going to a convention is to budget for it. Have a limit on what you plan to spend, including autograph fees, photo fees, merchandise etc. Also bring water and food, like muesli bars.
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    Mostly to meet friends. But I do cosplay sometimes. And I have a bad habit of buying way too much stuff from Artist Alley.
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    As I have told most people in the roleplay (if not all of you; my mental head counting skills is pretty shoddy and shorn at the moment), this roleplay is put into a momentary stasis, the reason being a possible reboot. This is both a begrudged and an exciting possibility to me because I love each and every character in this roleplay, finding them wonderful and unique, and hopefully their wonderful and unique selves can be transposed to the new roleplay. Everyone, I thank you for your service to this roleplay, and I look forward to seeing you in the second one. To those new, message me via PM if you want to join. Thank you once more!
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    Well, Nomura said that the dive to the heart in KH3 actually takes place at the end of KH3, right after Sora disappears. I assume that that's where he went to to save Kairi, and that the Verum Rex world is in an alternate worldline. They mentioned them so much in the reports that I assume it has to be what the next game's about. It sounds like it's a slightly more magical word for alternate timeline, and this would explain why the shibuya he's in isn't Neku's shibuya. I think they'd also have opportunities to add in some boss battles, like in pirates when you board Luxord's ship and he vanishes leaving you to fight heartless and nobodies.
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    This is hard, because I literally grew up on all these films, from the Raimi Trilogy all the way to Far From Home! And I've been a Spider-Man fan all my life, so honestly, it's hard to choose a particular favorite! But I can definitely say that my top three favorites have to be: Far From Home Into The Spiderverse Spider-Man 2 Far From Home was a fantastic sequel to Homecoming and another chapter for MCU Peter Parker. The film got me excited for Spidey's future, for it's sure looking bright! And Mysterio was just fantastic, now probably my favorite on-screen Spidey villain! Into The Spiderverse was an amazing film that really blew me away, especially since I thought nothing more could be done with 3D animation. But boy, was I wrong! That, and the story itself was just spectacular! (See what I did there? :3) And Spider-Man 2 was a pivotal moment for the Raimi Trilogy, as you really saw the conflict within Peter Parker about his responsibility with Spider-Man versus his desire to be a normal guy. That, and Alfred Molina as Octavius was icing on the cake!
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    Xehanort: Behold, this town... once a seat of power for all Keyblade wielders. It is the nexus from which all worlds spring. Here, I and my other selves can be one. United... in Scala ad Caelum.
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    with out wishing to ruin the spirit of the poll, all of the above
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    This week's issue of Famitsu Weekly magazine will include an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, where he discusses both Final Fantasy VII: Remake and the new DLC coming to Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind. Thanks to ryokutya2089, a summary of the information in this interview can be read below. Translations have been provided by KH13 Staff @Mio-chan. UPDATE: The full translation of the interview is now available! You can read it below. (Thanks to KH13 Staff Members @Mio-chan, @NihonScribe, and @Solis for the translations!) UPDATE: We apologize as we didn't notice an extra bit of the interview, as it was written as a footnote. Here is one last part of the interview, translated by KH13 Staff @NihonScribe. View full article
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    KH3 Re:Mind Story Content

    Pretty much all of them.
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    Usually the story, but it really depends on what happens to catch my eye first. Sometimes it’s the gameplay, sometimes I just get interested in the game because it’s visually interesting or has a nice atmosphere. Oh, and I can’t say the studio plays no role in what I buy, as I usually pay a lot more attention to certain companies and thus end up buying more of their games(mostly Atlus, let’s face it). I guess it’s mostly a combination of different factors... But I can forgive a lot of things if the story/characters are good, so I guess the story’s still the main priority for me.
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    Toy Story 4 Spoilers Chat

    Bonnie put woody in the wardrobe/closet forgets about him and he decides to move on and go away with bo peep
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    ocean's rage

    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    evidently people have been playing different versions from me
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    It's just a reference. Pixar has been doing that form years with all their movies. Nemo and Jessie made cameo appearances at the end of Monster Inc. when they brought Boo back in her room. Pixar is know for making references from previous films or foreshadow their upcoming films. This doesn't mean anything.
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    Lmao, nearly everyone in the comments is so upset about this, and I'm just like, "It does look like the Kingdom Key tho?" Look at the end of the key. That's very similar to the end of the Kingdom Key. Sure, it's not EXACTLY the same, but it's real damn close. So, y'all need to chill lmao
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  46. 2 points
    Children of Mana is the only one I’ve played so by default I have to go with that.
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    ocean's rage

    What is your favorite Mana game?

    never played one though i admit that remake of trials caught my eye during e3
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    Time Travel Explained

    still NO ONE seems to be able to explain the real LOGIC behind time travel in KH (if there's one ) this explanation is incomplete, first of all we need to know how should we see TIME in the KH universe (and if it is completely unchangeable then time travel is pointless and KH3D plot only happened in an alternative time line, just saying)
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    Headphone Jack

    Time Travel Explained

    the time travel in KH makes it sound like a self-fulfilling prophecy. you can't change time, but then you go back and experience things that would lead to the inevitable outcome, then when you go back to your present time you forget everything but still retain the memories in your heart which influence your choices, leading to the same inevitable outcome. is that how it works? because if so then it makes it sound completely pointless to time travel unless you had the specific intention of collection 13 versions of yourself to create some kind of super weapon to gain access to a vaguely described entity. unless i'm just still not understanding the finer points of how time travel works in KH, it sounds like Nomura wrote time travel to fit the exact needs of Xehanort's plans and then didn't consider the fact that time travel is now an actual concept in this universe, meaning it needs rules that hold up in all situations. whatever the case, i hope he doesn't bring time travel back in KH3.
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    Time Travel Explained

    If you can't change the events that are destined to happen, then what's the point of time travel? Unless he was destined to travel through time. Yes, it's already been written. Darkness will prevail and light shall expire.
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