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    Seconded. It's a tough call because is this.
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Red Switch 2 cover and blue and green joycons for Sora, Donald, and Goofy
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    FINALLY!!! I am literally shaking with excitement. There have been several times where I almost buckled and bought them through Epic Games, but I kept telling myself that their exclusivity on Epic Games couldn't last forever. I've been emulating the original versions on my Steam Deck to tide myself over. SO STOKED!!!!
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    I knew someone would comment on this. I know that, technically, Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the tower, but most everyone refers to the whole tower as Big Ben, even though its official name, as only of 2012, is indeed Elizabeth Tower.
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    yall know that time the us army mounted an aa gun in disney's lot during ww2
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    Oh dude a Brave world would be sick I really want Merida to be one of the new 7
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    I really want to see the KH1 MP bar come back. Specifically attacking to refill it. I know attacking lessens the recharge time but you can still wait it out. KH1 forced you to get in and attack if you wanted to heal and I thought that was neat. I also liked heal not taking the entire bar.
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    I feel as if by the time it comes out, it will just be current gen. I'd hope by then most games are just current gen!
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