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    i dunno the villain in luca felt kinda on brand for pixar. also WDAS film for next year "wish" seems to be a homage to disney tropes so we may yet get a classic style villain there
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    well clarifying that you love both films multiple times was the give away. but i get that, i've gotten a lot of backlash on every part of the internet for liking things or disliking things or in one really odd case liking the same thing as the people giving the backlash
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    In the end I chose Hoder because her design makes it clear and believable that she's Baldr's sister, but it was so hard to choose! They're all so well designed!
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    Fan Art Chat

    Good design, nice to see Kairi in something other than a skirt or a dress.
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    Definitely Vidar. His character design just stands out to me. Hopefully Nomura draws all the Upperclassmen's in his usual art style.
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    In Kingdom Hearts II when Sora first visits Yen Sid’s Tower, he enters a room where there are three fairies (Fauna, Flora and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty) are as well as covered up mirrors which trigger the reaction command (triangle button) with a message from each mirror. Most people would assume the messages are just random, but each mirror refers to every Drive Form Sora is able to use in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Below are a the list of messages and which Drive Form they are linked to: “An image of you utilizing your strength to its fullest flows into your mind.” – Valor Form “An image of you utilizing your magic to its fullest flows into your mind.” – Wisdom Form “An image of you possessing all abilities flows into your mind.” – Master Form “An image of the Keyblade unleashing its ultimate power flows into your mind.” – Final Form “An image of you obtaining old powers flows into your mind” – Limit Form “An image of you overcome by the power of darkness flows into your mind.” – Anti Form
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    Hi there, If you have played both Kingdom Hearts and Genshin Impact: Sora's Japanese VA, Miyu Irino, also voiced Cyno in Genshin Impact.
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    There was a walktrough a while back with the voice actor for young xehanort playing DDD Wished we could get that for soras voice to in english and japanese even though i dont speak the latter
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    I made a kingdom hearts filter with falling iconic kh symbols as confetti. https://www.instagram.com/ar/1121689395448913/ its on Instagram and Facebook messenger. I'd really appreciate it if you guys check it out IMG_20220921_094018_204.webp IMG_20220921_094005_455.webp IMG_20220921_093950_081.webp
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    I am the same myself! Owning a physical copy in your own two hands is the way to be. However I get why the appeal of a cheaper option or eLibrary peference is a thing... Anyway, not long to wait for the physical release!
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