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    Part of Your World, because every KH2-original song is cringe incarnate. Also where’s Under the Sea
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    All the non-movie songs from KH II Atlantica are pretty cringe so I'm going to have to say none. Part of Your World should be in there since it appeared in the latest trailer we got.
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    I think some other songs have been confirmed via various screenshots, these are just the ones listed on the site though. I’m pleasantly surprised Secret of Neverland made it in. I’ve always felt that was one of the more underrated Neverland themes, but it’s actually one of my favs.
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    They're uploaded now! Thanks so much for the pictures!! I made sure to credit you
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    Perfectly fine, I posted them to be seen!
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    Gangan Online have posted Chapter 12 for the Kingdom Hearts III manga. You can check out the previews for the chapter in our gallery below. You can read the full chapter on their site by clicking here or on their online app. Chapter 13 will be available in October. You can also check out the articles for the previous chapters by clicking on the links below! Chapter 0 Prologue Japanese English Chapter 1 A New Journey Japanese English Chapter 2 Olympus Coliseum[1] Japanese English Chapter 3 Olympus Coliseum[2] Japanese English Chapter 4 Olympus Coliseum[3] Japanese English Chapter 5 Olympus Coliseum[4] Japanese English Chapter 6 Olympus Coliseum[5] Japanese English Chapter 7 Olympus Coliseum[6] Japanese English Chapter 8 Olympus Coliseum[7] Japanese English Chapter 9 World of Darkness Japanese English Chapter 10 Connected Japanese English Chapter 11 The Self inside the Mirror Japanese English In addition, Vol. 1 (which contains Chapter 0 thru Chapter 8 ) is available in Japan and will be available in November in English. View full article
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    You're welcome.
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    Added! Thanks for catching that.
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    I just noticed you missed the first page. I'll reupload it here so you won't have to go through the trouble of searching the ZIP file to track it down.
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    You dont have under the sea as an option?! how could you?
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    Earlier this week the official Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory website updated with System, Characters, and Music tabs providing more details on gameplay elements, playable characters, and confirmed music tracks within the game. You can read descriptions for each of the sections below. Thanks to KH13's @Ryuji_Shiryu for translations. SYSTEM Basic Operation World Trip Stage Variation Versus Mode *NOTE Friend Battle Royale is only exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version Double Play You can also take a closer look at some screenshots from the System tab in the gallery below CHARACTERS Many characters from the Kingdom Hearts series will be playable, including Team Classic, which consists of Sora, Donald and Goofy, and Team Days, which consists of Roxas, Axel and Xion. MUSIC Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory includes over 140 songs from throughout the Kingdom Hearts series including but not limited to Kingdom Hearts A Day In Agrabah Arabian Dream Destiny Islands Go For It! Hand in Hand Olympus Coliseum To Our Surprise Traverse Town Under the Sea Hikari Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Castle Oblivion The Force in You Kingdom Hearts II Darkness of the Unknown Roxas Savannah Pride Scherzo Di Notte Sinister Shadows The 13th Struggle Vim and Vigor Working Together Kingdom Hearts II -Final Mix- The Other Promise Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Another Side - Battle Ver. - Secret of Neverland Vector to the Heavens Kingdom Hearts Re: coded Wonder of Electron Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Dismiss Enter the Darkness Hau'oli, Hau'oli Rage Awakend -The Origin- The Encounter - Birth By Sleep Version - Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] All for One L'Impeto Oscuro The Eye of Darkness Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage - Wave of Darkness I Kingdom Hearts III Let It Go Kingdom Heart Orchestra -World Tour- Album Destati What do you think of all the new information that has come out of the official website? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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    Very good. Looks like a dive into Riku's memories from that screenshot. I'm curious as to what songs will next be confirmed. One button mode sounds like it was made for me.
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    Hi everyone, I did this Verum Rex title screen concept hope you like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWbT_WKwsmE&feature=youtu.be
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    KH General Chat

    The Land of Departure must have been a really toxic place to grow up. Only three, eventually four people there, making Terra, Aqua and Ventus more friends by circumstance rather than coming together as friends by their own volition. It really shows that as soon as they go out into the worlds the connection they have and the relationships between them end up tearing their bond apart. Terra's desire for validation drives him further into where Xehanort wants him, Ven's determined but very naive innocence make him willful and lacking in common sense, and Aqua's pride makes her unable to unify the other two with her. At the end of her Radiant Garden story she's still treating Ven like a wayward child, telling him to go home when anyone who's so much as looked after a child knows he's going to do no such thing. They all needed therapy, and to actually communicate with each other what was wrong with them. Ven even takes his dream for becoming a Keyblade Master because that's that Aqua and Terra are already working towards. Aqua does go through a lot of self-reflection in 0.2 though, better living up to her title as Keyblade Master. Compare with the Twilight Trio. Axel approaches Roxas with that becomes their clock tower ice cream tradition, and Roxas in turn invites Xion. They choose to do this and when one of them is in trouble another will watch out or actively try to help them. Roxas and Xion regularly made detours through Destiny Islands to collect shells for each other when the other was in a coma. When things are going wrong Axel's motivations are to keep the three of them together despite the toll it takes on the trust Roxas has in him. When Axel is on his Castle Oblivion mission Roxas is often shown as being concerned, especially when word gets back about everyone sent there being dead.
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    Good news, everyone! I recently purchased a copy of the artbook, and I carefully took pictures of each of the pages with my phone and uploaded them for you all to see! http://www.mediafire.com/file/xgd347drcxgu32f/file
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    When I saw this I thought "wth?" but I really enjoyed it, I didn't expect that Thanks a lot for sharing it btw
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