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    Moogle Origins.

    I was just reading about the Mughal or Mogal empire. Having heard the name, pronounced exactly like Moogle, I wondered if that's where the idea for moogles came from. Looking into it, the Mughal empire was responsible for about 22% of the world economy, with the only country ahead of it being China. So i think it's pretty clear that the moogles were based on this ancient economic superpower. Anyways, thought that was pretty cool and decided to share it with you.
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    Amazon all the way.
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    ebay mostly, used to be amazon but well........ dont really know the others
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    Roxas Tattoo

    I'm new here and just figured I would share my most recent tattoo with people that will actually understand it lol I plan on filling up at least a half sleeve with more KH tattoos, maybe some sea salt ice cream next
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    Square Enix Merchandise @SQEX_MD_GOODS have revealed two new Bring Arts for the Kingdom Hearts line at their booth at San Diego Comic Con. You can view some shots of the figures below. View full article
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    I'm really looking forward to these! Roxas and Xion have been on my wishlist since Days came out. I want to pose them playing the game together, it'll be really cute.
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    Did you hear about the new Space Jam sequel they're planning to come out with? They cast keeps on growing, with Don Cheadle joining in on the basketball action! With the talk of Loony Tunes going around, who's your favorite Loony Tunes character?
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    It's sad how people don't even bother respecting other people's opinions and simply have a civil conversation. If you don't agree with something, you're somehow bad for it, and that sucks, ya know? And with a series as amazing and intriguing as Kingdom Hearts, this latest streak of bad arguments and disrespect of opinion will just give us KH fans a bad name, and people already on the fence of trying the series out will be pushed away, and that's the last thing we want! Ironically, from what I've been reading, it seem as though the mixed reactions to KHIII are like the mixed reactions of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I loved that movie, but many people don't. I loved Kingdom Hearts III, and have only very minimal to complain about, because the good far overturns the bad! But it seems many people were frustrated with how KHIII came out. Sadly, not everyone can be pleased. I honestly thought the game was a perfect way to end the Xehanort Arc!
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    Time Travel Explained

    All of it makes sense. Still a little twisted but it makes sense. It still makes me wonder of the 13th new member, let alone the other 6 new members we don't know of. There are a lot of things I wonder about right now.
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    Time Travel Explained

    "But who's to say I can't change it? And maybe light will prevail. There's more to light that meets the eye. You might be surprised." I'm guessing we'll have to wait for KH3 to know the answer to these things. In KH3, we have to stop Master Xehanort and the other Seekers of Darkness, so hopefully, his plan does not succeed. Hopefully not a single Seeker of Darkness will be left when everything is done. Hopefully we defeat them all.
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    Time Travel Explained

    If you can't change the events that are destined to happen, then what's the point of time travel? Unless he was destined to travel through time. Yes, it's already been written. Darkness will prevail and light shall expire.
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    Post a picture of yourself!

    Hi guys!!!! I miss you! lol So in my absence I have done a lot more cosplay How have you all been!? This is Lolita by the way! I may have rebranded myself lol You all look amazing as always by the way! I can't promise I will visit this site often but i'm always on Instagram if any old friends wanna catch up Seriously though I miss you guys! I wish I had time to visit this site more, but work and school must come first ^^
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    ocean's rage

    Namine's Origin

    I’m not trying to belittle or disrespect you I’m just confused by theorising about something that does have an in game explanation i acknowledge there could easily be more to it than what we have been told i was just confused I am sorry if I upset you
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    Namine's Origin

    So they can expand on the theory in the next game?
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    I do miss it though. I have heard that there are some fans that ran a project to recreate FusionFall just like there are for ToonTown.
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    What is the best sandbox/content creation game?
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    dreams. its a games that lets you make games, end of story
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    This is awesome! I would totally buy the Sea Salt Trio Bring Arts.
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    King Arthur13

    *Spoilers* KH3 Chat

    the most emotional song was by far don't think twice orchestral version, where it showed every moment Sora and Kairi had spent together leading up to sora dissapearing at the end of the song, I was so into the song I didn't even want to take out my phone to record.
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    Finally!! I was starting to think nobody was going to comment anything else here. OK, let's continue about with suspections about where we could have more new scenes: + Dark World: The scene with Aqua and Ansem the Wise is out of place, since chronologically, it should happen right before the first scene with Riku and Mickey in the Dark World. I believe this part should be extended with something like Riku and Mickey wondering what it could happen to Aqua; possibly all while they prepare their new Keyblades. Something between the first conversation of Aqua and Ansem the Wise, and the appearance of Ansem SOD should be, should also happen. + 100 Acre Wood: Not sure. Maybe a bonus scene where Merlin talk with Sora about the progress of Kairi and Axel during their training. + Arendelle: Not sure about this one. Maybe one scene to explain how Sora felt Anna's pain when she was hit by Elsa's magic by accident. Another one could be right after Larxene leaves the world saying "We are ready now". + Mysterious Tower: Some scene before Sora's team arriving to inform right after Arendelle, when Sora says they are sorry for being late. + Keyblade Graveyard: An extention of the scene involving the "Secret of the 4", meaning why the Organization chose Luxord, Larxene, Demyx and Marluxia for their ranks. (Obviously, is because their old lives in KH UX). + The Caribbean: No one clear. Maybe an extention of a scene with Luxord? This could give us more hints about his "past live". + The Secret Forest: No sure, maybe a scene with Kairi receiving her new clothes from Merlin? + Dark World: An extention of the scene of Riku and King Mickey vs the Demon Tower? Maybe show us how they arrived to the Dark World and this fight started. + Twilight Town: Something else to gives more information about the mysterius girl that Ansem SOD and Ansem the Wise were talking about. Also, some more hints of Vexen's secret plot to help Sora's team, and probably revive Xion. + San Fransokyo: Nothing, except maybe an extention of the scene with Maleficent and Pete meeting Dark Riku. + Dark World: A scene showing us how Riku Replica got Riku's old Keyblade and repaired it, and maybe an extention of how Sora saved Aqua in the end. + Radiant Garden: An extended conversation between Vexen and Demyx, and something else revealing us more details in the scene with Ansem the Wise's return, and the Replica Demyx brought to the laboratory. + Castle Oblivion/Land of Departure: Maybe a scene with Sora's team back to the Mysterious Tower right after rescuing Aqua. Also, and extention of Sora's moment when he awoke Ventus. + "Reunions": These scenes are already long, but we could have even longer versions. One of them could be when everyone is together at the Mysterious Tower. In Aqua and Ven's scene, Ven mentioned "People he didn't recognize", which could be the main characters from KH UX. The scene with Maleficent and Pete could give us more hints about where the accursed box really is. Finally, Axel and Saix's scene could give more information about the mysterious girl; or Saix give us a hint about his secret plan to bring back Xion. + Keyblade Graveyard: Nothing interesting between their first arrive until the tragic moment. The flashback scene with young Eraqus and Xehanort could be extended, to explain from where came the 7 extra white pieces from the light side. + The Final World: Some other star that Sora can talk? His conversation with Namine could be extended, and show us the scene from the KH Concerts where Namine contacted with Terra's Lingering Will. In case the anonimous star that Sora talks is actually Strelitzia, we could get more info from her? Finally, Chirity could make more references about his old owner, Ventus. + "The Worlds": Nothing important, really. Except maybe Toy Box's part could give another hint about Verum Rex. And in San Fransokyo, an extention of Young Xehanort's mysterious words. Well, this is all for now. I still have to analyse the final battles; and by the look of the trailer, it looks like we will have a lot of them here.
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    Xion finally has a figure!
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    Thank you so much for showing us this, KHWaterBlock! Gahhhh, the whole Sea Salt Trio!!!! Now I need the Wayfinder Trio, stat! I just wish Bring Arts of the Seekers Of Darkness would be made already! X_X
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    What is your favorite Power Rangers series?
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    Shut up and take my money
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    KH General Chat

    Muahahha That was the master plan
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    I never grew up with Power Rangers (or really like them) but Ninja Steel always peaked my interest with some of the costume designs along with Samurai...
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    Yup! It's such a good show! It gets compared a lot to Star Vs (Another great show) because of the magical girl aspect but.... Sadly, I cant find any male Star Vs shirts. Or.... any shirts for that matter. Hmm...
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    Someone on that animation staff is a fan, but it's possibly the most bizarre place to reference KH ever, honestly.
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    Good lord, I'm loving the designs of these new Pokemon! They look absolutely wonderful!
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    Ääää whats up doc
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    I love every Looney Tunes characters but Daffy is definitely my favorite one.
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    Toy Story 4 Spoilers Chat

    I definitely agree with the epilogue thing. Toy Story 3 is the ending to the Andy story, but Toy Story 4 is the end for Woody's arc. I'm honestly surprised at how people lashed out at Bonnie for losing interest, but in all fairness, it's an incredibly accurate depiction of a kid. I do get that the ending of Toy Story 3 seems to paint Bonnie in an unfavorable light in 4, but I don't see why it's a bad thing for Bonnie to lose interest in Woody. Andy already let the toys go and wasn't going to come back for them. They're Bonnie's toys now, like it or not.
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    Redesigning Star Wars Land

    Yeah flights are pretty significantly cheaper for Orlando than they are California from England so that's why Walt Disney World is my "home" of all the parks. But also all of the adverts I've seen here for Galaxys Edge, even in the cinema, were all specifically for WDW, no mention at all of Disneyland. So yesterday it was announced Rise Of The Resistance will open December 5 for WDW and early January for Disneyland. This seems to be the attraction that they are hyping up the most and the one I was always more excited to see. So we will have the full experience of the land by the end of the year. I defintirly don't think it's a failure though. I just think they took too many precautions and crowd control measures for the California opening and basically just opened the land and didn't let a lot of the people who want to visit even be allowed in. But for WDW I think that it will be way busier. I mean Pandora World of Avatar on opening day had about 5-6 hour wait for Flight of passage and a line to get into the gift shop that extended all the way to the entrance of the land. So even though Galaxy's Edge is the sequel trilogy.... I don't think it's going to have low attendance.
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    Usually Overwatch. On that same note, I would consider this to be a Kingdom Hearts Easter Egg on the Dorado Map.
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    Redesigning Star Wars Land

    This fake mock up of a Star Wars park (an actual dedicated park not just one land expansion) is awesome: https://thefairytaletraveler.com/2015/08/25/star-wars-lucas-world-theme-park-map-fake-or-leaked-starwarsland/ the article is outdated now but the map image is a really cool concept. I haven't been to Star Wars Galaxys Edge yet, I am a Disney World Annual Passholder so I will go to that once it opens but many of the criticisms from the Disneyland one are exactly what I was fearing from all the way back when this was announced. This could have been so easily improved by even just having three different lands / sections. One for the original trilogy, one for the prequel trilogy (would have loved a General Grievous photo op / meet, that would have been scary and so cool) and then what we have now for the new sequel movies. I do like what we got, from what I have seen so far. Being able to build your own custom droid and lightsaber is awesome, side note: a lot of people are saying those are expensive but for quality custom lightsabers its about what you might expect to pay from my understanding of it. But yeah I just wish they would have included more from the original trilogy or even the prequels.
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    For whatever reason I like Pearl's design, but I don't really have a favorite character. The show overall is kind of a train wreck.
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    new pokemon, new characters, new features in a new trailer (and more evidence for a certain rumour) wait how do you embed videos in posts on this kind of forum ah there we go
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    In would love to see a remaster for FFVI (well mostly just be accessible for Nintendo Switch and/or PS4). But with FFVII remake coming along, I’d say they should remake/remaster Crisis Core at least.
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    I don't play PC much but I tend to have RPGs, point and click/visual novels, but if I did it more it'd have probably everything XD
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    ocean's rage

    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    evidently people have been playing different versions from me
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    The Transcendent Key

    Frozen 2 Chat

    You know, seeing the trailers for Frozen II, you can clearly see that the film is going for a more serious, darker tone. And there seems to be more adventure and variety in scenery, which is badass! There's so much mystery and intrigue in the story! I'm genuinely excited for this film!
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    I recall that and Cartoon Network had an online game called Fusion Fall.
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    I 100% think Luxord's is Ludor, fite me
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    Jump Force is officially a dumpster fire

    I'm glad I didn't buy it.
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    Time Travel Explained

    I will explain time travel in Kingdom Hearts and how it works for those of you who don't quite understand it, or don't understand it at all. I hope this helps anyone who was confused with how it was explained in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. (This is a part of my "Explained" series of posts. To view my "Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters Explained" post, click here, to view my "The Braig/Xigbar Situation Explained" post, click here, and to view my "The Realm of Sleep Explained" post, click here.) What is time travel in the Kingdom Hearts universe? Well, it's like time travel from any other game, movie, or show. It's where you leave your present time and move either backwards or forwards to a different time. How does somebody time travel in the Kingdom Hearts universe? First, you must abandon your body and become just a heart. One way to become just a heart is to extract your heart with a Keyblade. Another method would be to become a Heartless, since Heartless are technically just corrupted hearts. Once you become just a heart, then you have the ability to move through time. Becoming just a heart also gives all versions of yourself from across time the ability to time travel. But, they're not actually able to do so without assistance from someone who actually has a time travel power. Just because you have the ability to travel through time, doesn't mean you're actually able to do so. You can only time travel if you are just a heart, or if you have the time travel ability plus assistance. I will elaborate what I mean by "assistance" later in this post. What are the laws of time travel in the Kingdom Hearts universe? You are only able to travel through time if there is a version of yourself present at the time you want to travel to. Also, you cannot change what is destined to happen. All that really means though is that you cannot change the future, because everything is already set in stone. Once you return back to your respective time, you will forget everything that has happened during your experience time traveling. However, these memories and experiences will be etched into your heart and could influence your decisions and the paths you take. Since you lose your memories after you get back to your respective time, there would be no point in traveling to the future to try and find out what happens. That is what we know so far about time travel in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Now, I will explain various characters' involvements with time travel. Terra-Xehanort Terra-Xehanort is Terra's body taken over by Master Xehanort. He apprentices under Ansem the Wise so he can further study the darkness and get access to things that could potentially help him further gain powers of the darkness. He steals Ansem's name and identity, then splits himself into a Heartless and a Nobody. His Heartless is known as the Robed Figure, and his Nobody is known as Xemnas. Robed Figure/Ansem, Seeker of Darkness The Robed Figure is Xehanort's Heartless, as stated above. Since he is technically just a heart since he is a Heartless, he is able to travel through time. He goes back in time to Destiny Islands, where he meets a young version of himself. Now that Xehanort is just a heart, all versions of Xehanort throughout time have the ability to move through time. Not without assistance though of course. The Robed Figure gives/shares his time travel powers that he has from being just a heart to this Young Xehanort. Now, this Young Xehanort is able to time travel without becoming just a heart and without assistance. The Robed Figure then goes back to his own time (during the first Kingdom Hearts) and places himself on Destiny Islands. He marks the time traveling Sora with the Recusant's Sigil. The Robed Figure later possesses Riku and sort of molds/forms Riku's body into a body that's more to his likeness. Bodies are just as malleable as hearts. This amalgamate is known as Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Young Xehanort As explained above, Young Xehanort, and all other versions of Xehanort, now have the ability to move through time. And Young Xehanort is able to do this without assistance as if he was just a heart, because the Robed Figure shared/gave him some of his powers. He then goes through time and brings with him various versions of himself and some followers/vessels who have been loyal to him before. He gathers 10 versions of himself and brings them to the present day. Out of those people, the current known ones are Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Xigbar, and Saïx. These are all people who are deceased in the present time. The individuals that Young Xehanort brought through time have the ability to move through time, because Xehanort became just a heart somewhere along his timeline (when he became a Heartless/the Robed Figure). They aren't actually able to do so though without assistance from someone who actually has a time travel power. Young Xehanort is their assistance, since he has an actual time travel power that he got from the Robed Figure. If someone has never became just a heart somewhere along their timeline, then they can't move through time even with assistance. Young Xehanort time travels to Destiny Islands during the first Kingdom Hearts. He is able to do this because the Robed Figure placed himself there. He follows Sora and Riku into the realm of sleep. Now that Sora is marked with the Recusant's Sigil and now that Young Xehanort is in the same time period as Sora, Young Xehanort is able to teleport to wherever Sora is and keep tabs on him. Master Xehanort Master Xehanort is the one who took over Terra's body, as explained above. He has returned to the present day because Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness have been destroyed, which are his Nobody and Heartless. Once someone's Nobody and Heartless are destroyed, the original person is revived. It is currently unknown why Master Xehanort's old man self was recompleted instead of Terra-Xehanort. Master Xehanort gathers with Young Xehanort and the 10 people that Young Xehanort had gathered. Xemnas Xemnas is the Nobody of Terra-Xehanort. He was destroyed by Sora. He has now been brought back to the present day by Young Xehanort. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (pt.II) Sora has destroyed him. Young Xehanort brings him back to the present day. Xigbar Xigbar is the Nobody of Braig. Xigbar has been destroyed by Sora, and has revived as Braig, but he has also been brought back to the present day by Young Xehanort. It's also possible though that he wasn't brought back from the past, and the recompleted Braig was just turned back into a Nobody in order to be a more suitable vessel. Either of those two situations are possible. Saïx Saïx is the Nobody of Isa. Saïx has been destroyed by Sora, and has revived as Isa, but he has also been brought back to the present day by Young Xehanort. It's also possible though that he wasn't brought back from the past, and the recompleted Isa was just turned back into a Nobody in order to be a more suitable vessel. Either of those two situations are possible. Extra Info Xehanort's plan has been to gather 13 vessels that all would bear a piece of his heart inside of them. This was Xemnas' plan with Organization XIII, but a few of the members he had gathered were inadequate. This is what lead to the various new people that Young Xehanort had been gathering. He gathered 10 people and along with himself and Master Xehanort, that makes 12 people. Their original planned 13th member was Riku, but he became immune to the darkness, so he was of no use to them, then they chose Roxas, but he became too aware of himself and returned to Sora. Xion was also a possible candidate, but she returned to Sora as well. Now, they moved down the list to Sora. They were able to capture him, but he had been saved. They are currently missing a 13th member for their new Organization XIII and will soon find a replacement. Sora and Riku In the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Sora and Riku traveled back in time to the day Destiny Islands fell to darkness. They had the ability to move through time because both of them have become just hearts at one point in the first Kingdom Hearts. Sora became just a heart/a Heartless when he stabbed himself with the Keyblade of Heart, and Riku became just a heart when his heart was sort of kicked out of his body into the Realm of Darkness when he was possessed by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. This caused all versions of Sora and Riku from throughout time to gain the ability to time travel. But, they weren't able to do so without assistance, so Yen Sid assisted them. Yen Sid used magic to send them back in time, which is a different method of time travel than Xehanort's method. Instead of becoming just a heart and going back in time to give a version of themself the time travel power in order to assist other versions of themself through time, Yen Sid just assisted them by using time travel magic to send them back in time. Characters like Yen Sid and Merlin have time magic. But, Yen Sid's time travel magic still follows the rules of time travel that this post has been explaining. He could only send Sora and Riku back in time to a point in time where versions of them existed/were present. Sora and Riku are younger in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance simply because of Yen Sid's magic as well. He used his magic to make them younger again in order to sort of help with the whole starting over from scratch for the Mark of Mastery exam thing. They didn't inhabit their younger bodies contrary to popular belief. They didn't need to become just hearts in order to time travel, because they had the time travel ability plus assistance. Them becoming just hearts would've been a big mess as well. They would've turned into Heartless/Nobodies. Timeless River In case anybody was wondering, no, Timeless River has nothing to do with any of this. Timeless River is a completely separate time anomaly that brings you to the world of Disney Castle before Disney Castle has been built. Now that I explained various characters' involvements, I'll list some currently unanswered questions concerning time travel in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Hopefully these get answered and cleared up in the future. Unanswered Questions Why did the time traveling members of the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness go back to their own time? And how are they going to come back? In the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded secret ending, we see the Organization XIII members who were residents of Radiant Garden lying on the floor after being recompleted as people again. We also see Braig, who is not lying on the floor like the rest of them. He presumably woke up before them. (We know this Kingdom Hearts Re:coded secret ending takes place after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and before Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance because Ienzo is an adult in this cutscene. There is a cutscene in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance that shows Even and Ienzo on the floor turning into Heartless/Nobodies and Ienzo is a little kid in that cutscene, so we know the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded secret ending takes place after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded because we know Ienzo grew up as an adult while he was a Nobody.) In Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, we see Xigbar. It is thought that this is actually Braig, not Xigbar and he's just going by the name Xigbar for some reason (most likely because of the Recusant's Sigil in that name). If this is the same recompleted Braig that we saw in the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded secret ending, then how come he has long hair again and how come he has gray in his hair again? It would not make sense for him to just all of a sudden change appearance and grow hair that quickly. Is this actually Xigbar and not Braig, and they were just implying that it was Braig just to trick us? If it's Xigbar, then that can either mean that he was brought to the present day from time travel, or that can mean that Young Xehanort turned the recompleted Braig back into a Nobody for some reason (maybe he's stronger as a Nobody?). Also, do people keep their appearances that they had as Nobodies when they turn back into people, or are they reverted to how they looked before they were turned into Nobodies? This is very unclear. It seems that some parts of them did keep their appearance and some parts of them didn't for some reason. Ienzo, Lea, and Isa aged as Nobodies and kept their ages when they turned back into people. Lea lost the markings under his eyes when he became a person again though for some reason. From what we know, this is how it is: You are reverted back to how you looked before you became a Nobody, but you keep your age. For example, Lea was reverted to how he looked before he became a Nobody which is why he lost the markings under his eyes, but he still looks older because he kept his age. What was the Riku that Riku saw in Monstro in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance? Was it the dream world projecting an image of Riku from the first Kingdom Hearts? Putting Riku "back in his place," like it did to Jiminy in Sora's side of Prankster's Paradise? If so, then why is he wearing a black coat? Riku wasn't wearing a black coat in the first Kingdom Hearts, and the worlds only dream about their pasts, so this wouldn't make sense. Is it a Seeker of Darkness? If that Riku is a Seeker of Darkness, is it Riku Replica? If it's Riku Replica, then why did Riku say "That was my... my dark side. I gave into the darkness once, and ever since, it's chased be around in one form or another. The seeker of darkness who stole my body, a puppet replica of the shadows in my heart, and now, I'm facing me."? He lists the versions of his darkness that have chased him around in one form or another. He lists Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Riku Replica and then says that now, he's facing himself. So, it's not Riku Replica, right? Unless Riku's just assuming it's not Riku Replica. If it's just himself (Riku) that he was facing, then was it when he was a villain in the first Kingdom Hearts that's time traveled to present-day to be a Seeker of Darkness? If it's Riku Replica or himself from the first game time traveled to present-day to be a Seeker of Darkness, then how come Young Xehanort isn't there with him? Like stated above, Tetsuya Nomura stated that Young Xehanort functioned as a "portal" that summoned the Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Wouldn't it be the same for Riku Replica/Riku from the first game and any other time traveling Seekers of Darkness? If not, then why? You can check out my post that lists every single currently unanswered question in Kingdom Hearts here. I hope this helped anybody and I hope it cleared up confusion that any of you had.
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    Time Travel Explained

    Hope you're right, it's just whatever point of view I try to analize KH time-travel, I end up with a contradictory situationthe only thing that can save time-travel is our hypotetic lack of information
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    Time Travel Explained

    Damn I thought this was going to be about real life time travel. Oh well.
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    Time Travel Explained

    So that means there will only be (Master) Xehanort when everything is done?
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    Time Travel Explained

    What are you talking about? There is absolutely no possible way for Xemnas, Ansem Seeker of Darkness, and Young Xehanort to come back to the present day, apart from time travel.
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    Heartless Plush

    Time Travel Explained

    You should link the GameTrailers game explain video on this too for visual help
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