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    Decided to continue on with the series of final battles for each game! So here is the one for 358/2 Days, with Roxas vs Xion!
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    Favorite worlds for world design?

    As the title says, what are your favorite worlds in terms of the design? Not factoring in story or characters, purely the environments you walk around in and sometimes interact with. Maybe it's just really fun to wander around in, or it's a faithful recreation of your favorite Disney film. Perhaps it's ambitious in terms of what you can do or how you move about. Dream Drop Distance is quite good at this, with the help of reality shifts. The Grid where you can manipulate coding (and the code that appears upon completion of the reality shift makes logical sense in computer terms), or Symphony of Sorcery's unique soundscape and the way Melody Catcher opens up new paths. Atlantica, mainly the first game is a world I admire the ambition in because while the underwater controls and combat aren't entirely intuitive, it's at least ambitious and makes the areas more three dimensional without resorting to platforming. Not to say that platforming is bad, but swimming offers variation. For sheer size and beauty, the Caribbean. It properly feels like exploration and you immerse yourself in the islands and the water. The islands are visually distinct, it's not the same basic asset copy and pasted for quantity over quality.
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    I’m curious if you could pick any songs to add into Melody of Memory what songs would you choose? as much as I would like to add every song that wasn’t in the game, I’m only going to pick a few which would be: Face My Fears Sora’s Sacrifice ( I know it could be counted as another version of Simple and Clean but it still considered it’s own song) Hearts as One ( Again I know it’s just the Other Promise and Vector To The Heavens combined and both are already in the game but once again it still counts) What songs would everyone else pick?
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    How did Vanitas return?

    They were able to bring Vantias weak heart back from the past and transfer it into a one of the Replica bodies. That's how Vantias was resurrected. However, Vantias said he was still weak and incomplete because he needed Ventus to whole again. Which is why he went to Monsteropolis to regain his strength back because the children's screams and fears help regain Vantias strength back, and reconstruct his heart. But Vantias said despite the children's negative emotion his heart was still incomplete.
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    Favorite worlds for world design?

    Going chronologically: KH1’s Hollow Bastion’s labyrinthine structure and puzzle mechanics stay with me even after 2 decades. Hard to beat. KH2’s environments aren’t particularly noteworthy, but Twilight Town and TWTNW absolutely nail a sense of place-making. They’re both highly believable and immersive locales. I would’ve liked to spend more time in them. Can’t say I remember BBS’s maps well enough, as I haven’t actually played it in some time. DDD’s Symphony of Sorcery may well be my favorite KH world in terms of design and mechanics. It’s an absolute joy to explore, and everything from the musical sound fx replacing normal attack fx, seamless integration of flowmotion into its vast and vertical environments, and the way new areas open make it pretty magical IMO. I also love DDD’s take on TWTNW, it’s so vast and surreal. KH3 - Toy Box takes the cake. Really imaginative, varied, makes you actually feel like a kid in a toy store. ReMind’s Scala also set a new marker for the franchise in terms of sandbox exploration IMO, though I feel like they could have done a little more with it mechanically. The traversal railways are really neat though. EDIT: I just remembered Space Paranoids, that definitely belongs here. The Grid is pretty rad too.
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    For original worlds, Radiant Garden is my comfort area. It like a "home world" and it's a staple of many games in the series. I don't think I'll ever find a fictional place that's more special to me. Of course I couldn't help but be disappointed in how little there was of it in KH3 though As for Disney world, I LOVE San Fransokyo, I loved the Big Hero 6 movie and it's characters, so being able to explore that world even though it was relatively small compared to other KH3 worlds was still amazing. The background music was pretty nifty too. The world was definitely one of my highlights of KH3. Honourable mention to the Timeless River, which is really neat. It was all done so well, from the design and execution of it, and all the lil scenes with Steamboat era Mickey and Pete, and how it flowed so well into the overarching story of KH. Also, "Monochrome Dreams" might be one of my favourite tracks ever. In fact I think Timeless River beats San Fransokyo now that I look at it Edit: After reading all of the other replies, it makes me love KH even more; everyone has favourite worlds for different reasons, but I think we can all agree every single one of them was special and awesome in their own way, as proven by the range of worlds and reasons people here listed as their favourites. KH worlds are the home to many irreplaceable memories and despite it's flaws I don't think you could find a more heart-warming, special series!
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    Jungle Cruise

    I saw it the other day! I honesty loved it. it was definitely good to have something original which is rare nowadays.
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    Hmm...I'm not sure Sora would be able to use it in those situations. The Power of Waking's main purpose is to awaken a sleeping heart, isn't it? And even if he did use it like that, he probably would disappear and go sailing into unreality.
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    I think maybe a teaser of the next game for 2022.
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    Glad I could create that atmosphere! And Thank you, I always finds capes to look dynamic in art and they just look cool! XD Thank you so much! Glad to hear that, and glad you like it!
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    A Restrospective of The Other Promise

    Whether it's in the form of Roxas or The Other Promise, one thing is true-- if there's one theme in this franchise that everyone loves, it's this one. But what makes it work, and how do all the different versions across the years set each other apart? Who were the musicians besides Shimomura who contributed to building some of its most iconic renditions? What is the legacy of Roxas's theme when it comes to the music of Kingdom Hearts as a whole?Today, I'll be going through the answers to all of these different questions!
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    Well, if the Dandelions and Union Leaders are the ancient masters, then I think that it would be safe to say that the stories of them vanishing did pass down since the stories of the ancient masters crossing over into another world would have most likely been about that. No matter who the ancient masters are though, I'm sure that some of the Dandelions or Union Leaders who made it back were the ones who told the stories since they would have been the only Keyblade wielders left that we know of who knew about what happened.
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    If i respond on discord it shows up there right? lol For the doubles/triples, there's no sound indicator that makes it obvious when you should be doing them, it's just memorization(and sometimes cheesing it). The way I play blindfolded is just to play a song section by section until i memorize it all, then try to execute it properly with the blindfold on. For example I might play until the halfway point with the star targets, then restart the song a few times to memorize each segment up to that point, THEN blindfold and try to execute it up to that point. Then repeat the process for the second half of the song and then try doing it all together. As far as cheesing strats that work both with and without blindfold: if I have a section that I don't remember exactly but I know alternates between single/double, I'll just hit both shoulder buttons at the same time to the beat and it usually works lol. The only time it doesnt is if the notes are close enough together to mess up the next few notes with Misses. For example, in the ending of Vector I didn't remember the pattern exactly so I just mashed both shoulder buttons and got through it. But for All For One co op, me doing that in the middle segment messed things up bc it registered as me hitting the next note too soon you can watch my blindfolds on my youtube channel here: you can watch my blindfolds on my youtube channel here:
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    Khux Console adaptation

    I wish Square Enix would make a khux console version where u create a character and kh3 like gamplay
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    I know the discussion is through the main chat of Melody of Memory and this thread is predictable, but I want to create this thread on the worlds that will appear in the game, Melody of Memory. From what we know the game will have 47 worlds (31 Disney worlds and 16 original worlds) Confirmed: Disney: Wonderland Agrabah Olympus Coliseum Monstro Atlantica Halloween Town Neverland The Land of Dragons Beast's Castle Pride Lands Enchanted Dominion Disney Town Deep Space Country of the Musketeers Toy Box Arendelle Original Worlds: Destiny Islands Traverse Town Hollow Bastion End of the World Radiant Garden Keyblade Graveyard Castle Oblivion Twilight Town Mysterious Tower The World that Never Was Dive to the Heart Realm of Darkness/Dark World (0.2 BBS Destiny Islands section so far) Land of Departure The Final World So far 30 worlds confirmed and 17 remain so here are my likely obvious expectations for the remaining worlds:
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    Thank y'all as always for the kind words!! ? Yeah to be honest I really couldn't have cared less about Ansem SoD prior to KH3. But between the scene I highlighted and his acting like an agitated grandpa when Pence wouldn't get off his lawn, I came to appreciate him a lot more lol. I do think it's funny how Young Xehanort was just a jerk till the bitter end. For sure, I don't fault anyone at all for having mixed feelings about MX's end. I think it's probably smoother if they planned ahead a bit more and gave us a few more sympathetic scenes/character moments prior to KH3. But as I nod to in the vid, they really just kinda show us "Hey, he used to play chess as a lil boy! Isn't that nice??" And it's like well yes but also the murder...? I'm fine with the message, but the execution is admittedly lacking. Ultimately I think the scene ended up as high as it did because most KH scenes don't force me to confront like...morality ethics and philosophy lmao.
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    I heard about this but didn't think much of it at first. It sucks, but I'd rather have them lean on the side of caution rather than hold it prematurely and potentially put people at risk. Interestingly pushing it back to 2022 makes it coincide with the Kingdom Hearts series' 20th anniversary, so it would be cool if KH made an appearance there in some sort of way.
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    Absolutely mind-blown! Nomura has done it again! And now I just have to brace myself for Dark Road's ending!
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    I personally like chris especially in s3
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    This is absolutely stunning and majestic to behold! I can tell you put your heart into this piece!
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    I feel like Dark Road should be finished as KHUx style cutscenes to tie off the story, but aside from that i think it should be left alone. No need to utilize anymore budget to re-render the cutscenes in 3D or make a full fledged MMORPG out of it. There was some beauty in the style it was presented in imo. And I don't think an MMO would work too well, might as well just play FFXIV at that point
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    So, the KH team made a mistake and tried to cross out what MoM meant?
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    It still didn't make a lick of sense?
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    That was............... okay, I have no clue where to start. Umm......let's see......well, I'll start from the beginning and jump around lol.
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    Oh, that can be frustrating as hell, believe me! XD
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    Gaming Chat

    I got so done with AC when I heard that they killed off the main antagonist that transcends the entire timeline in a comic
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    ? hMMMMMM......iNtErEsTiNg I'm wondering if that might not be anything special at all. It could've simply just been warping. I don't think warping is a very special ability. Like, the Organization members warp around with ease. And also, I noticed in the fight with Darkness, if [Player] loses all HP, then the Union Leaders do a counterattack. I was watching each of their moves (i wasn't studying them, just out of fascination lol) and I saw that Lauriam warped in his attack. Well, I don't know, it just seems like warping is an ability that some people can just...just do, I guess? lol I'm not sure. But, who knows. There might be something special about it. Maybe........... But wait........that just got my brain a-thinking. ............Where the heck did Lauriam learn how to warp??!! He's the first Keyblade wielder of the χ era (excluding the MoM) I've ever seen actually warp (unless there's a medal special attack somewhere that has warping) Oh yeah, they did (funny how i forgot. why'd i even forget? Darkness repeated that several times already)! HMMMM......i'm thinking Ephemer took a lifeboat to the real world, but stayed in that time. Because it seems impossible for him to lack a body (that just sounds so weird) when there was a medium waiting in the future. Ah, but what about [Player]?! I seriously hope they don't end up being.....being.......... I can't say it aloud
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    Hope you have a nice break, you deserve it after all the hard work you put into these! We'll be right here waiting for more, whenever you're ready to share again!
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    Really enjoyed your analysis as always. I didn't know the Drammatica version was not Yoko's arrangement, but I've always found the "bridge" part as you call it in your video to be really epic. I also think you summed it up perfectly about how reflective the themes are of the character's personality and what he's feeling. Oh and it was also nice to hear different renditions of the theme from various concerts, I didn't realize how much it had appeared outside of soundtracks and the games themselves.
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    I have no idea if my crazy idea is even possible, but if we're gonna humor it like this... I like the thought of them being created from his imagination. Demyx said he wanted friends, so they could be his "imaginary friends." lol That's kinda sad, actually. Hm, speaking of which... Isn't it kinda weird that Demyx thought he'd have a chance of making friends in the Organization? I know we talked about this a little before, but unless it was destiny blindly leading him to Xigbar, I gotta wonder what gave him the impression that he could make friends by joining the Organization... He sounded unsure about his reason at first, though. He was probably right about why he joined in a vague/general sense, but maybe he wasn't entirely correct. He kept stressing that it was just what he was assuming, like he couldn't even totally remember why he joined. So weird... HMMM...... Yeeeah... The Foretellers are the MoM's apprentices, but he does have a friendly relationship with them, especially Luxu. After Demyx says that he thinks he wanted friends, he defensively admitted that that must've made him sound lame/uncool. It's like, maybe the MoM wouldn't have wanted to admit that he thought of them as friends because then he wouldn't have the same authoritative image as their master (ie, his pride getting in the way), but Demyx recognized that internalized desire for friendship for what it was. If he knew about the MoM in any capacity, he would've been familiar with the Organization's black coats. I've always wondered about why the MoM and Luxu were the only two Foretellers who wore those coats. Like, there's gotta be a reason... Until they showed up, those coats were always associated with just the Organization. I think that's what they were supposed to make us think of, especially now that we know for sure that one of them WAS in the Organization. Anyway, point is, maybe the Organization's coats were familiar to Demyx. That could've affected his decision to join. ANYWAY. I had some other thoughts. I just realized that if the Age of Fairytales is based on Agito, then it isn't too far-fetched to think that Daybreak Town could've been a fictional world like Verum Rex. But it's so hard to make sense of it when the Age of Fairytales is supposed to be the past of the "real world"... Unless nothing has ever been real. lmao NA khux updated last night. Here's what they did with the "that's just plain rude" line: I'm sad they didn't work the Demyx line into there somehow, but I understand. It would've required some wiggling, and they probably had no idea whether it was a real reference or not - assuming they even noticed it. I think what they came up with is an excellent alterative, though. It captures how defensive and offended the MoM sounded which is something some fan translations failed on. Personally, I'm a big fan of this exchange: A friend called this MoM's "high WIS, low INT build." tbh, I think the MoM is actually one of these. ("Oddly enough, his advice is almost always spot on, because the real problems are actually very simple — so simple that everyone has been overlooking the answers all along." YEAH, LIKE THAT. The whole page sounds just like him to me.) Also, remember that line where we were questioning whether the MoM said "we" or not when referring to ending the world? The localization also went with "we." That just leaves things ambiguous. lol It's still unclear who was going to do the actual world-ending.
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    Vulpes XIII

    Who do you think Demyx is?

    Although I don’t have any theories of my own, I have read a few different theories about who Demyx might be and i was wondering if anyone has any theories or if anyone thinks any of these theories could be possible? My thoughts on the theories I’ve seen are: Demyx is from Quadratum - This is the one that is most likely to happen in my opinion as considering members 9-12 all have the ancient Keyblade legacy within them and as Lauriam and Elrena are from Daybreak Town and Luxord is from Quadratum it just seems that he most likely going to be from Quadratum as well. Demyx is the player from Union X - This is unlikely, however I do find it a very interesting theory in my opinion and I wouldn’t mind if it was true. As the default male character does kind of look like a younger Demyx in some ways and the player character seems like all they want to do is make friends wherever they go and in the KH3 character files Demyx says ” why am I in the Organization well I mean there lots of reasons but - oh right I wanted friends right” Although the Player could fight and fought when they needed to they still seemed like they would rather not have to resort to conflict and would rather talk things out if they could and on the other hand we have Demyx who can fight but hates it and avoids it whenever he can as he doesn’t like work and would rather sit playing his sitar all day. Although if Demyx was in the Keyblade war back then, maybe it’s possible that although he can’t remember his past including the Keyblade war perhaps it somehow subconsciously influenced his Nobody personality and if that was the case it would make this part of Demyx character file interesting “ I hate fighting and jamming out is way more fun, sad stuff, painful stuff why would I want to do anything like that? I guess there’s the stuff you got to do to survive but if I can I’d much rather live a life on easy street”. Also it makes this line from KH2 quite interesting as well “ I’m extremely imposing when I want to be which is admittedly almost never” again this theory is unlikely to happen but I still find it interesting. Demyx is one of the upperclassman that went missing in Dark Road - I don’t think this would be the case as if he existed around this time period I don’t think this would count as having a ancient Keyblade legacy as young Xehanort and young Eraqus were around then too. Finally Demyx is the MoM - I don’t like this theory, I want the MoM to be his own character not someone else we have had enough of that happen in the series already. Although I’ll admit that even though I don’t like this theory and don’t want this to happen, I would rather Demyx be the MoM instead of Sora, if the MoM has to be a character that already exists. Anyway what does everyone else think of these theories do you want any of these to be true? Or do you have any other theories that you think could happen? I’m curious what everyone else thinks
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    The ones I would like to see are Rinoa, Gilgamesh, Balthier, Serah Farron, Princess Garnet, Best girl Refia, Faris and Lenna, Cecil Harvey, Kefka, and Terra Brandford. Edit: I guess I'll explain why. 1: Rinoa~ I love Rinoa and would enjoy seeing her meet and befriend Sora. 2: Gilgamesh~ Boss fight with multiple Keyblade arms. 3: Balthier~ Gummi Ship expert who meets Sora and friends and helps out, for a price. 4: Serah~ Because I like her more then her sister, Lightning, and would rather see her. 5: Princess Garnet~ Maybe we could have some Final Fantasy pure heart princesses? 6: Best Girl Refia~ She is best girl and I'd love to have her in KH. 7: Faris and Lenna~ Same as Garnet, maybe Lenna is a new pure princess, with Faris trying to protect her. 8: Cecil~ Cool factor. I'd enjoy seeing him make a appearance. 9: Kefka~ One of the most iconic villains in Final Fantasy. Let's see him fight Sora. 10: Terra Brandford~ She would be such a great addition to the Kingdom Hearts world.
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    Sam N

    KH General Chat

    I feel just the same, and it's a major reason why KH is my favorite video game franchise of all time. Even at its weakest, I don't think KH has ever truly let me down. Every game has something to offer and manages to stay fresh without reinventing the wheel. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I can usually say with confidence that if the game has KH on the box, I'm in for a good time.
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    My favorite characters are of course Sora! and I really like his love interest Kairi! as for dislike I can't think of any , I just love kingdom hearts in general.....
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    Tribute Vids

    Video Discussion: Take me Away!

    Name: Take me Away! Category: Music videos Date Added: 12/27/2020 Submitter: Tribute Vids "a secret place , a sweet escape" thought of a little inspiration for this one! I had to put it all together! Epic! Reminds me of (home) and my love for Sora......heheheh the Sora and Roxas battle scene = hoping for better days Take me Away!
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    Thankyou Wakeless Dream. Thank you for your answers. Much appreciated. Ill try to see what I can do then! Hard work and make tutorials! KH series will be my last to play. Im panning to play FF7 series first then TWEWY Neo then the KH series will be the best for the last.
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    I really hope he doesn't end up being Eraqus' grandpa. It would be super lame if it turned out that Ux all happened only like 120-ish years before the main story. Make it like 1000 years!!!
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    ah my initial reaction was: https://tenor.com/view/jfk-clone-high-i-like-your-funny-words-magic-man-jack-black-gif-18659433
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    I prefer beginner because its easier for me to play. if I'm new to a game, i play on the easiest mode. i dont like rage quiting and buying a new console after breaking it is expensive. Also I'm not good at rhythm games, i haven't gotten to the secret levels yet because of how exhausting it gets. Please respect people who play on easy, thank you ? ?
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    To be fair I think what he means is that they aren't going to make any KH announcements until some time in 2021 when it's appropriate to start hyping up for the 20th anniversary in 2022. Considering how Kingdom Hearts first released in early 2002, it would be pretty ridiculous if they waited a whole year without saying anything and THEN started their announcement and ad campaign the day after New Years Day 2022 or something. We'll likely go a few months into 2021 with no major announcements, apart from maybe the odd UX/DR development or two, then about a good way's into the year (for now I'm guessing about a 6 month hiatus, just to be on the safe side) we start getting the usual trickling of information before we get proper announcements in the form of teaser trailers and whatnot. As always, what was formerly known as "E3 season" will likely be the place to look for any potential big reveals like a KH4/anniversary title or a D+ series, etc etc. That's not to say that they might not try to surprise us with something a bit smaller in the meantime tho. Like I said, there's still UX/DR to consider, maybe they'll move UX towards it's endgame in that timeframe. Plus they could really go that extra mile and make the other previous KH soundtracks available on digital platforms like iTunes and the like, since it seems to be doing well for the KH3 soundtrack so far. We're back in the in-between period again for sure, but I honestly don't think it's going to last as long as it sounds like it is. Waiting for 2022 doesn't necessarily mean waiting a whole year before we hear ANYTHING.
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    why thank you. it was a very unexpected surprise as I basically only saw 1 trailer for it and pretty much went into it completely blind. Netflix are starting to get really good with their animation movies now. they also released next gen in 2018 but I thought it was bit average and the willoughbys earlier this year which I thought was really funny too. but over the moon has to be their best one yet just because of some jokes I really enjoyed so much and enjoy that certain type of humour too if you get what I mean as well?
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    Over the Moon Netflix

    hey there all. I was just wondering has anyone seen or heard about a new movie that just came out on Netflix recently called over the moon at all? I just watched it last night and loved every minute of it too. it was truly amazing I thought, everything from the songs, music, animation, characters and a really enduring story too. Chin and Gobi were definitely my favourites for sure. it really has that similar vibe to Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks movies and while it was cliche at times it was really able to stand on its own. it was also done by pearl animation who did a collaboration with Dreamworks last year for a movie called abominable if anyone saw that. overall it was a very good movie over the moon and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a feel-good animated movie.
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    https://www.deviantart.com/nemesissp13/art/Noctis-Lucis-Caelum-856729049 https://twitter.com/NemesisSP13/status/1311529361216925698
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    During Square Enix's September 26th livestream for Tokyo Game Show online, a new Kingdom Hearts III Chess Set was revealed to be in development, resembling the chess board Young Eraqus and Young Xehanort play on in Kingdom Hearts III. Information about the price and release date will be revealed at a later time. You can take a closer look in the gallery below Would you fancy a match using this Kingdom Hearts III Chess Set? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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