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    Disney’s Wish

    I really love Wish. I think it would be a great addition as a world in the Kingdom Hearts series. Plus, the concept of wishing could play a role in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Second Saga.
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    I recently faced this same problem with FF16, the new female character Jill was just as bland and boring (Edit: same for Tifa Lockhart tbh. her being a hot female character is what carries her in popularity, and not her mediocre character). Tbh i can tell if Aqua was a male, she wouldn’t be this popular. it’s very clear that she would be the least popular of the Wayfinder trio if she wasn’t a woman, which is kinda sad when you think about it. But then again, this is not exactly a new thing to begin with, it’s fairly common. so it’s really not surprising whatsoever. Anyhow, i guess both Aqua and Jill (Edit: and Tifa) are just fine overall? I don’t think they are good characters, but I don’t think they are bad characters either. I guess I can call them decent at best.
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    Disney’s Wish

    Anyways, here’s my out of theatre reaction:
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Bruh verum rex isn't even a real game lmfao relax KH didn't lose it's identity It still has the charm and touching moments It always makes me laugh when people say the lost identity shit lol
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    yep cecil would be amazing as well
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Lol Master of Master could be Sora in adult age??
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Ray chase is a treasure
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    KH General Chat

    Ur telling me there's lore behind the reason he's bald
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    I don't play phone games. It's depressing that this franchise depends on so many low effort mobile games to tell it's story.
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    Kingdom Hearts III was infamous for being one of the most long-awaited games of all time. Ever since seeing three armored individuals and the words "Keyblade War" on their screens during Kingdom Hearts II's secret ending in 2005, fans eagerly awaited the third entry. But while multiple side-stories were released in the meantime, it took over 12 years of waiting to obtain the "true" next chapter. And after years of rumors and false-hope, fans could finally experience the Keyblade War and the end of the Xehanort Saga. But was it worth the long wait? Well, visually the game was stunning, the gameplay was overall pretty fun (albeit a bit too easy), exploring the Disney worlds truly felt like you were in the movies, there were loads of side-quests, and even the Gummi Ship missions were improved! That said, the game's story was a total disaster. Kingdom Hearts III's Underwhelming Story To preface, the writing throughout KH, Chain of Memories, KH2, 358/2 Days, and Birth By Sleep was hardly perfect. There was plenty of cheesy dialog, some retcons & minor contradictions, and a few plot-points could be confusing if you didn't thoroughly read the games' journals. But those small faults were made-up for by the lively cast of characters and their interesting stories. And if you were a diehard fan of the series, you could still make sense of & appreciate the extensive lore. And while Dream Drop Distance's story was a bit of a mess (thanks to its confusing use of time-travel and dream-worlds), it at least felt like an awkward-but-necessary step towards KH3, where hopefully everything would come together. Unfortunately, KH3's writing paled in comparison to the charming stories told in the earlier games. Gone were the days of feeling like an epic Disney/Final Fantasy crossover through the lens of interesting original characters. In fact, Disney worlds and characters were no longer relevant to the plot at all; Sora would visit worlds for no discernable reason and essentially watch the movies' plotlines play-out in front of him. The grand "Keyblade War” amounted to being a small skirmish in the desert. Respect to character backgrounds, motivations, and lore was thrown out the window. Plotholes, inconsistencies, and unnecessary retcons were blatant. And finally, we were left with more cliff-hangers/unresolved plotlines than any of the previous games in the saga! Despite years of cryptic dialog and journal entries, mysterious lingering plotlines, and answers being teased by the director in interviews, it's obvious that nothing about this game's story had been planned in advance. Instead, a plot was haphazardly thrown together and painted with some cheap "fan service" moments. Or to put it another way: What could've been a satisfactory saga-closer à la Avengers: Endgame, instead more so resembled the Game of Thrones finale. But after fantasizing about the game for years, so many "what could've been" ideas & theories still rang in our heads...to the point where we thought "hey, we should rewrite the entire game!" What is "Kingdom Hearts III Re:Imagined"? Kingdom Hearts III Re:Imagined is a passion-project webcomic created by some fans who grew up with the series. With this webcomic, we aim to overhaul the entire story of Kingdom Hearts III, in order to let other long-time fans experience what we consider to be a more satisfying end to the saga. The Disney worlds will be completely rewritten to be pertinent to the plot, glaring plotholes/unanswered questions will be stamped-out, and the story will feel less convoluted. But making our comic feel like it could actually be a part of the series was our primary goal. So naturally, we can guarantee that there will be: No Disney worlds that weren't already present in KH3 No Marvel/Star Wars characters No edgy/"mature" themes No original/fanfic characters No changes to existing characters' personalities No outlandish retcons (any retcons will be logical/can be backed-up with evidence) No shipping To ensure that our story and script are as respectful/accurate to the series as possible, nearly 30 pages of notes were taken on the previous games. So in order to fully understand our story, you should be very familiar with the following: Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep While the events of Dream Drop Distance will be acknowledged in our story, this really only pertains to the formation of the new Organization XIII & the Guardians of Light (time-travel, dreams, and data will not be relevant). Kingdom Hearts: coded also won't be very relevant, outside of perhaps a passing reference. Regarding Kingdom Hearts: Union X Dark Road & Melody of Memory, plot-points from these games will not be acknowledged whatsoever. We feel that the original 5 games had already set-up great stories/lore to build upon in KH3, and that the retcons introduced in the mobile games were completely unnecessary. As mentioned before, this is purely a non-profit passion-project from old fans of the series. We are not professional writers, and to us this is just a fun project that we work on in our down-time. So don't expect frequent updates, this will certainly take a long time for us to finish! But we've had a great time creating it so far, and we're very excited to share our ideas. At the time of this writing, the first 4 chapters are now available. Admittedly, the first three are a little exposition-heavy, as they're acting as the game's intro. But we feel that our Toy Story chapter is a perfect representation of our goals with this webcomic, so we hope you check that out. Enjoy! https://www.wattpad.com/story/345859504-kingdom-hearts-iii-reimagined
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    Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Chat

    I don't want another mobile game that requires me trying to make space on my phone's limited memory to play. Now if they released it on switch than it's on the go portable play and console. Hwee hwee hwee! 🙃
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    Woah... this is amazing! Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into making this. It really is a treat to have all of these quotes nicely compiled like this
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    KH General Chat

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    KH General Chat

    Haven’t responded in a while, but this is just my opinion. I think Mickey should always be included with the BBS Trio. I feel like they were always meant to be a team Anyways have a good day or night
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    wow that was amazingly inspirational so much complexity I highly enjoyed! (isn't Namine so great though?) 🎨
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    Thank you! I’m glad you liked it and I could help, especially since I think I spent a little too much time on my comment. lol
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    to add to the interviews above, here's another site that has a few of Nomura's earlier interviews + some more recent ones (like about Yozora). These are in Japanese, but Google translate will get ya through it just fine enough-ish kinda... it's no more confusing than the plot of KH. A few more Nomura Interviews, FF and KH in Japanese
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Meet the Robinsons? That would be a tough one to insert in a future kh title ngl
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    ocean's rage

    Pixar’s Elementals

    will do
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    ocean's rage

    Pixar’s Elementals

    i like elementals. i will now be drawing sora donald and goofy as they would appear in this world
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    King Arthur13

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Is that not what Sora is lol
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    Man if Goofy was on this list I would so vote for him. I know that Max hasn't made his appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series yet. But from my point of view Goofy's relationship with Sora in the Kingdom Hearts feels more like a surrogate father than friend.
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    most of the time i would cycle through genie, stitch and peter and give them all a fair go. i don't use chicken little, because A: i can't get my head round how he worked and B: he's from the worst animated movie disney's ever made
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    Roxas, Axel and Xion are my best friends! Forever!
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    I knew the Seasalt Trio was going to win by a landslide. The Sora / Kairi / Riku and Aqua / Terra / Ventus trios spend a lot of time in the games apart and chasing after eachother. Not saying I love them any less but I felt like we saw the Seasalt Trio grow the most together. Though I may have a slight bias cause Roxas has always been my fav I am surprised to see Hayner / Pence / Olette have more than Aqua / Terra / Ventus. F in the chat for Mickey / Donald / Goofy
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    Kiari/Niamen/ No.XV

    Namine or Xion?

    Definitely Namine because she's learned to bond with Roxas and no offense to everyone who's said Xion and Roxas but I personally think Riku and Xion would be much better together than Xion and Roxas even if they're best friends
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    oh i don't pick favourites sora, riku, kairi
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    Oh if the game was sold at like the standard price with 2 games included they definitely got the better end of the deal. I just assumed that the price was raised to bundle the 2 games together. That changes my perspective on it entirely. I like the fact that you get rewarded going into KH2FM after beating Re:CoM and rewarded after KH2FM back into Re:CoM. On top of the rewards and the good prices, I feel like disks are also a lot nicer looking than the ones we have over here. So they were winning in almost every aspect. I feel like the only thing they got jipped on was the fact that they had to beat KH2FM to get the additional Org Cards whereas we just had to beat the game. Since Re:CoM came out after KH2 they added in the additional Organization member cards. These cards were in both the English and JP Re:CoM, but these cards weren't present in the original CoM for either region. The biggest difference was that in JP you had to beat KH2FM first as @DestinysUnion stated and in the US we were able to find the cards after clearing the game. Additionally in the 1.5 ReMix we were able to get 358/2 days cards as well. I feel like it's really cool that they added in that little detail. Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the Re:Coded movie on the 2.5 years back because of how much I actually enjoyed it. I avoided it like the plague prior to that because everywhere I went someone was saying something bad about it. I even enjoyed playing the game itself after I watched the cutscenes. I feel like if Re:CoM was released as a standalone title we would've gotten full voice acting. But considering it was meant to be incentive to buy KH2 again I get why they ended up leaving it out and going the text based route.
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    Without a shadow of a doubt the KH3 ultima weapon is the best. It blows all the rest out of the water imo. I don't hate the KH2 ultima but it is a bit weird in some areas. It's a little too bulky in the middle, seems too blunt on the end, and the crowns feel a little cheesy. But all in all I think it's nostalgic and still look at it with fond memories despite its flaws.
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    What do you think is the best Phase 4 Marvel movie?
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    Xemnas final battle in KH2 is legendary, so clearly it is the best
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    We are coming closer to solve the mystery of the Missing Link
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    Ordinarily I'd say Soul Eater. I like it marginally better than Way to Dawn. I love the symbolism but the wing's color kinda clashes for me. If the wing had a similar color pallet, I would say its the superior weapon by far. Its a small nick pick though. I understand that its supposed to be lighter in color for the symbolism of Riku's strengthening light. However, in order to give this poll more variety, I'll say Keyblade of People's Hearts. Its dangerous and intimidating looking while still being simple in design. I'm still slightly bummed that it was only in the first game for a short awhile. It's also the weapon that created Roxas and Namine and Xion albeit indirectly.
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    I am not surprised to see Way to Dawn winning. I voted for it too. While the giant car key meme that arose from Braveheart was epic, Braveheart really does feel like a huge downgrade after how storied a journey Riku had with Way to Dawn evolving from his initial trademark weapon Soul Eater. The scene of Rikusem stabbing Maleficent with the Key of Peoples Hearts is always gonna be a fun one to watch. Cold brutal betrayal at its finest.
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    GameStop has revealed a new store-exclusive Funko Pop! Kingdom Hearts Sora figure as part of their Collect Fest lineup. This 5-inch figure depicts Sora in his orginial Kingdom Hearts attaire standing the Kingdom Key up on his right side. The figure will also come with a background of the cover art for the first Kingdom Hearts game. You can view photos for the figure in the gallery below. Pre-orders for the figure are being accepted at GameStop. You can pre-order by clicking the link here. The figure is set to release on June 6th, 2023 for a price of $19.99. Will you be adding this to your Funko POP! collection? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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    I remember in Days, Riku was able to wield Oblivion keyblade in mission mode. It would be nice if he could wield Oblivion outside of his fight with Roxas and mission mode.
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    Profile Picture Questions

    As long as it’s not anything graphic or NSFW you should be good. We don’t really spell it out in our rules because like you said it’s more of a common sense thing. I would just use your best judgement and if there were any issues we would notify you.
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    He'd be an important Final Fantasy character all the same, since he is the original villain of the entire franchise.
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    Kingdom Hearts OldHeads

    People jealous af of the new abilities, boss fights and Limit Form in KH2FM, I remember desperately trying to figure out how to get Magnet Splash on vanilla KH2 Seeing Ventus in the secret trailer and thinking to myself "Why is Roxas there?", and trying to understand what was happening in the non-voiced cutscenes are also good ones And last, but not least, "Something Funny Happened On The Way To Kingdom Hearts" and "Kingdom Hearts: The Stupid Files" were the best shitposting we had back then
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    I voted Final Fantasy XV. I also would love for Square to reveal more about Versus XIII's original designs and scenarios. Still would been nice to see the contrasts in story and style.
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    Recently, content creator Shesez uploaded a new video in his Boundary Break series, where he takes the camera anywhere he wants to discover secrets in various games. This time, Shesez tackled the first Kingdom Hearts entry, showcasing several intriuging finds, such as viewing angles that players would never see throughout their playthroughs, zoom-ins on models and areas, and more. Although, perhaps the most major part of this specific Boundary Break is fully seeing Sora’s room which is only ever partially seen otherwise. Unused elements in the Halloween Town world are also shown off. You can view the Boundary Break video for the first Kingdom Hearts game below or you can check it out on his Youtube Channel. The version he used is not the original PlayStation 2 release, but one of the HD re-releases. Shesez did a similar video for Kingdom Hearts II roughly four years ago. View full article
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    Bring Arts Roxas and Ventus.

    True, I will try to find in Ebay or asked around in the community who either sells them or in other areas. These 2 boys are just so rare to find now a days. Unless in the future Bringarts figures of Roxas they plan to release Roxas Twilight Town Outfit. That would be worth to get him.
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    Bring Arts Roxas and Ventus.

    I feel like someone who is more into collecting might have a better answer for you but because these have been out for a while now you may have the best luck going through hobby stores that specialize in selling action figures and other fandom collectibles or sites like eBay. Because these are sold out on the usual sites like Amazon or the SE store you might also have to be prepped to pay more than what they were listed for on the main storefronts as well. Good luck and hope you’re able to get your hands on those figures somehow!
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    The ARTNIA cafe, a locale often used for video game-themed collaborations, has teased new artwork for their tenth anniversary. One such illustration by Tetsuya Nomura depicts Brain from Kingdom Hearts, Jack Garland from Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, and Zack Fair from the Final Fantasy VII series. If clearer photos of this illustration are shared, we'll update this article. As of now, it is planned to be displayed at the cafe. Twitter user @wandanyan1ban has shared a clean photo of the illustration, viewable below: View full article
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    General Chat

    That song would have been better as a house or techno song rather than a dubstep song
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    As many as required to fully tell the whole story arc with as much detail as possible. As a Digital Storyteller, I prefer complete storylines.
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    I'm excited to see what Nomura will do with the series, story, gameplay and world design wise! I hope we get more original worlds in the future and balance them with the Disney worlds!
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    Why Lea Should Die.

    Eh, quite personally I feel it would be redundant seeing as how Axel had already died. I understand your reasoning but I feel as if there are other ways to add emotional turmoil besides character slaughter. I also don't see any reason to differentiate Roxas from Sora in terms of cheerfulness any further. In my own opinion Roxas is already quite the negative nancy. I would like to see his character developed more don't get me wrong, but I personally think there are others ways to do this than just character angst. That's just my own two cents anyways. Your reasoning has a point though.
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    Post a picture of yourself!

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    I'm leaving, now.

    You're like a brother to me Mog and you've cheered me up alot and I really loved chatting with you. I hope we can chat again sometime like on fb or something but, if you're permanently leaving everything, then see you and I wish you luck and everything in your life and you can always come and chat with me again if you like.
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