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    Kiyomi Hartz

    Twilight Town Mansion

    Sorry i scanned it a little slanted, but i like it anyways. I drew this and colored it with just colored pencils. hope you like it You can see this and more on my channel on DeviantArt at LunaBenihime@deviantart.com if you want

    © Kingdom Hearts Disney LunaBenihime@deviantart.com kh13

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    My entry for the K13 manga contest! This drawing was really fun to make, I could finish it just in time. I drew Sora and Kairi in a christmas wreath in the shape of the Kingdom hearts heart logo. Sora is holding the decisive pumpkin keyblade and a shadow heartless plushie (which I want, badly). I also used the well know texture in the background. That manga looks so nice...I almost have a complete collection of the KH manga (still missing KH1 Final mix.....moneyy ;_. Hope you guys like my drawing!

    © ©kimbolie12

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    I know a lot of people had already done this before but I figured I should give it a try. The personifications of both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

    © Art concept by Iman Nazeerudin aka ExusiaSword

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    Yashmin Mohammed

    Sora it me Naminé


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    Skuld [X-chi]

    finally seen a female new character in a kingdom hearts etc. enjoy! (but pls. do not repost on any website except kh13)
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    © Like_A_Doll_KC

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    This is my second and likely final entry. kind of a style experiment and mostly just for fun. I've always loved Namine as a character and so I had to pay tribute to her with this. This was drawn mostly in Photoshop, but initially on paper. Enjoy, and good luck to all participants!
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    This is the hardwork not only from me but my brother,Timothy Ling Jit Huong, as well. This is a fully hand-drawn art because we don't know how to photoshop. We did our best and we have fun. Thanks to every of my brother's suggestion for the pictures and the direction of this art. No regrets to the outcome for this competition.
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    From the album: San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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    Leaf Ninja

    jake uzimaki

    this is what i would kinda look like if my hair was blond

    © photoshop

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    Cloud as he was in the first KH.

    © Destati_Dream_XIII

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    Wallpaper I created in Gimp using the official box art for Kingdom Hearts III.
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    Angel ?

    Strelitzia ? ~ I would like to see this angel in KHIII?✨

    © HudaSketch

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    Here’s my new digital artwork of Sora and Kairi! And just in time for the new Kh3 trailer too!!!!
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    king sora

    © http://wearepopcandies.tumblr.com/

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    Kats Seventh

    IMG 20161028 020604

    quick sketch
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    © Kairi (c) Square Enix

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    Namine, Animazement 2011

    Wig & drawing by me, everything else was purchased.

    © soraspromise

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    Corporeal Emotions

    Lol, is the title too corny? Watercolor and pencil More artwork here
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    Thomas Williams


    Kingdom hearts form!
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    Thomas Williams


    Axel(Lea) finally see friends again
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    The Door is Open

    © naminé

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    September 16th, 2002 Kingdom Hearts came out In the USA.
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    entry for the 2.5 giveaway contest!
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    From the album: Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]

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    A Montage I made using pictures from the Novel/Manga.<br />I OWN NOTHING.<br />MAD IN LUNAPIC

    © Square Enix, Disney, Kinode, Lunapic

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    i have nothing to say just look at it
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    Symphony of Sorcery

    Look at these two bums just chillin during their exam! But the symphony of sorcery is such a beautiful world, I could hardly concentrate my self!
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    Zexion :3

    My last one for today. I love how his hair turned out. All that I upload I drew.
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    kingdomhearts pickuplines

    some of them are pretty good.

    © somewhere in reddit

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    Kiyomi Hartz

    The Castle that Never Was

    just a painting i did that took a while to do. I was a little rushed, so I don't think it's that great. You can see this and more on my channel on DeviantArt at LunaBenihime@deviantart.com if you want

    © disney sqare enix kingdom hearts LunaBenihime

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    Santa Aqua - Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays everyone! In the spirit of Christmas, here's Santa Aqua I drew for this holiday season, enjoy! ^_^ Please don't repost on any website (except KH13.com) You can reblog on my Tumblr pose here: XarInArt Tumblr

    © XarinArt

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    A friend of our PS our shoto at MCM London last year and we fell in love with it X£ we have a few more on facebook.com/devilnevercraycosplay too X3
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    the feels in kh 2.8 is ugh...ouch man. X( but here ...
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    20150812 01b

    From the album: Chapter 64

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    pixie KH2 Sora

    an old gif from a couple of years ago i thought i lost when my old computer crashed.

    © from google and don't remember who owned this

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    Hoshiko Hikari

    Young Sora And Riku

    I think young Sora and Riku are just so cute so I decided to draw a picture of them! ^_^ Hope you like it!
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    Just pure cuteness.

    © I own nothing. rights go to creator.

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    © i did not create this nor do i own anything

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    © Credit goes to its creator(s)

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