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    From the album: KHUx V2.3.0

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    It took a ling time for me to make this, and I dont know where I found the original picture. colored with only markers, and tan colored pencil. hope you like it You can see this and more on my channel on DeviantArt at LunaBenihime@deviantart.com if you want

    © Kingdom Hearts Disney LunaBenihime@deviantart.com

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    social sora

    so true

    © somewhere in reddit

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    Sora and Meow Wow sketch

    My first time drawing Sora in his new outfit.

    © Characters copyrighted to Square Enix.

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    Here's my entry for the KH13 Fan-Art Contest. I worked so hard on this, and i'm pretty proud of it. I actually had to load my save file and go to Hollow Bastion so I could draw the background. I needed a reference, and it's hard to find one on the internet for this spot. I still think I may have missed a few details, but I got most of it.

    © Shyera Schroepfer (Me)

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    Pokemon Morals

    © nintendo

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    Do you remember the light?

    KH13 contest entry This is based off of one of my favorite memories/events when I first played Kingdom Hearts, I was so devastated that Sora's keyblade was taken from him after everything he gone through with it. It was pretty devastating...
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    hands holding

    more drawing to my friends!!!!!
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    Kiyomi Hartz

    Ookami and Sora

    i drew this and colored it with crayons on New Years Eve You can see this and more on my channel on DeviantArt at LunaBenihime@deviantart.com if you want

    © Kingdom Hearts Disney LunaBenihime@deviantart.com Fandom.memebase.com

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    Kiyomi Hartz

    Twilight Town Mansion

    Sorry i scanned it a little slanted, but i like it anyways. I drew this and colored it with just colored pencils. hope you like it You can see this and more on my channel on DeviantArt at LunaBenihime@deviantart.com if you want

    © Kingdom Hearts Disney LunaBenihime@deviantart.com kh13

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    Miku :3

    A drawing that i made of Miku

    © Mikuo

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    Just a Dream - Manga

    I made this 4 panel manga that i wanted to do
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    Hi there! So I am submitting my Keyblade design artwork for the contest of TeeFury posted on the main page. The design is based on the not yet featured world of Pocahontas. It contains many of the lead character and her culture characteristics. The name would be pretty obvious Hope you guys like it! I put good effort in it. The idea of this world appearing in KH has yet to come true for me since I´ve been asking for it since forever. What do you guys think? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments! Zap!

    © by Keyblade Master Balo

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    Kiyomi Hartz


    my drawing of riku from the 1.5 launch event poster on my dA: http://lunabenihime.deviantart.com/art/Riku-shading-438504300

    © lunabenihime disney square enix

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    My entry for the K13 manga contest! This drawing was really fun to make, I could finish it just in time. I drew Sora and Kairi in a christmas wreath in the shape of the Kingdom hearts heart logo. Sora is holding the decisive pumpkin keyblade and a shadow heartless plushie (which I want, badly). I also used the well know texture in the background. That manga looks so nice...I almost have a complete collection of the KH manga (still missing KH1 Final mix.....moneyy ;_. Hope you guys like my drawing!

    © ©kimbolie12

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    KH13 Contest

    I really did enjoy drawing their poses. Particularly Riku's. hehe.
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    Lorena E Escalera

    KH Sora 3

    I worked hard
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    Birth By Sleep

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    Quite an old one, but hey, why not?

    © Chully

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    Zexion's Song

    its been awhile since i uploaded images on this awesome forum ^_^

    © i own nothing. i did not create this.

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    Kiyomi Hartz

    At the Island

    I redrew an awesome picture from Illbewaiting on deviantart. I colored this with only 8 colored pencils and scanned it You can see this and more on my channel on DeviantArt at LunaBenihime@deviantart.com if you want

    © Kingdom Hearts Disney LunaBenihime@deviantart.com Illbewaiting@devianart.com

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    Namine & Veemon, Drawing!

    Behold... one of my greatest drawings yet! It's a picture of Namine and VEEMON, yes, Veemon, both drawing! It wasn't easy, but I finally achieved what I was wanting to draw for weeks! I hope all of you like it, too! Rock on!
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    An animation exercise using the KH2 opening as a reference. 18 frames, each hand drawn
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    My entry for the fan art contest. The world I want most is an atlantis world. Atlantica needs some serious replacing! If this world is going to be in the game I would love it if they gave Sora a specific world related outfit after he decides to help out the inhabitants of Atlantis. The outfits and tattoos from the movie are so pretty! I also designed a keyblade inspired by the world. Hope you enjoy!

    © Kimbolie12

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    I saw the new keyblade Sora will get in KH3 and I think it's beautiful so I had to draw it. In valor form, just like in the trailer... ...WHICH WE WILL SEE EXACTLY WHEN SQUARE? Seriously, I wanna see it

    © kimbolie12

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  34. 5 points
    Shana Huseman


    My entry for the Kingdom Hearts fan art contest!
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    Kiyomi Hartz


    I drew this and shaded it with graphite pencils. It's also on my dA along with others: http://lunabenihime.deviantart.com/art/Axel-434395730

    © LunaBenihime Disney Square Enix

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    kh & pkmn

    © I own nothing. all rights go to the creator(s)

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    Power Jusho


    This was created by me on memegenerator.net and I hope you like it. This is also a reference of Back to the Future.

    © Credits goes to Meme Generator for the picture

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    Yashmin Mohammed

    Sora it me Naminé


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    Re-draw of this old drawing of mine ---- > ( X ) Please don't repost on any website (except KH13.com) Re-blog on my Tumblr post here ----> http://namia-flowers.tumblr.com/
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    Joy Liberatore

    Aqua Sketch

    KINGdom Hearts? I think you mean QUEENdom Hearts, amirite? http://imaginative-ink.tumblr.com/
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    © Like_A_Doll_KC

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    Diane Marie

    Sora And Baymax

    Sora flying around on Baymax. Its for the kh13 competition.
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    This is quite an old drawing of mine (drew it back in 2010!). I wanted to upload it here for the rest of ye to see and I hope you like it. I don't draw as frequently as I'd like to but I'll always like this drawing. I've also thought about digitally colouring it in at some point but I've never gotten around to it
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    This is the hardwork not only from me but my brother,Timothy Ling Jit Huong, as well. This is a fully hand-drawn art because we don't know how to photoshop. We did our best and we have fun. Thanks to every of my brother's suggestion for the pictures and the direction of this art. No regrets to the outcome for this competition.
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    My first time trying out this type of semi-realism. I was gonna attempt going from greyscale to color (seems to be a pretty popular method among some artists) but I couldn't get it to look right with colors, so I left it in black&white. Hope you like it

    © Me ;p I also posted it on DeviantART. You can find me there using the link on my profile :)

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    This was an anime-styled picture I made out of boredom. Hoping to get views from Kingdom Hearts fans so I'm posting it here (as well as DA) Any comment is appreciated, especially criticism! I always love a opinion, whether it be positive or negative.
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    From the album: San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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    Sora Hatsune

    I do not own this.

    © Credit goes to the maker

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