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    The Mandalorian - Sora

    Lets continue this little trend of Disney series with some Kingdom Hearts characters! So here is Sora in the Mandalorian! His outfit here is less a form change and more of a world change, fit for the more bounty hunter-in-space look that Mando has. And of course he would get along with Baby Yoda.
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    Sora in a Captain America form! Inspired by Sam Wilson, Bucky and Steve Rogers' Cap uniforms!
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    Mykaila Shakespeare

    Darkness Prevails

    Is it just me or do I feel Young Xehanort is being underrated...maybe a bit to under appreciated? I am truly excited to see the whole story of Dark Road. Seeing him in a different perspective. Even seeing him in the end of Union Cross has made me more intrigued than I ever have before.
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    From the album: Kingdom Hearts Motel Keychains

    © Square Enix/Disney

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    (I will have reverse/rebirth uploaded after I finish the game hopefully by the 21st. Stay tuned!) --- So......I have mixed feelings about this title. I remember my mom got us the ps2 version of re:chain of memories. Because I was confused with the battle system at the time, I kinda gave up on it. It was only until I finally got back to kingdom Hearts in late 2015 after learning how important many of the games were in the narrative. So, I worked up the courage to try it out, and managed to play all the way through. This game, in case you don't know, has a card system (in order to swing a Keyblade or set some heartless on fire, you need cards). The gameplay is a mixed bag for many, it just really depends on who you are. Do you hate that it gets repetitive? Do you enjoy the fact that it makes you think on how you customize cards? I'll leave it up to you guys. I am somewhat in the middle myself. While I enjoy the gameplay just fine, it is not a system I would want to go back to in awhile. The biggest issues I had with the game is mostly the boss fights. What annoys me the most about the bosses is that a couple I fight I have to several times throughout the game (seriously, whenever I play this, I was never looking forward to fighting them). However, if there is one I actually enjoy is the final boss. I will leave it at that, but I'll say it is mainly because the design and aesthetics are just neat. As for what I liked about it, it was the story honestly. I think, out of the side games, this one is the most simple. Is it still convoluted in it's own way? Of course it is. However, this shows Sora being at his most emotional out of all of the games in the series. I also felt the goal of the story is straight forward. Especially the fact it takes place in one location that has multiple floors. I even enjoy the villains residing in the castle. They are just incredibly entertaining to watch (at least a good handful while I the other half are just really annoying LOL). That being said, those are my thoughts on, at least, re:chain of memories. I like to point out, I only discovered this game after learning it was a direct sequel to KH1 when I played KH2. I did hear the chain of memories on the gameboy advance is a lot better, aesthetics and gameplay at least. However, that has yet to be seen when, one day, I'll be able to experience this myself. Till then, it's a B- for me.
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    Sora - Manga Version

    Digital watercolor painting of Sora from his appearance in the Kingdom Hearts manga.
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    From the album: Chapter 14 - Destiny Island

    © Square Enix/Disney

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    Drew this in honor of Paul St Peter live streaming on Instagram (as of this post). Drew this while waiting for a second session of the livestream yesterday (again as of this post). Gotta say, one of my most proud pieces I’ve done thus far. Not much else I can say other than enjoy ?
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    Melody of Memory Fan Art

    Hey guys! This is a composition I made in digital 3D a few months ago! I'm excited about this game because I always loved KH's music

    © https://www.instagram.com/david.fbx/

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    Another Kingdom Hearts comic cover inspired by Marvel comics! This one referencing Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Warriors #8, with Spider-Man receiving the Venom Symbiote! This time, Riku gets his Dark form!
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    KH3 Kairi -Mannequin Shots

    I finished my KH3 Kairi cosplay! It was a whirlwind to get her done this quick, but I’m super happy I managed it! Costume made by me ?
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