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    Following the success of March Caprice 2021, we are thrilled to officially announce March Caprice 2.0! For those unaware, this event is a digital gathering of Kingdom Hearts fans worldwide to show support for each other's projects, talents, and passions for the series! Further, alongside building upon the foundations of what made the first March Caprice event so successful, March Caprice 2.0 will also be serving as a celebration of the Kingdom Hearts' franchise's 20th anniversary! Additionally, just like the first event, participants can showcase various content, including video streams, speedruns, video essays, podcasts, artwork, and music. Those who rely on in-person gatherings such as conventions can take advantage of this ambitious digital event's opportunities. Ultimately, we want to provide this virtual gathering as an opportunity to have the community come together to celebrate each other and our work, to enjoy each others' company, and to celebrate the anniversary of the beloved Kingdom Hearts series. March Carpice 2.0 is being organized by the following community members: KeybladeSpyMaster (Kingdom Hearts Database) Kinode (Sound Ideas) Danielle Karthauser (Level Story) Orpheus Joshua (KH13) Chaineh Aeba Regular Pat Intrigued, prospective participants can now sign up for March Caprice via its official website. Lastly, the event will be taking place on March 26th, 2022! More details on this upcoming gathering will be shared the closer it arrives from the official March Caprice Twitter account. The event will be livestreamed and will include merchandise and an Artist's Alley. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a content creator, mark the date and spread the word! Bring your friends and join in this incredible collaboration of the community to celebrate the Kingdom Hearts series! You can view the announcement trailer for March Caprice 2.0 below: If you want an idea of how the last event went, you can read our reflection piece. View full article
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    I saw Encanto (Awesome movie btw), and I definitely agree. The Encanto world in a Kingdom Hearts game could have the similar setting like Timeless River in Kingdom Hearts 2. Like how Sora, Donald, and Goofy was able to go to new areas by jumping through those portraits in Timeless River.
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    Encanto is also a great choice each room can be its own level plus the village is nice to Absolutely it has this moving from the fantasy to modern times theme to it which is also fitting for the FF series as they combine magic and techonolgy aswell Yeah still waiting for a world were sora just stands on the beach and is reminded of his own homeworld
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    i like your essay its really interesting.
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    Hi everyone! I'm a lifelong Kingdom Hearts fan, and regular lurker on KH13 (especially at times like this when we're all waiting for the update and ReMind to drop XD). I don't tend to post anywhere nowadays (sometimes on reddit), but I think I was pretty active on forums back in the pre-KH2 days haha. Over the past nine months I've been writing an essay - called Kingdom Hearts III: A Conclusion without a Story - which analyses Kingdom Hearts III’s approach to storytelling; viewed both from the perspective of a player, and the perspective of a writer/game designer (hence being released on Gamasutra). My intention was to examine the game’s structure, ideas, and mistakes, and draw out numerous lessons that could be applicable to the reader’s own game – all centred around a main hypothesis. The hope is that anyone can read and enjoy it, but that developers will gain a lot more from the topics explored. As I mention in the article, while I adore the series, this critique is largely written from a game developer’s perspective, albeit with the insights (and frustrations) of a lifelong fan. Anyway, we start off slow, but I think I managed to extract a lot of interesting points and insights overall (especially in the later topics) - things that I'd definitely never thought about before in relation to the series. So whether you agree or disagree with my points, I hope anyone that takes the time enjoys reading it! Thank you very much for your time! And if nothing else, it's something else to read while waiting for ReMind =P I apologise if I've posted this in the wrong forum. I was considering posting it in Creative Media, but an essay didn't seem to quite fit the descriptions and other content I found there. Part 1 - https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200121/356858/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_1.php Part 2 - https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200121/356865/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_2.php Part 3 - https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200122/356930/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_3.php Part 4 - https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200122/356980/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_4.php Part 5 - https://gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200123/356987/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_5.php Part 6 - https://gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshuaHallaran/20200123/356988/Kingdom_Hearts_III_A_Conclusion_without_a_Story__Part_6.php
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    Raya and the Last Dragon for sure, especially since its themes of trust and friendship fit really well with the KH series. Onward might be kind of cool too, I guess, but honestly I didn't really care for Onward, Soul or Luca (no offense to anyone who liked them), so I'm not super interested in seeing them in KH. I guess Luca would probably be an interesting world in that it would be cool to see Sora, Donald and Goofy as sea monsters, though.
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    It might be cool if the darknesses took the form of the animals the Foretellers wear costumes of. I wanna fight a big darkness bear.
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    Oh definitely Raya and the Last Dragon. Not only it has the best fantasy setting to be part of the Kingdom Hearts universe, but it also has the best antagonist, the Druun. The Druun is very similar to the Heartless and I think it definitely fits very well in Kingdom Hearts. Plus, Raya would be a great party member in Sora's team.
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    Onward for the mix of the fantastical and urban, and the perfect opportunity for another form change. Some of the elements from the film, like the size change spell, have plenty of scope for exploration and puzzle solving (manipulating objects in the environment or the player character themselves growing or shrinking, creating more opportunities for opponents like the biker pixies) and Ian as a party member is a given. He and Donald would get on like a house with Firaga cast on it as they both specialise in magic.
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    KH General Chat

    Kingdom hearts is a video game It's also light
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    so far that i know there are only sprites of them as a png. not that they are moving like a small gif sadly
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    This is such an amazing idea. I'm kinda surprised I haven't seen anyone make a version of the KHUX Avatar Maker independent of the game. I hope this project is successful!
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