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    Philo Barnhart! He is a world-famous artist known for his work with The Little Mermaid (Ariel and Ursula), Beauty and the Beast, and countless other Disney classics. He also is an artist for Kingdom Hearts! We got to talk a little about his Disney career, Kingdom Hearts, and one of the KH artbooks he was a part of. I bought one of his KH sketches, and he signed it for me! Awesome piece for my KH collection! It was great meeting him! He was sketching Ariel as we were talking and it was cool watching him work. About 5 years ago I met Quinton Flynn (voice of Axel and many other video game and anime voices) at the same xcon where I live. I got his autograph and that's with my KH collection, too!
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    In my opinion, the Gummi Ship System in Kingdom Hearts 1 did a much better job hiding the worlds because you can't tell which world is which until you complete the mini game. The Gummi Ship System in Kingdom Hearts 2 did a better job with the action gameplay because the mini games were a lot of fun in KH2. And Kingdom Hearts 3 did a much better job with the whole open-space exploration. I just love the fact Kingdom Hearts 3 allows us to freely move around without feeling any restrictions or limits.
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    @OniLink99999 Hello. I just finished reading your essay, and I'm about to give a little feedback. I'll start by saying that I was searching the internet for a very different "essay" related topic, but I came across your post and... Dude, you stole two hours of my life from me) Absolutely breathtaking story. It is clear that you are a real fan of the game. And I could not even think how many plot branches the developers left without a worthy end. I would suggest that you try to make money on some services where you can buy a personal statement or other papers. You could make good money on this. Thanks for your work.
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    That's awesome dude!
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    That is soo cool did he mention amy details that no fan has ever heard about before?
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    this rapper... is a neeeeeeeeerd!!! come on, everyone: let's point and laugh!
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    I need to see this I live in the UK and I am definitely watching this
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    zelda, pokemon and kingdom hearts are gonna be at the bbc proms?! have i slipped into a parallel universe?
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