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    Yeah. I think it was just that there were a lot of scenes fans weren't happy about even when it factually fit in and made sense.
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    Well, I think that the concept of an ideal plot differs from person to person. So I don't think the plot can be seriously improved. In addition, Kingdom hearts 3 has a lot of storylines leading to the next games. And, well, in KH3 the plot is not so bad as to "remade" it. In this series, there were worse parts in terms of the story
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    I personally don't see any need for this. I accept and love the Kingdom Hearts story as is, flaws and all.
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    One, Nomura was too busy with Final Fantasy Versus 13 and that project keep getting delay and restart like hundreds of times. And two Nomura develop Birth by Sleep (a major KH game) as a PSP game because he wanted to quickly to fill in the gaps before Kingdom Hearts 3. Plus, not to mention the PSP at the time was very popular. Personally I would rather had Birth by Sleep as a PS3 game to match the graphics and quality as Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2. But it is what it is.
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    Keep an eye out because items like this should be available on the other Square Enix stores as well as sites like AmiAmi or Aitai Kuji. Most of the time, they are just added to the E-Store first due to time zones.
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    This thinking that the story is badly told stems from a misunderstanding of how kingdom hearts chooses to tell its unorthodox plot everything will make sense sooner or later but it always takes its time even if it takes years
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    I'm sad I only found out about this now.
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    General Chat

    how do you just fall asleep in a McDonald's drive thru
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    Nomura really loves to use every idea, doesn't he? lol Nothing goes to waste. So, I've been thinking more about these "other selves" that exist within people's hearts. I think I could've been onto something when I mentioned Shadows from Persona... In other words, I think they might be the part of them that they suppress, made real within their hearts. Fictional selves. If the fictional world is a world where things are brought to life by people's imaginations, then it could even explain how Sora and Yozora could be the same even though they seem to be separate people. The Persona series didn't invent the concept of personas and shadows. It's getting late here so I can't talk much, but I think you'll enjoy reading some of this. edit: ok, I'm awake and I thought about this a lot more. Now I'm wondering... If this is on the right track, which one is Demyx? Is he the persona or the shadow? He and the MoM both possess strong negative qualities... But Demyx does seem to be entirely persona. His innocent, happy-go-lucky nature is like a mask. It fell away when he fought Sora. It might not all be a lie, but he's definitely projecting a certain personality to cover up a darker side. That would mean that the MoM is his shadow, his hidden self who even Demyx isn't aware of. If Quadratum exists somewhere in the unconscious/dream realm, then that could be what posed the opportunity for Sora to physically meet his own shadow, Yozora. But this is just a theory.......... a game theoryyyy.
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    Fan Art Chat

    I love how you did Laurium.
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    Basically this. Closest we got was the 1.5 and 2.5 games. That said, on a side note, I think Re:Chain of Memories should’ve been on the Wii (as well as PS2).
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    Silent Multiverse

    General Chat

    coming june 8th
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    That wasn't in 2.5 That was the first teaser for KH3 shown at E3 back in 2013 running on their own custom engine.
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    It was mostly due to timing. Nomura was hard at work with Versus XIII and he wanted portable games to help fill time and gaps before Kingdom Hearts III. Unfortunately due to Versus being delayed to a point that it was converted to XV, it was a bit too late to start on a game for the PS3 because the PS4 was right around the corner and the PS3 wasn't powerful enough for Nomura's vision for KH3.
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    im an author and i dont see the need to rewrite it either
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    I definitely agree with you. There are surely some things that don't make total sense, but there are really only a few. I don't understand why a lot of people are complaining about KHIII's 'badly-written story' and wanting to rewrite it. We're not the authors, but fans, and as fans I think we should just accept the story as it is being told, not complain about it. There is a lot of positive features in KHIII, I think people are just so irritated with the flaws that they aren't seeing the good stuff.
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    It would be a nice call back to BBS if the True Dandelion is Ventus.
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    Blue Sky Studios Co-founder Chris Wedge posted a letter of Blue Sky Studio's Closure yesterday (April 7) on all their social media pages. https://twitter.com/blueskystudios/status/1379822457729785863
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    Well, not always. There are things in KH3 that I don't find logical explanation (for example, Ansem the Wise in BBS says that he lost his memory, and in KH3 he remembers everything, plot hole), but I just think that this is far from critical and I can find a lot more positive features
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    I don't believe I mentioned this here before, but there's something really interesting in KHI's Ultimania: And those words were indeed said at the ending.........the ending of the Dark Seeker Saga, that is. HMMMMM.......................... HMMMMMMMMMMMM............................
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    Double OKP

    How will union cross end

    The offline version of the app has a theater mode and will contain all the cutscenes.
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    Kingdom Hearts Power Bracket

    Hey, everyone. I'm a bracket maker and a Kingdom Hearts fan. Putting these things together is a natural thing. I took 64 of the most powerful characters in the series and arranged them into a March Madness style bracket, seeds and all. This first appeared in my friend Regular Pat's video, which we recorded together. I'm sure he won't mind me plugging that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxTOPGZgw8c&t=210s. Anyway, the joy of making a bracket is getting to see people fill it out. If anyone sees this, let me know who your Final Four and champion would be!
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    Classic FM have begun revealing their annual Hall of Fame list this weekend. Kingdom Hearts composer Yoko Shimomura has made another appearance on the list for Kingdom Hearts, finishing this year at 86th with Kingdom Hearts III Dearly Beloved. A description of Yoko from the Hall of Fame list can be read below. This marks the 6th year that Yoko has made an appearance on the Classic FM Hall of Fame and her third highest placing during her tenure, only behind 2015 where she placed 30th while and 2016 she placed 31st. In 2017, she finished 119th and in 2018 she finished 188th. After being excluded in 2019, Yoko reemerged at the 245th position on the 2020 list. In addition to the Kingdom Hearts series, Yoko worked on the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XV, which also made the list this year for the first time at no 217. This is the first year that Yoko has been on the Classic FM Hall of Fame top 300 list with multiple entries. Other musical compositions that have been showcased in the Kingdom Hearts series have also made it into the top 300 list for Hall of Fame 2021, including the following: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" ranked at no. 282 "A Night on the Bare Mountain" ranked at no. 153 "Final Fantasy Series (including One-Winged Angel)" ranked at no. 120 Congratulations to Yoko Shimomura and her success in making Classic FM's Hall of Fame list for the 6th time! View full article
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    This deserves a lot more attention. The Peanuts Movie was great, and Spies in Disguise was not bad. And I have a fondness for Robots.
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    wait, classic FM? as in the british radio station?
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    If Nomura knew what he was doing, he would have streamlined the plot and the dialogue so that things could be more clearer.
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    I heard about this earlier today, it’s sad. I don’t think I knew them as well as Disney or Dreamworks, and I’ve only seen a few of their movies but nevertheless it’s weird to have something you’re familiar with no longer be.
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    it honestly is a very sad I think. I mean in some aspects I can't say it's surprising and was probably bound to happen eventually as I heard rumours awhile ago that blue sky might be sold off to another company, since they weren't doing as well in terms of money. I hope these 450 can be shifted to other studios within the Disney company. that would be great wouldn't it?
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    Oh, thanks for following along! I’m glad you enjoyed the list. It was a fun one to think about and piece together! Lazy Afternoons is such a distinct mood. Takes me back to summer days during simpler times. And Dive into the Heart is quite the experience. I think I actually like the first half a bit more as well. So eerie, and it gets me pumped for the mysteries ahead!
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    Rank the KH2 worlds in order of Plot.

    What about Beast's Castle? It at least personifed what the Disney Worlds SHOULD be like in the KH universe. And I agree KH1 to this date has the best plot for me and it correctly integrated the Disney elements instead of treating them like filler just to tell their own plot.
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