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    Disney’s Wish

    I really love Wish. I think it would be a great addition as a world in the Kingdom Hearts series. Plus, the concept of wishing could play a role in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Second Saga.
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    I've installed a pretty big behind-the-scenes update to our forum software, which is now running the latest version Invision Community (4.4, upgraded from 4.3). A comprehensive list of the changes is available here. The big ones imo are: - Guests can now make comments before registering (and are promoted to register once they click 'post') - There's a "GIF" button on the editor allowing you to easily reply with a GIF - Lots of speed/performance improvements As this was a pretty big update, a number of things may have broken. Please let me know if you see anything behaving weird.
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Bruh verum rex isn't even a real game lmfao relax KH didn't lose it's identity It still has the charm and touching moments It always makes me laugh when people say the lost identity shit lol
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    Disney’s Wish

    Anyways, here’s my out of theatre reaction:
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    ocean's rage

    Disney’s Wish

    i liked the movie. hope to see it in KH one day
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