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    2 quid is good

    KH3 Trailer Timezones

    I have returned from the deep dark depths of university to bring you all some quality debatable content, IT'S TIMEZONES AGAIN These are for the two non-Japanese tv trailers on the 10th and 18th respectively, because I doubt the other two will be shown internationally but u never kno. 10th December (but actually the 9th for most of us because we're time travellers) 10AM EST - North and parts of Central America 3PM GMT - UK/Ireland/Portugal 4PM CET - Germany/France/Spain/Central Europe 5PM EET - Greece 11PM - Malaysia/Indonesia/Singapore 12AM - Japan 1/2AM - Australia (you guys have too many timezones i cba XD) 18th December 3AM EST 8AM GMT 9AM CET 10AM EET 4PM - East Asia 5PM JST 6/7 PM Australia OK 3,2,1 let's jam
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    The gathering of the seven and thirteen is nigh. After countless skirmishes, the Keyblade War shall begin anew!
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    I agree completely. KH2's opening had basically just a recap of the events from Hollow Bastion in the fiirst game to the end of CoM, and a few symbolic inclusions. It looks like the narrative of this one is that Xehanort has been moving all the pieces into place for his master plan, and it's recapping all the events that led us here. I highly doubt Roxas and Axel/Lea will be pitted against each other.
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    Finally i got a chance to get this boi!
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    The cover for "Face My Fears" has been revealed on PlayStation Japan. The cover was designed by Kingdom Hearts Director Tetsuya Nomura. You can view it below. Pre-orders for "Face My Fears" begin at midnight EST on December 10th. You can pre-order here. The CD will release on January 18th, 2019. A vinyl for the CD is coming on March 6th, 2019. We have provided information for the vinyl. (Thanks to KH13 Staff Member NihonScribe and Katie Armstrong for translations). UPDATE [Dec 10, 2018]: Square Enix Press Center have uploaded a HQ version of the Face My Fears cover art as part of the press release for the Kingdom Hearts III opening movie trailer! You can see the cover art and read the press release below. UPDATE[December 10, 2018]: On Utada Hikaru's official website, you can now listen to a sample of Face My Fears ! Towards the end of the sample, you can hear a second of a new lyric that was not heard in the opening movie trailer that was released yesterday. We believe the lyric before the sample ends is: Listen to the sample here! What do you think the lyric is? Let us know in the comments! View full article
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    Love the trailer and love your reaction! I still can't believe that finally after over ten years were only a month away from getting KH3!!!
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    I think I'm dead. The excitement of watching this with the sound has overwhelmed me. It's AMAAAAAAZING! So pumped!!!
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    Thank you for showing this to us, Leamax! Good lord, and this is just a sneak peek of the full opening? I'm going to die when I see the full thing, to be honest! It's insane to think just how close we are to finally having the game in our hands! If there was ever any doubt, if ever there was any more need for proof that the game is finished and already about to release, this is all the more proof for the naysayers! Good lord, this opening, well, the sneak peek, was beautiful! It's so emotional, and the cinematic is encapsulating and basically visually summarizing everything that's happened in the KH series as of now! I honestly couldn't be happier with these amazing visuals, and if this is just what the sneak peek is, the full opening will be heart stopping for sure! The time is almost upon us, my dear friends, ladies and gentlemen...we are almost at the endgame! Good lord, what a time to be alive!
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    To be honest, I don't think Skrillex deserves the complaints. I don't like EDM as a whole, but it wouldn't have made a difference if they had chosen someone else. It would still have been EDM because that's apparently the direction SE/Disney wanted to go with this. Which isn't to my liking but not everything has to be. This genre is just what Skrillex does. Of course there's a large variety within the realms of that genre, but that was to be expected. And it's not like he's to blame for doing what he does. I listened to his music before to get a sample of what to expect and while it's a little more subdued than some of his other works, this opening song fits into what he usually creates. It's not what I enjoy listening to, but if I were a fan of EDM, I wouldn't consider what he did a bad job. He's been involved in the entire song and even if he hadn't, there's no telling if it would have turned into another Chikai, which wasn't my cup of tea either. I think it's okay to say they don't like it. You can't really argue about taste after all and EDM isn't to everyone's liking. That won't change with stunning visuals either. But I also think it's a little unfair to blame Skrillex and claim he ruined the song. Which we can hardly determine since we don't know how it would have sounded without him. I don't think I will ever come to like it, but I do think it fits the genre they were trying to achieve. It's not exactly what I hoped for but then again, most opening songs weren't all that fitting in terms of lyrics for example. The problem in this isn't Skrillex in my opinion but rather the decision to go with EDM. Which is only an issue on an entirely subjective level since others obviously like it.
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    I've seen a lot of complaints about Skrillex's involvement on this song, but I think Square have done a good job in trying to ride the EDM wave and tap into the western audience. I mean, I think it fits well with the cinematics plus it's hype! This is supposed to be the final battle we gotta get pumped for it!
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    The possibility is there since it was very similar to KH2's fight between them. It could be like in past openings where they simply did a recap of a lot of events from past games without being 100% accurate. Apart from that, I'm not a fan of the song. I don't blame that on Skrillex and neither on Utada, and I wouldn't go as far as saying either of them ruined it, it's simply not my cup of tea. The high pitch and the jarring sounds mixing together are grating on my ears, especially because I'm really sensitive to sound. But that's not their fault, it's simply a different genre and I'll just deal with it in the same way I'll deal with Chikai. Both will only be there for around 4 minutes and the rest will be different. Otherwise, the opening is noticeably darker in regard to colors, which is probably fitting the premise of the final battle theme. But it still looks stunning and I do enjoy the different style in CGI ever since 0.2. It feels more native to KH while all previous openings leaned more toward Final Fantasy in my opinion. It's also interesting that Young Xehanort seems to have a different eye color and I doubt it's a mistake this time. Ever since Terranort had brown eyes in BBS, I wondered if Xehanort actually had a different look altogether before becoming more interested in darkness. Of course it could possibly be the influence of Eraqus or colors mixing, but Terra has blue eyes so it always struck me as odd why he would have brown eyes as Terranort. All in all, I'm happy that this part of the trailer doesn't spoil much, if anything at all. It looks more like previous openings which were more or less a compilation of events from the past and it would be suitable if the full opening retains that. We don't really need the opening to spoil anything like the secret ending of KH2 and opening of BBS did for that game.
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    Once again, the director of the canceled Kingdom Hearts series is pitching the idea for a 3rd time. Personally, I would love to see this get through this time, and what better time to pitch this idea than now, especially with Disney + being a thing and the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Horizon, I can see this idea getting through this time. I always say third time's the charm, besides I think that would be the only thing that would make me actually buy Disney + if they were to release there and I think many others would agree. What do you think? Like the idea, or no? How would want the series to be made if it gets through? Here is the original tweet, I do like the fact that he isn't giving up on this idea, it's too perfect to pass on! https://twitter.com/SethKearsley/status/1068576229228404736
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    At this point I would be glad if they would just provide both languages. The game is done. There's no reason to hide voice actors or their work anymore and they announced it on both the Japanese and the international KH Twitter accounts. Commercials are one thing, especially with the voice-over, but there's no good reason to do it for trailers anymore in my opinion. Of course it needs a bit more effort to rip footage from each version, but there should be enough time for that.
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    Mickey's "New" Keyblade

    Where did he confirm that she is under the influence of Xehanort? As far as I'm aware, he's been vague as to what has happened to her exactly. She could have been corrupted by darkness too and not be a vessel.
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    Hi Everybody!

    It's nice to know there are other people from the UK here. I hope there really are loads of us on the forum. We can be a minority, I know. XD I'm glad there are some fellow British users around. Thanks for the welcome, 2 quid is good! I'm sure I'll enjoy my time in this small community.
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    Happy Birthday, Nero Kunivas!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NERO! From your friendly Kairi-crazy neighbor, Javelin! PARTY HARD!!!
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    what happaned to the old site up

    Thanks for contacting the site support. A moderator will help you get access to your old account shortly.
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    New Design

    Try logging in, signing out, and then logging back in. It's in the "Create" menu, or on your profile page.
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    Time Travel Explained

    "But who's to say I can't change it? And maybe light will prevail. There's more to light that meets the eye. You might be surprised." I'm guessing we'll have to wait for KH3 to know the answer to these things. In KH3, we have to stop Master Xehanort and the other Seekers of Darkness, so hopefully, his plan does not succeed. Hopefully not a single Seeker of Darkness will be left when everything is done. Hopefully we defeat them all.
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    I'll definitely be drawing something at some point.
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    Hyperion is also a name of a Yu-Gi-Oh card
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    Post a picture of yourself!

    I cant see it D; your profiles private and I can't be bothered logging in and adding you
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    Post a picture of yourself!

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    Time Travel Explained

    All of it makes sense. Still a little twisted but it makes sense. It still makes me wonder of the 13th new member, let alone the other 6 new members we don't know of. There are a lot of things I wonder about right now.