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    Wasn't sure if I had posted this here or not, but I don't believe I have. So here a piece I did of the Destiny Island trio!
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    Ewan Callister

    KH3 Re:Write

    Keyblade Graveyard Fight: Aqua, Ventus & Mickey’s are retreating to the Gumiship 2, Mickey looks over to the left. Mickey: “Here He Comes!” Terranort charges in shooting a dark fire ball disorientating them, he tackles Aqua, Mickey goes flying into debris, Ven rushes over & helps him up. Aqua: “Mickey Hide Ven!” Aqua pulls Terranort up by the hair & punches him. Terranort: “OOF!” She then attempts to drop kick him but Terranort quickly recovers & tackles her again. Ven rushes over to a boulder carrying Mickey, hiding, Aqua & Terranort continue fighting. Terranort: “I Will Kill You!” Aqua: “Aghh” The two summon their respective Keyblades & deliver blows to each other, Aqua slams a large weapon on Terranort but he counters breaking it in half, the blade half impales itself into the boulder next to Ven. Aqua: “Get Out of Terra’s Body!” The enraged Aqua lays the smack down on Terranort, she disarms him & upward elbow strikes him in the face, hurls him into debris & then somersaults around him (ala Black Widow) tossing him into a pile of Keyblades. Terranort: “Ansem! Xemnas!” (Que: Dismiss) Ansem teleports in summoning the Guardian & forming dark balls in his palms, Xemnas follows suit igniting his lightsabers. Xemnas: “Come here Ventus!” Mickey: “Ven! Run!” Ventus runs while Mickey holds back Xemnas but he’s quickly tossed aside, Terranort notices Ven, he headbutts Aqua & chases after Ven. Terranort: “Come here you..” Aqua closelines Terranort, tackling him. Aqua: “NO!” He recovers & attempts to hook kick her but Aqua catches his leg & bashes his knee with her elbow dislocating it, she then knee strikes him, Ansem sores in, Aqua counters by catching him then elbowing him in the face & gets him in a headlock, Xemnas comes in to aid but she sidekicks him, keeping him at bay, Ansem attempts to break free of her hold. Ansem: “Get!... Off.. Me!” She lifts him up & push kicks him through piles of Keyblades. Ven hides as the fight continues. Terranort: “Once we’re through with you we will unite Ventus with Vanitas & your friends will belong to darkness forever” Aqua: “NOOOO!” She uppercuts Terranort with her Keyblade sending him back dazed, Xemnas rushes in tornado kicking her allowing the Guardian to grab her around the head, Aqua elbows Ansem in the face & the Guardian responds by punching her in the gut, Xemnas slashes the dazed Aqua with his lightsaber, the Guardian passes her to him, he grabs her by the arm & slashes her once more but she stops an oncoming third with her weapon & knees Xemnas pushing him off, Ansem fires a shadow ball which stuns her, just as she can retaliate Terranort comes in behind elbowing & then proceeding to suplex Aqua laughing maniacally, he quickly gets up & boots her across the dirt, she stands but Terranort then knees her in the face (slow mo shot of Aqua falling back after being kneed) Ventus: “AQUAA!” The battered Aqua gets back on her feet but is immediately hit by a dark ball from Ansem, Xemnas follows up with a barrage of laser bolts, Terranort back hands her & then summons the No Name to blast Aqua with a dark pulse sending her flying through the air crashing near Ventus, she lies on the ground motionless. Ven rushes over lifting her up, Aqua regains enough strength to lift herself up, she looks completely beaten, cloths torn up, armour pieces shattered, she spits out some blood, her face close up to the camera, bruises & a bloodshot eye, bloodied nose & cuts. Xemnas: “Such resilience” Ansem: “How futile” Ven: “Aqua come on, Get Up! we have to get out of here” Aqua: “(faintly) run..” Ven: “What?” Aqua: “Run... Ven.. Just Run!” Ven: “No no, I’m not leaving you” Aqua: “Just go, you & Mickey get to the ship... Aghh... get back to the others plz” Ven begins to tear up, he looks over & sees the three villains slowly approaching. He embraces Aqua, tears rolling down his face, Aqua embraces him back then kisses him on the forehead. Aqua: “Now Go!” Ven retreats, he picks Mickey up & carries him on his back rushing off into the dust cloud. Aqua holds back tears, she then pushes herself up onto one knee. Terranort: “Ventus is wise Aqua, he knows when to retreat, but he won’t get far once we’ve killed you” Aqua grits her teeth, a look pure anger & hate covers her face. Aqua: “You’ll never stop at One!” She stands back up & summons the Master Defender taking a fighting stance. Aqua: “I’ll Take YOU ALL ON! (Music Intensifies, Que Aqua’s theme) The enraged Aqua charges back in, Ven takes cover with an unconscious Mickey, Aqua locks Xemnas in choke hold with her Keyblade, she swings around hurling him into Terranort & slashing Ansem, she damages the Guardian then uppercuts Ansem with a fireball then hurling said fireball at Terranort who just threw Xemnas off of him, the blast knocks him down, Xemnas charges back in. Ventus stays in cover as crossfire nearly hits him, Aqua hacks at Ansem then Xemnas, the latter prepares to fire laser bolts but Aqua uses the former as a shield, swinging around him, then shooting an Ice ball at Xemnas, Terranort charges in, Mickey wakes up. Ventus: “Mickey! Come on we need to go” Mickey: “What?.... Ven what’s?” Ventus: “No Time! Run to Gumiship, let’s move” The two retreat back to the ship, meanwhile Aqua continues her fight, she blocks Xemnas’ attack then headbutts him, Terranort comes in but she ducks & hooks his Keyblade then disarms him & consequently herself but she grabs his arm. Aqua: “I Hate You Xehanort!!!” She punches him in the ribs forcing him to his knees, she then hammer arms his shoulder forcing him down more, he looks up at her with an infuriated look, she right hooks him. Terranort: “OOF!” Aqua follows up with an uppercut, Terranort is out of commission, Xemnas goes to strike but Aqua blocks his saber, she then grabs a rusted Keyblade, bashing him with it, then hitting two more times with both & finally striking with a firaga bomb, Xemnas is sent flying, Ansem & the Guardian come in, Aqua manages to avoid their attack & leaps onto the Guardian. Aqua: “Aghhhhh!” She stabs it & proceeds to slice it in half seemingly destroying the creature, in the chaos she catches Ansem off guard & drop kicks him into a rock knocking him out, all three villains are finally down for the count.
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    Kingdom Hearts ReWind 2020

    I'm so far behind on KHUX/Dark Road! Sad considering my profile picture is my pet Kingdom Hearts was our guiding key through 2020! I feel like most of my time with ReMind was spent dying! I'm glad you got what I was going for with the Meow Wow! XD
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    Which character(s) are you most excited for their future roles? Here are some characters who do/might have roles: Isa, Lea, Roxas, Xion, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Yozora, Luxord, Demyx, Lauriam, Elrena, Mickey, Ventus, Terra, Aqua, Naminé, the MoM, Luxu, Foretellers, etc. There are a lot of people so I probably missed some. Anyway, here are the characters I'm most excited for(in no particular order): 1). Isa I'm mostly excited for his involvement with Subject X. And also, this guy needs a Keyblade! 2). Lauriam I can't wait for the Guardians of Light's reaction to him being a Keyblade wielder! I wonder what he's been doing during the one-year-gap in Re:Mind. 3). Mickey I wonder what he's going to find at Scala. A mystery of course... 4). Demyx I'm excited for his identity reveal. Who is he???
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    🤣 Yes, I know that Chaos. But I only played one old Sonic game so I don't know a whole lot about the Sonic universe. My video game world is actually really small, pretty much just Zelda and Kingdom Hearts lol. I should play Final Fantasy someday. That would make sense actually. Water clones...that reminds me of Demyx. Hearts are from darkness? In KH1, Ansem SOD declared that hearts are born from darkness but Sora insisted that was wrong. What if he was actually right...But then of course it could be different in both universes. When the chaos sweeps Lightning away, a bell starts ringing. That reminded me of the bell ringing at the start of the second Keyblade War. Lightning says the chaos do not belong to the world...reminds me how Darkness don't belong in the Realm of Light. Noel and Serah leave in a beam of light that shoots into the sky, which reminded me of Riku going to Quadratum. A world without life, death, or time...wouldn't that be a world of emptiness?
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    Hm... You make an interesting point. They could've been talking about different things. Emptiness and fiction (such as the fictional world of Quadratum) could be two separate things that could both be qualified as neither darkness nor light. But maybe they are the same... Maybe the void/abyss has something in common with the fictional world... You know of Chaos from Sonic Adventure, right? He's made of water and can transform into all kinds of different forms. His name and abilities come from the same idea. lol I'm thinking about that one Darkside again... Maybe the prologue was supposed to be a somewhat abstract representation of what was going to happen to Sora after YMX gave him that warning, seeing as how it's similar to the events that occurred then. The Darkside seems like it could be a creature of emptiness, right? It could be made of darkness and light or neither. I was assuming that the Darkside belonged to someone, but maybe it was just being used as an example there to make you think about what it was made out of. Hm. Maybe emptiness is the energy of the fictional world? I feel like that makes sense, especially if it's supposed to be like chaos, since chaos is the fuel of creation. Not to mention, chaos is also a big deal in FFXIII. It's like their version of the darkness except more extreme. It's what things are made of and it has the power to mess with time and stuff... Wait... "The power to remember in your dreams"...? WAIT, HOLD ON, WAIT LOL ok, I already copied like half the wiki page for it, but it's all interesting, so here you go. But yeah, that Darkside... That can't be the only one we'll see. Jiminy's journal does refer to it as a Heartless, but that doesn't automatically mean that it's made of darkness. What if all the Heartless in the fictional world look like that? lol ALL WATER CLONES, ALL THE TIME. If you want to see more about XIII's chaos in context, this was a really good scene. XIII-2 was really good... idk idk. I feel like we've got... something here.
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    For the moment I'm most anxious for Luxord, the Foretellers, Master of Masters, and Yozora. If Luxord is the driver in Yozora's world I wanna learn more about it and what exactly is his story. What is this world of unreality setting up? What are the Foretellers going to do? Stuff like that.
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    Ah I see. Yeah, those waters that Aqua fell into is the abyss. But that line that Vanitas says. "What is emptiness? It's neither darkness nor light." In KHMoM, Apprentice Xehanort says, "However, if you arrive in a world that's neither of light nor darkness..." And in Dark Road, Xehanort talks about emptiness...this puzzles me. I always knew chaos as a state of extreme confusion and disorder, which is one of its definitions, but I had no idea about this stuff! Imagine if Demyx actually has OP powers lol. He said he can be extremely imposing and I bet he was speaking the truth.
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    I think I'm most excited to see what Lauriam and Elrena are up to. They (or at least their Nobodies) are great!
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    I forget if I mentioned this, but the place YMX mentioned in that scene has a name in Japanese, "yami no shin'en", "the abyss of the darkness." Mickey mentions the same place in one of the conversations in Yen Sid's tower. I'm not sure if this is accurate, but I thiiink it's the name of the shore in the realm of darkness, the place where Aqua got thrown into the water and turned into Dark Aqua. I know it's not the name of the realm of darkness itself. That's literally "the world of darkness." I have no idea if this is right, but Darkness and the MoM give me big "abyss and chaos" symbolism vibes. I mean, we know that Vanitas is associated with the abyss, aka "void." The two things are connected. I gotta sleep, so I'm gonna hand you the whole Wikipedia article about it. Fascinating stuff. It would be pretty sick if Demyx's water power is actually CHAOS.
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    I get the impression that Darkness calls themselves "we" because they're an embodiment of ALL the Darkness. So it's possible for Vanitas to just be a part of it. I think he wants to join together with Ventus because it seems like all of the darkness (including the Darklings) have a desire for light. ...But also, I'm not sure if we're supposed to take the novels as canon, either. So I can't tell how much of that is word from Nomura and how much is artistic license. This one part makes me the most curious: "Who did that memory belong to? Me? Ventus? Or someone else?" The inclusion of "someone else" makes me wonder if he did originally come from someone else. Ya can't just SAY things like that for no reason. Assuming that the MoM is as much like Jack as he seems, the thought had crossed my mind at one point that Darkness could've been the manifestation of the negative emotions the MoM abandoned like Jack. In Dark Road, Xehanort mentions how "emptiness" is even more terrifying than darkness. That's a lil sus. But on the other hand, maybe I should stop assuming that everything is related to the MoM. LOL I feel like that's everyone's gut reaction to every single unexplained detail and I am also guilty of it. Hopefully we'll receive some clarification on Darkness's origins and his history with the MoM sssssssoon... (That's wishful thinking, huh...) Hm... You're right - I can't imagine her finding it and then not immediately trying to open it. lol But I still think that whoever told her about it was just using her to find it and then they'd probably take it from her. ...But with that in mind, it wouldn't be the MoM, huh? I feel like he would've known where to find his own box - unless it was like you were guessing and he (or whoever) was hoping to lure her into a trap. O-or maybe it was actually just Xigbar and the scene was unnecessarily unclear. That's a much simpler explanation than whatever I was imagining. That's good. Let's go with that for now. Time for another round of "That line doesn't sound the same in Japanese." The English version almost makes it sound like the others wielders from his past didn't even COUNT as keyblade wielders... I think that was just some confusing wording, though. ん〜、いったちゃいたけど、俺以外は論外だね "Nn~ There were others, but everyone besides me is irrelevant." I'm curious if he meant "irrelevant to the story at hand" or if he really meant that nobody else was important so we'll never know about anyone from his past. lol I'm hoping that it makes its way into the English version... But I don't think the localizers are given any special hints about the story, so even if they notice it, they probably won't know for sure if it's a real reference or not... Anyhow, since we're talking about Demyx... I watched some of Days in Japanese and retranslated some scenes. The localization of Days is AMAZING because it adds so much flavor, but... I just enjoy seeing the original so I can tell what's different. This is from Day 224 (or thereabouts), after Roxas unexpectedly had to fight Xigbar in the Coliseum. Once Xigbar leaves, Demyx finally shows back up. When he says "I never know what he's thinking", he actually trails off without finishing the whole sentence as if he's thinking out loud. idk, I don't think I'm even especially reading into this one. It just sounds like Demyx was personally suspicious of Xigbar, but he was keeping his thoughts to himself. Immediately after that, though, he discourages Roxas from thinking about it, like he was trying to defend Xigbar from anyone else's suspicion. He's quite over-the-top about it, too, trying to make Roxas drop it and move along as quickly as possible. If this part doesn't end up getting forgotten, it paints an intriguing picture. I don't even have anything to add. This one just always gets me. Suspicious.
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    Elrena - First reason is because Larxene/Elrena is my favourite character and I want her to get more backstory and screen time and I want to see how different her nobody is from her original self as we have seen her before Elrena became Larxene but now that she has been recompleted I don’t think she is going to have the same personality as she had in Union X. My other reason is although she didn’t remember she was a Keyblade Wielder, I still think she remembers more than she lets on, as I think that although she doesn’t remember how she met Lauriam I believe she might remember that she knew Marluxia before the Organization or that he felt familiar somehow but just can’t remember how or where she met him. Also I’m curious about one or two things from her character file. The only thing I think that will definitely happen is that wherever Lauriam is Elrena going to be there too. Strelitzia - Although we know she died and that she is probably going to play a big part in Lauriam character development somehow and possibly Elrena too. I believe she is going to be reunited with Lauriam and Elrena but what I’m interested in is how. I think it would either be that she is a star we haven’t met in the Final World who will help the heroes and they will somehow save her and end up getting her a replica body or that she is going to be revived by the Master of Masters somehow and will be possessed or something like that and used against the heroes and could be possibly forced to fight Lauriam and he would have to fight her to in order to free Strelitzia from the MoM control. Probably won’t end up being either of these situations but i still believe she will be brought back somehow. Demyx - I just want to know who he is and what exactly is his future role and is he going to be a enemy or will he help us?
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    From the KHIII novels, Vanitas says this: (These are parts of Vanitas's dialogue in Monstropolis) So, we still don't really know what or who Vanitas is. Here, Vanitas says part of him sleeps in Ven(what's that supposed to mean?). If he really was one of the beings of darkness, he wouldn't be saying, "What kind of person will I even be?" Darkness knows very well that they aren't people. Also, Vanitas has a memory from the distant past...but just one. From this, I get the impression that Vanitas is part Darkness and part Ventus(how that's supposed to work I have no idea). Vanitas clearly has some connection to Darkness. But in this dialogue, Vanitas doesn't seem to know who he really is and doesn't have memories of the ancient past except that one memory he mentions above. So I find it highly unlikely that he knows anything about the Book of Prophecies and the black box. There's this strange thing about the Unversed emblem. It's on the zipper of the black coats, and the main purpose of the coats are to ward off darkness...I also heard that the Unversed emblem is in the Scala alphabet. And on the Gigas mechs, the cover of the cockpit, is a symbol very similar to the Unversed emblem...This can't be a coincidence. I'm so confused. The one who told Maleficent that a Book is in the box is clearly using her for his own purposes. He is deceiving her into finding it, opening it, and then something bad is going to happen. It couldn't have been Xigbar/Luxu, because he was strictly ordered to never ever open it, it doesn't seem to be Vanitas...is it the MoM? But he was the one who ordered Luxu to never open it. Whaatttt...*exploding brain* Oh I see. ...I never even thought about that. Well, after the second Keyblade War, the χ-blade scattered into 20 pieces. It broke. And following that War, it could only appear when someone 'recreated' it by having light and darkness clash. But before the second Keyblade War, it was complete so it would be somwhere and the people at the time would be able to see it. There's the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness, right? In the RoD, light can be found nowhere. But in the RoL, every person can have darkness. If there's darkness in the RoL, how come there's no light in the RoD? It seems like at one point in time, long before the second Keyblade War, maybe right before the first Keyblade War, all forms of light resided in the RoL and all forms of darkness resided in the RoD. People were of the RoL because like Xehanort said: "From the light came the people, and the people had hearts." Back then everyone had pure hearts void of darkness. The Realms seem to have this rule: meddling is strictly forbidden. Then, at some point in time, the darkness meddled and infiltrated the RoL, which is when the first Keyblade War would have occurred. The MoM and his allies were probably the Guardians of the Realm of Light at that time, so the MoM probably forged the Keyblades then to fight against darkness. Though I still wonder why he said that the wielders with him 'didn't really count'... I don't know, I might be wrong with this but that's just how it seems. Well, the χ-blade isn't something to be dealed with recklessly. Sora would know to only use it if really necessary, in my opinion. Whoa, I never noticed that! The MoM and Demyx have so many similarities. It's hard to imagine this is all coincidental.
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    Double OKP

    General Chat

    Ah okay. Yeah, I've noticed that the chat threads are mostly discord posters Thank you!
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    i was once made a thread on that subject atm im most curious to see who yozora really as. recently i came up with a super dubious theory based on the name of his battle music
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    I'm super excited to see what happens with my man Lea, and also Isa. Now that Isa is whole again, I've been wondering if he will also end up being worthy of a keyblade.
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    Same here 🙂. There's many interesting characters and it could be too much text if I put all of them. Yeah, probably. But Terra, Aqua and Ventus himself don't know about it yet
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    i think the idea is that side to him became vanitus
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    Luxord is actually the MOST mysterious character to me. Like, why was he the one who was the most suspicious of Xigbar? Even Xigbar was like "Who tf is this guy???" I'm not sure if Luxord was especially loyal to Xehanort or if he just really wanted to know about the box for himself. He seemed more interested in it than anyone. His character file gave me an amusing impression, though. It didn't say much, but it made it seem like he realized that Xigbar was somebody he didn't wanna eff around with. But yeah. I think you must be right about Xehanort not knowing. Even though he was also following the MoM's orders, it was only to a degree. It seems like the box was probably something he wasn't allowed to know about. Darkness refers to himself (themselves?) as "we." I don't think I've seen any of the other characters use a pronoun for him yet... I think they've just been calling him "the darkness", so "it" would be appropriate there, but I think that Maleficent would think of him as a "he." Still, Pete said "the guy in the black coat" (I was close before. lol It was even more specific than I remembered.) so that means that it was someone wearing one of the coats. I guess it could've been Vanitas, but that feels strange... I didn't get the impression that Vanitas had memories of the past until later. It's not like that totally rules him out, though. I think that whoever told her about it was probably lying about what was inside. (Well, we basically KNOW that they were lying, seeing as how the contents of the box are supposed to be a secret.) Somebody could've told her that it contained the book to make her more eager to find it. Xigbar told Luxord that it contained "ancient secrets" or whatever, so he isn't above lying about it to generate interest. ...But who would've known that she was interested in the book specifically? I feel like Xigbar wouldn't have wanted to even mention the book to anyone because knowing about something like that would've make him look suspicious. I guess that if Xehanort never found out about him telling Maleficent about it, it wouldn't have been a problem, but would he have taken that risk...? Well... The scene with him and Luxord did make Xigbar look a little clumsy, so MAYBE. Coulda been the MoM. Coulda been Demyx in a dissociative MoM state. LOL ok, I found it. It was from the wiki. Regarding his ability to forge keyblades, they cited an interview with Nomura: Tetsuya Nomura: "The Master knows about its existence. Using the χ-blade as a model, he creates his own Keyblades. Well, by create I don't mean that in the physical sense, such as forging and tempering them, I mean more along the lines of pulling one out from the depths of a heart." I just wrote a lot, but I deleted it because it was a whole lot of confusion. This is a confusing detail. Very "chicken or the egg." Basically, I don't understand how the first keyblade war could've been fought with keyblades at all. Technically, all keyblades were based on the appearance of the X-blade because it was the most ancient keyblade, but doesn't it only appear when there's a keyblade war? So...???? Maybe I'm just not supposed to think about it... That's a good question. It's still in one piece, that's for certain. I lean toward thinking that it went back to where it came from after Sora used it. It exists in tandem with Kingdom Hearts or whatever, so it doesn't seem like something a person could or should just run off with. But idk, I could be wrong. It's not like we saw it disappear, right? If he still has it, why didn't he use it against Yozora? That's what I wanna know. lol It sure would be something if he happens to be good at fighting but never wanted to fight and just got forced into endlessly fighting Darkness until their "truce"... It's really easy to see it that way... I think about this part all the time and I wonder how this didn't register as extreme Demyx energy to everyone, especially with Luxu over there facepalming. Wait, haven't I heard that exact-- Maybe whoever did the localizing for Days was REALLY into that phrase. lol I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but this just reminded me. That? 👆 Probably just coincidental wording in English. But there is a line that sounds exactly like Demyx. Demyx: 人聞きの悪いこと言うなよ。 ("Now that's just plain rude." Literally, "Don't say rude things about me.") MoM: 逃げるって人聞き悪いなぁ。 ("It's just plain rude to call it 'running away'.") "Hitogiki no warui" just isn't a phrase I hear every day. My brain registers it as a Demyx line. Especially since the MoM was talking about running away... I'm just like......... Are they baiting me?? Are things allowed to be this obvious?? Hmm??? lol
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    The moment when Aqua and Terra find out about Ven...that's going to be so painful. I can't wait for the UX character reveals. They are going to be epic. I just put four, but if I put all the characters I'm excited for, that would be super long!😄
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    That's a good question. Let's see... 1. Yozora. He appeared only in one cutscene, but left so many questions so I really want to learn more about him. 2. Ventus. With recent updates of UX this character was shown in a different way than in previous games and I can't wait for the moment when his past will be revealed in the main story. 3. Master of masters. There was time when I was waiting for him to appear in KH3. Since he didn't, all I can do is wait for next games. He's an interesting character and I wonder what he try to achieve.
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    Kingdom Hearts ReWind 2020

    This is a recap of everything Kingdom Hearts fans went through in 2020.
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    Hm... Now that you mention it, I'm not sure. Larxene was talking about the box in front of everyone, but that was a few seconds before Xemnas showed up. Still, I feel like he would've known...? But maybe he didn't. It's just kinda weird if the whole Organization was hunting for the box and none of the Xehanorts knew about that. Either way, at this point I'm not sure it makes a difference whether he knew or not. lol This reminds me of something. It's safe to assume that Xigbar didn't want Pete and Maleficent to be the ones who found the box, right? I mean, Xigbar was watching them from a distance and he muttered "May your heart be your guiding key" almost ironically. I dunno. That's the impression I got. In any case, Pete mentioned a "dingbat in black" (simply "the guy in black" in Japanese) who told them about the box. .......Am I just needlessly confused? Did I get the wrong impression? Was Pete talking about Xigbar or was there someone else who told them about the box? Maybe this is like how people had a hard time figuring out that Vexen was talking about Saix when he was talking about who came up with the plan to betray the Organization... I understood, but there are definitely some things that they could've clarified better. Wait, there's actually ANOTHER line that confuses me in the same sort of way. When Vexen is talking to Demyx and he says "Men like us", is he referring to himself and Demyx or himself and... idk, Ansem the Wise?? Demyx responds to him as if he thought Vexen was including him with that statement ("I'm not a scientist.") so I've always been confused. Like, it even made me wonder if Vexen knew something about Demyx that nobody else knew. Like, why would he consider DEMYX a fellow scientist...? I'm definitely not the only person who interpreted it that way, but I also feel like that's not correct?? It's the exact same in Japanese, so that doesn't even help. lol It's probably more likely that Vexen was trying to convince Demyx to help them, but he tried to convince him with a reason that was very personal for him but totally irrelevant to Demyx. I just can't believe that he thought that would work... idk, the more I think about it, though, the stranger that particular conversation becomes. There's this part... Demyx: I mean, what's in it for me? Vexen: Forgiveness. Demyx: Huh? For what? Why is half the conversation spend on that topic? Is it really only relevant to Vexen? If so, why is Demyx involved? Why does Demyx shut up and take him so seriously and then immediately try to leave? W-why does he think he has nothing to atone for? I know Demyx didn't do much, but he was still part of Xehanort's black coat cult. ...And how the heck did he get "sweet-talked" into rejoining the Organization????? Being benched (ie, having an easy job) apparently wouldn't have even been a selling factor for him because he didn't even like being benched - that's why he chooses to help Vexen instead. Man, I have a lot of questions. That's definitely the scene I've read into the most. At this point, I'd be happy to ignore it because I have no idea if I'm reading into it too hard. All I know is that it feels weird, like it's trying to say something without outright saying it. It feels like the kind of scene that's going to have a new meaning after we learn more. There are a lot of scenes that sound different in hindsight but probably weren't done intentionally (like a lot of Xigbar's earlier scenes), but this seems like an intentional attempt at that sort of thing to me. No, old man. Your time is over!! Go back to Heaven with Eraqus!! I'm curious what greater purpose the X-blade is meant to serve. I've thought about it a lot and I don't think I ever felt like I figured out anything new about it. lol All I know is that the MoM was also apparently studying it. On that note... There's this one part from the Days manga where Demyx asked to see Roxas and Xion's keyblades. Xion couldn't use hers at the time, so Roxas whipped his out instead. Just look at the PURE DELIGHT on Demyx's face. Xion was so excited to show it to him when she was able to use it again... But Demyx was Not Impressed. (Hello, Xigbar.) It's too bad the manga isn't canon. (At least, I don't think we're supposed to consider it canon... There are a lot of differences...) I just love this one little piece of characterization so much. I hope it stays in. I think it would be kinda charming if the MoM is just a really big keyblade enthusiast who would rather fawningly study a keyblade than use one. Jack's only interests seemed to include music, napping, collecting naughty books, and studying the blade, so it seems fitting to me.
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    Oh, I didn't know there was an actual interview. lol I'm pretty sure the statements I was thinking of came from something that was posted on the official Dark Road twitter account right before the game went live. This is interesting. Really reinforces the idea that this story wasn't intended to have an impact on future games. I think he's leaving every possibility open. Even if it's unlikely, when you've got a story as flexible as this one, you never know if you might need a certain character again later... Actually, tbh, even though I was kind of getting tired of Xehanort, I do feel like the story wasn't done with him and the other versions of him. I know I'm not the only person who feels like Xemnas got shafted. He ended up being treated no differently than if he were Xehanort himself, but Xemnas felt like a totally separate person to me. He finally figured out where he went wrong and then he just... died. Not to mention, there was that whole subplot in KH3 where Ansem SoD and Xemnas were looking for Subject X. I can't imagine them showing up again now. They're gone. But it feels WEIRD for that subplot to get resolved without the two who started it. (What WERE they going to do if they found her?? What else was Xehanort planning???) There's also Xehanort's interest in the box. Him gathering Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene. When I was playing KH3 for the first time, I thought that all of these things were somehow related to what he was planning to do with the war, but it seems like it was a totally separate endeavor. He is connected to all of these things (especially if he's Player), but now he's dead, so it's like............... Okay. I guess we can speculate, but now we may never know. I really don't expect him to show up again in a big way. It's just... weird writing. Weird choices were made. Haha it's almost like Xehanort wasn't originally meant to be connected to all this stuff about the past but now he is so Nomura tried to tie it all together at the end and it got really cramped and awkward. Right. Yeah, I think that's actually the thing someone else mentioned to me when I suggested that once. That is a good point. That's would be so funny. gjhfgjhk If it's a disguise, it has to be to hide the fact that he's someone we would recognize. I'm kinda starting to believe that he's just some new old man. lol By the way, have you seen this video? I just saw this and it reminded me of some of the things we were talking about before. Apparently while Noctis was inside the Crystal, he was dreaming of other possible realities. I don't think that this novel is something that was taken into consideration for KH, but this idea certainly makes me think. The Yozora fight has two endings, so maybe the other ending is something Sora saw in a dream while he was crystalized...? Well, maybe not exactly like that, but something like that...
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    The Fox and the Hound would be good as characters who don't have their own full Disney world but just so happen to live on one of the other worlds, like the dalmatians or Merlin. "Ven's Castle of Dreams, but hardcore and scary" is something I never thought I would see written out XD
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    Interesting...Imagine if the NA update it says 'we'. Then we'll be like 🤨 lol Yeah, I think so too. Speaking of that interview: I just find that strange. He says 'I don't think'... no Nomura, don't do it! I do not want to see old man Xehanort in present KH era EVER again! Same lol. A lot of KH Youtubers were saying "Demyx and Luxord might be one of the upper classmen!"...is that supposed to make sense?! Dark Road is just Xehanort's backstory, I don't think it would involve any characters known in the modern KH era. In the KHII Secret Reports, Luxu says he watched the No Name/Gazing Eye from afar...being Odin could contradict that. Yes, definitely. What if at one point he reveals that beard is fake...aahh I shouldn't have thought of that.
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    well we got hunchback thats way darker than black cauldron
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    I think what he means is that as enjoyable as the disney worlds are, we need more mature stuff as well. I agree with that. We should have some sort of balance.
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    you need the series to be more grown up to still enjoy it?
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    black cauldron because I wish series would take off its gloves more and rcognize that the fanbase is grown up now
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    Thaaaank you for finding that for me. As expected, there's no "we." You can read it as an order he's giving to Luxu. I feel you. I'm not caught up in the JP version, so I just wait for Cherrim to livetweet it when it comes out. I'm always sitting on the edge of my seat. (She's @petalscythe if you're ever interested in joining the update night anxiety party. lol) At least ever since I got into Type-0 I feel like I've more or less had a sense of what to expect, so I'm usually not too thrown off guard. Important within the context of Dark Road, at least. I question whether it's even possible for him to be someone from the broader story. Originally, Nomura had this idea for Xehanort's backstory, but he wasn't going to do anything with it. The reason Dark Road was made was because of the insistence of the people who were working on khux who wanted to see it. I can't help but interpret this to mean that Dark Road is a thing that didn't NEED to exist. It's like bonus content to me? The part about Xehanort being Player (or whatever's going on there) seems like something that might also be explained in more depth with the ending of khux when we'll probably find out what happened to Ephemer at the same time, so I don't think Dark Road was even essential for that revelation. That's why, when people were like "Maybe Baldr is DEMYX!" I was just sitting there like....... He's not. Luxord's not going to be in this game, either. I think the history of those two were decided before Dark Road happened. Demyx's character file implied that he has some connection to the MoM, and Luxord appears to be out there in Verum Rex Land being Yozora's uber driver. Something tells me they aren't going to show up in a game about Xehanort's past. The way that they're making Odin sound EXTRA suspicious is what throws me off and makes me wonder. I went back and rewatched the scenes with him and I simply cannot tell. He just seems like a nice old man to me so far. lol Even when Eraqus and Baldr get suspicious about the dangerous Mark of Mastery exam he sent the upperclassmen on, I'm like... Is it REALLY that suspicious?? I can think of some reasons for why he did that. The thing about him that I actually find suspicious is the way he talks about the past. It's not a devious kind of suspicious, though. His expression looked really sad/somber as he was talking about the darkness of the past. It sounded personal for him. If Brain was actually Eraqus's grandpa, then that makes the Age of Fairytales seem a lot more recent than I would've expected. Re:Mind said that the scene where the MoM met YMX took place something like ~70 years ago from present time. If you add another 70~100 years to account for Odin's age, that's still not what I'd call the ancient past. Regardless, if Brain IS Eraqus's grandpa, then I guess it's possible that Odin could've been another Dandelion. It's probably not safe to assume that he isn't Ephemer, but it seems unlikely to me. .......Could he be another one of Luxu's bodies? I can't remember if there was anything that made me rule out that idea. I doubt he's the MoM, seeing as how YMX actually meets the MoM later and it just feels like the MoM would be effing with him to an entirely unnecessary degree if he was ALSO his teacher. tbh, tho? Odin's appearance? It does kinda have "this is a disguise" vibes. I'm not convinced that that's a real old man. lol
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    My vote goes to the Great Mouse Detective. It's a KH world I've wanted for years. I would love it's inclusion. I haven't seen Black Cauldron, I've only seen parts of the Fox and the Hound and I saw Oliver and Company only once when I was little and don't remember much about it. So I cannot comment on the others.
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    So several months ago I started Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. And I noticed in the opening that Sora and the others pop out of books. When I first watched this several years ago(on Youtube lol), I thought the appearance of these books seemed out of place. But now it reminds me of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]. The medals in Union χ[Cross] are physical manifestations of power from the future created by Moogles through the Book of Prophecies. And if you've ever played Union χ[Cross] and purchased(with jewels not real money) a medal banner in the shop, a little cutscene of a Moogle appears with the Book of Prophecies. The pages of the Book fly out and one of them transforms into a medal, similar to how Sora and the others pop out of books(Sora pops out of a picture of himself which was on a page). So anyway I went to rewatch the opening of DDD and paused the video to observe the pages and there was a picture of Ven, Terra, and Aqua at the Keyblade Graveyard from BBS on one side of the page and world story descriptions of Enchanted Dominion, Neverland, and something else, which was cut off from the screen, on the other side, but these describe the story of these worlds during BBS. This is the Neverland one: I saw other world descriptions on the other papers but most were too small to read. The scattered pages assemble and return to a book. IT IS A BOOK OF PROPHECIES!!! The pages describe the story of the characters' journeys!!! In Union χ[Cross], Ephemer describes the Book of Prophecies as a sort of pop-up book and guess what? The book in the DDD opening opens as a pop-up of Destiny Islands!!! Also, it makes complete sense that there are pictures; from the glimpses seen of the Book in Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, there are pictures of a Darkside, the Emblem Heartless symbol, the Kingdom Key, a Shadow, and more which are all from the future! I thought this was a cool discovery and just wanted to share it!
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    I think this makes perfect sense. In truth, what are all the Disney worlds our beloved characters romp through but actual children's storybooks come to life? They can be read over and over, with the same fundamental structures of plot in place but with variations based on who "opens" the book (or, in KH lore, who travels to that "world"), which could be understood as a metaphor for the imagination and the imaginative process. It's no coincidence that many of the same Disney worlds keep appearing time and again, with the same essential stories playing out as though on loop (e.g., Wonderland, Agrabah, Neverland, Enchanted Dominion, Dwarf Woodlands, Castle of Dreams). This idea is beginning to be addressed/confirmed in Dark Road with all the talk of how different worlds have their own temporality and rules/laws. I've always thought that the Book of Prophecies was a variation on that same theme, only at a higher meta/narrative level: treating the story of Kingdom Hearts *itself* as an in-world storybook (hence: Unreality, World of Fiction, blah blah blah). Re:Coded also plays on the same theme with Jiminy's Journal and I think this was clearly meant to be a subtle nod/foreshadowing of the future of the series. Maleficent even directly realizes and makes note of this connection between Jiminy's Journal and the Book of Prophecies. Union Cross makes this all the more explicit by literally imbuing the Book of Prophecies with the power to project these storyworlds (as projection in χ and as data in Union Cross - which Maleficent confirms, saying it's said the Book has the power to "conjure." It's the power of the imagination/fiction, folks!). So yeah, good catch. I think the opening of DDD is 100% a play on this very same idea. It's also no coincidence that in the same game, we have that scene between Young Xehanort and Sora in which YX points out how Sora has relived his visit to Traverse Town time and time again, in many different ways. The fundamental/archetypal "storybook" of Kingdom Hearts itself is opened and closed then reopened over and over - in memory, in data, in dreams, etc etc.
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    Kingdom Hearts ReWind 2020

    Very nicely made video! For everything 2020 was, it was still a treat in the ways of getting our fix of new Kingdom Hearts content, which is nice considering I expected it to be much more quiet in that regard. I still keep forgetting that the ReMind DLC released last year to start us off haha.
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    Definitely The Great Mouse Detective. It would be nice to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy involve a little mystery adventure to solve a case. The Black Cauldron is also a great movie to become a world too.
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    I would love for any of them to get representation in KH. I think the Fox and the Hound could have a neat world to explore with the forest and the countryside setting, but I don't think it would be very engaging otherwise. I'm totally up for it getting a cameo or nod somewhere, like Lady and the Tramp with the fountain in Traverse Town, etc. They could make a neat summon, like Todd and Copper rolling around and giving you a stat boost or something. Or if they're too wholesome for a summon sequence, maybe they could fit in Slade firing at your enemies. Without pushing the E10+ rating. XD I think Oliver & Company could also have a neat world with the busy streets of New York. Especially with a ground-level dog's-eye view (if it's a transformation world). The Black Cauldron would definitely be neat and original. I think its aesthetic would be very unique, although the Kingdom Shader would probably (appropriately) make it very dreary and grungy-looking (think the spot outside the Forbidden Mountain in the 0.2). I think the architecture and model textures would look great, though, and more medieval settings are always cool. If they stayed close to the movie, then a good portion of the maps would probably be inside the castle which would be very unique and cool for a numbered KH game. And they could get very creative (and creepy) with the Heartless designs if they wanted. lol But I voted for the Great Mouse Detective. XD I think the nighttime London aesthetic would be beautiful, and the scale would be amazing, since you'd have to be small. It'd be like Ven's Castle of Dreams, but hardcore and scary. XD It could also include a fight with a cat. And the clock tower fight would be amazing. The golden lights, and all the gears moving, plus the boss fight itself could be terrifying. XD I think the world would have a pretty unique feel to it when compared to other Disney worlds.
  42. 1 point

    Kingdom Hearts ReWind 2020

    This is very accurate, especially all the deaths by the different super bosses in Re:Mind. XD And the Meow Wow "this is fine" is super cute! lol
  43. 1 point

    Kingdom Hearts ReWind 2020

    Everything... Except Dark Road & The Union X new stuff. Which is definitely worth mentioning too. While 2020 wasn't by any means a perfect year, us KH fans were feasting the whole year round ^.^
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    KHUX Chat

    Good rates and... https://tenor.com/view/magic-shia-labeouf-snl-skit-fingers-gif-4860090
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    You can often say a complete sentence in Japanese without ever using a pronoun. If you understand the context, it doesn't feel confusing, but khux loves to use that ambiguity to its advantage, and that's how we end up with wildly different translations. Maybe he did mean "we" even if he didn't say it. There's no real way to know until we know. lol (Unless he actually DID say "bokutachi" or something. I still haven't looked for it. I feel annoyed just thinking about slogging through tons of videos to look for it... I literally opened a new tab and then closed the new tab. asfjhdgk) I've been dying to see what the official translation does with all the recent updates, so it's probably best to keeeep waaaaiting... 😴 Tangentially related... Class Zero are summoned to the Dissidia world by Materia as warriors of light, but apparently they possess "negative wills." That's how Machina ends up being summoned by Spiritus, Materia's dark counterpart who summons the villains. I just love how even Materia's like "Listen, Mog, these kids are light, but they're also kinda......... willing to do murderrr and stufff... So we gotta, like, not let them do that." That's why she summons Kurasame, their commanding officer, so he can keep an eye on them. Hmm... I don't really have anything else to add for now. At least it feels like we've answered as much as we can for now with the information we have. You know what would be great? If Dark Road would update. I don't think it's as related to all this Agito stuff as much as khux is (the characters don't seem like anyone in particular to me besides Bragi kind of looking like Lean), but I'd love to hear more about Xehanort's memories. I'm also curious about Odin. He seems like someone important, but...???
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    KH General Chat

    I will now be forever upset that Ludvig Von Drake didn't make the Gummiphone and hasn't appeared.
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    It's getting exhausting trying to find all the scenes where these lines come from... But with my knowledge of Japanese, I can make a pretty confident guess that he didn't say "we." I think that was just Everglow's interpretation. I always read Cherrim's translations on the night the game is updated, then I may or may not read khinsider later. I'm pretty sure it was worded as an order directed at Luxu. I'll let you know if I come across it again. Yeah, that's how I think it is, too. Something I've been thinking about is that even though the MoM says "it's all to defeat the darkness", that might just be the objective of the plan. In other words, defeating the darkness is essential for saving the world, but he may not personally have anything against the darkness. I think I mentioned this before, but I don't see the KH3 secret ending as a 1-to-1 depiction of things that are actually happening in Quadtratum. It's more like an artistic interpretation, like how other secret endings don't end up being exactly what happens in the story. The MoM is there to show you that he's going to be there. He may or may not be there yet. I wouldn't take that it to mean anything concrete besides "MoM will be there." lol We saw Sora and Riku walking around on the streets, and things haven't happened that way so far. We saw Sora fight Yozora and get turned into crystal. There wasn't any point where he was wandering around the streets. See what I mean? I think that must have been what Luxu was referring to in his secret report when he talked about the Foretellers' power to send the Dandelions to another world line. Even if it's data, I guess it still counts. That's what I was wondering about, though. I don't think it's the same as the Power of Waking or anything... I wondered if it involved a machine like the one in the Twilight Town mansion, but that wouldn't make sense. It's supposed to be a power that only masters can use... I think he knew that telling her what the MoM had told him to do would emotionally damage her. ("She was silent. Jack had just thrown her into deep sadness. He who always raised her spirits, since that first day, eight years earlier..." Like that.) lbr, Luxu doesn't like her. lol I think he could tell that she was special to the MoM and that makes him jealous, so he wanted to make her self-destruct. ...So, did she? She ended up fighting in the keyblade war which was uncharacteristic for her. But it seems like everything after that is just a mystery for now. While I could still see her associating with Darkness, I know that she's also an adamant, resolute person. She may have finally decided for herself what she believed was the right thing to do. This reminds me of the Loveless poster in FF7R that looks like Yuna. What's weird is that there are actual story reasons for why it could literally be Yuna. I still feel like it's too extreme of a leap to say that all of these recent SE games are connected, but part of me is definitely wondering if we're experiencing the Square-Enix Extended Universe now. I know I'm not the only person who came away from FF7R thinking it could be related to KH, but I also don't want to accuse everything of being KH if it's not. lol That's really funny. lol Sadly, I figure SE isn't known as "Triangle-Enix" in the fictional world seeing as how the box of Verum Rex actually says "Square-Enix" on it. But the thought still gives me a giggle. All the billboards remind me of the Easter eggs that were found in the signs around Insomnia. I don't know if the ones in Quadratum are going to have any connection, but it's still pretty fun to see them. A while ago, Cynical (thegamersjoint) had pointed out a sign in Quadratum that had something to do with Gunslinger Stratos. I ended up watching the whole anime just to see if it was related. I don't think it's literally connected, but it does have some concepts that seem like they could be relevant like alternate realities and time travel. (The show is bad. The game it's based on is an arcade game that barely has any story in it. I DO NOT recommend watching it. lol)
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    Keyblade Cycle Edge of Existence Zero Hour -The Rescue- Wave of Darkness II
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