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    i made my account for this joke and nomura does This un firetrucking believable
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    but they were restored. yen sid sent them to the dreaming for two reasons, to free the sleeping worlds from their slumber and to gain the power of waking both of which was done by unlocking the sleeping key holes. not to mention travelling to and from the dreaming realm isn't easy
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    I have been waiting for the publication of this book for a very long time! And finally, right on my birthday, it happened! I was delighted when I bought it and started reading it. This is a fantastic.
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    In the end I chose Hoder because her design makes it clear and believable that she's Baldr's sister, but it was so hard to choose! They're all so well designed!
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    Fan Art Chat

    Good design, nice to see Kairi in something other than a skirt or a dress.
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    Definitely Vidar. His character design just stands out to me. Hopefully Nomura draws all the Upperclassmen's in his usual art style.
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    You thought you were shitposting and yet you walk away with the prize.
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    I am the same myself! Owning a physical copy in your own two hands is the way to be. However I get why the appeal of a cheaper option or eLibrary peference is a thing... Anyway, not long to wait for the physical release!
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