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    Why are ships so hated?

    The Is Roxas in Love with Xion? thread on the general subforum, where Jennifer Chen bends over backwards to interpret romantic feeling between Roxas and Namine (and displaying appalling use of uppercase letters while doing so).
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    Riku converted them to heartless and Sora had to kill them
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    Yen Press has announced a complete collection of the Kingdom Hearts novel series in a single omnibus book in the way of Kingdom Hearts: The Complete Novel. This book is part of a Collector's edition that also includes 13 envelopes with designs of the iconic stained glass artwork of the major Kingdom Hearts characters as well as a Keyblade keychain. Kingdom Hearts: The Complete Novel Collector's Edition will be available in November 2021. Pre-orders and pricing have yet to be announced. Keep up with KH13.com for the latest Kingdom Hearts news. UPDATE (7/20/2021) Kingdom Hearts: The Complete Novel Collector's Edition is available for pre-order on Right Stuf Anime's store for a discounted price of $149.99. The base price is $199.99 and will presumably be the standard price after the pre-order period concludes. Additionally, the package is stated to be releasing on November 16, 2021. View full article
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    KH Manga Language

    I assume it's because of the fan translations of the manga. When fans translate from Japanese, they tend to interpret certain words as swearing, rather than localize them to fit the characters/rating. I'm not savvy on the Japanese language, but I'm under the impression that certain words that are translated as swear words by fans aren't actually as foul as people are translating them to be, like words and phrases that are considered informal or disrespectful in Japanese are translated as flat-out swearing in English, because that's kind of an equivalent. I'm sure there are plenty people who are way more familiar with the process of translating Japanese than I am and would have a better explanation, but this is my take on it. lol
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    The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics has begun with the opening ceremonies beginning on Friday. The opening ceremonies includes the Walk of Athletes, a period of the ceremonies where all the countries march into the stadium. Music for the Walk of Athletes includes music from various video games including Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dragon Quest, and yes, even Kingdom Hearts had made the list! Olympus Coliseum and Hero's Fanfare from the Kingdom Hearts series have been featured on the Walk of Athletes. You can listen Olympus Coliseum in the background in this clip. [Thanks to KH13.com Staff Member HaakonHawk for the clip!] export.mp4 The Summer Olympics, which was postponed from last year due to the pandemic will run until August 8th. View full article
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    The team from my country also went to the music from Kingdom hearts.:) It's nice that this franchise has started to be considered so much that they play OST of this series of games at such major events.
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